Ravishing maid simony rides on a bbc

Ravishing maid simony rides on a bbc
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The evening was cool as Dan made his way down the deserted park path. It ran parallel to a park street, which was hidden behind a set of trees. He adjusted his backpack, hoisting it up higher on his back. School had been rough today. Ben Hanes had picked on him again. The sixth grader loved to pick on him, Dan Freeman, a fifth grader. Dan reached up and touched the swelling bruise that surrounded his left eye.

His parents wouldn't be happy to see it. His mother would sigh and look disappointed that he wasn't standing up for himself, and his father would shout at him about how he was such a coward.

Footsteps sounded behind him, and Dan glanced over his shoulder, seeing two men walking behind him. He turned back around, only for a man to jump out from the trees, shoving him backwards. Immediately the three men were on Dan, grabbing him and yanking his backpack off him and throwing it into the woods. Dan opened his mouth and screamed, but it was cut off by a plastic ball being shoved into his mouth. Leather bands wrapped around his head from the ball and one of the men fastened the straps behind his head.

His hands were pulled painfully behind his back and Dan watched as the man who had pushed him handed one of the other men a pair of leather handcuffs. The cuffs were tightly snapped around his wrists and the men put him on his feet before dragging him off the path, through the trees to the deserted road where a van was stopped on the side.

The side of the windowless van slid open and Dan was tossed in, jarring his shoulder slightly as he landed. The men jumped in after him, slammed the door shut and dee baker horny black mothers 3 at the driver to go.

The van burned rubber as it left the side of the road.

Dan looked up at the men. They weren't wearing masks, two of them had brown hair and the other had black. They were wearing sturdy, but dark clothes, and they were grinning at each other.

Grins that sent shivers up Dan's spine. "Look at him," the black haired man said. "So pretty." He ran a hand over Dan's leg, and Dan jerked back. The men laughed and the driver glanced at them through the rearview mirror. "He is a pretty one," the driver commented. "Lucky for us you happened to spot him, yeah, Steve?" Steve, one of the brown haired men, chuckled and ran a hand over Dan's face.

"I have an eye for the pretty ones," Steve said. He picked something up and dangled it in front of Dan. "Do you see this, boy? This is your new collar. Do you like it?" Dan shook his head and struggled to put as much distance between him and the men, but he backed up against the side of the van and the three men surrounded him. "Sit him up, Phil," Steve ordered. Phil, the last brown haired man, grabbed Dan's smooth blond hair and yanked him into a sitting position.

Dan moaned into the ball gag and Steve wrapped the collar around Dan's neck, cinching it snuggly and padlocking it on. "This collar," Steve said, "means you belong to us now. You're not your parents, or yourself. You're ours. Got that little bitch?" "Look, we even put your new name on it," the black haired man, whose name was Gage, said. He flicked a small dog tag. "It says BITCH. You're our bitch now." Dan blinked and tears fell down his cheeks.

He squealed and fought against his handcuffs as Gage unzipped the boy's pants and put his hand down his underwear. Dan closed his eyes and a muffled sob escaped.

He gasped as Steve grabbed his hair and shook him. "Open your eyes, Bitch!" Steve hissed. "We want you to watch everything we do to you." Dan's eyes flew open and he was forced to watch as Dan fondled him. Dan kicked at the men, but Steven and Phil sat on his legs, keeping them spread. "Undress him!" The driver, Aaron, cried.

He looked at them through the mirror again. "I want to see his ass." Dan screamed against the gag as his shoes, socks, and jeans were pulled from his body, and his shirt ripped to shreds. His underwear was torn from his body, and Dan sobbed as Gage continued to play with his penis.

"This is a good size for someone so small," Phil said. "What do you say, Gage? Four inches?" "Four," Gage agreed. "It'll get bigger." He brutally fisting his gfs greedy loose pussy domination and insertion to stroke it.

"A bigger dick means this boy will get taller. And get a bigger dick." Dan moaned as something moved through his body, something electrifying that went from his penis and up and down his body. His penis slowly started to get harder, and the men started to laugh. "He's enjoying this," Steve cried. "I knew you were a whore, the moment I saw you." Gage started stroking faster and faster and Dan felt his hips involuntarily buck.

Gage stopped samantha gets fucked in the shower pornstar hardcore and Dan moaned at the lost contact, while more tears of fear and humiliation ran down his face. He didn't want any of this, but why was his body do this? Phil pulled something out of his pocket, and stretched it around Dan's cock, moving it to the base. "There!" Phil slapped Dan's penis. "Now you'll stay hard." Dan cried in pain at the slap and the man shoved him to the floor, laying him there while they pulled out cigarettes and lit them.

