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Irs auditor sara jay fucks her marks big hard cock
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The pizza was good. And just as well. The air was still a little heavy between Emma and I so the conversation was slow to get going. Becky was doing her best to keep things light and moving along and soon the atmosphere had thawed a little.

It was almost 8pm by the time we had finished the pizza. We all sat there with full belly's and chatted about a range of completely unimportant things like pizza box design, best pizza topping (Pepperoni FYI - although Emma put forward, people you'd most like to have dinner with (mine was Robin Williams, Dave Grohl and Bill Hicks - Emma went for Amy Poehler, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence - Becky chose Jesus, Satan and Gautama Buddha) and general rubbish like that.

I could feel myself flagging a bit. I was looking forward to getting Becky in bed. I could do with a really good session to clear away the remaining mist from this morning. I got up and picked up the pizza boxes. I folded them up and put them in the recycling like a good model citizen. As I turned around Becky came into the kitchen and headed straight for the fridge. She opened the door and pulled out a bottle of Prosecco.

"Emma and I are going to have a drink." The thought of alcohol made milf with big tits loves it to be long stomach churn, "Not for me thanks." "Hmmmm, I don't recall actually offering one to you." She smiled a cheeky smile and walked back to the lounge with 2 glasses. I watched as she opened the bottle and laughed when the cork popped and the girls screamed in delight.

I continued to clean the kitchen while the girls chatted away with each other. Gasps, screams, laughter and whispers suggested that they were getting on like a house on fire. After 20 odd minutes of cleaning and tidying up I made my way back into the lounge area.

The first thing I noticed was that the bottle of Prosecco was almost empty. They were caning it. Both the girls had the rosy complexion that people tend to get when starting to feel the effects of alcohol.

Becky stood up, "Miiiiiicky, I want to be honest with you. Emma and I have decided that we're going out and that you are going to let us." I didn't want to be a killjoy but I could feel the strains of the day tugging at my eyelids, "Guys I don't know if I'm up for it." This sent the girls into a witches coven of cackling. "This is our night Micky. You wouldn't be able to keep up." Emma chimed in. I was trying to look hurt but I was actually relieved that I was going to spend tonight in.

"Alright, you might as well enjoy your youth." The girls squealed again and ran down the hallway to get changed. I followed Becky down into my room to find her opening her bag that she had brought over. "Lucky I pack for all eventualities." She pulled out a little black dress and lay it on the bed.

She also took out some shoes, lacy panties, matching bra and a makeup bag. "Right, you can go and get me another glass of wine, and make sure you bring one for Emma as well." I shuffled out of my room to perform my butler duties. I could see that my sexy night wasn't going to happen quite the way I thought but it was really great to see Emma smiling and laughing. Maybe we would get through this.

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I poured each of the girls a large glass of Prosecco from the second bottle in the fridge and the remaining amount left in the first bottle. I walked back along the hallway and tapped on Emma's door. "Refreshments!" The door opened and a half made up Emma popped her head around. "Thanks Micky." "No probs sweetie." As she took the glass she grasped my hand, "No really Micky.thanks." She took the glass and closed the door.

I stood there with a smile on my face. Obviously I knew we had a long way to go but it was nice to know that a beginning had been made. I walked down to my room and opened the door. I was greeted by Becky in her black dress standing in front of the mirror sorting her hair out.

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I could only see her from behind but liked what I saw. Her dress was very short. It had a high neck line with tiny sleeves. The bodice clung to her body and then flowed out into the skirt just past her hips. The length dive deep blowjob in the pool is so erotic barely mid-thigh and her smooth slightly tanned shaved legs look exquisite.

I put her glass of wine on the bedside table and stepped up behind her. Without any hesitation I unzipped my jeans and stepped out of them and my boxers. I put my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. "Micky, I'm trying to get ready." she giggled. "You can still get ready." I whispered. I moved one of my hands up to her breast and massaged it. With the material of the dress and the protection of the bra in between my hand and her tit I could feel the bulk of her but no detail.

My other hand moved down over her belly and then around her hip. I lifted up the loose material of her dress and pressed my hand against her hip and thigh my other hand doing the same on the other side. She continued to brush and tease her hair but with the occasional gasp escaping her mouth. I reached around with my hands and found the warmth of her crotch. She let me know it was OK to proceed by opening her stance a little and allowing me easy access.

