Lad cums on amazing gal after sex

Lad cums on amazing gal after sex
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Fbailey story number 416 Religious Fanatics You can call them Holy Rollers, Jehovah's Witnesses, or Religious Fanatics but the one thing that they are, is annoying. They leave religious pamphlets in your door and they wake you up knocking early in the morning. Then they come in pairs. The guys always wear black pants, white shirts, and black ties. The women always wear conservative dresses to their ankles. I used to shout obscenities at them, slam the door in their faces, or just wrap a bath towel around my waist.

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I always told myself that I would drop the towel someday just to watch the expression the women's faces. So one day I spotted two women that fit the bill walking through the neighborhood. They stopped at my neighbor's house and were invited in so I knew that I had time to get ready. I stripped naked, jumped into the shower just to get my hair and skin wet, and then rushed back to the front door. I had a towel in my hand and started stroking my cock to get it hard.

I watched as the two women walked up my front sidewalk and rang the doorbell. I counted to ten and threw the door open. I had the towel in front of my hard-on and then I dropped the towel. One woman turned and ran like hell. The other woman stepped inside, knelt before me and said, "I have been trained to blow Gabrielle's horn by the Bishop himself." Then she sucked me into her mouth like an expert.

I stood there in shock. Clearly I had thought that she would run like the other one. However, having her suck my cock was even better.

After a couple of minutes she stopped and removed her dress. She had nothing on underneath. She got on her hands and knees and said, "Put that Holy Cream in my unworthy goblet." Without any thought I dropped to my knees behind her and shoved my hard cock into her unworthy goblet…just as far as I could shove it in. Her breasts were flay on my carpet as were her forehead and her forearms as if she were worshiping. She kept mumbling something over and over as I pounded into her harder and harder.

I was pushing her across the floor as I pounded into her. Soon I couldn't hold back any longer and I sprayed her insides with my cum. She stayed motionless for several minutes before getting up and putting on her dress just as she looked out the window and saw her friend coming up the sidewalk with two men dressed in white shirts and black ties. She stepped out the front door and told them that everything was findsex free download porn sex fairy tales 69 xxx com right.

She told them that I had an embarrassing accident with my bath towel, that her girlfriend had over reacted, and that I had agreed to letting her tell me all about "The better life." She sent them away and stepped back inside.

Her dress came off again and she got down on my rug with her ass up in the air again. She said, "Feel free to use me again. I am the Chosen Vessel. I have been appointed by the church to be the mother of the coming Christ." I said, "So why are you letting me fuck you?

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I'm not even religious." She replied, "I have been told to allow any exposed cock to attempt to impregnate me. Your cock was exposed. So I allowed you to impregnate me." I asked, "Can anyone fuck you?" She replied, stunning secretary gets nailed in the office if I see their cock, like I did yours. Otherwise the answer is no." I just had to ask, "And you believe this?" She smiled up at me and said, "Yes I do.

As I said earlier I am the Chosen Vessel." I then asked, "So how many of us get to fuck you?" She replied, "Only the seven Bishops of our Lord and now you." I asked, "How old were you when you were chosen?" She replied, "Thirteen.

I was chosen out of hundreds of girls that applied." I asked, "How old are you now?" She replied, "I'm eighteen. Why?" I said, "You have been having unprotected sex with seven men for five years now and you haven't gotten pregnant yet." She said, "That's right but apparently none of them were supposed to be the father of our new Lord." I asked, "And you think I might be?" She said, "It's possible. I'm almost in my fertile time.

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Can I stay here with you for a week?" I smiled as I slipped my cock back into her and said, "Okay. It isn't every day that an eighteen-year-old girls lets me fuck her." My cock had not been that hard in many years and it hadn't been in anything that pleasant in many years either.

Her moist soft pussy felt incredibly wonderful as a sheath for my cock to slip into.

Her nice firm ass was great to press into. I also enjoyed looking down at her smooth bare back, her slender neck, and her lovely head of hair flared out on my rug.

I held onto her hips as I fucked into her gently. Being my second time in a row I was certainly in no hurry to cum. I looked down as I pulled my cock out a few inches. Her blonde hair covered pussy lips clung to my cock and pulled away from her body some until I reversed direction and shoved her lips back inside where they belonged. Finally I cum in her for the second time that afternoon. As I pulled my limp cock out of her I looked down to see her in her normal position with her ass in the air and her face on the rug.

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I also saw my shriveled cock tuck itself back into the nest of pure white hair and snuggle into my swollen balls. I resembled Moses or Noah more than the Father of our Lord.

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In three days I would be eighty-one years old, the numerical opposite of the eighteen-year-old that I had just cum in. Fucking her for a whole week could give me a heart attack but what a way to die. I literally could die a happy man. Even Saint Peter standing at the Pearly Gates could not punish me for trying to recreate the Lord with a sexy young woman like this. However, I wasn't so sure about the seven men that fucked her at age thirteen.

The End Religious Fanatics 416