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Sexy college teacher and blonde teen creams dildo xxx grand theft lp team has been
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It's been three days since I hooked up with Aiden, and being the idiot that I am, I refused to open the app to check if he had messaged me. Every time I'd consider checking, I would start to feel uneasy and decide against it. Today was no different. "You're such a punk, Marc." Emma said from beside me, interrupting me from my thoughts. "Open the app!" She made a reach for my phone, but I pulled it away. "No. I don't wanna seem desperate." She rolled her eyes.

"It's been a few days already, that's not being desperate. Besides, maybe he hasn't even messaged you!" I paid her no mind though. If he really hadn't messaged me yet, then I was over here fretting for no reason.

Maybe it was best if I went ahead and checked. Negative. I'll continue being a pussy. "So, Ray's throwing a party tonight.

You down to go?" Emma asked as we continued walking home. "Who the fuck is Ray?" She gave me a look as if I should have known. "Jenny's brother. He graduated, like, three years ago." She went on after I gave her no indication that I knew him.

"Anyway, he's twenty-one now, so yeah; legally bought alcohol." "Sure." I shrugged. "I just gotta and tell my parents I'll be over at yours or somethin'." "Sounds good.

I'll text you later, then." We came to her street and she waved goodbye as she walked down to her house. > > > > > Apparently Jenny didn't live far from us, because Emma insisted we could walk there. And walk we did. It was just a little before 10, but the music could already be heard blaring from outside. We passed a few stragglers who were out in the front yard before we came to the door.

Upon opening it, bright, neon lights lit all over from who the fuck knows what. "Is that a fog machine?" I incredulously asked aloud as I eyed the object. "Hell yeah it is." A random guy said from behind us. "I take it you two know Jenny?" Emma beamed. "Sure do, where is she?" "Out back, I think." He took a swig from the beer he was holding. "Enjoy yourselves, though." He retreated, patting us both on our shoulders. I turned to Emma. "That was Ray." She informed me, but he still didn't look familiar.

"Seriously? He was super known when we were freshmen!" "No clue." I shook my head. "Let's get a drink though. Sophia leone teen abused riding cowgirl blowjob need to let loose since the majority of people here seem to be friends of Ray." I said, taking notice of all the people who looked a bit older than us.

She agreed and we both made our way to the kitchen. Large coolers were placed on the counter, plastic cups sat beside them.

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I grabbed a cup and asked a girl nearby if she knew what was in them. "Here." She took my cup and filled it with liquid from one of the coolers.

"It's green apple, but it's the best from these. You'll like it." I thanked her and handed the cup to Emma. I poured myself the same and looked at Emma as she took a sip from her cup.

She gave the drink a nod of approval, so I tried it as well. Expecting the worst, I drank very little. However, my mouth immediately salivated at the small taste I had acquired. "Ohhh, jolly rancher!" I mused. "Oh, no shit?! It tastes exactly like it." Emma added. "That's because Ray and his buds added them to it." Jenny disclosed to us. She gave us both a small hug. "Glad a har ock tube porn two showed up. Most of us younglings are outside if you don't wanna be in here with these people." We followed her lead as she walked out back, coming to a group of about ten familiar faces from our grade.

We all stood and made small talk, nursing sips of our drinks as we did so. As we continued talking, I eventually lifted my cup to take a drink, but I realized I had already finished it. Feeling no buzz from the alcohol yet, I told Emma I was going to stepson got a sucking dick from milf stepmom for money back in to get some more.

Making my way back inside to where the coolers were, I found they were no longer there. "They just moved them out to the living room." The girl from before, said.

"I take it you liked it?" I nodded my head and gave her a smile, and she gave one in return. I walked out into the living room, spotting the coolers nearby where the DJ's table was set up. I made my way over, pushing past people who were dancing in order to do so. I came up to them, but paused, unsure of which one contained the beverage I wanted.

"Green apple, I assume?" I didn't even need to look up to know who had spoken to me. Aiden. I chose not to look at him, though, instead continuing to stare at the coolers. "Yep, which is it?" I asked, a smirk forming on my lips. "The one on the left." I started to reach over, but he continued.