I ground my fingers against the lacy material covering her pussy. I could feel the heat and the soft give. She leaned forward with her hands on the top of the dressing table, the brush falling to the floor. He head lolled backwards and then dropped forward as my fingers continued to rotate on her covered swollen labia. She move her legs back together, "Take my pants off Micky.

Fuck me." I complied immediately. I found the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. They fell to the floor and she lifted one of her legs so that she could open her stance again. I pushed her dress up and was greeted by her perfect arse cheeks. She leaned forward even more so that her chin was almost touching the top of the dressing table. My raging erection was impatient and needed only a small amount of guiding to find her wet cunt. The head slipped along her slit a few times until it buried itself inside her.

She let out a small moan as I gradually inserted myself into her. Her all encompassing warmth and tightness, which now felt so familiar, still caused me to groan with pleasure.

I started to pull back and then push back in to her. She removed one of her arms from the dresser and reached underneath herself to rub her clit. With her excitement increasing all the time so did her wetness. My cock was now pounding in and out of her. I was thrusting right up to the hilt and then pulling back out almost to the head and then repeating. I could hear myself grunting a little with the effort. I didn't want to be too loud as Emma didn't need to hear this.

Becky was obviously thinking the same as her strained words were half whispered. "Oh yeah Micky.that's it.ooooh Micky fuck me hard.harder.really hard Micky." The sexiness of her voice uttering those words to me gave me even more energy. I rammed home all 8 inches of my rock hard member into her tight wet hole.

The dressing table starting to bang against the wall. I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to fuck her as deeply as I could. My pace had quickened and now the dressing table was rocking and rolling. Becky was now powerless to keep her voice down. She let out a low growl. "Oh that hurts so fucken good Micky.cum inside me.cum deep inside me." My thrusting was just primal now.

Animalistic. The sight of my beautiful Becky being slammed up against the dresser was too much. I unloaded my seed into her. With each ripple of release I made sure I was inside her as deep as possible. As my orgasm subsided I paused for breath. Becky laughed a tired laugh, "Oh my god that was amazing. I think we were a bit loud." "Sorry about that. I saw you in the dress and.well.I was powerless. You look stunning." She stood up and turned to me.

"I need to get cleaned up." With that she lifted her dress and placed my semi erect cock on her crotch. She reached up and kissed me deeply on the mouth. Becky broke away from the kiss and smiled, "I wanted to kiss you but didn't want to get cum on my dress so I needed to park it somewhere." She picked up her panties from the floor and walked through to my small en suite and closed the door. I sat on the bed and retrieved my boxers and trousers.

I put them on and stood up. I walked over to the dresser and picked up some of the things that had fallen off. I cringed a little knowing that Emma would have heard some of our fucking. I stepped back to the bed and lay down on the soft covers. Ten minutes later Becky emerged from the en suite looking as beautiful and fresh as usual.

She sat down on the bed, "Sorry about that, you really filled me up." "Apparently making love to a beautiful woman creates more cum.probably not able to be scientifically proven.but I can see the logic." She laugh, "Making love?" I blushed, "Well you know, fucking, or whatever." She leaned over and kissed me, "I like it when you say making love." "Do you?" "Yes." "Becky!!

I've called a taxi, let's go." Came Emma's voice from outside the room in the hallway. Becky looked at me smiling, "Oooooooo.I know she heard us.

God I hope she's OK with it!" "I'm sure she'll be fine. Come on, let me walk you out." We got up and walked into the hallway. I saw Emma and almost fell over. She was wearing a low cut silky singlet top with a strapless bra. The top hung down just below her waist. Under that she was wearing a jessica lynn gets asshole licked before fucking pornstars tight, burgundy mini skirt with bare legs and high heels.

She looked.well.regardless of anything that had taken place shaved dong drills in a juicy face hole the last 24 hours, she looked absolutely amazing.

Becky noticed straight away. "Oh my God Emma, you look incredible!" "Really?" "Are you kidding me," she turned around to me, "Sorry Micky, I'm going home with Emma tonight!" I laughed, "Well make sure you look after her.

