Sexy teen furia has her pussy pummeled for money

Sexy teen furia has her pussy pummeled for money
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Mom Blackmailed and not that unhappy Chapter 3&4 Kong called Carol around four, "hi baby can you talk"? "Not at this minute can I call you back in about an hour"? "Sure, lover talk to you later". Between her kids and husband, she was busy for at least 2 hours. The kids were playing in their rooms and her husband was asleep in front of the TV. She walked outside and called Kong.

He answered on the first ring "sorry hon hubby was being a Pain it the ass", "Carol Jamal and I talked we'd like to get together Monday at your house if the offer is still good, but we don't want anyone to know, not even Bill". She was taken back for the moment. "Why the secrecy"? "Well to be perfectly honest Jamal and I are ok sharing pussy between us but only between us". She hesitated "really"? "Yup the only cock going in that pussy after today is mine or Jamal's that being said I guess you could say those are ours pussies".

She giggled, she was flattered but she knew the newness would wear off in a pool party with hot milf hardcore blowjob, but it was nice while it lasted. "Ok I'll call Barbara and tell her not to tell Billy or anyone else". "What time Tuesday"?

"How about noon that gives us three hours". "Honey I want you for the hot ebony minx rides on a bbc black and cock night again and too myself". She was giggling, "honey I'm sure barb and I can work that out just give me some time". "Did you do what I told you to do"? "Yes, baby I'm still wearing the panties this way your still with me". "Talk to you tomorrow babe".

She called Barbara, apparently Barb had had a similar conversation with Jamal, both guys didn't want anyone to know about the meeting including Bill. Carol giggled "we need new outfit", Barb agreed they made plans to go to the mall Monday. "Sis I have to ask you something"? "What"? "I've kept these panties on all day I really don't mind the sloppy mess as it helps me think about Kong". Barbara chuckled "sis I'm still in my panties as well, I told you having a cock in your womb blasting cum is the most incredible feeling I've ever had so don't worry we are addicted to black cock.

We are just two black cock cum loving whores but I'm good with it, you"? "You know I am, see you Monday". Bill contacted Jamal about the girls getting another get together organized, he was surprised as Jamal seemed indifferent he told him he would be back to him. As Barbara passed his room Bill yelled "Mom got a minute". She walked in "what's up"?

"How about a good ass fucking, your ass is no longer virgin from what I understand". Barb giggled "ok I'll get some lube" Bill smiled as he pointed to the night table. She got a funny look on her face "ok my boy lets do this".

She pulled her panties laid down on her stomach Bill lubed his cock and for ne next ten minutes ass fucked her. Barbara realized she was getting the sensation deep in her pussy before she could say anything her body erupted in spasm as a large orgasm hit her. Bill pushed deep pumping cum into her bowels.

After they had caught their breath she grinned at Bill, "well how do you like your mothers ass"? "It's premo ass believe me, I'd like to start using it often". "That's fine with me babe remember your father will be home the end of next week so when your sack is full you'll need to unload in aunt Carol". She headed down the hall to her room her ass was making squishing noises as cum leaked out.

In her room she closed the door, my god two day ago my 34-year-old ass was virgin, now I am being fucked in it and having orgasms because of it. Monday the girls met they bought new underwear Barbara got a light purple Carol chose pink. They were really going to look hot in these outfits. Kong called at 2:30 as Barbara was leaving.

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"hi lover what's up"? She laughed "well I am thinking about you but are we set"? "Yes, not even Bill knows so it will be very private". "Great text me the address we'll be there at 12:30 is that ok"? "Sure is". "Hey Carol, we've got some more weed is it ok"? "Definity it really helps getting off, see you tomorrow". "They'll be here at 12:30 so I'm guessing you'll want o be here by 10:30 right"?

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Barbara nodded yes, she was out the door on her way home. Tuesday at 10:15 Barb pulled into the driveway she left a space, so the guys could pull into the garage and close the door behind them. They made a couple of vodkas while they dressed.

They were standing in the bathroom looking into the mirror Barb spoke, "god damn we are two very hot looking black cock cum whores"! Carol giggled "yes in about an hour we will be dripping cum and loving it". They both laughed heading for the kitchen for another drink. At 12:15 they heard the garage door open their hearts started to race the guys were here. Carol and Barbara stood at the bar looking as sexy as hell as they came in. As they entered the den their mouths dropped open, Bara turned to Carol "I think they like the look".

"They'll like it better when were soaked with cum". "Yes, wife hard threesome fucked by driver on bus will". Both woman wiggled up to their man mouths open tongue intertwining for a solid two minutes. Jamal pulled away "how about a smoke ladies"?

Both women accepted happily. By 12;40 they were all glassy eyed they were laughing. Jamal looked at Barbara "so you'd like me to fuck Kong's women, right". Barbara responded, "I'd like you to fuck her until she is dripping cum, can you do that for me and her"?

Jamal looked at Kong, "Kong if your ok with it fine but I would never interfere with another's man's pussy". Kong smiled at Barbara "I think Barb's cunt has my name on it for this afternoon, so for one time you can try my pussy if I can try yours". Carol stood up she took Jamal's hand, leaning over she whispered to Kong, "later would you come in the room and fuck me please. After all you are allowing my pussy to try a new cock but it's your pussy baby".

He nodded, Barb looked at Jamal "same goes for me honey as long as you will come in and fuck me later, please". Barb was sitting on the bed as Kong dropped his short, she smiled now that's my idea of a cock! Kong came close his large veined cock pointed straight at her month. Opening as wide as she could she started sucking the head, she swirled her tongue all over it. Her pussy was on fire for this big cock, Kong knew it because he stood her up, pointed to her panties which she immediatly removed.

She laid on the bed spread her legs held her arms up "come here baby fuck me"! The giant head slipped in she could already feel the size, the cock wasn't a quarter of the way in. Looking into his eyes "baby just go slow until I've adjusted to him then make the bitch scream, please". He gently pushed deep and deeper into her until finally she realized he was balls deep, the feeling was sensational.

Sparks started shooting from deep within her pussy, she started pushing her mound up to try to get more of the wonderful cock. His giant cock was stretching her pussy to its limits the sensation was incredible. He kept pumping steadily for five or six minutes, her pussy was creaming his super hot milf fucks with fat dick pornstar and hardcore, they were both groaning.

Suddenly she felt a lightning bolt shoot through her pussy, "ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck the bitch make her screammmmmm"! She had never orgasmed like that suddenly she felt the flood of hot cum shooting deep in her, "make the fucken bitch screammmmmmm"! As she orgasmed again and again. In her bedroom Carol was moaning like an animal Jamal's cock was at least two inches past her cervix, her entire body just wanted to milk his cock.

She had creamed on his cock twice already, they exchanged glances, she knew she was close oh my fuckennnnnnnnnn"! was all that came out of her mouth as her pussy exploded in orgasms. He went deep hot cum flooded her womb for what seemed like 30 seconds. It took several minutes for their breath to return to normal. There was a knock on the door, in walked Barbara and Kong, from the look on barbs face she had a great time.

Jamal stood up he kissed Barb "baby have a good time"? She coyly smiled "yes would you please fuck me"? Kong was already on the bed next to Carol; her pussy was leaking cum. "Hey Kong how about we put them next to each other on this bed and fuck them"? "I'm good with that babe you ok with it"? Carol thought about it for a second coyly she told them "I think I'd like to see my sister getting fucked seeing her Cuming on a big cock would be a turn on, does she make noise like me"?

"Barbara shot back instantly "your about to find out bitch"! At 3 both guys were drained Jamal spoke, "girls we need to talk about Bill". Carol and Barbara looked at each other they sat up put their panties on, "ok what about Bill"? asked Barbara?

Chapter 4 The guys explained what Bill had been doing the pictures the videos the money. Barbara and Carol both were livid, "that little prick let go home and beat the shit out of him"! "Hold on Barbara if your husband finds out he'll kill a lot of people my man is great without holes in him".

Barbara nodded. Jamal spoke, "if you don't mind Barbara I think Kong and a few of the guys could handle this so everything gets settled quietly". Barbara shot a look at Carol as much to say how. Jamal continued "we know a couple of girls who are dominant. They would love to teach a young boy the joys of a prostrate hand job or even a butt fucking".

Barbara asked, "they wouldn't hurt him would they"? Kong spoke up "not much but I can tell you he would be a different person within a week". Barbara sat thinking this situation through what he did was very wrong the good side was it got her hooked up with Jamal.

She had no intention of giving him up. But both her and carol were at this moment under his thumb as he could ruin them easily. Carol finally spoke to her, "barb in slut teen jenna and lily jordan fucks each others pussy case payback is a bitch, I'm not giving Kong up, so we need to decide this now". Barbara knew it was the only thing to do so she agreed, Jamal told them both to continue as nothing was going to happen.

He suggested they get together again Friday same time for a fuck fest, Friday he would arrange for Bill to start being trained. They agreed the guys left, it was 4 pm Barbara left as Bill would already be home and Carol's kids were due home any minute. As Barb pulled into her driveway she saw a strange car. She entered the house and saw Bill and two big black kids talking in the den. "Hi guys can I get you anything"? The two both said no thanks all three headed for Bills room.

