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Latina-sex with outstanding latina maid tube porn
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It was Friday again. 'What am I going to do?' Paul thought. 'My friends are still at school and they won't be home until tomorrow.' School just ended for Paul and he was ready to party. Paul's parents went to Florida for two weeks and he wanted to take advantage of the situation. The only ones around were his two older sisters April who is 23 and Anne who is 21. He is the only boy and with two sisters around it can be trying at times especially with April.

Paul had to admit his sisters were hot and because of this his friends always wanted to party at his house. April is 5'7" 120 lbs. She has long brown hair with 34c tits she is very thin but her best feature is her ass. Perfectly rounded from her years of running and she always buys clothes to show it off. She is one of those 'extremely good looking and I know it' kind of women.

Anne is quite the opposite in many ways. She is more laid back with more of the soft look. Anne is 5'5" 115 lbs. And is milf loves getting drilled by old dudes gifted with large full breasts.

She has very curly blonde hair, green eyes, and full lips. Paul and Anne have always gotten along great but April has always been a problem. April has quite an ego and when she is with her friends she is just a bitch to Paul. Her best friend Malissa is kind of a mix of April and Anne. She is not as laid back as Anne or the bitch that April is although she does tend to follow April's ways when they are together. Malissa is a real beauty as well at 5'8", 130 and shoulder length brown hair.

She has a great body. not a flaw and Paul sees her in a bathing suit all summer long and always ends up with a hard on. He has spent many nights fantasizing about her and wished he could get his hands on her.

April and Malissa are aware of his attraction to Malissa and tease him constantly about it. The girls were staying at the house to party and Paul decided to go see his friend Jon at work. He is a bartender at a bar they frequent and he just wanted to tip a few beers and not have to deal with the girls. Paul spent about an hour catching up with some friends when he noticed a familiar face across the bar.

It was Tara Hill one of Aprils old friends. Paul has not seen her in over two years. He worked his way over to her and she noticed him right away. "Hey Paul!" Tara screamed and gave him a hug.

"Hey yourself. What's up? I haven't seen you in ages." "I know. Not much. I'm just back from school.

I was able to take my last final early so I came right home." "Well it is good to see you." Paul always liked Tara. There was something about her that got to him and he always liked her best of all of April's friends. Tara was like all of April's friends, hot. She was 5'3" 110 lbs. with long sandy blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She is perfectly proportioned at 35-23-36 but it was her eyes that Paul loved. He always wondered what happened to her but he could never ask April or he would just give her something to ride him about.

They started into a conversation that lasted most of the night and found they had a lot in common. Paul also found his attraction for her had not died. "What ever happened to you and April? She never said but I figured something had to happen because you just stopped coming around." Paul finally asked.

"Well she and I had a falling out." Tara said. "April has a way of pissing people off. What did she do?" Paul immediately made the assumption April was to blame.

"Well it really wasn't her fault. I did something that made her mad and that was it." Tara answered. "Really.

It couldn't have been that bad? April gets mad pretty easy?" "Well maybe I'll tell you someday." Tara said. "Cmon lets dance." She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the dance floor before he could protest. Soon they were back at the table drinking and talking. Both were feeling no pain and Paul decided to push his luck. "Tara." Paul leaned in to her. "I would really like to see you again." Tara met his gaze and smiled. "Ok.

I would like that." Tara wrote her number down for Paul and said. "Are you going to tell April you saw me?" "No. Why?" "Well if we go out I want you to know why she is so mad at me." Tara said. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Paul assured her.

"No it's alright. I never told anybody but you are her brother and I don't want 'her' to decide if we should date. That decision should be ours and I know how she can be." Tara reasoned. Paul nodded in agreement. "One night when she came to see me at school we went out and got pretty drunk. We started talking and sharing secrets and I told her I had a fantasy about kissing her." "Wow. You told her that?" Paul said.

"Yeah. She really didn't say anything probably because of the beer. So I leaned in and kissed her." Tara said. "Wow." Paul said again. "What did she do?" "Nothing at first. In fact she didn't do anything until the next day. She got up early and left saying she didn't want a lesbian friend." Tara said. "I know I am not a lesbian Paul. I wanted to experiment with my best friend and she is a very beautiful woman.

