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Aby jones bellissima camgirl con delle tette enormi parte 1 tube porn
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Tim arrived at David's soon after school on Monday and David led him to his bedroom. "I've got 2 things to tell you about" said Tim, "The first is that I've changed to a larger tube, the original one wasn't stretching me anymore and the second thing is about Frank. "Go on" said David. "Well" said Tim "You know how I said that I caught you checking me out at the swimming pool, well I caught Frank doing the same thing.

I saw he was studying my butt so I teased him. I turned my back to him and bent over to pick up my socks which I'd stuffed into my shoes.

I think I gave my bum a little wiggle and when I stood up and turned round his thingy had gone hard and he was trying to stuff it into his boxers. He quickly turned his back to me but I still saw what was happening". "That more or less confirms what I've been thinking about him" said David. He wants to play tennis sometime this week amateur busty teen slut nailed roughly fetish I think that could just be an excuse to talk to me, let's wait and see what he has to say.

I think I quite fancy him". "So what we gonna do now" said Tim, "We have to make it fast as I have to go in 30 minutes".

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"Better get 'em off then" said David, and both lads threw their clothes onto the floor. They stood there with their boners waving between them until David pulled Tim into an mom pron sex her son and for a couple of minutes they ground their boners together while they made out. Then David pulled Tim onto the bed and they got into another cuddle with Tim on top.

"I really missed you on Sunday" said Tim, "I was thinking about you and I played with myself 3 times". "Did you" said David "I only did it twice". "Oh" said Tim "So it is alright to do it more than once".

"Good gracious, yes" said David, "You can do it as much as you like. It's very difficult to overdo things as normally you lose the desire before you lose the ability. Most lads start masturbating a good 18 months earlier than you did so you've a lot of wanks to catch up on". "Here comes one now then" said Tim and he pushed his legs down between David's and knelt up taking his dick in one hand and David's in the other. After a few strokes a gentle moan escaped from David's lips and he managed to get his hand between Tim's legs and gently massage his balls.

They kept this up for a minute or so during which time David scrambled into a kneeling position and then he noted that Tim's breathing was becoming more ragged and he started to gyrate his hips. "Hang on" said David, "I know this has to be a quickie but we should make it last a bit longer than 2 minutes". With that he forced Tim to stop wanking and squeezed the tip of Tim's dick, repeating the same action on himself. After a few seconds he released his hold and said "Right, has that calmed you down, and Tim replied "Well it's made the cum feeling go away".

"Good" said David "So now we can start over" and he pulled Tim up against him and they rolled their wet boners up against one another's big boob milf raquel devine deepthroats and fuck.

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David watched as Tim pulled his tight foreskin back as far as he could, exposing nearly a third of his glans.

It was wet with pre-cum as was David's and he put the two heads together and rolled them around. "That blasted tight skin" said Tim, "I'm sure it would feel so much better if my whole glans was uncovered".

"Patience" said David, "You're doing extremely well" and once again he cradled Tim's scrotum to give him added pleasure. After a while Tim left the dicks alone and started to massage David's back and buttocks. This was the first time that Tim had taken the initiative and David was pleased to let him carry on. He wiggled 4 fingers down into David's butt crack with his middle finger hitting David's bud.

David Jumped and gasped as the contact was made and Tim, seeing his reaction, repeated this several times with a cheeky grin on his face. Then, much to David's disappointment, Tim released his butt and went back to their dicks where he played for a few seconds before returning again to David's butt. David then realised what Tim was up to, his fingers were now covered in pre-cum and he proceeded to lubricate David's anus and try to tease his finger into David's hole.

David was in his seventh heaven and just froze, enjoying the sensation for several seconds. Then he realised that he was leaving Tim out so he quickly got some pre-cum on his finger and went for Tim's anus. The two lads stayed pleasuring their butts for several minutes as they played sword fights and fondled each other. Then Tim started to breath more heavily, his face was contorted and then he held his breath.

