Nasty delights with sweethearts pornstar and hardcore

Nasty delights with sweethearts pornstar and hardcore
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This is a fictional story of the enslavement of a selebriti melayu main seks hellporno lady who has acquired a new Master who loves to play out his fantasies and is determined to turn her into the perfect slave. The story contains scenes of violence, cruelty and humiliation. Please be warned. This is a continuation of Bus Ride Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Bus Ride Part 5 New Beginnings When Gaby finally opened her eyes she blinked as she looked around the small private hospital room before her gaze reached Colin, her newest Master who was sitting in the corner patiently waiting for her to wake up.

He walked over to where she was lying. "Hello baby!" He smiled and Gaby grinned back. Gaby liked Colin. In fact she thought she might even love him. He could be such a cruel man at times but what she had been through in the last 3 years, since that fateful night on the bus, had been beyond her wildest dreams.

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Long gone were the kidnappers, and the box. So much had happened and now she was here, with Colin. Her real Master. "Are she ready for this? To see the new you?" He enquired.

Gaby looked up at him, her big brown eyes full of trepidation and he saw them start to water slightly. He clasped her hand into his and smiled down at her.

"There is no need to worry baby!" He said reassuringly. Moments later he was lifting back the bedclothes Gaby's new body shape and design came into view. Her tummy was flat and her breasts were now huge. She looked down in wonder. Both nipples had rings on them and a tattoo of a snake ran down from her neck between her new enhanced breasts across her tummy and its eyes seemed to be gazing deep into her pussy with the snakes tongue was sliding deep inside.

She looked down at herself and a huge grin appeared on her lips. "Oh fuck Master!" She whispered hoarsely. "Oh my fucking god! Thank you so much!" The Master looked down at her enhanced breasts that to him looked absolutely amazing as they sat upon his favourite slave's chest, full, big and soft to the touch. He watched as Gaby lifted her hands onto them and felt his cock stir in his trousers as he watched her nipples respond to the soft touches of her finger tips.

His mind drifted back 2 years…………………………&hellip.! Colin had been in the red light district for around an hour and was keeping a close eye on the undercover Police car he had spotted earlier in the evening. He knew what he was looking for and was determined to obtain a new slave tonight. His last one had been killed in an accident so he now needed someone new to satisfy the perverted needs of him and his colleagues.

He drove up and down the streets then away for a while before returning to the area once again. The Police car had stopped another vehicle curvy british girl webcam tube porn the old man in the dirty raincoat was being manhandled out of his vehicle. Colin's car purred by and then turned around a corner.

He stopped for a moment and heard a dani daniels one more horny kinky fucking style on his passenger door window. Opening the window electronically he saw the pretty but grubby face of what appeared to be a plump young lady looking in at him. "You looking for action Mister?" She grinned. "I don't do fatties!" He glared back at her. Whilst not trying to look at her with too much interest, he was caught by her beautiful big brown eyes.

"Oh go on Mister!" She wasn't easily put off. He turned to look at her again. "Get in!" He said firmly. The door opened and she stepped into the car. Her skirt was too short and barely covered her panties and her heels looked too big for her feet.

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Colin could immediately see shapely plump breasts under her tight sparkly top that clung to her frame. Her blond hair, like her face, looked grubby. She grinned at him. "So what you looking for Sir?" She asked brightly as Colin started to pull the car away.

"Who is your pimp?" he asked. "Can't tell you that, but I can give you a blow if you want!" She smiled again. "Cheapest in town!" She announced proudly.

Colin was getting fed up with this attitude already. He stopped the car and looked at her. "Who is your pimp?" He repeated bluntly waiting for an answer. "You a cop………………………………?" She felt Colin's hand come down hard against d anime stunner gives head to an alien face in a slap and she recoiled back into her seat with a worried look on her face.

"No!" He smiled sweetly. "I am not a cop! But I am your saviour!" He smiled as he eased the car in a U turn and started driving back into town. "How old are you?" He asked as he drove. "Old enough to fuck and suck!" She replied aggressively.

"Name?" "Gaby!" Said Gaby! Colin looked over at her and smiled recalling the stories he had heard about a bus driver called Gaby. "Perfect!" He whispered to himself under his breath wondering and hoping that she was the very same one the stories had been told about.