There is something about her I found attractive so I decided to approach her about it. It was hard when she left like that." "Ill bet." Paul said. He knew a lot of people experimented with sex and Paul didn't think it was fair to judge someone because of their sexual preference. Besides, two women together was just plain hot. "Well it still sounds to me like April is the problem." Tara is very confident about herself and Paul could tell she was over the situation.

Paul found himself getting even more attracted to Tara. She was open-minded and knew who she was and what she wanted. The night was getting on though and Tara had to leave.

Her friends were all going and she had to tag along. "Paul." Tara said. "I have to go. It was great to see you and I hope to see you again." She turned to leave but Paul stopped her. "Wait. You. " He stopped. Looked at her and leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips.

Tara got instantly wet. 'Damn is he hot!' she thought. "Call me. bye" she waved and was off. Paul came home about 1:00 am and April and Malissa were still drinking. Anne was already in bed and quite drunk he later found out.

"Hey perv!" April wasted no time starting in on him. "April just stop it." Paul responded. "What is with you? You have been on me for weeks and I don't even know why!" "Come on Paul. You stare at me all the time what do you expect?" said Malissa. "You may as well give it up because I am not going to date you." "Yeah. You haven't had a date in what. 2 months?" laughed April.

"Except your hand." Added a laughing Malissa. 'What an ego' Paul thought. "Have I ever asked you out?" Not waiting for an answer. "Damn Malissa! You're so full of yourself. You're as bad as her." Pointing to April. "Look." Started April. "You may as well go to bed with your date and get some sleep you are just too crabby." "You are such a Bitch!" Paul growled.

"I. " he started but couldn't think of a really good comeback. it just pissed him off all the more and, of course, made them laugh all the more. Paul turned to leave. "Wait Paul. here!" said Malissa tossing him a beer. "Buy your date a beer." That did it. Now they were having a ball. It was at that point that Paul decided he had to deal with April. She needed to come down a notch or two and she had pushed him to that point.

Paul left them laughing and went upstairs. He lay in bed and tried to think of how to deal with April. He knew if he got to April then Malissa would follow suit. April is always getting away with behavior like this and not just with him. She has treated a lot of people like that and she has it coming to her. The next week flew by and Paul and Tara went out almost every day.

They hit it off great. Paul planned a special night on Friday for the two of them. He made reservations at a nice Italian restaurant and got her some flowers. He picked her up at 6:00PM and had a great time. The food was great as was the conversation. Tara looked very sexy. She had on a snug miniskirt and a black low-cut blouse that showed her great tits. Paul had a tremendous hard on all through dinner. When they finished dinner they walked to the car hand-in-hand. When Paul opened the door for her he pulled her close and pressed his lips to hers.

She melted in his arms and kissed him hard. She slowly probed his mouth with her tongue and pressed into his erection. Naughty teen adel bye enjoys anal and facial kissed for a few minutes and reluctantly broke the kiss so they could go too more secluded location. In the car Tara moved next to Paul and stated kissing his neck while she rubbed his chest and legs with her hands. Paul couldn't think straight but decided to head home because he knew that his sisters would be out.

Tara ran her hands up his legs and finally stopped on his cock. "What's this baby?" Tara smiled. "You seem to have a problem." Tara started to rub his cock through his pants. "You know I think you deserve to be rewarded for such a great dinner." Tara started to unbuckle his pants and fish out his cock.

"Wow. You have a beautiful cock." Tara said as she caught her first glimpse of his manhood. She started to stroke his dick and leaned in to lick his ear. "I am going to give you the best blowjob you have ever had." "Mmmmm. " Paul moaned. Tara moved down his body until she was face to face with his hard cock. She continued to stroke his cock and finally took the head into her mouth. "Ohhhh. Godddd Tara." Tara slowly sucked in his head and used her hand to cup his balls.

Tara then sucked his cock completely down her throat and slowly out again. She was horny before but she was extremely wet now. She loved oral sex. She licked up and down the side of his cock then drew it down her throat again.

She held him there and used her tongue and throat to massage his penis. "Ohhh Tara. Damn that feels good. Too good. You are going to make me cum already. It has been so long." Paul moaned again. "Mmmmm." was all Tara said. She continued her assault on his attractive babe sucks wang eats cum girlfriend and hardcore. She loved his smell and his taste.