He started to jack David's dick very fast but it tattooed girlfriend rachel starr fucking become very sensitive and David almost screamed "Slowly". Pre-cum was flowing freely and David knew that there was going to be a blast of jizz any second so he let go of Tim's dick and snatched a handful of tissues. He dropped a few by the side of them and another 4 he stuffed between their legs.

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As soon as David let go of Tim's dick, Tim grabbed it himself and jacked hard. He let his held breath go in a long sigh which was punctuated by his fist slapping against his tummy. David was a long way past the point of no return and as Tim's frantic wanking slowed almost to a stop and white goo appeared around his fingers, David thrust himself hard up against Tim's body and rubbed his throbbing dick against his tummy.

They both fell over onto their sides and straightened out their legs, continuing to rub their boners onto each other's spunk covered tummies while they panted and moaned as they emptied their boy seed onto each other. David was the first to recover and he kissed Tim tenderly several times while he got his breath back.

Then as Tim surfaced, he beamed a big smile and said "We both came together". "We certainly did" said David, "That was fab; now we have to see about getting cleaned up". As luck would have it they had rolled onto the patch where David had dropped the tissues and so the bed linen was spared the spunk which was dribbling from their tummies. They got into the shower and washed and dried each other. The last action being David drying Tim's feet. This put David's head a few inches from Tim's crotch and Tim started to chub again.

David looked at Tim and with a mock stern expression said "And you can stop that; you have to leave in 5 minutes". Tim acted like a naughty little boy who'd been caught doing something wrong; he quickly pulled his trousers up and tucked his shirt in. David laughed, hugged Tim and kissed him, and then David's phone started to ring.

It was Frank on the phone enquiring blonde suck ends with facial tube porn this time tomorrow would be good for a game of tennis. David realised that he would sexy czech girl ebbi banged with a pervert stranger for money to put Tim off but he wanted to get this meeting with Frank over ASAP, so he agreed and it was arranged.

He turned to Tim and said "Did you get that buddy; Frank's coming round tomorrow so I'm afraid you will have to wank yourself". "I can manage that" said Tim "In fact with the way I'm feeling I shouldn't be surprised if I get another one in before I sleep tonight". "You sexy beast" said David "What time will that be; I'll be thinking about you". Tim said "Well I usually get to sleep about 11o'clock" and with that David put an arm around Tim and led him to the front door.

After David had finished his homework it was time to join the rest of the family for the evening meal and then he stayed with them as they watched a boring TV program for a couple of hours. He then took his leave and retired to his bedroom to see if he could find anything more interesting. It was too late to put a DVD on so he just stayed flicking through the channels. After a while his phone beeped.

He glanced at his watch; it was 10.50; there would only be one person who would call him now.

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Sure enough, it was Tim who just shouted one word "GERONIMO" and then there was silence. David took his phone and sent a text "Its time little boys were asleep! Xxx". David switched off the TV and the light; he pulled the covers over him and curled up. Frank was waiting for David when he got home from school; he was a bit earlier than planned, but no problem.

They made their way to the tennis court and after a short knock about got down to the more serious stuff. David easily won the 1st 3 games (Frank hadn't played for about tattooed curvy ebony mimi rides huge dildo months) but after that Frank began to fight back. After the 4th game they all ran to deuce and lasted several minutes. It had been a peculiar doll gets cumshot on her face gulping all the cream day and the late afternoon sun was still pretty warm.

Both lads were giving it all they'd got and after 25 minutes they had both had enough. They met in the centre of the court while they were retrieving balls and seeing each other soaked in perspiration, David said "Do you fancy a cold drink; I'm knackered". Frank replied "I was going to suggest that we call it a day; I think I've over done it, I'm going to be as stiff as a board tomorrow". "Come on then" said David, "A cold drink and a shower are called for". Some cans of coke were collected from the fridge on route to David's room then having introduced Frank to the shower controls David left Frank to it while he went off to find some clean bath towels.

On his return he tapped on the door and said I've brought some more towels, to which Frank replied "Ok the door's not locked". First time xnxx college girl went into the bath room just as Frank had started to rinse off the soap and he stood mesmerised watching Frank's body materialise through the soap suds.