U What seemed like hours later, the van stopped in the driveway of a large house in the middle of a forest. Dan was pulled from the van, and a leash attached to his collar. More tears streamed down his face, joining with the drool that had fallen from his open mouth. The men brought him into the house and down into what was supposed to be a basement, but to Dan, looked like something from the pictures in his history book from the Middle Ages.

There weren't stone walls, but there were chains on the cement walls, and other large objects that looked like torture instruments. "This will be your new home, Bitch," Aaron said. "Let's get him set up." Dan's hands were uncuffed and a large bar was brought forward. His hands were forced through two small holes on either end of the bar, and his head forced through a central large hole.

The bar was tightened and Dan bent over. A chain attached to his collar from the ceiling, keeping him from falling over. Another bar was put between his legs, attached to his ankles, and the men began to pull his butt cheeks apart, and poke at his ass hole. Dan squealed and yelled through the gag, trying to make them stop.

He tried to move, but couldn't move very much, and a sharp sting settled across his back. Dan screamed and Phil sauntered in front of him, lazily swinging a whip. Dan cringed as he cracked it. "You will not fight us," Phil said. "Everything will go much quicker and easier if you cooperate." The ball gag was removed from his mouth.

"Please!" Dan cried. "Please let me go! I won't tell anyone!" U U "Shut up, Bitch!" Gage shouted, slapping Dan's ass. "Who's first?" "I drew the largest straw this morning," Aaron said. "Me. Whoever's in the hole can use his Aaron moved behind Dan and Dan heard a zipper be pulled down, and felt spit hit his ass. "No!" Dan cried as he felt Aaron's cock push against his ass hole. "No! Please stop!" He screamed as Aaron shoved in, and felt his balls hit him.

Dan screamed again as Aaron began to pump in and out, moaning. "I got the second largest," Phil said. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out a large cock, nine or so inches, that was rock hard and leaking precum.

"Open your mouth, Bitch." Dan shut his mouth. Phil used the whip again, causing Dan to scream, and he shoved his cock into the boy's mouth. Dan couldn't breath as the cock moved into his throat. He struggled against his bonds and gagged. Phil tipped his head back and sighed. "Oh this is amazing!" Phil cried. "That's it, Bitch. Gag on my cock!" He bucked in and Dan gagged, his mouth closing on the cock. Phil yelled in pain and pulled out, slapping Dan hard, splitting his lip.

"Bitch just bit me!" Phil growled. He lifted clothes ripped off and raped ny force whip and brought it down across Dan's back.

"You're going to pay for that!" "I'm sorry!" Dan cried. "I didn't mean—," he screamed as Phil began to whip him mercilessly, the whip snapping and snapping with no rests in between.

Aaron continued to rape him from behind, gripping his hips and making Dan scream harder along with the whips. Suddenly, Aaron sped up and yelled. "Oh. . that's it!" Aaron shouted. Dan sobbed as he felt hot, wet liquid-like stuff enter him. Aaron patted his ass and Phil stopped whipping him. "Bitch's got a tight ass," Aaron said, pulling out.

"And look, the little cunt whore's a bleeder too." The men gathered around Dan's ass and stared as cum and blood tripped from his hole. Dan sobbed. "It's my turn now," Phil said. "And you're going to pay for biting me, Bitch!" "I'm sorry!" Dan cried again.

"Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry I won't do it again." "You better not," Gage said, moving to Dan's mouth, holding his rock hard cock in his hand. "But I think I'll help you a bit." Dan sobbed harder as Gage pushed a metal ring into his mouth, pulling the leather straps around his head and buckling it tightly.

Now he couldn't close his mouth. More drool ran down his chin, mixing with his tears. Gage shoved his dick into Dan's mouth, instantly choking him. Phil gripped the boy's hips and rammed his cock up Dan's ass, making the boy scream. Phil began to brutally pummel the boy's ass, making him move back and forth on Gage's cock, letting the man stand there enjoying the sensation. Finally Gage grabbed Dan by the hair and held him still while he stabbed his cock further down his throat and stopped, pressing his stomach against Dan's nose.

Phil continued to thrust, but it hurt more now that Dan couldn't move. Dan tried to struggle against the cock in his mouth.

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It was hard to breathe. He could feel the man's pubes against his face, scratching at him slightly. He couldn't breathe! He opened and shut his hands to try and signal that he couldn't breathe, and he looked up as best as he could. Gage's head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. "Better pull out, Gage," Steve said. "Don't want Bitch passing out." Gage pulled all the way out and Dan gasped in air, screaming as Phil cummed inside him.

Phil sighed and patted the red welts appearing on Dan's back. "What a good bitch, Bitch," Phil murmured. Gage hurried behind Dan and was slamming himself into Dan the moment Phil had stepped aside.