Tara made sure that his cock was coated with saliva and she continued to pump him as she licked his purple head. Paul was in heaven. He could hardly concentrate on the driving as Tara made love to his cock. Tara's expert cocksucking skills were too much for the undersexed Paul. She felt him begin to tense up and she said. "I want to swallow your cum baby. Please let me have it." She then engulfed his whole cock and he exploded.

"Ohhhh Taraaa. Ohhhhh Immmmm cummminnggggggg. Aahhhhhhhhh" Paul groaned and unleashed 5 hard shots into her hungry mouth. Amateur passionate porn i love these arab gals but this one takes the cake moaned as she swallowed his cum.

Tara didn't let up as she cleaned his cock off and Paul only softened a little. Tara continued her manipulations on his cock and soon he was as hard as before. It was at that time that they finally arrived at Paul's house and raced up the stairs to his room. Paul and Tara ripped off their clothes and jumped under the covers. It was Paul's turn to return the excellent head she had just given him.

He quickly dove into her sweet cunt. Tara had her hair trimmed short and Paul preferred this to the long hair some of his past lovers kept.

He licked up the center of her cunt and hungrily sucked the folds into his mouth. Tara was so wet her juices were running on to the sheets. Paul sucked her clit into his mouth and lightly hummed to create vibration. Tara was so horny from the blowjob that it only took a few minutes for Paul to bring her over the edge.

As he slowly licked up her pussy and again sucked her clit into his mouth she came. "AHHHH hhhhh Paullllllllll. Ohhhhh. mmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." Tara screamed into her hands. Paul felt the flood of her juice on his chin and licked up every drop he could. Paul didn't let her come down. He rolled on top of her and she opened to accept him.

Paul slowly slid his hard cock into Tara until he sank all seven inches into her wet cunt. "Ohhhh. Damn. baby. " Paul said. "You are so wet." "MMmmmmmmm." Tara moaned. Her eyes were only half open she as she enjoyed the feel of his hard cock filling her. Paul started to slowly move in and out of Tara. He drew her tongue into his mouth and teased her nipple with his hand. Tara reached around and grabbed his ass to pull him into her with each thrust. The two started to fuck each determined to bring the other off first.

This went on for nearly a half-hour when Paul started to get very close to cumming. "Tara." He groaned. "I can't last much longer. You feel too good." "I know baby I am almost there too." Tara smiled up at him. "I want you to cum with me." He said. "I will. Use your finger and sex ebony xxx sxey german it up my ass." Tara said.

"MMmm. " Paul said. "I would love too." Paul has never tried that but always wanted to. He stuck his finger into her mouth and she wet it petite hottie tugs cum pornstars and hardcore and Paul reached around and started to work it into her anus.

Tara immediately started to buck. "Oh my god. Ohhh. baby. I'm going to cum." Paul was surprised how easily it went in and he started to move it around and quickly learned what she liked.

"Ohhh baby here I cum. " Tara moaned. Paul had quickly realized she was closer then he and picked up his pace. Paul suddenly felt Tara slip a finger into his ass and he rocketed to orgasm.

"Ohhhh shit Tara. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " Paul experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life. Tara knew this and timed it with her orgasm. "Paulllllllllllllllll. Iimmmm cummmingggggggggg. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She screamed in unison. It was also the most powerful orgasm she has ever had. Paul stayed on top of Tara until they both came down and he rolled off her and on to his back.

"Wow Tara. That was incredible. You are a fantastic lover." Paul said. "You are too baby." She responded. They slowly came back down and realized they were both very tired. Tara moved next to Paul and they quickly passed out and didn't wake till early morning.

In the morning Tara went home and they made plans for later that day to get together. When Paul went to shower he saw something that changed him forever. As he walked to the shower he noticed April's door was cracked and she never leaves it open.

Paul very quietly approached the very small opening and looked in and there lay a sleeping April. Not just sleeping but nearly naked sleeping. April was wearing a half shirt with no bra and the shirt was nearly above her right breast.

Her panties were barely visible because the covers were up just high enough to tease him but not show him the whole prize. 'What a body!' he thought.

'God she has great tits.' Paul looked over every inch of her body and developed a tremendous hard on. 'What am I doing? This is my sister. The bitchy one.' Paul forced himself to continue on to the shower and azaria james her pussy sweeter than chocolate ready to go. Just before he walked out the door April came into the kitchen. "Hey April." Paul said. "Hey." She responded. "Where are you going?" "Out to see a friend." "The one that stayed the night?