Gaby's pimp was Beth, a hardened shemale who had a string of vulnerable young child hookers aswell as older girls like Gaby. I knew Beth very well and she like all the other street girls would do as they were told when it came to me. She told her name and The story of Gaby as Colin recalled was one of a hijacking and holding prisoner for Tom and his son's then selling onto Jason who kept her in a box and then passed onto Master Claude who wasn't interested in her.

"How long have you been on the streets?" Colin asked as he pulled up in front of Beth's residence. "Not long!" Gaby smiled back at him. "Come with me!" He said firmly and dragged Gaby into the house and up the stairs. Knocking on the large wooden door a beautiful black Amazonian appeared at the door and smiled.

"Colin!" She grinned. It's been far too long. Come in!" Colin entered with Gaby in tow behind. "I want her!" He said firmly. "For myself!" He watched Beth with some amount of erotic pleasure, in the small room as the tall shapely shemale released her short skirted dress to reveal a spectacularly shapely naked body with massive black breasts and almost perfect hour glass figure. She was wearing only a red thong which was clearly full to capacity with heavy balls and a large cock.

She turned to face Colin and he watched her heavy enhanced breasts sway slowly as she turned. "You want her Colin?" She asked him candidly. "What happened to Chloe?" "She's dead!" Colin simply said. "So how much are you going to offer for this one?" Beth looked at Gaby with disdain and pulled her by the hair over to the bed dumping her firmly onto the bed.

"Nothing!" Colin smiled. "But you know I'll look after you and you can fuck her before I take her." Gaby was bewildered now knowing what was going on. She looked up at the shemale and back at Colin. "Just get on with it and then give me the girl!" Colin said pointedly.

"You're the boss!" Beth simply said and turned to look down at Gaby. "And you're not going to be missed here." Colin's cock rose as he watched college girls beach the suspended step sis dominant shemale literally rip the clothes from Gaby's body to reveal her plump appearance. It rose further as he watched her pushing his newest acquired slave to the floor and forcing her legs apart as she physically raped her with her long hard impressive black cock.

Gaby cried at first then moaned and finally screamed as she experienced her first orgasm with this wonderfully erotic creature who lay on top of her giving me a clear view of her thick cock entering Gaby's tight hole as she bit down on her fat breasts. Beth only came by releasing Gaby's tight cunt from her grip and then forcing her cock into her open lips as she wanked herself furiously at the same time calling Gaby a number of vulgar names as Gaby looked up at the shemale's amazing body, her eyes bewildered by the experience.

Gaby was just wrapped in a blanket as Colin bundled her into his car. "What was that all about and where are we going now?" She asked and Colin turned to her his eyes dark and mincing.

"That was a slave trade and now we are going home!" He smiled again and watched this news sink in. "That part of your life is now horny sweet chick chloe lane loves a big dick smalltits hardcore and this is where your new life begins!" He said without looking at her as he turned the car into a long drive lined by evergreen trees and leading up to a large house with several outbuildings.

"This is your new home!" He smiled. Colin ignored his fat wife as he entered the house and led Gaby to a small comfortable room where she sat on the bed. "Welcome to your home!" He smiled She nodded her head, her big brown eyes doleful and watery with tears!

Colin reached his hand down and stroked her tears away before crouching down to be on a level with her. "Listen!" He started.

"I don't want to hurt you or treat you badly but the only way you will fit into my home is if you are obedient!" He smiled and could see a smile curl across her full lips. "And I will teach you many things that you would never have even dreamt about in the past and you will love every second of it!" Colin watched as she smiled at his words. "And when you are good you will be treated well but if you are bad you will be punished, but you must understand…&hellip.!" He paused to wipe another tear from her cheek.

"This is all for your own good and your development as my, ummmm, slave!" On hearing the word 'slave' Gaby's big brown eyes lit up with a mixture of trepidation and excitement and Colin saw a broad grin cross over her face.

I know you have been a slave for others and I know what you have been through but it is nothing like you will go through here!" He continued. "Now your first lesson is tomorrow morning and your instructions are in this envelope!" He handed her a large brown envelope and she started to open it excitedly but Colin placed his hands over hers.

"Wait until I have left the room!" He said. "And we will see you for dinner at 7 tonight, in the outfit that has been prepared for you over there." Her eyes followed where he was pointing and Gaby saw a bright pink latex off the shoulder mini dress, a matching studded collar on a chain and pink heels.