"But, I can assure you, I'm much tastier." "That's a tough choice." I laughed, pouring the green apple into my cup. I moved over to stand in front of him, finally looking up at him. "Is this where I would pour from, though?" I asked, placing a hand on his hip and slowly moving it to the middle of his waist.

I lightly brushed my hand over his crotch. "Thanks for the help." I turned around and began walking away. I didn't get very far when I felt a presence behind me. I abruptly stopped walking, causing him to bump into me.

"You should watch where you're going." I teased, turning around in the process. "I could have spilled my drink all over me." He grinned. "I wouldn't mind seeing you all wet, besides, I think you wanted me pressed against your back." I blushed at his insinuations, but thankfully, it was rather dark inside yet again.

"So, what are you doing here?" "I know Ray." He answered, guiding me over to the edge of the living room. "Well, he's a friend of a friend. of a friend. You know the likes." I nodded. "How old are you then? Are you also twenty-one?" "Thirty-two." He corrected. I nearly spit my drink out, which resulted in him laughing. "Oh man, you're so gullible! That's horrible." He snorted. I regained my composure, and countered back.

"I've always wanted to sleep with a daddy. Guess I can fulfill that with you." "Ugh." He groaned. "Shut up. I'm actually only twenty-two." I pouted. "That's not daddy age. Bummer, but I guess that'll do." "Aw, you're settling for me? Fakeagent blonde milf takes anal in casting flattered!" "Don't be, I put out easily." He smiled and rolled his eyes.

"I couldn't tell if that was a joke or not." "Care to find out? Daddy?" I asked jokingly, taking a drink from my cup.

As I pulled my cup away, his mouth replaced the spot where my cup had been on my lips. "No. I'm game if you wanna play hard to get." I could only stare at him as he looked down at me. "Heh, that green apple drink does taste good." Unable to get past his first statement, I remained quiet. Fortunately, I was able to look away from him, but now I was looking at the ground like a dumbass.

"You're pretty easy to read, Marc." He mused. "But I know there's more to you. A part that isn't as visible." "Are you talking about what's under my clothes?" I joked, attempting to make light of the situation for myself.

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"Give the command, and I'll do a strip tease for you." He laughed, helping to relieve the uneasiness I felt. "In front of all these people, too? I think I'd prefer a private show." "Tell me, and it's yours Aiden." He feigned surprise. "He knows my name! I can die happy now. That's a bold statement though, considering you never replied to my messages." "You sent me a message?" I asked.

"Messages. Plural. Well, just two." He laughed. "I was just a bit nervous, I guess." I shrugged, trying my best to appear nonchalant. He grinned. "Why? I'm sure you can tell I'm into you, Marc." "I. I don't know." I murmured. "Kiss me." "What?" I asked, unsure if I heard the request correctly.

"Kiss me, Marc." I looked up at him, staring at his eyes, which were only staring back intensely. Taking a step closer to him, I did just what he asked me to. Having to tip toe a bit, I reached his lips. "I didn't think you'd actually listen." Aiden laughed once I had pulled away, but he reeled me back in.

"Come here." With his free hand on my waist, and stepmom janet mason threesome session in the kitchen on his, he collided our lips again. My mind began flooding with thoughts, my heart beating to the deep bass of the song pumping through the speakers.

He moved me over to the wall, unintentionally rough hairy anal this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks me from moving away.

All the while, kissing me. But I didn't mind one bit. The bliss I was feeling was too much, and I pulled away with a small tug at his bottom lip. "What do you want, Aiden?" I asked, my face warm. With his forearm on the wall to help support him, he edged closer to my face.

"I'm not completely sure, but I know I wanna try something with you." I pulled at him, bringing his body to press against mine.

"Do you wanna fuck me? Is that it?" He groaned, but he pulled back a bit. "I would, but that's not what I meant." I knew what he was implying, but that was a bit too heavy for me. I downed the rest of my drink and pecked him on the lips.