I just figured it was a hooker." April shot back. "No." he laughed. "Not at all. A girl I've been seeing for a while." "Is she blind?" She laughed. "Such a bitch so early in the morning. No April actually she is extremely hot. In fact you even know her." Paul couldn't resist. She would eventually find out. "Really!" She returned in her snotty nature. "Yes. Really." He mimicked. He knew she wanted to know but he was going to make the bitch ask. She did pause a little but the curiosity got the better of her.

"Well who is she?" April finally said. Paul walked over to her as she leaned against the counter. "Tara Hill." Paul said. "Tara Hill!" She repeated.

"That bitch." April was clearly shocked. "What do you mean bitch?" He said. "She was your best friend for years." "Yeah! And she did some things that cost us the friendship." She was shaken. April was caught off balance for the first time Paul can ever remember. He decided to run with it. "You mean kiss you?" He said with a smile.

"WHAT!? She told you that?" April shrieked. She started to say something but stopped. "Yeah. She said you liked it." Paul lied. April was definitely shaken and he was going to play it for all it was worth. "Wha. I did not." She denied. "Yeah and she said you were good." Paul shrugged as if in disbelief. "Then you got mad and left. Why kiss her back if your just going to get mad and leave?" "I left because she TRIED to kiss me!" April demanded. "Cmon April. You didn't leave until the next day.

You may as well admit you liked it." Paul said. "I DID NOT!" She demanded. "Fuck you Paul and your little lesbian whore." Then she ran upstairs. Paul finally got the best of her but it was just the beginning. He drove over to Tara's house grinning from ear to ear. He could not get the picture of his sleeping sister out of his mind though. He told Tara of the conversation and she just laughed. "It was a good time to use it." She said.

"April would have used it to her advantage if she found out before we told her. You know it is too bad we were good friends." "Yeah. Well that was her decision." Paul said. Tara just nodded. They spent the better part of the day fucking at her place but Paul finally had to go because Tara had a early evening commitment. When Paul got home April had a few friends over and they were already on the way to a good buzz. Of course Steve, Aprils boyfriend, was there and if there is a bigger prick on the planet Paul hasn't met him yet.

When Paul saw April she just smiled her little 'Fuck you' smile and looked away. Paul got an instant erection. 'Why is she making me so horny?' He was mad at himself. 'I shouldn't have looked in on her this morning.' He just ignored them and went to his room to get ready to go out. When he entered his room it looked like a bomb went off. "What the?" Paul was shocked. "What's wrong bro?" April was standing behind anal and oral joy with my mature wife winny. "Ohhh.

Sorry about that. Amanda and Rick used your room while Steve and I used stunning latina gets taped getting pumped by gifted european thug. Hope you don't mind. You'll probably have to change the sheets." She smiled and walked off. That was the last straw. It was time that April was taught a lesson. She needed to understand she can't just do what ever she wants to who ever she wants.

Paul was just furious. She needed a good spanking. "That's it!" He said aloud. 'That's just what that spoiled, self-centered little brat deserves!' He thought. Paul quickly cleaned his room and went down to have a few beers.

Anne and some of her friends were there so he knew he would have fun with them. After a few hours the party broke up and everybody went home including April's asshole boyfriend Steve. Anne had left with her friends and decided to stay at her best friend Amy's house. Paul knew now was a great time to issue April her punishment but he knew she wouldn't go easily. He finally decided a silk tie would be good to bind her hands and he waited about an hour for her to fall in to a deep sleep.

Paul then crept through the quiet house and when he reached her door he quietly opened it and peered in. It was dark but he could see that April was on her side facing the door and like last night had on a half shirt, no bra, and covered to her waist. Paul wasted no time. He didn't turn on any lights and walked to her bedside.

Paul quickly tied one wrist with the tie. April started to wake so he quickly grabbed her other hand and fastened the two together. "What the hell?!" A groggy April said. Of course she was alarmed so Paul wanted her to know it was him. "Its me big sister." "Paul. What are you doing? Hey untie my hands." April quickly got her bearings. "I don't think so." He was very calm. "Paul. What the hells gotten into you? Untie me or Ill scream." She threatened.

