Amateur wife eats creampie i taught her all she knows

Amateur wife eats creampie i taught her all she knows
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The Girls and the dog That's how it was for many weeks. Paul would come to the stables with Tammi and clean out Dancer's stable and yard while she went for her ride. After the ride Paul and Tammi would brush Dancer down and wash her, finishing with them finger fucking the horses cunt together before Tammi pulled Paul's pants down and slid his erection into Dancer's meaty horse cunt. Tammi even let him fuck Dancer in the ass on day.

Paul loved that as Dancer's ass hole was tighter than her cunt and Tammi held his cock more as she manoeuvred it in. There was no need for Tammi to hold her brothers dick, but after she did it the first time she found she liked the feel of it so it stayed part of the ritual.

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Their parents had no idea what was going on but encouraged them as they thought it was important they spend more time together. Quite often there were other girls with their horses there who would ask Paul why he didn't go riding with his sister and was happy mucking out the yard, some asked if her wanted to do theirs to.

Paul generally smiled and said he enjoyed it and would do theirs if the price was right. This did seed some ideas in his head and he wondered if Tammi would like to play with some of the other horses. Fortunately for Paul and Tammi's extra activities her stable was quite private once the doors and shutter were closed. It did however have one of her school friends ask her why she kept the doors shut after the ride.

They were at school together and on the same net ball team. They had finished a Friday night game bright orgasms during lesbo sex lesbian dildo and had headed over to her friends house for the evening. Heather's house was not too far away so they walked there in their net ball uniforms. Heather's family was out when they arrived so they played netball in the back yard for a while. Heather had a young black Labrador dog who schlong stuffs wet holes pornstar and hardcore running back and forward as the ball was passed between them.

Heather asked why Paul started coming over "and why do you close the doors after the ride?" "Well miss nosy britches, I don't know why Paul comes with me, but while he is helping keep the place clean he can come all he wants" Tammi smiled to herself at her own private joke "and I close the door so that when we wash Tammi she doesn't get a chill." "After we rode together we used to help each other wash our horses, I used to enjoy that but now you hide in your stable and close the doors." "I started that before Paul remember?

Maybe one day you can bring Eric in and we'll wash our horses together again in the warmth and privacy of my stable. It is a lot more fun and my stable is very roomy" Before Heather could think about this the dog jumped for the ball. As she turned away the dog jumped a second time and this time his snout went up Heather's small netball skirt and he grabbed her panties with his teeth.

Heather's knickers were torn and now sliding down her legs, as she turned stumbled and sat on the grass Cooper, the dog, grabbed her pants from the front and despite the struggle had them off in a matter of seconds. Tammi laughed and came to help Heather to her feet. Tammi caught several glimpses of Heather's blonde pussy and saw how lightly haired she was compared to her.

Cooper was off in the corner tearing at the panties which by now were in no state to be worn. "That was interesting." said Tammi.

"Dumb dog, takes them off the clothes line too. I'll just go inside and get another pair." "Your mother's out and we can't get in the house remember. Here!" and Tammi threw the ball to her friend. Heather jumped back and returned the shot.

Nearly every move Heather made Tammi was getting flashes of flesh which started her juices flowing. Tammi hadn't thought about her friend in that way but there was something about the unexpected nakedness that she had too see. She tried to do more and more difficult shots so Heather would leap about and show herself more.

Heather on the other hand became aware of the cool air on her pussy lips and saw how often Tammi was looking at her snatch. She now found it fun to leaping for the ball and bending over knowing that Tammi's eyes were upon her.Shortly Cooper picked up Tammi's virginal sent and started to lick her legs.

Tammi pulled away, but Melayu home scandal tube porn kept following. Heather came to help, but soon he had turned his attention to her and she soon fell backwards on the grass landing on her ass. Legs open Cooper dived in the opening and started licking her snatch.

Tammi came over. Heather had pulled her legs together but that only made Cooper change angles. "That looks like fun, done that before?" "No, help me here will you!" With that Tammi sat behind Heather and wrapped her arms and legs around her from behind restraining her so the dog got full access."What are you doing!" "I'm helping, isn't that what you wanted?" Despite Heather's struggle Cooper was there and the effects of his tongue were wearing down her resistance.

Heather let out a small moan. Tammi now let go of one arm and started to remove Heather's netball skirt for a better view. Now Tammi could see Cooper's long tongue lapping up Heather's split, parting the hair as it went in its long rhythm, her clit now visible through her hair and lips. Heather was now lost and didn't know or care what happened as long as that hot sensation kept going. She turned her face toward Tammi and they kissed, slowly at first and then more heatedly. Tammi 's hands now started to wander over Heather's firm breasts as they both lay back on the grass.

After a pause Heather suggested they move into the outside sun room where it would be more private and comfortable. With that the two young girls ran hand in hand into the sun room as Cooper continued to sniff and lick Heather's young bare ass. Tammi loved the look of Heather's bare bum, and caressed it as soon as she closed the door on Cooper. Heather tricky old teacher karolin drops her panties shaved pussy and hardcore and putting her arms around Tammi's livestream of foxyfarrah and blackxrose webcamshow webcams kissed full on the mouth.

Tammi reached down and cupped Heather's soft buttocks. Tammi walked backwards and lay on the couch with Heather's beautiful body laying on hers.

Tammi opened her legs and Heather felt the heat of her pussy against her pubis. They kissed and ground against each other for ages, each so engrossed in their passionate mouths and finding no need to hurry. They changed position finding a leg lock helped them grind their pussies against each others gash and thighs. Tammi was the first to break the hold and stand up. Heather lay there and watched Tammi unclip her netball skirt revealing some very wet panties. Nothing was said as she slipped them down her thighs stepping out of them leaving her naked from the waist down.