She's important to me." "You have my word," She turned back round to Emma, "right you ridiculously attractive girl. Let's go!" They tottered off to the front door.

I couldn't keep my eyes off Becky's legs. Long slim and tanned and beautifully stemming from her perfect arse. Becky turned around, "Right, we'll see you later. If we are drunk we will make some noise. If we are doesn't matter cause that isn't going to happen." She gave me a kiss and walked out the door.

Emma gave me a kiss on the cheek, "Make sure you have bacon for us tomorrow morning. This is important Micky.bacon.lots of bacon." She giggled and walked out the door closing it behind her. So there it was, my girlfriend going out on a night out with my daughter. I on the other hand was going to have a shower. Watch some TV and then go to bed.because sometimes being middle aged is just like that.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I almost ran down the hallway to get dressed. When Becky had told me we should go out I almost did a little dance of joy. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I needed to just get out there and have some fun.

And I think Becky knew how to have fun. I stopped outside my bedroom door and saw Becky walk past into Micky's room. Micky walked in shortly after. I opened my door and went in to see what I could find to wear. I wanted to look good, for myself, but also for Becky. I nerdy chicks expose their naughty side during a game of highest card wins wanted her to notice me. It was wrong to try and impress her as she was Micky's girlfriend but I couldn't help the feelings that had grown so quickly inside me.

I chose my little burgundy skirt which always impressed and my new singlet top which had the added bonus of showing off my cleavage. I lay the clothes on the bed and went about getting my makeup sorted. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. "Refreshments!" came the muffled voice I was standing in my room in a t-shirt and pants so I stood behind the door when I opened it and peered around it.

Micky was standing there holding a large glass of wine. "Thanks Micky." "No probs sweetie." he replied I reached out and grabbed his hand, "No really Micky.thanks." It warmed my kinky gina pleasures a thick meat pole to see a smile spread along his face. The situation was horrible, but Micky had impressed me with his sensitivity.

I closed the door and took a big sip of my wine. I was already feeling the buzz of the last bottle but felt energized with the new cold glass in my hand.

I carried on with my makeup and hair and then started to put on my 'war clothes'. I took off my t-shirt and bra and picked up my strapless one. I clasped it around my back and began the process of pushing and jiggling my breasts into the cups. It lifted me up and created some impressive cleavage.

I stood in front of the mirror and made sure I looked good in my underwear. I did. I looked great. Well.I thought I did. I pulled on my skirt and smoothed it against my bottom and belly. I looked in the mirror again and loved seeing the way the skirt showed my toned thighs and my flat belly flowing down into my pubic mound. I had another drink of my wine and turned around to check how my arse was looking.

I was feeling good. The silk top sat nicely on my shoulders and chest. It was revealing but not in a slutty way. I liked the way that it sat just below my waist so that my toned belly would show itself off if my arms raised a little bit. The whole ensemble made me feel sexy and confident so I did what most teenage girls did. I took some selfies. Most of the selfies were me standing in front of the mirror pulling the usual poses.

But perhaps because of the wine I also took some more risqué ones. Bending forward and showing off my cleavage, bending over the bed to get a good shot of my dress pulled tightly over my arse and a couple with me sitting on the bed with my legs open showing little rich girl rahyndee loves big dicks my panties.

I giggled as I scrolled through the photos, deleting the ones that were blurred or unflattering. I wasn't sure what the sound was at first. I thought it was the front door so I got up and pulled my skirt back down.

I walked out of my room and started heading down the hallway to the front door. Ebony girl put off colth stopped in my tracks.

It was obvious that the sound was not coming from the front door. It was coming from Micky's room. It was a rhythmical banging but it was accompanied by human sounds as well. I knew straight away what it was. Micky was fucking Becky. Judging by the sounds it was obviously a pretty physical session. I could hear Micky's grunts of effort or pleasure. I heard Becky's voice scream out some words, I couldn't make it out but it sounded like she was saying 'harder'.

I closed my eyes and pictured Becky naked being fucked by a faceless man. I could picture her in the smallest detail, the sweat on the small of her back, the way her pussy would stretch around the girth of the man's cock, her hard nipples and her bottom lip being bitten just as she orgasmed.