"Go ahead. Nobody is here." He reasoned. "Untie me you jerk." She ordered. "Now. Now. I don't think you are in any position to demand anything." "What are you doing?" She knew he was right.

"I have taken enough of your shit and it is time somebody taught you a lesson." He said. "What exactly does that mean?" She sarcastically asked. "I think that if you are going to act like a little brat then you should be treated like one.

It is time for a good sister brother sex storys sex stories fashioned spanking." Paul reasoned. It was dark in the room and he was just starting to make out her features when she kicked her foot out from under the covers and nailed Paul right in the nuts.

"Oh shit April!" He groaned. It was not a good shot but she got him. She leapt from bed and tried to run but Paul grabbed her foot and pulled brunette aymie and blondie cony loves to be used as dirty cum buckets back to the floor.

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She continued to kick at him but he was able to roll his weight on her and she finally stopped struggling. "LET GO!" She screamed. "No way!" Now he was mad. "This is exactly why you deserve a pink ass." April is light enough but with all her struggling it was all he could therealworkout busty teen stretched out by dads friend to get her on his lap.

April's shirt had now ridden up to her neck and Paul couldn't see her tits but her fine ass was now staring him in the face. 'God what a great ass.' He thought. "STOP!" Paul firmly said. "It will go a lot easier on you if you just accept your punishment." "NO WAY!" She snapped. Paul wasted no time. Whap! April couldn't defend herself because her hands were in tied in front of her. She did try and pull herself free but Paul was holding on tight and she couldn't get anywhere.

"OUCH!" She cried. Whap! Whap! Whap! "STOP!" She cried again. But Paul had come this far and he knew if he backed down now he was in deep shit. Whap! Whap! Whap! Paul smacked her ass until his hand started to sting and finally he stopped. He heard her crying now. "Those are for the last few months and these are for messing with my room." He said.

Whap! Whap!

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Whap! Paul started spanking her again and counted off 25 more. Some where near the end of all this he realized that something wasn't right. Paul thought April was actually pushing her ass to meet his hand. 'Is she enjoying this?' He asked himself. He knew there were people who were into such things but could April be one? It all made sense. If anyone would be into this it would probably be someone who is so dominant under normal circumstances.

Whap! Whap! Whap! He started to spank her again and sure enough her hips were moving to meet his hand. Paul also realized he should have worn something more then just boxers because he had an instant erection. The power he felt. Whap! Whap! Whap! He could not see her face and her hands were now above her head. Paul was sure she was starting to grind her mound into his leg. Again he was not sure so he continued to spank her and soon her hips were definitely moving.

'Is she is going to cum?' Paul was more turned on then he could ever remember. Young slut anya krey gets her pussy slammed hard stopped.

"You've been such a little bitch April. Are you sorry?" Paul said. There was no response from April but her breathing was heavy. Whap! Whap! Whap! "Yes." She finally said. Whap! Whap! Whap! "Answer me faster next time." Whap! Whap! Whap! "Yes." She quickly responded. "Are you going to be good?" He asked "Yes." Whap! Whap! Whap! April's ass was on fire and the heat from the spankings was going right to her cunt.

She was now grinding herself into Paul's leg and he could feel her wetness on his hand as he spanked her, her panties were soaked. April's head was spinning and her body was on fire but despite her attempts to gain control her body responded to the pleasure she was deriving from the pain. Oh my God!

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I am so. turned on." April searched for answers. 'If he doesn't stop I'm going to cum. My own brother. Oh God and he's hard too.' "Are you going to treat me like a brother now?" Whap!

Whap! Whap! He spanked harder. At first Paul hoped she couldn't feel his erection but now he didn't care.

"Yess." April was fighting her arousal but this new experience was making her so horny she couldn't think straight. Paul was actually getting close to cumming just from his hot sister's ass play.

He stopped spanking her. "You like this don't you? You little slut you like getting spanked don't you?" Paul was now totally into his control over her. April paused. She fought for her sanity. 'How can this be happening to me? I can't let him control me.' WHAP!

WHAP! WHAP! "Answer me." He said. Whap! Whap! Whap! She fought with her arousal. 'Oh my God he's turned on by all this. Damn it! What am I doing?' Paul paused and then hit her once very hard. WHAP! 'Oh no I'm going to cum. This can't be happening.' "Answer me now!" He said. "Yes." She cried. "Yes I like it." She relented.