She felt very sexy as she ran her hands up and down her thighs watching Heather's eyes following their progress. Tammi paused over her brown fanny fur and walked slowly over to her partner. Heather sat up as Tammi's virgina came over to her face. Tammi now ran her hand up Heather's thigh to her virgina. Tammi felt the soft warmth of her blonde lips. She ran her fingers up and down her wet split working her way further in as the moisture spread over her fingers lubricating their way.

Heather fingers now followed suit. With Tammi's cunt only inches away from her face Heather was transfixed. Tammi parted her legs sightly and felt amateur chick brittany shae anal tryout while being filmed homemade hardcore fingers enter her as Heather's thumb tickled her clit. Tammi knew Heather must masturbate like she does as she knew which buttons to press.

Just then Cooper bounded through the door. He had been quietly working on the door all the time and had managed to slide it open. Heather pulled her legs up to her chest and as Tammi turned to see the dog found Heather grabbing her waist and pulling her down on in front of her.

Tammi now off balance had one leg on the ground and one in the air. Cooper shot in running straight for Tammi's open gash and licked it hurriedly. "See if you like it this time!" Heather said. Tammi was now pulled over with Heather's arms around her neck locked in a passionate kiss. Tammi now regained her balance and was kneeling on the floor kissing Heather and being licked from behind by Cooper.

Tammi felt the warmth of the doggy tongue lapping over her ass and cunt. She moved her knees apart giving the dog better access to her clit and inner lips. Tammi moved her hand under Heather's top and felt her breast through her bra. Just then Cooper mounted Tammi. She felt the dog lock his legs around her hips and pound himself against her ass. Tammi pushed herself away from Heather crying out "Jesus, your dog is trying most dudes go eager from busty sluts fuck me!" Heather stood up and saw Cooper holding on with his doggy meat thrusting back an forward.

"Pull him off!" Heather managed to grab Cooper's collar and the dog obediently sat back with his doggy dong red and glistening hanging out for all to see. "Look, he's got his lipstick out" exclaimed Heather.

"His what?" "His lipstick, I've been noticing it coming out more lately. He spends hours licking it." Tammi couldn't help laughing, his lip stick. Heather was still holding the dogs collar. Tammi moved over to have a closer look at Cooper's cock. "It's only as thick as my finger. I'm a virgin but I can take that much." said Tammi. "You're not serious are you Tam?" asked Heather. "You'll have to if you help.

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Why not, it's just a bit of fun. You help him put it in and not be so rough." "A little while ago I hadn't even pashed anyone before and now I'm helping my dog fuck my best friend!" With that Tammi got down on all fours and Heather led Cooper over.

Cooper licked Tammi's ass and cunt for a while and then mounted her. Cooper immediately started thrusting. "Grab him Heath, slow him down and put his thing into me." Heather put a firm hand on Cooper's rump. She had taken him to obedience school and knew a firm hand was needed to control her dog. She moved her other hand and found the dog's hairy shaft.

She couldn't bring herself to touch his cock but she had enough control to move it to Tammi's virginal entrance. She moved the tip through Tammi's lips and sex stories fucklng xxx story oggy her hole. Cooper moved forward to bury his bone. "That's it Tammi, are you ready?" "Yes, but keep him slow." Heather took her hand off Cooper's shaft and slowly released some of the pressure on his rump.

The dog started to hump the young girl.

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Tammi let out a slight squeal and then a little moan. Heather in spite of herself was becoming hot again watching the bright red cock thrusting in and out of her friends fanny and started to wonder just how much fun it would be.

"What's it like Tam?" "Nice, it doesn't hurt, just like my fingers but more. Let him speed up now." Heather took her hand completely off Cooper's ass and the dog took off giving it all he had!

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It was an exciting shock for Tammi as the dog cock seemed to swell as it sped up. This now wasn't like her fingers, this was hot and lusty, dirty and animal, she had never experienced anything like this before. Tammi was taken away by the feelings ignoring some of her discomfort as her fanny lips swelled from the attention becoming more and more sensitive.

Just then Cooper slowed to a stop. He had blown his load and started to dismount. Heather watched as the dog dick slid out the young vadge. Cooper had really enjoyed himself and his cock had swollen from one finger width to two and grown to six inches in length. Tammi groaned and turned to face Cooper. "Oh wow, did I have that in me?" "Well that came out of you, it just got bigger. Does that mean he popped your cherry?" "I don't know it's never been popped before, but it was nice.

I haven't had anything like that before." Tammi sat on the floor with her legs apart. Heather looked at her pussy lips and saw some of the dog's come leaking out. "What's that white stuff?" "Dog spoof, you know, come." and with that Tammi spread her lips and watched as it dripped out. Cooper moved forward and licked Tammi's cunt lips cleaning off all the spilt juices. "Oh that is nice." Tammi moaned and patted the dog's head. Just then they heard a car in busty vannah gets rammed with a bbc interracial brunette drive.

"Oh shit, my mother's home." Tammi and Heather quickly jumped up. The two teens have never moved so quickly in their lives. They couldn't find Tammi's panties and Heather's had been ripped but by the time Heather's mother had come out the back door to greet them they were out of the sun room and playing net ball again, but both being knickerless weren't going for the jump shots. After politely chatting to Heather's mother Tammi asked if Heather would walk home with her.

"As long as your back for tea." Heather's mother June said. "Well it is Friday couldn't I stay at Tammi's for a sleep over please?" Heather asked hoping to see more of Tammi and talk more about their experiences. "Only if it's alright with Tammi's family, you call me and let me know." of course it would be alright Tammi thought as her parents were away for the night and her older brother was supposed to look after them for the weekend. Tammi knew Dave would be out at a night club for the night with his slut girlfriend so they would be left to their own devices.