"Dance with me." I didn't wait for his response. I tossed my cup in the trash, and simply chose to walk out to the center of the room instead.

"Marc, hey!" Emma exclaimed as she came up to me. "You must be tipsy, considering you're about to dance." I shrugged. "Sort of. I mean, I feel good, but I thought I was gonna dance with someone." I peeked back at Aiden who was watching me while drinking his beer. "You found someone already?" Emma asked, peering over my shoulder in search for who I had looked at. "Let's make him jealous." Rihanna's song Work came on, and Emma, along with many other girls, shrieked in glee.

She grabbed my hips and began dancing around me, skillfully maneuvering her body to the rhythm. She turned to face me and grabbed a hold of my shoulders, forcing me to turn around. Placing a hand on my back, she applied enough pressure for me to know what she wanted me to do.

Blonde porn star does anal on sun lounger in the backyard bent over, my ass positioned at her crotch. She whistled, "Hell yeah," before she started to grind on me.

I moved my ass, rubbing it against her. She was having a blast, but I couldn't help but look over at Aiden once I stood back up. My eyes met his once I looked at him.

He was still watching me, and that sent some sort of rush through my body. I left Emma and stalked back over to him. "Tell me what you want, Aiden." I said sternly. "I wanna know." He made an attempt to move back away from me, but his back was already pressed against the wall.

He smirked. "Heh, I highly doubt that. You basically ran off when I insinuated it." He moved away from the wall, forcing me to turn to look at him in order to maintain eye contact. "Although," he said, standing in front of me, "I'll be willing to tell you to your face. That is, if that's what you really want." I felt my back hit the wall.

This ass switched our positions without me even realizing! He leaned his face in, lowering it in front of mine. I opened my mouth to speak, but he took a step back.

"You should let me know." He said, his face plastered with a smirk. He turned around confidently and began walking away. My body instinctively lurched forward, desperate to follow after him, but I willed myself not to.

I didn't want to appear needy. However, I knew that I shouldn't try to put myself on a pedestal when he had clearly shown interest in me. I stepped away from the wall, my head slightly swelling from the effects of the alcohol.

After a brief pause, I gathered myself and walked in the direction he had ventured off in. "Aiden," I called out, looking around as I made my way through the crowded house.

I squeezed past people, finally being able to reach the front door. I turned the door knob and pulled it open. My face was hit with the night's cool breeze as I exited the house.

"Aiden?!" I stepped down the few stairs of the porch, noticing a few people stare at me as I stumbled a bit. I sighed heavily, plopping down on the bottom step. With my elbow placed on my knee, I rested my chin on my hand. Where the fuck had he run off to? "You rang?" I perked up at his voice, looking up to where it had come from. He was walking up the driveway, car keys in hand.

"You dick." I muttered, turning away as he sat beside me. "What, why? I just went to get my phone from my friend's truck." He laughed. I remained silent, a bit upset that he had gotten me to run after him. "Here," he handed me his phone, "put your damn number in it. That way you can't avoid me so easily." I hate to admit that I typed in my number a bit too eagerly.

I saved it and handed it back. He fidgeted with it briefly, and I felt my phone vibrate moments later. I reached for it before I realized it had been him. "You ass. I didn't give you a fake number." I shoved him lightly. He laughed again. "Just had to make sure.

I don't know how far you're willing to go in order to avoid me. Although." He trailed off. "Although, what?" I asked hesitantly. "You did come out here looking for me." He teased. "So I wonder what that's about." "I only wanna see your dick again." I shrugged.

"Duh!" "Right here?" He asked jokingly. "I guess you're actually the exhibitionist. Anyway, did you or your friend drive over here?" "Nah, we walked. The both of us big tits cutie has funxparty toy fucking both pussy and asshole wow hot masturbation and big butt live too far.

What about you?" "My friend is the designated driver." He answered, holding up the car keys and jingling them. "So, I'm free to get plastered." "Get to it then.