'Oh God I need to cum. I need his hand. Oh please don't stop.' April had never been so turned on in her life and her brother was responsible for it. Paul grabbed her panties and pulled them off her legs and stared openly at her beautiful round ass.

"You want me to stop Gloryhole secrets buff babe jewels jade pov he said. "No. God no. please." April pleaded. She had lost the battle with her desire. She needed to cum and Paul was in control. "Ask me April." Paul was groping her ass now daring her to question him. She could feel his erection against her side and this just turned her on more. "Spank me Paul. please spank me." She pleaded.

Whap! Whap! Whap! "Ahhhh. " "Your going to cum cock hungry sluts slurp on fat boners until these dudes cum you April?

Paul said. "Yes. Oh God yes. I'm so close." April admitted. "You don't cum until I say so April." Paul demanded. "You understand?" Whap! Whap! Whap! "Ohhh please. God I need to cum." She pleaded. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! "Ohhhh pleassssss. " She begged. Whap! Whap! Whap!

Paul spanked her hard pushing her to the limit. "OK April." Paul increased his tempo. "You can cum now." He used his other hand to grab her by the hair and pull her head back. He wanted to see her face when she came. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. Goddd. ohhhhhh. " April screamed. Even though it was dark in the room Paul' eyes had adjusted and he could make out the expression on her face and he nearly came all over her side.

Paul stopped spanking her and quickly inserted his finger into her cunt and she immediately came again, even more intense. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. My GGOODDDDDDDDD. OHHHHHHHHH Paullllllllll. Noooottt agaaaiiinnnn. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " She bucked back against his hand and Paul felt her sweet cum flowing past his hand onto his leg. Paul realized that this spanking went too far but he was now too horny to care.

As April was still coming down he spoke. "You are not done yet." Paul moved her off his lap and onto the bed. "Wha. What?" April was lying on her back and still clearly out of it. Paul stood and took off his shirt and boxers and turned to face his sister naked. "Paul I.

" April started to say something but Paul cut her off. "April." He said firmly. "You kicked me in the balls and now you pay." He gently grabbed her hair and moved her off the bed and into a kneeling position. His cock stood only inches from her face. "I don't want to hear a word out of you." April found herself obeying everything Paul said. 'What am I doing? I can't even stop him. His cock, he wants me to suck him off. My own brother.' "You know what to do." Paul said.

April found herself opening her mouth and taking him in. As soon as Paul entered her mouth he came. "AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Gggoooooddddddd. " Paul held her head and shot four large spurts into her mouth and she swallowed ever drop.

"Keep sucking slut." Paul said. April tried to stop herself but couldn't do it. Paul still had her hair in his hand and her submissive posture had both of them beyond any stopping point.

'God what a great cock.' April had no intention of stopping in fact she wanted very much to please him. Paul didn't even go soft. He watched as April cleaned off his cock and continued to take him deep into her throat. Her hands were still tied but she managed to cup his balls and stroke his cock while she sucked him.

April's ass was burning from her spanking and she found herself at the mercy of her own desires. "You like sucking me don't you April?" Paul pulled her head off his cock. He was making it clear to her who was in charge.

"Yes." She quickly answered wanting him to replace his cock in her wet mouth. 'My God I am actually sucking my brother's cock.' Paul held her there and she did not fight him. She looked up at him and Paul could see cum on her chin. "That's a good little slut. You want to please me don't you April? " "Yes." She anxiously said. "You will do what ever I say? Won't you April? "Yes." She was now pleading.

"Say it." He demanded. "I will do what ever you say." April has never been dominated like this and her body was on fire. Paul released his grip of her hair and she quickly sucked his cock back into her mouth. She was now obsessed with his cock and her desire to please him. Paul enjoyed her ministrations for a while but reluctantly pulled his cock free and moved to the bed.

He lay on his back and instructed April to join him on the bed and she quickly obeyed. "April sit on my cock." Paul told her. April again was surprised at how quickly she reacted to his demands. She swung her leg over him and slowly lowered herself onto his stiff cock. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. godddd. " She moaned. She was so wet that he easily slid all the way in.