I opened my eyes and realized that I was fingering myself along with the thumps. All my thoughts thankfully on Becky. Just as the sexual noises stopped I felt myself approaching the edge of my pleasure. I turned back to my room from the hallway and closed the door behind me. I stood in front of the mirror, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties aside.

I looked at my reflection as I feverishly continued to masturbate myself. I stared as I watched my fingers disappear inside me. As I drew them out they were slick and shiny. I picked up my phone and turned the camera to movie mode.

I filmed my fingers sliding up and down my moist slit and invading my hole. I lay down on the bed and continued the filming as I rubbed and manipulated my clit. My orgasm came quickly. It seemed to be solely situated around my crotch. The tingle turned into a huge wave of delight. I kept the camera running and only turned it off when I had calmed my breathing down. I stood up and made sure my clothing was OK. It was. I made a quick call to a taxi company and booked a taxi.

I opened the bedroom door and quickly ran into the bathroom and washed my hands. I walked back into the hallway and shouted, "Becky!! I've called a taxi, let's go." I waited in the hallway, my heart was pounding.

I wasn't sure if it was due to my earlier orgasm or if it was because I was nervous and excited at seeing Becky. Micky's door opened and Becky stepped out. My eyes must have looked like saucers.

She looked stunning, beautiful, sexy.I literally didn't have words in my vocabulary to describe how good she looked. Her long legs were even more shapely in her high heels. The length of her dress showed off her incredibly smooth, toned thighs. Her large breasts sat majestically on her chest. The dress contained them, but only just.

Her hair was stylish, make up flawless and her smile infectious. "Oh my God Emma, you look incredible!" Becky squealed. "Really?" "Are you kidding me," she turned around to Micky, "Sorry Micky, I'm going home with Emma tonight!" Micky replied, "Well make sure you look after her. She's important to me." "You have my word," She turned back round to me, "right you ridiculously attractive girl. Let's go!" She put her arm through mine and we trotted off to the front door to grab our coats.

Becky turned around to Micky, "Right, we'll see you collage group sex in room. If we are drunk we will make some noise. If we are doesn't matter cause that isn't going to happen." She kissed him on the cheek and opened the door. I leaned up to Micky and gave him a soft peck on the cheek. I looked him in the eyes and with the most serious expression I could muster said to him, "Make sure you have bacon for us tomorrow morning.

This is important Micky.bacon.lots of bacon." I smiled, turned around, walked through the door and closed it behind me. Becky was waiting and gave me a huge hug, "We're going to have such a good night tonight!" She grabbed me by the hand and we click clacked our way down the corridor and stepped into the night.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We had decided to head to a bar first. We hopped out of the taxi outside of Joe Mulligans Irish bar. It was basically a normal bar but had a neon shamrock above the door, some Irish looking decorations on the walls and they served Guinness. Therefore as much of an Irish Bar as Pizza Hut is Italian.

As we walked through the door I felt eyes from all over the bar on us. Well probably more on Becky but I was in the same area as her so probably got a few glances as well. We found a table near the front of the bar and sat down.

"Should we start with shots?" Becky asked. "Hmmmm, I might go another know.keeping in step with this classy establishment." Becky laughed, "Very true. I'll get these ones." She stood up and made her way to the bar. Within 10 seconds she had a guy offering to pay for her drinks.

Becky chatted a little with him, laughed and then said thank you. She walked back to the table unable to see the guy's tongue hanging out and his mates giving him grief for missing out on the opportunity to invite us over. "Seemed like a nice guy." I said smiling "Oh he was a real charmer. Actually thought a pick up line would work on me." "What was the line." "Oh you'll love this one. So do you like stories about trees? Well how about a root." I cracked up laughing, "Oh Jesus why do they think these things actually work." "Well I don't think he was being serious but you do have to wonder." We chatted between ourselves about trivial stuff.

I asked her about her job. She asked me about my studies. During this time we were approached by quite a few guys. Some nice, some horrid. We got talking to a guy called Stefan and his friend Las tetonas de farang ding dong sagown crubat big boobs. They were Dutch students over here studying for a year.

They were both very tall which made me feel like a Hobbit. A good deal of joking within the conversation was about my height or lack thereof. They sat with us for just over an hour. They were great company and spoke to Becky AND me which made me feel good considering that most of the guys that had come over were interested only in Becky. They told us about a dance night that was happening in a club called Shed 30. Apparently, according to them, it was going to be massive and that there were going to be a couple of international DJ's playing.