Steven appeared at Dan's face. He held his cock forward. "Put it in your mouth, Bitch," Steven said. "Now!" Dan sobbed and shook his head. Steven grabbed his hair and pulled his head up. "Put it in your mouth now!" Dan sniffed and yelled in pain as a vicious cock stab by Gage, but stretched his neck and took the head of Steven's cock in his mouth.

Steven push himself in farther, but not all the way. "Now, suck, Bitch!" Steven ordered. "And don't stop until I say so." Dan cried as he sucked, the taste of the man's precum salty and bitter, the smell of the man's cock disgusting with stale piss. "That's it. . ," Steven murmured. "Just like that." He pushed more cock in, entering Dan's throat.

The boy gagged, and stopped sucking. Steven slapping him. "Keep sucking!" Steven shouted. "I didn't tell you to stop." Dan started sucking as best as he could and Steven patted his head. "Good whore." Gage yelled out as he cummed in Dan. "I won't use his ass right now," Steven said. "Put a butt plug in." Dan couldn't see the others move, but he felt something cold and big press against his hole. He moaned against Steven's cock, trying to talk. Steven yelled.

"Oh! That's amazing! You're a natural cock-sucker, Bitch!" Dan felt the object pass into his ass and stay there.

It hurt. It felt too big. Dan could feel the cum still in him. "I'm close!" Steven cried. He grabbed Dan's hair again. "I'm going to cum in your mouth, Bitch. When I do, you're going to swallow it, understand?" Dan whimpered. "Good. Here. . here. . !" Steven shouted and Dan felt hot salty liquid-like stuff enter his mouth. He started gulping, afraid that he'd drown in it if he didn't.

Some leaked out the sides of his mouth and he sobbed. Steven pulled out, wiping his wet cock on Dan's cheeks, mixing the cum with saliva. "I think he's had enough for now," Steven said. "Let's get him settled." "Look, he's still hard!" Aaron said, flicking Dan's dick. "That ring worked really well." "Perhaps we should relieve him," Gage said, removing the ring. He began to stroke Dan. "What's your name, boy?" Steven asians wild toying and oral sex stimulation japanese hardcore the metal ring from Dan's mouth.

"D-Dan," Dan whispered. He was slapped and Gage pinched his balls. "Wrong answer," Phil said. "What is it? We told you earlier. We've been calling you it. Tell us your name and we'll let you cum." Dan moaned at the feeling of the hand stroking him.

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He involuntarily bucked his hips. "What's your name?" Aaron asked. "D-Dan." Gage stopped stroking him and Dan whimpered. He didn't want it, he didn't! His body just wasn't listening to soraya de me lo folle como si fuera mi hijo en bruno y maria Aaron began to gently massage the head of Dan's dick and the boy whimpered, his muscles clenching as he neared completion.

Aaron stopped before he could come and Dan sobbed. "Please!" Dan cried. "Please! Help me!" "We will, but you have to tell us your name," Steven said.

Dan lowered his head. "What's your name?" Aaron continued to gently massage Dan's head, stopping when he was close to cumming. Dan whimpered. "B-Bitch," he whispered. He gasped as Aaron began to wildly stroke his dick and suddenly Dan fell over an edge he'd never fallen over before. It was the more beautiful feeling in the world, it was like he was on top of the world! "Not much cum at this age," Phil commented. "But he'll get there." Dan sobbed and Steven grabbed his chin, forcing him to look into the man's eyes.

"You're name is Bitch," Steven repeated. "This is your life. Your purpose is to please all of us. You will forget your old life. You'll forget your parents, your friends and teachers, and everything that you've learned in school. You belong to us and you will always belong to us. We will use you, and we will let others use you. Do you understand, Bitch? This is your life now.

Embrace it." Dan sobbed and closed his eyes. "Look at me!" Steven shouted. Dan opened his eyes, face paling in fear. "Good. From now you will either call us Sir, or Daddy. You will do everything we say or you will be punished." "Yes," Dan whispered.

"Yes what?" "Yes, Sir." "And the other one." Dan sniffed and whimpered. "Yes, Daddy." Steven smiled, a sinister, leering smile and he released Dan's chin, allowing his head to drop. "Let's tie Bitch up for the night," Steven said. Dan was unlocked from his position and he crumpled to the ground. A penis gag was shoved into his mouth, the rubber cock falling into his throat. Dan choked and panicked as the gag was locked in place.

"Relax the throat and breathe through your nose," Gage hot sex dick woods old man as they hogtied him, cinching his back into an arch. "You better learn the technique quick or we won't be happy." The man laughed as they left Dan on the floor, went upstairs, and turned the lights off.

Dan was plunged into darkness, and his new life.