"Oh. my. God. Paul. " "Ohhhhhhhhhh April. You feel soooo good." Paul moaned. "You have a lot to make up to me sister." April understood his command and slowly started to fuck him. "Ohhh Godddd. " April leaned down and kissed him. 'I can't believe I am fucking my brother.' April's head was spinning. She explored his mouth with her soft tongue and moaned her desire for him. She covered his mouth with hers and sucked his tongue like a cock.

Paul was now the one under a spell. She managed to tug his nipples with her bound hands and still continued to ride up and down his hard cock.

April knew she was now in command and they both rapidly approached orgasms. "You like being fucked by your sister Paul? The feel of my wet cunt swallowing your hard cock?" April picked up the pace but she knew not to cum until he did. She sucked hard on his neck and moaned how close she was to cumming. "I need your hot cum in my cunt lover. Please fill me." April felt Paul's cock expand and knew he was close but she couldn't hold back.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Pppppppppaulllllllllllllllllll. Iiimmmm cummmiingggg. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " April screamed. This sent Paul over the edge. "AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aprillllllll oooooooooo. " Paul came harder then before and shot five times deep in her cunt. Paul and April were no longer drunk but they were so tired from their lovemaking that they passed out with April still on top and Paul was still inside her.

The next day Paul woke in his own bed. He got up in the middle of the night and went to his bed incase someone came home. He went down to the kitchen and April was making breakfast. She was wearing sweats and a loose shirt. "Hey sis." Paul said. "Hi." April answered. Paul noticed she seemed a little shy. "What's wrong April?" "Ummm. Nothing." She said. She definitely had a different attitude and she seemed happy to see him but something was on her mind.

April felt him walk up behind her and stop just short of touching her. She was feeling guilty about the previous night and didn't think it was a good idea to do it again but Paul was standing behind her and throwing her off balance. She spun around. "Paul. I don't think last night was a good idea. I know I have been a bitch to you well actually a bitch to a lot of people and I will change that but last night can't happen again." She looked up at him.

He stepped closer. "Paul. no. please. " She said softly. He leaned down to kiss her and she turned her head but Paul softly turned it back. He was now so close to her she could feel his breath. "Paul. I. can't do this. " She said even softer. Her body was starting to betray her again and she fought with her new submissive posture.

She put her hand on Paul's chest to stop his approach but he realized she wasn't backing away. "April we talked about this last night." Paul said. "Are you telling me I have to take you over my knee again?" "No." She quickly said. April could still feel the pain of her punishment. She was desperately trying to regain her independence. "You remember how hard you came April." Paul slowly said. "You remember how I forced my cock between you lips and how anxious you were to swallow my cum?" Paul ran his hand across her breast and her hard nipples gave away her excitement.

April's eyes were starting to get glossy and Paul grabbed her hand and lowered it to his rapidly growing cock. "You remember how good it felt when we fucked April?" She knew what he was doing.

"Paul this is wrong." She weakly protested. When her hand touched his manhood she moaned and closed her hand around it. Her head was spinning again. Paul moved his hand down her flat stomach and into her sweats.

He wasn't surprised to find she had no panties on and slowly ran his finger across her soaking cunt. "Ohhhh. God Paul. " April groaned. Her hand dug into his chest and she knew she had lost. She slowly smiled admitting her defeat and kissed him passionately. Paul dropped to his knees and pulled her sweats down to the floor. He looked up at her with love and lust in his eyes and pressed his mouth to her cunt. "Ahhhhhhhhhh. " She breathed in sharply and as if by some reflex her hands closed around his head.

April was extremely wet in anticipation of his advances. He licked up the center of her cunt and was rewarded by a flood of her juices. "MMmmmmm. April. You taste so good." Paul moaned. He sucked her clit into his mouth and slid a finger up her juicy cunt. "Ahhhhh Oooooooooo. hhhh God Paul. What you do to me." She gasped. She felt him lightly licking lesbian truth or dare chastity lynn annabelle lee sucking her clit as his finger went deep and forward searching for her G- spot.

April leaned against the counter as he inserted a second finger and licked every fold of her wet cunt. He worked both fingers into her cunt and when they were covered with her juice he raised them to her mouth and she licked them clean. He repeated this a few times while he continued to lick and suck her wet cunt.

"Paul I am close already." she groaned. Paul removed a wet finger from her cunt and started to ease it into her tight little ass and she came instantly. "Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh oh ohhhhhhh. mmm godddd. " Paul eagerly swallowed all the precious cum he could get from her sweet cunt. April managed to keep her balance but went down to one knee after she came. Staring Paul in the eyes she kissed him again and she could taste her own cum on his mouth.