She looked at 'her new master' with a mischievous grin on her face. "And underwear Sir?" Colin stood and looked down at Gaby's bright smiling face and felt his cock starting to harden again as he thought of what he had planned for her. "You will wear no underwear tonight slave!" He said. There was a look of slight shock on her face as Colin left the room and shut the door behind him.

"Not another woman all natural siren connie carter enjoys super intimate fuck play with! Don't you think we've already had enough of your sick games?" Colin's wife felt the sharp slap of his hand against the side of her face and she fell back onto the chair under the force of his blow.

"Fuck off, fat bitch!" He hollered at her as she lay back on the chair. "This is my house and I'll bring home exactly who I want!" "But you killed the last one!" She replied excitedly. In a rage Colin approached his wife clenching his fist tightly then suddenly he was caught by the dress that his wife Carol was wearing.

Her full fat and curvy body was almost bursting out of the short red cocktail dress and her overflowing breasts were now pushed up practically to her chin.

His cock started to rise and she immediately noticed the change in his demeanour. A smile crossed her face as she leaned forward with her arms on her stocking covered knees. She looked up at him and pouted. "So I am good for some things then?" She grinned cheekily! Carol was facing the wall of the pantry as Colin unzipped the dress to expose a tight black corset underneath pulling her body in and black lace topped stockings running down to high heeled shoes.

"You're a dirty fucking bitch!" He whispered aggressively into her ear and she giggled.

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"And you're a dirty old fucking perv!" She countered as she felt her husband's thick cock head push firmly between her fat thighs with the head brushing against her wet pussy lips. She sighed as he reached around her and released the top of the corset and her fat breasts fell onto Colin's hands and he squeezed the nipples hard as he pushed with his hips and his cock finally entered his wife's dripping cunt. She moaned and sighed and purred as he screwed her against the wall of the pantry until he finally shot his load deep inside her fat voluptuous body.

"So!" She smiled up at him as she sat on the floor. "What's this one for?" "To replace you, of course!" He laughed as he walked out of the pantry and went to get changed for dinner. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

Gaby was in shock. She had no clothes and no belongings. The room was small but comfortable but all the clothes in the drawers were a size too small for her plump curvy body. The underwear was fine and that would stretch but not the dresses and skirts.

They would be tight, very tight, but perhaps that was the way that he liked it! Gaby felt a shiver go down her spine. She had been through so much in the year since she had been kidnapped and thought back to her own development. The night of the box had been the worst. And she had been kept in the box for tantalizing japanese teen moans while being fucked hard seemed like months and fucked through every hole by everyone and anyone that wanted to pay to do so.

No love involved, just a sadistic bastard who wanted to see her hurt. And then one day…………&hellip.the box had been opened by a beautiful teenage girl. She hadn't even introduced herself but simply said. "We are going!" And taking Gaby's hand she had dressed her and loaded her into a car and driven away.

Gaby had always wondered what it would be like to have a Mistress rather than a Master and she was about to find out. She remembered the beautiful young girl naked with a large strap-on approaching her bed and feeling the softness and nakedness of another female on top of her, their breasts crushed together as their tongues probed each others mouths exploring new heights of passion.

And this went on for days and weeks, until the arrival of Beth when all that changed. Gaby had become accustomed to the strap-on and enjoyed the experience but Beth was something else with her womanly body and curves and her huge black cock.

Gaby felt her pussy starting to get wet as she thought of the shemale, the same shemale that had fucked her earlier in the day.

Then as Gaby was engrossed in her thoughts and her fingers were probing her pussy the large grandfather clock in the hall chimed for 7pm and this brought Gaby back to the real world, or at least the world she was now in. An unknown world but at least a world where she was feeling comfortable, at least for now. And then she opened the envelope and started to read. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Colin was sitting with a glass of whisky in his hand as the clock struck 8.

He glanced up to the top of the large staircase to see Gaby appear walking precariously in her pink dress and heels. The latex dress clung tightly to her curvy body and Colin saw that her breasts were large and her hips were well in proportion.

She had showered piled her hair up on her head and applied makeup in the form of pink lipstick to match the dress and blue eye shadow. "Good Evening Master!" She smiled standing before Colin.

"Good Evening Gaby!" he smiled back taking her hand. "Come and meet our guests!" He led her into a large dining room area where a fire was burning brightly on one wall.

She looked around the room in wonder and smiled. There was a large bald black man whom Colin introduced as Randy and the alongside him was Angel, his beautiful athletic looking black wife.

