Hospital ka bachcha wala bachcha delivery

Hospital ka bachcha wala bachcha delivery
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For 30 years I have worked in the same mall. 5 Years ago I became the mall manager, as the previous guy died. My wife doesn't think much of my job, probably why she is having sex with my neighbour every Saturday night. She also doesn't think much of my weight, looks or attitude.

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She is fully aware I knows she is cheating, but I don't care, I know I am technically "overweight" but I do not care. Also, I know that I am not a stunner or someone that will make you stop, but I do not care.

You want to know why? Stunner or not, I always get my way. It first started 4 years ago, teen nude beach sex a magical misappropriation was my 1 year anniversary as manager and I discovered an envelope while sat, alone, celebrating.

The envelope was small and it had the old manager's name on, so, out of curiosity I opened it. It was a short note that read: "Tim, if you are reading this I am no longer working at the mall. The mall has many fun memories, and I will be sad to leave it behind. I know you are wondering how it could be fun, but let me explain a wee little secret. There are always people willing to do whatever you want them to in order to not be banned, or arrested or fined.

I mean ANYTHING. See that pretty young mother accidentally still smoking? Take her to our holding cells and tell her she will be fined a large amount of money; she will be scared, tell her she could help me out and boom! Sex in no time.

I pass this advice onto you, my friend. Enjoy" Well, first I was pretty pissed that Tim hadn't given me this letter, but then I remembered he died suddenly, so probably hadn't thought of passing this wisdom on just yet. After reading it I decided to try it the next day. It was a Wednesday morning, a quiet time, and my first opportunity appeared.

There, sat on a bench, was a 30 or so year old woman staring into space, with a burning cigarette in her hand "Excuse me ma'am?

No smoking in the mall" "Egh, just leave me to it, it has been a long day. I don't need you telling me what to do." "Ma'am, if you do not discard of that illegal item I will have to put you in the holding cell for a bit and issue you with a fine." "Illegal item?! It is a sneaky joint, goddamn it." After that I arrested her and lead her to our cells. I went back to my computer for half an hour and then when I returned she seemed to have sobered up.

"I am so sorry, Mr.?" "Name is Pete, but new jizz in mouth of a naughty slut sorry is not going to make this all better. I am going to have to issue you with a fine. Unless." "What? Unless what? I will do anything! I have no money right now; I can't be doing with this." "Well, ma'am, you do me a favour and I will do you one" She looked me in the eye and stood up slowly then walked toward me in her cell "You mean.?" She reached towards my already semi hard dick and unzipped my fly.

She took hold of my dick and said in a low, husky voice, "You mean a sexual favour?" "Well, ma'am, if you want to, and I could lose the tape." She then wrapped her hands around my now hard dick, I took this to mean yes. All she did then was give me what was possibly the worst hand job of all time, so I slapped the fine on her still.

Tim's advice was not going well so far. A couple of months later I was doing my round of the mall and heard a moaning coming from the cleaners section, looking inside there were a teenage couple having, what appeared like sex, but it was hard to tell, as the guy was enormous compared to the slim blonde he was fucking.

Of course, I arrested them both and put them in separate cells. I charged the guy and sent him home with a $450 bill. The girl, however, was still there. She was sat crying. "Please. Sir.? My family. I don't have much m-m-money. I am cuckold wife taunt cuckold orgasms sorry.

I-I-I don't know what I was thinking." I crouched down to her level "Love, if you are happy to have sex in a mall cleaner cupboard then your family should be worried" "You don't understand.

M-m-my mum needs me" "You really think you can walk away from this without punishment?" "Please? I will do anything. You look kinda lonely, maybe I could keep you company. Or j-j-just once I could give you a good ride, i-i-if you know what I mean?" "You mean sex?" "Yes, sir" I stood up, surely now it has been offered it wouldn't go as badly as last time?

I looked at this girl, I mean really looked. She had blue eyes, bleached blonde hair, dirty nails, heavy makeup and very tight clothes on. My guess would be this wouldn't be the first time she offered herself up to avoid punishment. I walked away. I needed to think. Would my dick go through sandpaper again? Or seeing as it is a teen girl, would it be better? I sat at my desk and read the letter again. Half way through I heard a shout, so I went speed walking to the cells.

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The sight I saw was not what I expected but I wasn't going to turn it down either. There was the blonde, naked. "Hey, sorry, I suppose you better tell me to get changed? Say my name. Tell me to put my clothes on. Go on. My name is Cindy." "I. Ummm." I had a very obviously bulge in my pants now, and Cindy saw. She opened her legs to reveal her sweet, pink, puffy, hairless and very wet pussy. I entered her cell as she rubbed her clit.

"Tell me, Mr security guard. You want some of this?" My answer was made obvious by me pulling down my pants and stepping out of them. She then crawled towards me and took my dick in her mouth and gave me the best deep throat of my life. When I came down her throat she pulled away and sat of the bed blonde nikki delano and a glory hole the cell. She started fingering herself, her pussy making wet, slapping noises and she put a third finger in.

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In no time I was hard again, by staring at her beautiful body. She got on all fours and wiggled her bum at me, calling me over. "C'mon big boy. You know you want it. Make me scream." Still in a trance like state I put my dick at the entrance of her pussy (she she was on the bed, so I could reach by standing) She plunged back onto my dick, moaning at the playing with a lascivious japanese pussy hardcore and groupsex. She looked up at me and I grabbed her bottom hard and pounded my dick into her as fast and as hard as I could.

I changed position by grabbing her tits instead of her arse and played with her nipples while giving her a hard fuck. She moaned with pleasure. Because I had let a load off before, I could hold off coming for a while now, and I get her vaginal muscles clamp onto my dick as she has her first orgasm.

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I decided to make it more interesting and I gently bit her shoulder "Harder. Bite me harder" She whispered Not one to follow instructions, I instead took one and away from a boob and pinch her bottom as hard as I could. She shrieked with pleasure. Then I bit her shoulder harder. She orgasmed again and as she did the third time, I came into her sweet, young pussy. I put my pants back on and left her cell door open, she could leave when she wanted.