More boy and one girl

More boy and one girl
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Scared that he might wake up, I put his boxers back into place and begin to roll over. Daddy's arm wraps around me and he pulls me back. I look up at him and he's awake. He whispers in my ear: "Why did you stop baby girl? That felt so good." I gasped loudly. He had been awake the whole time. What should I do? He said it felt really good. But when he spoke I could smell alcohol on his breath. He must have had some drinks before going to bed.

That could mean he doesn't mean what he's saying right now. It was easier when he was asleep. But now that he is awake, I feel like a little girl again.

I'm so nervous I don't know how to react. I place my hand back where it was. "Is…is that okay Daddy?" I ask hesitantly. He nods and smiles at me. I bite my lip and wrap my small fingers around his thick shaft. I start stroking again and I hear him moan at this. I stroke a little faster, getting into a rhythm. Pals daughter web camera with dad and taboo loving mother seducing my stepfather moves his hips toward me.

I look up at him again. He pulls my face close to his and kisses me. I freeze for a second but then relax and let my emotions take over. We kiss passionately while his hands roam over my body. They slide down my back and over my ass, then back up to my hair. "Oh baby girl, I want you so much right now." Daddy whispers huskily into my ear. I blush even more as he says that.

I don't know what to say. This is what I have only been able to dream about for so long and it's actually happening. He rolls me over onto my back and hovers over me. Looking down at me, he brushes a piece of hair away from my face. Then he leans forward and starts kissing my neck softly. I moan softly as he leaves a trail of kisses down to my collarbone.

"Sounds like you want your Daddy just as much as I want you." He says smirking. I bite my lip and look away. He cups my cheek and pulls my face back to look up at him. "Don't be nervous baby girl. Daddy will take care of you." He says softly.

He kisses my lips again and slides a hand down between my thighs. I part them slightly for him. He runs his fingers along the inside of my thigh and up over my pelvis. As he does this, his fingers gently brush over my lips causing me to shudder. He moves his hand back down and rubs over my lips, parting them.

I can feel his fingers rub up and down my very wet slit.

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I whimper when his thumb grazes over my clit. "Oh Daddy, please take me now." I moan. He chuckles and continues rubbing my pussy slowly. Then he bends down and whispers, "Not yet baby girl. I'm not done playing with you." Just then he slips a finger into my pussy. I gasp loudly at the pleasure.

He goes in and out a few times before he adds another finger.

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I'm squirming underneath him as I ache for more than just fingers. He pulls up my shirt to expose my chest and kisses over my tits. He begins to lick and suck on my nipple. I whimper softly feeling him gently kiss and bite it. My face cheeks are flushed.

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I'm soaking wet from excitement. I reach down between us and grip the shaft of his cock. He groans and looks into my eyes as I stroke him. "You want your Daddy's cock baby girl?" he asks me.

I nod up at him, pouting my lip. He smiles. "Well, I can't say no to that face." He pulls off his boxers and spreads my legs open more.

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I close my eyes when I feel the tip of his cock rub against my pussy. He pushes the tip in slowly and I feel it stretch my pussy. When he pushes deeper, I shriek and bite my lip hard.

He stops suddenly and looks at me. "What's wrong baby girl?" I shake my head. "Nothing's wrong. It's just…my first time." I tell him. His eyes widen after tit hat and he starts to frantically apologize. I stop him.

"It's okay Daddy. I want you to be my first. I knew it had to be you more than a year ago. Please take me Daddy." I explain to him. He smiles and kisses me gently. Then he continues to push deeper inside me. He stops right before my hymen and gives me a few reassuring kisses. Then, in a split second, he breaks through it until he is all the way inside me. I felt completely full. It was like a mixture of pain and pure pleasure. I wrapped my arms around his neck, while digging my nails into his back until the pain subsided.

He waited for a second to make sure I was okay before he moved. Once I started grinding my hips against him he knew he could move.

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He thrust inside me slowly, letting me adjust to the new feeling. It was amazing. I kissed him deeply as we made love. Every time he would pull out, I whimpered. He teased me by pulling out, waiting a few seconds, and then thrusting deep inside me. I groaned with each thrust. He started to quicken his facial free amateur facial porn video tube porn and kissed me passionately.

I knew he had to be close. We were both thrusting our hips against each other. Breathing heavily as our orgasms grew closer. "Daddy, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned loudly. "Cum with me baby girl!" He groaned while he thrust deep inside me.

Just as I felt thick hot cum fill me, my own orgasm coursed through my body. Waves of pleasure hit me over and over. I arched my back, pressing my chest against his. I felt his arm wrap around me, pulling my body close to his own. We both slowly lay down, panting heavily. He stroked my hair with one hand and my cheek with the other. "I think it's time for bed baby girl. I love you." He tells me, pulling me close to him so he can spoon me.

"Mmm, goodnight Daddy. I love you too." I whisper before falling asleep seconds later.