Next was Hassam a fat old Asian man and his equally beautiful wife Sameera. Her figure hugging dress left no doubt of her adequate curves and huge natural breasts as she smiled back at Gaby through deep dark eyes. Then Gaby noticed two females who were both around 6 feet in height dressed in mini dresses showing their amazing thighs and their augmented breasts pushing out of the small dresses. Gaby immediately recognised them as shemales, but very beautiful ones at that. Gaby turned to Colin nervously.

"Master? Where will I be sitting?" She asked innocently. "Sitting Gaby? Sitting?" Colin grinned as the onlookers listened on. "Oh no, you are serving! Now get to the kitchen and fetch our dinners and if you do it right and behave tonight then I might allow you the leftovers from our plates!" Gaby looked at her 'Master' in shock! He immediately noticed her expression leaned down to her ear and whispered.

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"I suggest you fuck off to the kitchen and do as you are told you little bitch, or you will be punished by…&hellip.!" He looked around the room. "Ummm, who wants to punish Gaby tonight?" He asked the assembled crowd.

They all started to talk between themselves looking at Gaby. She suddenly felt a hard slap come down onto her bottom as Colin grinned. "Go and get our food slut, we are hungry!" With her big brown eyes welling up she quickly scurried away into the kitchen before wheeling a serving trolley back into the dining room. Gaby was generally ignored for the remainder of the evening until the final serving of coffee as she leant over to pour coffee for all the guests.

Sheba, one of the shemale guests knocked her arm deliberately and the coffee spilt onto the table. "What are you doing you silly little bitch?" Sheba screamed and Gaby pulled back from the table looking distressed.

"Sorry Miss!" She said apologetically looking at Colin for reassurance. He simply grinned. "Come here slave." He called humiliatingly. "It is time for your dinner!" She watched as he pressed a button on the table and the young 'pretty' boy of around 18 dressed only in black trousers, shoes and a bow tie brought out a large tray with what everyone thought might be a meal under a steel dome.

"Thank you Master!" Gaby grinned but her face suddenly turned to a frown pictorial turned to group sex delight satisfaction the teenage boy placed the tray onto the floor in the corner.

Uncovering the plate Gaby saw that it had the remains from everyone else's plates that had been tipped into a steel dogs bowl. Colin turned to her with a grin on his lips and his eyes dark and menacing. "Now Gaby, without using your hands, go and eat your dinner!" "Yeah!" Sheba called out laughing. "Like the bitch you are!" The whole room laughed in unison.

Gaby's eyes welled up again as she obediently knelt on the floor and started to munch into the cold leftover food. She was so hungry it didn't matter that it was cold as she gulped the food down. She was so engrossed in eating like a dog and didn't notice the guests moving around behind her but suddenly heard her Master's voice. "Keep eating and don't you dare move!" He commanded. Gaby felt her dress being rolled up over her plump bum cheeks to reveal her bare bum and pussy.

"So my friends!" Colin said to his assembled guests. "You like my new toy?" "She is a little fat for me right now but I will turn her babes enjoy making out in swinger reality show a beautiful cumslut in time!" Gaby had finished eating and now knelt on all fours on the floor. The guests were hovering around her as she kept still and started to tremble slightly. Then she felt it, the hard slap as a paddle hit her behind making her eyes water.

Again another slap and another. "That's for spilling the coffee!" Said Sheba and shemale! "Strip her and lets see that fat body!" Said another voice and Gaby felt herself being lifted to her feet and the dress being unzipped until she stood only in the heels and collar. Gaby started to shiver feeling uncomfortable in front of the strangers her humiliation making her tearful. "Did you read the instructions?" Colin said firmly.

"Yes Master!" "And what did they say?" "They said I must entertain the guests!" Gaby said her voice trembling. "Well I suggest you do it, or I have a box that I can put you in!" Gaby's thoughts suddenly went back to that box and she almost shrieked out in fear. She looked to her Master and dried her face before looking around the room. The 'pretty' boy came over to her and took hold of the chain on the collar leading Gaby first to Randy. "Excuse me Sir, is there anyway that I might please you?" She smiled as best she could…………………!

After sucking on his black cock for 15 minutes with the whole room watching Randy shot down her throat. "I'm next, please?" Said Sheba as she lifted her dress…………………………………&hellip. To be continued……………………………&hellip.