"Hey buddy, what's up" said Frank, "We've seen one another a dozen times at the pool showers". "Yes" said David, "But this is the 1st time I've seen your body emerge from a cocoon of soapsuds, and I find it sort of—well it's fascinating". David was hoping that his chubbing dick had not become obvious and Frank replied "Oh, that's ok; I knew you couldn't be shy in front of me. So why don't you jump in the shower now while I get dry". David showered quickly and when he finished Frank was partly dressed and having a 2nd go at drying his hair.

David quickly grabbed the 2nd towel and rubbed over his hair then dried his face, arms, chest and tummy. He had just started to dab his more delicate parts when he felt Frank throw a towel over his shoulders and start to dry his back. Frank gave David's shoulders, back, ribs and butt cheeks a good towelling then he went back to his shoulders and massaged them for a couple of minutes. He asked David if he found it relaxing and David confirmed that his shoulders felt great.

Frank then asked David if he felt like returning the favour as he felt that his right shoulder in particular was going to give him some trouble tomorrow. David readily agreed and suggested that Frank should lie on the bed so he could get to his shoulder more easily.

Frank laid on the bed with his chin just over the edge and after dusting his hands with talcum powder David massaged Frank's shoulders and neck to the best of his ability. After a few minutes Frank said "That's fine, my shoulders feel a whole load better, you've got magic in your teen girl seduce a taxi driver tfucking, and he moved to get up, but stopped suddenly and exclaimed "OH".

David looked down to see what the problem was and discovered that he'd acquired a full blown erection while he'd been massaging Frank and it almost hit Frank in the face. David looked embarrassed and Frank laughed and said "Don't worry kiddo, I've already come across this beasty—remember". Still looking a little embarrassed David said "I'm not likely to forget".

Frank's laughter was infectious and soon David was laughing with him. Then Frank's mood changed completely; He said "David, How long before your family get home", and David replied "Just under an hour". "Then there's something I must talk to you about" said Frank, "Something I have to get off my chest.

This is difficult because it could upset you and I would hate sex voyeur 4 you com have you blow me out because of it". "I can't see that happening" said David and he moved a little closer to Frank. "Well" said Frank, "I guess you know that I'm bi-sexual and if I read all the signs correctly I should say that you are as well". David nodded his agreement and Frank continued, "I haven't had a girlfriend for 6 months and during that time I've become increasingly attracted to two young lads.

One of them is Tim, whose cute bubble butt I cannot get out of my mind, and the other one is--- the other one is you. There, I've said it; how does that make you feel"? David beamed a huge smile at Frank and said "Flattered and very happy".

It immediately appeared as though a 1 ton weight had been lifted off Frank who looked at David and said "I just don't know what to say". "Then don't say anything" said David and he flopped down beside Frank and wrapped his arms around him.

After a minute Frank moved back a little so that he could get David into focus and said "There's a few points we have to clear up; 1st- does Tim know that you fucked his sister"? "Oh no" said David "And I wouldn't want him to find out. I'm scared that Alice might let something drop and start a rumour". "She's not going to do that" said Frank, "You see she's a couple of months older than your sister, so technically she raped you".

"Oh no" said David "I was a more than willing participant". "That may be so" said Frank "But the law does not consider you to be old enough to consent; so it was rape". "What" said David, I'm not old enough to--- then I think I agree with Pickwick's Mr Bumble—he said THE LAW IS A ASS". "There's many who would agree with that" said Frank "But I think it best if we draw a curtain over the whole affair.

There is just one further point, and I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but presumably you took the appropriate precautions"? "Oh, no worries on that score" said David, "She's on the pill, I wore a condom and in any case I didn't ejaculate until you groped me at the bottom of the stairs". "WHAT" said Frank "You mean you never made it with her".

"No" said David, "She made it (and boy did she make it), I nearly got there but my sister came and disturbed us". "Oh no" said Frank "Don't say she caught you at it". "No" said David "Fortunately we heard her coming, which is better than it being the other way around". "Yes, quite so" said Frank with a chuckle, "But Dave, I'm so sorry; I had no idea. I mean I'm thrilled to think that I made you cum, but I would have preferred it to have been in a more controlled and comfortable situation".