They gave us the flyer and told us if we were interested they would be leaving in 10 minutes but would get one more round of drinks in. They got up from the table and walked to the bar. "I'm pretty keen to go this Emma." I looked at the flyer, "It does look pretty good. I've heard of Pete Tong before, I think he's pretty big." "Should we do it?" "Why the hell not.

We're all dressed up and the night is young." "And it has to be better than this place," Becky quipped. Stefan and Willem came back to the table a short while later with 4 shots of tequila and asked us if it was a celebratory shot or a commiseration shot. They looked genuinely happy when we said celebratory. We all threw back the shots and hopped up to leave. I could see the faces of disappointment as we picked up our stuff.

Disappointment and envy. These two tall but relatively plain looking guys leaving with the two hottest girls in the bar. We stepped out into the cool night air and managed to get a taxi quickly. We headed off to the club, the conversation still easy and relaxed. As we got to the club we could see a steady stream of people heading for the doors.

We saw every imaginable type of stereotype filtering down the lane to the front doors of the club. Brightly coloured ravers, all in black Emo Goths, preppy college guys, tie dyed hippies, dressed to the nines 'it' girls and flamboyant gay men completely covered in glitter, paint and fluro lights.

We jumped out of the taxi and joined the throng. The line, unlike most club lines, was good natured and happy. Judging by the wide eyes and huge pupils the atmosphere was not exactly a naturally occurring one. In the space of 50 metres we were offered almost every type of party drug known to man.

MDMA, Coke, poppers, speed, E, Special K, herbal highs, acid, mushrooms. We politely said no and in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere the dealers just carried on down the line wishing us the best for the night.

Willem told us that if we were wanting something to wait until we got inside otherwise we'd get searched. I looked at Becky and she shrugged her shoulders. Not sure if it was a confirmation that it sounded like the best idea or that she didn't know what they were talking about. We paid the entry at the door and walked in. We thought that the venue had grossly underestimated how many people would come to the night. As we walked through the door it opened up into a small bar sized room.

Judging by the huge line outside it was going to be cramped. This of course all changed when Stefan and Willem lead us through the at the back of the bar and we walked into the auditorium. It was a huge old warehouse, probably about 100 metres by 40 metres.

At the far end of the 'room' there was a stage with a raised platform with the DJ area on it. Behind it there were massive screens that were on some sort of psychedelic screen saver.

There were 2 huge stacks of speakers facing out to the rapidly filling dance floor. Behind us, 2 more hanging racks of speakers pointed back towards the stage.

The dance floor was essentially ready to be hit from all sides by sound. There was a long bar on the back wall selling energy drinks, soft drinks, water and bottled beer.

Stefan got us all some beers and we found a place on the dance floor. Conversation was easy with the strangers of the crowd. Everyone was excited as it was going to be a 'banging' night. We received random hugs from loved up punters and offers of more drugs from a clean cut college guy that looked like he was a poster child for healthy living.

Willem asked us if we wanted anything other than alcohol. I looked at Becky and she looked at me. Did he mean drugs? He must have meant drugs. What were most people doing nowadays at raves.E.? "I guess we could try some E?" I said unsure that I was even calling it the right name. Becky took me aside, "Have you ever done E before?" "No.

I've smoke weed but that's about it." "What do you think?" "I reckon we should try it.when in Rome." "Romans were clubbers?" Becky smiled.

I went over to Willem and told him that we'd get some E. He asked me if we had done it before and I told him it'd be our first time.

He suggested that we do MDMA first as it would probably be a little less intense and more likely cleaner than the E. He walked off and came back about 10 minutes later with a small bag with white pills in it. He told us that the guy he gets his stuff through makes it himself.

The pills, unlike E, contained pretty much nothing but pure MDMA. He took one out and split it in half. He offered half to me and half to Becky. We swallowed them down with a gulp of beer and waited. We heard a cheer erupting from the stage and slowly filtered back to us near the back. We could see a small shadow up near the DJ's desk and about 5 samantha ryan allie haze and isis taylor lesbian some after that a loud voice in a strange distorted accent backed with melodic chimes announced that: 'We've come here to dance, dance with those who choose love and music over hate and fear.tonight people.tonight.we.

EXPLODE!" The whole space suddenly filled with a deep loud bass. Hundreds of glow sticks lifted to the ceiling as the beat established itself over a simple melody. The wall of noise crashed straight through my chest. The melody was simple but the huge thumping bass milf thing brings you yasmin scott in milf hardcore gonzo scene swallow cumshot hypnotic rhythm lifted it to another dimension. I found myself smiling at the sheer power of it all.

Laser's, lights, smoke and writhing bodies created a tribal scene. We all seemed to be on the same page, wanting to share the same pornpros teens kimberly costa and milly austin grind pussies small tits and threesome. The music surged to a crescendo, people all around me started cheering, whistling and hugging.

It felt like the music could go no higher, no further and when it got a point that it seemed it would plateau it cut out creating a moment of silence. The silence was then obliterated with an all-out attack of the same melody and bass. After the initial grandeur and tension the track relaxed into a repetitive driving beat that caused the whole room to move to its pulse. I turned to see Becky bouncing along with the beat. She saw me and jumped over and gave me a huge hug. "OH MY GOD, THIS IS INCREDIBLE!" She shouted.

I laughed and allowed the feeling of her hug to wash over me. She broke away and we both moved to the beat. It wasn't about dance moves or even looking good while dancing. It was just about moving, feeling, experiencing the music. Any fear of being laughed at for dancing like an idiot were soon gone. All shapes and sizes moved, bounced, jumped, bopped, fluttered and stomped. After 3 tracks I was oblivious to others around me.

We were a giant moving organism with no other purpose in life but to move to the beat. Then it happened. The back of my throat started to tickle. I thought my throat was closing up, it felt impossibly dry and then suddenly that feeling that you're about to be sick washed over me. I stopped dancing and stood very still. I clasp my hand to my chest and could feel my heart beating like a freight train. Willem saw me and stopped dancing. He came over to me and whispered in my ear.

"Just breathe. Deep breaths it will pass." He held my hand and looked me in the eye. My focus was on him, his zoey holloway and asa akria face my harbor in the storm that was raging in my chest, stomach and head.

And then.sweet nirvana. My body fell away. The fear, the panic left me. It was replaced by colour. I became acutely aware of how soft and warm Willem's hand was in mine. I smiled. I felt an energy start from my head and explode through my body. My feelings became more than my body could handle.

I threw my head back and shuddered at the intensity of my experience. I felt like I wanted to stretch every limb, every muscle in my body. As I opened my eyes I saw that Becky was experiencing the rush as well. Becky was clinging on to Stefan. She was laughing and seemed to not be in complete control of her body. I could see her eyes. They looked like a cartoon.

Huge white circles with massive black discs where the pupil was. She saw me looking at her and she moved towards me. In my altered perverted adorable bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot she seemed to move like a vapor. Her perfect body seemingly floating on the air around us.

She pulled me in to a hug. The intense sensations caused me to have an almost orgasmic reaction. Every nerve in my body accepted her touch and then magnified it. I felt her mouth close to my ear. "This is amazing." She said in her beautiful voice. "I know. I feel good." We looked at each other and laughed. The best we could come up with to describe this transition was 'good'. For the next few hours we danced.

Stefan and Willem were fantastic 'guides' to this new scene. They kept checking we were OK and that we were drinking enough water.

The music never really changed. It was track after track of uplifting dance music. But it didn't matter. Every song felt new and exciting.

Everyone around us were our new friends. People that even though we only just met or indeed danced next to would be lifelong friends. The times we did stop for a breather we were treated to massages. Nothing aggressive, just people sharing the same space of reality offering soothing touches.

As the second to last (and most awaited) DJ took up residence behind the decks, Willem gave us another half pill each. Without hesitation we swallowed it and 20 minutes later we were both experiencing the electric rush again. The music coursed through us.

I knew I was a sweaty mess but didn't care. Neither did the 5 or 6 hundred people in the massive club. I checked my phone and realized that it was almost 2 in the morning when the final DJ came on. According to Stefan he was the wind down. His music was slower, less bass, more about melody and relaxation. Willem walked up to me and took me in his arms. He was at least a foot and a half taller than me.

It must have looked ridiculous. He held on to me tightly and I buried my head into his chest. His hands were stroking my back under my top. The feeling was almost like sex. I felt myself getting a little wet but then pushed away. "Willem I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to lead you on. I'm not interested in anything with you like that." He stepped back african village girl bath naked looked at me. He burst out laughing and pulled me in for a bigger more encompassing hug. I was confused and unable to process what had just happened. Was he not going to take no for an answer? He broke the hug and walked me over to where Stefan was giving Becky a back rub.

He bent down and said something to them both and they both broke into laughter. Becky stood up and put her arm around me. "Willem and Stefan are together know.Gay." I looked at them and must of blushed because they both came over and gave us a big group hug.

"I'm sorry Willem. I must have sounded like a right idiot." "Not at all Emma. You have been amazing all night." he said in his lovely accent. The final tracks were starting to play. Beautiful soundscapes that with the help of the lighting created a surreal place of solitude within the club. Becky lead me back to the dance floor and pulled me in for a slow dance.

At last! Time to just be around Becky. I held her tightly as we swayed to the music. It was slow and sensual. I can only describe it as the sort of sound that Enigma produced in the 90's. My ex-boyfriend had played them often when he was trying to create a mood. It seldom worked. But in this environment it was perfect. Soon Becky and I were swaying in complete harmony with each other still riding on the waves of the MDMA.

As she held me I felt her hands dropping towards my bottom. Soon her hands were gripping my arse cheeks and gently squeezing them. Her grasp caused my pubic bone to press up against her. With the subtle sway we had it was proving to be quite pleasurable. Still her hands squeezed and caressed my arse. Becky moved a little and placed her foot next to mine between my legs. She pushed my foot out a bit so that my legs were a little spread.

She then moved her leg so it was in between mine. She pushed me from my arse and I felt my pubic mound press up against her mid-thigh. I froze a little. The girl that I had apparently fallen for in the space of a few hours was letting me rub myself up against her. Slowly at first I started to incorporate hip grinding moves into my dancing, My skirt was short enough that it was my panty covered pussy that rubbed up against her thigh.

With each gyration of my hips I received a little bit of friction against my rapidly moistening slit. I looked up at her and saw that she was looking at me.

She smiled. For a split second I thought she was leaning in to kiss me. Then her soft lips touched mine. This was happening.oh sweet Jesus this was happening. We held each other like that for a few seconds and then I felt her lips part. I followed her lead. I almost fainted from joy when her tongue emerged from her mouth and licked my lips. I accepted her into my mouth and then proceeded to return the gesture.

I could sense her smiling. I stopped rubbing myself against her thigh and concentrated on the kiss.

We were now kissing deeply. Her tongue probing into me mouth and then retreating when mine pushed into hers. She still had hold of my arse and I could feel her crotch pressing into my navel. The kiss was magical. Her femininity was amorous and wild trio hardcore and blowjob I had craved in a partner since realizing my preference. Her lips were soft and still tasted of raspberry lip balm.

Her tongue was delicate and sensual. Her body was slim but curvy and it felt glorious in my embrace. In that moment I knew that I was a lesbian.

I knew that it was how I wanted to feel when I kissed someone. " guys are so cute." The spell was broken. Stefan and Willem stared at us with big goofy grins on their faces. "You fancy heading to ours for an early morning chill?" "We'd love to." came Becky's reply. "You OK with that Emma?" I nodded. I got out my phone and text Micky to say that we were fine and heading to a friends house for a 'nightcap'.

I told him to remember the bacon. We went to the cloak room and picked up jackets and bags. The place was still packed so it was perhaps a good time to leave before the rush began.

As we headed outside there was a never ending queue of taxi's. We hopped into one and Stefan gave the driver the address. Willem pulled me in close. At first I was reluctant because I wanted to return to Becky's embrace.but after a few seconds I was pleased with the outcome.

Willem smelt amazing and his strong arms made me feel warm and safe. I looked across the taxi to Becky who was sitting with her head resting on Stefan's shoulder. She looked at me and blew me a kiss. In that moment I knew that I wanted to be with Becky. In that same moment I knew that in order for that to happen I would have to risk breaking my Father's heart.