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Paul helped her to her feet and instructed her to run a shower, shave her pussy and he would join her in a few minutes. April quickly left to do as he asked. A few minutes later Paul joined her in the shower where he got his first clear look at her body. "Damn April. You are beautiful." He said. "Thanks bro." April pressed against him and passionately kissed him. Paul already had a hard on and April was wet again even though she just came. She has never had such a sexual appetite and Paul brought that out in her.

There were no limits between brother and sister anymore. They eagerly felt stressed blond doctor nikki sexx daydreams about being gangbanged touched every part of each other's bodies. April knew Paul had not cum yet and knew it was her duty to keep him satisfied. She sank to her knees and sucked his hard cock into her mouth.

April licked up and down the length of his manhood and never stopped watching his face. She wanted to know everything that pleased him. She licked down the underside of his cock and tongued his heavy balls. She loved the way he tasted and wanted a mouth full of cum. She again took all 7 inches into her throat and held his ass with her small hands.

Paul finally decided to take April. He told her to stand and turn around. April leaned against the cold ceramic and submissively offered her ass to him. Paul pressed his cock to her hairless cunt and entered her. "Ohhh. " April nearly came as she felt his wonderful cock fill her. Paul grabbed her hips and started to slowly fuck his sister. "You know you are mine April." Paul said. "Yes. God yes. Please fuck me Paul." She was pleading. Paul fucked her slowly for several minutes and April suddenly started to buck.

"Please faster. Fuck me faster." Paul started slamming into her cunt. He loved the way her ass slapped against his stomach. The lovers rocketed to orgasm and came simultaneously. "AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " April screamed into the wall. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby. " Paul immediately followed. It felt like he emptied a quart of cum into her cunt. Paul continued to pump slowly into April as their spasms slowed and finally stopped.

After their shower April and Paul knew they had to keep their secret and went about their day as if nothing happened. They made a vow not to do anything when anybody else was around. April and Paul spent the majority of the day cleaning up from the big party and when Anne returned home she immediately noticed the change in April. She just figured she was in a good mood (which was true) and left it at that. Anne helped finish the chores and when evening was approaching the three were trying to decide what was going on.

"Amy is having a party tonight if you two want to come?" Anne asked. "No thanks Anne. I am meeting Tara pal relaxes with his pretty gf hardcore and blowjob Paul said.

"Yeah. thanks anyway I am going out with Steve." April added. 'Oki." Anne said and left to shower and get ready for the evening. When Paul knew Anne was in the shower he approached April. "April. Are you going to see Steve tonight?" "Yeah. I was going too." Her smile faded. Paul reached around her waist and pulled her to him. April was instantly wet. "No you're not. I have set something up tonight and you WILL be there." He kissed her hard.

"Ok sister?" Paul smiled. Aprils smile returned. "Yeah brother." Paul ran his hand along her pussy. "Ohh. " April's eyes snapped shut.

"Damn. " April was horny again. Paul knew just what he was doing. "April. After I leave there will be instructions for you on the counter.

Follow them to the letter." Paul had been working on a plan all day and he finally figured out how to make it happen. "Yes Paul." She groaned.

"Wear something hot. I want you to accent your body." He instructed. "What do you have planned?" She was willing to do what ever he asked. "You are going to kiss Tara tonight." Paul said as he continued to work on her pussy. "What. Paul no. young natural babe pounded by rocco siffredi I can't." She pleaded. "Yes you can and yes you will." He said firmly. "You hurt her badly and you are going to fix this one." Paul could feel her cunt was getting wet from his ministrations.

"One more thing. Wear that 'fuck me red' lipstick you have." April was so close to cumming now and she was not sure if it was from his hand or what he was about to make her do. "April you will do this for me won't you?" Paul slid his hand down her pants and plunged a finger in her cunt. "Ohhhhhh. don't stop. " April rocketed towards orgasm.

"April tell me or I'll stop." Paul warned. "Ohhhhhhh. No. please. Yes I will kiss her." April said this and came. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " She screamed into his shoulder and came all over Paul's hand.

Paul pulled his finger out and made April lick it clean and she did without an argument. -- continued in part 2