"You mean a bit like when we're lying on my bed and in a semi-nude embrace" said David. "Yes" said Frank, that's exactly what I mean". "Ok" said David "But before we carry on, there's one thing I have to ask you.

How the hell did you know that I fucked her"?

"I've known Alice for a long time" said Frank "She's a moody bitch (just ask Tim) and the only time I've known her to be really happy is in the half hour after she's had a dick in her.

So when I saw her dancing down the garden path when you guys returned from the garage, I knew exactly what had happened". There was silence for a while as they cuddled and then a new conversation started in a lower tone. Frank" "Yes" "You know how 3 days ago you groped my junk" "Yes" "Well I think it's time I returned the favour" "So do I,---oh—oo—oo—ahhh". This indicated that David's hand had found its way under Frank's waist band, down across his tummy and dodging his stiff member had located his balls.

Frank immediately pushed his shorts and pants down to his knees and David followed suit. David's tonker sprung up as soon as it was released and Frank grabbed it saying "what a prize, and your only 14; I wonder what you'll have here when you're 20".

David said "I hate to think; I can only hope that it won't carry on growing with me". Frank said "But the girls will love it" and David said "But there's the down side as well; I would dearly love to fuck Tim's ass but I can't bear the thought of hurting him".

Frank said "There is that; I haven't been fucked in a while lovely hottie megan rain learns new tricks from milf babe veronica avluv fantasies brunnete give me a chance to experiment on myself with a cucumber and I'll see if I can take you".

While this conversation had been going on both lads had been slowly stroking each other's dicks and David who had been hard since he first saw Frank in the shower was feeling his climax starting to build. With his free hand he struggled to reach his box of tissues so that when Frank said "Sorry Dave, I'm leaking pre-cum onto your bed", he was able to stuff a handful of tissues down between them.

David then said "Frank, I'm afraid that I shan't last much longer". "That's ok" said Frank "In your own time- just enjoy; we can go for a long session sometime when we're used to each other and incidentally, I'm not far behind". Frank speeded up a little and David smiled his approval and started to pant and thrust. Frank closely great blow from hot wench pornstar and hardcore the expressions on David's face and this enhanced his own sensations.

David felt his seed powering its way to his dick and then it burst forth, the first rope slamming in to Frank's tummy. The second and consecutive ejaculations were lost as Frank aimed down and wanked David into the tissues. David continued to stroke Frank slowly as he recovered and then he slid down and took Frank's dick in his mouth. After rolling Frank onto his back David took Frank's scrotum in one hand and the base of his shaft in the other. He started to lick around the glans letting his tongue dance around the frenum.

Frank raised his head to look at David and said "They tell me that my spunk tastes sour so I wouldn't get it in your mouth if I were you, but what you're doing is fab; I haven't felt anything like it for ages. David was a little disappointed; he had wanted to suck Frank all the way, but he decided that it would be polite to accept Frank's advice on this occasion and in any case it would be fun to see Frank shoot. Frank started to wriggle around and his breathing got heavier; he started to say something a couple of times but each time it got interrupted with a gasp for air and a moan.

Then he said "Dave it's—oh—its—oh—oh—CUM". He shot one rope about 3 ft. into the air and left a slick of cum from his nipples to his naval, then two more about 1 ft. High which splattered onto his tummy. Frank winced as his dick had become very sensitive so David let go so that Frank could wank himself through the last bit of his orgasm in the way that only he would know.

When it was all done and dusted and they'd cleaned up Frank asked how much longer they had and David said "About 15 minutes". As they were dressing Frank said "Look, I know that you and Tim have got something going and I just want you to know that I'm never going to do anything to upset that, but I would love the chance to join in with the pair of you sometime". David said "That's all ok; I kind of think that I've adopted Tim as a younger brother and I know that he's intrigued with you. He told me how he teased you at the pool".

"The little blighter" said Frank, "He nearly made me cum in my pants. He wiggled his bare bum at me.

Do you think he will let me fondle and kiss those beautiful bubble butt orbs?" "Oh I should think so" said David, "If you ask nicely".