Blacked horny housewife demands tbe dominated by 2 bbcs

Blacked horny housewife demands tbe dominated by 2 bbcs
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i'm John. I've always wanted something to do with my life. i found that something when i discovered that i had an amazing gift. it all started one night when i was in my bed trying to sleep when all of a sudden i was in a big arena filled with god-like creatures all around me.

i didn't know what to think of it but when i started to ask where i was everything went silent. it was quiet enough that i could hear the wind blowing. "ah you have arrived Johnathan welcome to the arena." a strange man, well more like a beast towered over me.

i wasn't short or anything i was 18 standing at 6'1. i had black hair that was cut short with my hair spiked at the front of it. i had red eyes. i was skinny i didn't have much muscle. or at least i didn't look like it. i was stronger then most of the men in my school i could bench press at least 375.

"who are you?" i asked the man/beast "i am Lucifer. the lord and creator of all that is evil." it started to laugh. his laugh shacked the arena and everyone that was there left in a hurry. they didn't like what was about to happen "then why am i here? you have so much more to do then waste time with me." i told him while backing away a bit with every word "ah but that's just it. you are my most important matter at this time so i decided to summon you here" "why?

what do you want with me?" "you are my heir. my son, you are going to become me when i die, my death is not for seen for another few years but i wanted to give you this so you have time to practice with this gift." he snapped his fingers. nothing happened. i didn't feel any different. "what was supposed to happen?" i asked him "ah but that's just it. you control that now. you can now do whatever you please. you are now a god." i was stunned, what ever i wanted?

whenever i wanted it? "what can i do?" i asked him while looking at my hands "whatever you want." "anything?" i looked up at him "anything" he smiled "can i go back to my room now? how do i contact you again?" i asked him "just ask for me and i will appear." he said and then just like that i was back in my bed and drifting off to sleep. i woke up the next day ready for school and everything.

it was so wierd, whatever black girl have sex for money tube porn to me last night let me do literally anything i wanted. when i woke up i snapped my fingers and got dressed yuri honma enjoys savage cock into her tight vagina housewife sucking leaving my bed and before i was out of my bedroom door i was wide awake with a red-bull in my hand.

but that was all child's play compared to what happened after that. when i got to school every girl in the school was looking at me like the wanted to be fucked senseless. i snapped my fingers and all of a sudden ever girl in the school was naked and they didn't even care.

every guy exept me just stood there staring at they're tits. but i just kept walking like nothing was wrong. my real aim to this was one girl that ive liked for a while. i knew i could do it i walked up behind her bent down tho her ear and whispered "come to my house tonight at 9pm be in my room when i get there.

if your not i will find you and rape you senseless" "but its not rape if your willing" she winked at me "kinky" i laughed then kissed her and walked away. her name was Violet she was a senior. we were actually really good friends but I've wanted to fuck her for so long now. she was my first friend at this school and she was also my first kiss. we've been friends since our freshman year. i almost fucked her once but we were both drunk as hell at teen wants a good load of cum from big cock party so i decided to not.

we always joked about perverted things to each other. we'd both had a crush on each other but we couldn't date because we were so close and that would just make everything awkward. that night i was in my bed waiting by 8:55pm she entered through my window at 9:00pm sharp.

"im here." she smiled a naughty smile at me "well then come closer." "what is it john? i thought you wanted to fuck me." she looked at me i wasn't naked or anything. "well to be honest i didn't think you'd come here." i looked at her. she was already naked, and wet. "but since your here-" i snapped my fingers and i was naked just like that. "let fuck." she looked really happy when i said this. she must have been really horny because she jumped on my and literally started sucking my dick before i could stop and say anything.

all i could do was moan "do you like that baby? do you like it when your sweet little Gothic slave sucks on your nice sunny lione sex stories sexy vidio cock?" she started to talk dirty, it was such a help to make me cum.

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i came down her throat after about 5 minutes of her sucking and talking like a little slut. "oh man, your sexsex xxx bf neha kakkar hard anymore." she looked sad but i just snapped my fingers and then she was back to trying to fuck me "please just take it. take my virginity john please!" she begged but i had every intention of fucking the little petite girl until she couldn't walk.

i grabbed her waist and pulled her until she was about to be impaled by my cock. she started to try and get loose so she could fall down on my cock but i held her there. "no, no, no, wait just one second" she held still then without warning when she least expected it i impaled her hard enough to break her hymen and maybe even penetrate her womb.

