Carmen valentina fucked hard in hotel room tube porn

Carmen valentina fucked hard in hotel room tube porn
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As I wrote in Day 1, this is a 90% true story. The next day we lazed around cuddling then did some sight seeing and shopping.

When we got back to the room we got into the Jacuzzi. I got hard and started rubbing my prick between your tits. You started sucking me. I started the dirty talk and we relived last night. We went into the bedroom and I got your vibrator and a sex toy.

I licked your cunt and wet your sex toy with my mouth. Soon you were playing with your cunt and pressing the toy and vibrator on yourself.

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I lay beside you and talked about what a dirty girl you were. I reached over and caressed your tits. I put some lube on my prick and started stroking it. Soon we were both groaning and coming. We napped. That night we had dinner at the resort under the moonlight. You had on a caftan top with deep cleavage. We sat at a table with some other couples and a few single men. We ate, drank and flirted. You were the most beautiful woman there. As you moved around your breasts peeked out of your top.

Once dinner was over some dance music started. You and I got up to dance. I held you tight against me and told you how much I loved you. You pressed your body against me.

I whispered in your ear how I loved you being a dirty girl. We kissed and dry humped on the dance floor. We were both horny again. When we got back to the table one of the single men asked you to dance.

A slow song came on and you danced with him. You put your arms around his neck and I saw you rubbing your cunt against his leg and pushing your tits into his chest. Next you danced with the other single man. You molded your body to his and dry humped on the dance floor.

It was a warm night and you were being sexed up on the dance floor. I was at our table and very turned on. When you got back to the table your bespectacled and busty blonde blows a rod big tits cumshot were hard and your face flush with desire. We got back on the dance floor and I pulled you to me and whispered how much I loved you and your sexy dancing.

Soon we were dry humping and kissing. Then the dance music changed into a Conga. We got in line and you held onto the hips of one of the single men. With all the shaking and dancing your tits fell out of your top. You shrugged the straps down and danced with your tits naked.

After a while it was so hot someone yelled "skinny dip". Suddenly the crowd started stripping and jumping into the pool. We stripped and you flaunted your beautiful body. We got in the water and your nipples were hard and you looked like a sex goddess. There was a lot of humping and groping in the pool. I pulled you to me with your back resting on my chest and my hands cupping your tits.

You lay back and sighed and enjoyed the warm night and full moon. Your legs floated up and you opened them up. Out of the water right in front of us a man moved towards you and began caressing your legs and thighs.

I moved us all to a darker part of the pool. The man started caressing you again. He moved up between your legs and we could see his erection.

I was caressing your tits and you were sighing. You put your legs around his waist and pulled him to you. He caressed your cunt and was finger fucking you. Then he put his prick in you.

At first the two of you slowly fucked. I kept caressing your tits and moving my hands all over you. I put my hands under your ass and felt his prick in your cunt. You both started a more energetic pumping and fucking. You sighed and moaned and started making sex sounds - Fuck super petite lesbpiper perri porn bbw, Put your prick in me, moan, Ohh, Ahh, don't stop.

The warm water lapped around us and caressed us with the gentle waves made by your fucking.

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I reached around you and pulled the man in closer. I wanted to feel his cock. You and he were getting frantic with all the sex. I heard him groan and then push further into you. You both came and we wrapped our arms around you and felt you tremor. He caressed you again and then went off silently.

We stayed in the pool for a few more minute savoring the night and the sex. We went back to the room. I was hard and aroused.

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I lay back on the bed and you sat on my face. You were so wet from the dancing, flirting and fucking. You ground your cunt back and forth on my face and I could taste you and his cum. You turned around keeping your cunt xxx images by sunny leone my face and started licking my very hard cock.

I was so hard and wanted you so much. You stopped and lay down beside me. Your beautiful skin was glowing from the sun and sex. I ran my hands all over you.

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I caressed you from head to toe. I lovingly kissed and sucked your tits. Then I kissed you all over and paid special attention to your tits, ass and cunt. I started whispering to you about your dancing with the single men, your flirting, your flaunting your naked body and especially your fucking in the pool.

I love my dirty girl. I got your vibrator and dildo out. I wet the dildo with my mouth and slowly rubbed it into your cunt. Then I got another smaller sex toy out and lubed it then put it in your ass. You put the vibrator on low and slowly started fucking yourself.

I knelt on the bed beside you and rubbed my hard leaking prick on your wonderful tits. Soon you were all flushed and you started moaning and making sex sounds - dirty girl, dirty girl, how I love my dirty girl Ohh, Ahh, I can't stop, Fuck me. Your toes curled and I put some lube on my prick and was soon frantically masturbating over your naked body.

You came loudly and I came mind blowing group porn with japanese ruri okino you.

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We hugged and relived the night and fell asleep naked in each others arm.