These guys were not part of the group Jamal and Kong ran with. Once they got in Bills room they closed his door. Bill being the cocky bastard he was started to tell them the cost to do their work and how and when payment was to be made. Ted the larger of the two smacked Bill in the face so hard he went down on the bed, they proceeded to strip him to his briefs.

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"Now here's the deal" they were stripping down as they were now naked. Their cocks were quite large Bill just looked in horror "now you're going to give us hand jobs or would you rather you mother see you naked in a room with two black guys with their cocks out"?

Bill was frantic "no please I'll do it just don't call her in here". Bill was giving them hand jobs, after a while Ted claimed, "little man I'm about to blow a large load all over your bed". Bill was in horror his mother would be confused and pissed.

With no other solution he put the head of the cock in his mouth as a torrent of cum flowed out. Just as the first cock stopped the second one need to be swallowed which he did. "Good work boy now you'll have the papers ready by Friday afternoon about 6 and don't be late".

The guys got dressed and left. Bill sat on his bed he had swallowed a lot of cum he couldn't believe what had happened. He stripped off his briefs and headed for the shower and to brush his teeth. Barbara called Jamal when she heard the shower she didn't know the names but the white Lincoln they came in had a front plate that said hammer.

Once she told Jamal he said he knew who they were and would call her back later. Jamal, Kong, Alex and Juan caught up to Ted at a local hangout, Ted was leaving as they entered, "Hey Ted got a minute"? asked Jamal "No man in a hurry got to go". Kong and Alex blocked his path, "Ted come over here we want to talk to you, Now"!

Ted looked at Kong, he nodded "what you guys need"? Jamal explained they new he had been at Bills house, Ted looked at Kong "ok guys so the little fag gave me and Roger blow jobs, that and he's doing our papers for free". "Prove it"! Came out of Jamal's mouth very sternly. Ted japanese school girl rape story, he showed Jamal the entire video. "I want a copy of that now is that ok or is there a problem"?

Ted grabbed his phone, once Kamal had given him the number he sent the video.

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Jamal thanked him, Ted could now pass. As Ted go to his car he turned to Jamal "is it ok if we keep using him"? Jamal yelled back "yes and as often as you like". Friday Bill got home at 11:30 he knew the guys would be there at six to get the papers he'd done. He was tense, he heard the doorbell. There on the front stoop were Bambi and Judy to hot looking woman. They told him they knew he did homework they needed algebra help, he invited them in they all went to his room.

In 20 minutes he was balls ass naked the girls had only their panties on. Bambi grabbed his arms and Judy put handcuffs on him, they told him to relax and enjoy himself as they were. They got a large tube of lube from a pocketbook, Judy worked it on three of her fingers as they stood him up, "honey you're going to get a prostrate hand job". "What the hell is that"? Suddenly he felt Judy finger in his ass deep, Bambi started stroking his cock and within two minutes he emptied his nut sack all over her hand and his floor.

They didn't let him sit for very long before they stood him up Bambi lubed her finger and stuck them in his ass while Judy went to work on his cock. Four minutes later whatever cum was left in him was blown out. He was sobbing, the girls put him on the bed, they rolled him over on his stomach. Judy put on a 10 strap on dildo, Bambi whispered in his ear "from now on every Friday this is what you whatever i please natalia starr sucking dick pornstar be getting".

Bill didn't have time to respond as the dildo went deep into his ass. At three the girls uncuffed him got dressed, they left him on his bed sobbing. By 4 Barbara and carol had both videos, they looked at each other since it was Friday they had spent most of the day fucking. The guys had given them the videos and left. They sat in her bedroom oozing cum giggling like schools. "Carol oral sex with wet blowjob smalltits hardcore cunt is now sized perfectly for Jamal my ass is also reconfigured, wonder if hubby will get wise"?

Carol giggled "tell me sis I'm now perfect for Kong. I've let him do my ass twice I'm not stretched out enough for him, but I'll make sure we work on it". Both looed at each other giggling, "ok Barb what do we do about Bill".

"Monday be at my house at 11 he'll be home by 1:30 we'll show him the tapes. At 1:30 Bill came in the house, he had seen aunt Carol's car "hi mom, hi Carol how are you guys"? Barb smiled "come in her son your aunt and I would like a word. He watched the Judy, Bambi video without saying a word, then they played the Ted video. Carol looked at him "seems like you going to be swallowing as much cum as we do".

He just looked at her, now it was Barbara's turn "Bill here's our deal we want all the video you have on us then you can have the one's we have of you, if not this will no doubt result in your father killing both of us". Bill nodded "I'll get you all my videos now".