"oh my god yes! oh yeah! john, i want more please give me more!" she moaned until i gave in and snapped my fingers my 9" grew until it was 12" long and 4" thick "oh my god!

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its so big! keep going. oh my- oh ye- oh!!!!" she started having orgasm after orgasm they were so close together i guess you could say it was all one big orgasm. she passed out about 3 curious stepdaughter wants to see a cock stepdad helps out pornstars hardcore before i came but she was still having orgasms.

was that even possible? i didn't care at the moment though all i wanted was to bow my load so far into my best friend's snatch that she can feel it even in her dreams. "oh i'm gonna---" i blew my load with her completely impaled on my 12". if she was awake at all shes definantly asleep now.

she was small, only standing at 5'9 and she was skinny with 36 C's they were perfect. she only weight about 150, all of her weight of coarse going to her boobs. they both weight at least 10 pounds each. after i finished my load (which felt like gallons of cum) i snapped my fingers to get all the cum out of her i laid her on my bed and i laid next to her i fell asleep with her in my arms i woke up the next morning to Violet sucking on my balls. "good morning beautiful. what are you trying to do to me now?" "i want more cum, i need to taste it again." she said at me in an abscessing tone.

it was starting to creep me out a little so i snapped my fingers. she stopped with the obsession talk but she still talked dirty. i still loved to hear her talk about me like i'm her god. "we have school today don't we john?" she asked "its Friday so yes" "can you make it so we don't have to." she asked while she sat on my lap and started to grind on my rock hard cock.

i snapped my fingers and then my TV flickered on and a news reporter started talking "no school today for anyone in this town." that was all and my TV turned off "thank you baby" she hugged me "now can we fuck again?" "if you pass out i will do whatever i want to you so don't pass out." "is that a bet?" she looked at me seductively "do you want it to be?" "why not, i willing to do whatever you want to so if you want to fuck me until i'm dry then go ahead" she looked at my cock.

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i grabbed her sides and shoved her all the way down on it without warning. "ow! please don't do that again baby that hurt" she wined. i kissed her and started to bounce her up and down on my cock. she started to moan louder and louder until she came all over my bed "oh john please take it out!

i cant feel my legs anymore!" she started to cry until she passed out again. i took this moment to do what i wanted. i tied her to my bed and waited for her to wake up.

she didn't for at least another half an hour. "oh john. please don't do this! cant you see i don't want it anymore?" she wined but i told her to shut up and i shoved a ball gag into her mouth "i won the bet now i get to do whatever i want to you." i said with a smile "mmmmn ggr mnnm nnm mmm nm nmmmnnmgr" she couldn't talk but i couldn't make out what she was saying either.

i removed the ball gag "that's not fair you had an advantage!" she yelled at me "and what might that have been, my sweet little violet?" i asked her "you cock is so big that i cant control myself." "right.

sure. mhmmm" was all i said before i shoved my fist into her pussy "oh my god! its so thick! what is that?!" she asked "my fist." before she could respond i kissed her passionately. after i was done fisting her i jammed my dick into her pussy then i shoved it into her ass "ok.

you win, i give up just please let me take a break?! please take it out!?" she begged. "i said anything and you lost the bet so shut up and enjoy it!" "i cant when you have a 12 inch medical nursing ki tanki x film inside of my asshole" "ok then ill make it smaller" "no, no, no, no, that's not needed.

can you just make me enjoy it?" "ok fine" i snapped my finger and almost instantly she started moaning and talking dirty "oh john please more give me more of your cock! give me more please!?" i snapped my finger and made a doppelganger of me. my doppelganger walked up to her face and started to throat fuck her.

that drove her over the edge. my dick in her ass and my other dick in her mouth. she started to cum until my sheets were soaked and then more. she hadn't passed out yet though which surprised me because most women would've passed out b now. after my doppelganger finish it vanished and i started to cum in her ass which almost made me pass out.

about 2 hours later Violet came walking down the hallway. she was struggling to stay up. "hey baby can you help me out" she asked as she go into the kitchen where i had been making lunch "there you go." i snapped my finger "thank you! im sorry to say but i have to go home i need to finish that senior essay." "do you want 'help'?" i asked with a smile "its not the same when you use your powers to get a good grade" "ok then ill see you at school on Moneday, or sometime this weekend" i winked at her.

she smiled and walked out of the door to my house still naked but she didnt care. her house was across the street anyway. ~that was part 1 if anyone liked it please ask and ill make another part