I could use some more alcohol in my system, too." I said, standing up. "But," he started, grabbing my arm and guiding me to stand in front of him, "I'm sure I could get drunk off of your lips." It looked like he immediately regretted his words as they left his mouth. I couldn't help but laugh. He jerked me forward, forcing me to straddle his lap. "That didn't sound as lame in my head.

I just meant because your lips tasted like the green apple-thing earlier." He explained. "Quit laughing!" I gave him a quick kiss. "Still taste like green apple?" "That was too short." He began kissing me, making it clear he intended for this one to be longer. I felt his tongue prod at my lips, and I instantly opened them.

Between our make out session, I began grinding on him. He moaned and pulled away and tilted my head back, exposing my neck. He planted his mouth on it and began sucking on it while he ground up against my ass.

"Fuck." He croaked and abruptly stopped his actions. "I forgot we're outside." "Sure, you forgot." I teased. I made an attempt to stand up, but he held me in place. "Sorry, I kinda left you something." He wiped away the saliva on my neck with his thumb. "I got carried away." I laughed.

"I'm aware. We were basically dry humping in public." I stood up and he followed suit. "Yeah, you kinda left me with a boner." I pouted. "Aw, poor you. Luckily I actually do put out easily." I grabbed his arm and pulled, but he didn't budge.

He shook his head and chuckled. "Quit. Just. Let's just head back inside." He pushed at my back and ushered me back inside. We made our way over to the coolers again, and I poured the both of us some alcohol. > > > The two of us were standing out on the porch again. Aiden hadn't wanted to drink too much, and rather than have me embarrass myself in front of him, I opted to start drinking water instead. I'll admit I was a bit upset, my rationale being if we were both drunk, the likelihood of us fooling around was greater.

I quickly discarded that thought, though. "This isn't your first party, is it?" He asked. I shook my head. "Nah, I've been to a couple. Why, do I look like a party animal?" He raised an eyebrow. "Hardly. But you do seem to let loose if you're drunk, if you dancing earlier with that girl was any indication." I stayed silent and took a sip from my water bottle.

I turned to look at him, staring at his profile while he looked off in the distance. Many questions sprouted in my conscience while I stared. What did he like about me? Was there actually something that intrigued him about me? And why the hell was I giving him a chance? I simply slept around with random guys, and that's what he initially was.

Just another guy. These questions, and many more, were running through my head when turned his attention to me and caught me staring. "Undressing me with your eyes?" "Why do that when I could drag you off somewhere and do that with my hands?" Chuckling, he turned and leaned closer to me. He positioned himself in front of me, and pressed his body against mine.

"I think you enjoy pinning me against things." He bent down slightly and grabbed the back of my thighs.

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He lifted me and sat me onto the porch's railings. Grabbing my waist, he said, "Don't act like you don't enjoy it yourself." With me sitting on the railing, we were now around the same height.

I circled my legs around him and tried pulling him closer. I leaned in, bringing my mouth to his ear I whispered, "I'd really enjoy it if you were fucking me while doing so." I nibbled his earlobe, tugging it lightly ass I pulled away. He let out a low growl.

"Stop it. You wouldn't like me when I'm horny," he said, mocking The Hulk. Upon finishing his reenactment, he burst into laughter. "Sorry, I had to take the opportunity!" I rolled my eyes, but soon began laughing as well.

"Mm. Do you turn green, too?" "Unfortunately, I don't. However, apparently I can make you turn red often. My mere presence seems to make you blush." So he had noticed all those times? I turned away, feeling a blush creep up my neck. Asshole. He laughed at my reaction, and brought up a hand to turn my face toward him.

"It's cute, you wear it well." He kissed my lips. "Now, how about I take your advice and pin you against a bed? I'll really give you a reason to blush." My face grew even warmer.

If he planned on sticking true to his claim, I'm sure mr big dicks hot chicks lisa ann whole body would be flush simply under his gaze. _______________________________________________ Sorry for the wait. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, even if there was no sex.

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But I'm sure based on how this ended, sex is rather likely to occur really soon. If there's anything you think I should work on, please feel free to tell me. I'll try finishing the next chapter much quicker! Stay tuned (: