Diana moans when old dude licks her hairy pussy

Diana moans when old dude licks her hairy pussy
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Long before the week passed, the last memories of Garret leaked. Aside from the feelings, it was all I had to remember that night: An experience that lit a little candle inside of me, a tiny flame that burned in me, causing me to fall asleep fantasizing about doing it again. And all I had to do was patiently wait for the weekend to come.

The days dragged on and work became a past time. I wanted Friday to arrive already. Honestly, I could not believe my thought, my desire, my need to mount Sex xxx bf vididaod com. Growing inside of me like butterflies before a performance, desire turned into lust. I fingered myself, closed my eyes and imagined him entering me, stimulating every centimeter of me, until I could not hold it back any more.

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One last gasp before my orgasm came. "Kaori?" He was dressed for the night. "Going out again?" I salivated at the thought. "Yeah, but I feel kind of bad about last week." "Nah, no problem." I interrupted. "Still, it made me think. I never invite you to these things." What was he saying? "Hey, no biggie.

It's a guy's night out right? You don't want me tagging along." "Well, I will be more careful about how much I drink from now on." He paused. "And I don't think I want to end up on Facebook again. At least not looking like that." "You didn't look bad." Who was I kidding, I downloaded that pic and masturbated to it, giving myself multiple orgasms. Even if his pleasure tool was just hanging there. I knew what it felt like and knew what it could grow into. It was enough to make me wet.

"Could have been worse right?" "Eh, just a few tonight." "Garret, so not you. Just have fun and don't worry about me." Damn, if he didn't have enough to drink, he wouldn't pass out and that meant I wouldn't get my ride. "Half the fun of being your roomie is being able to take care of you." "Fair enough, but one of these days," he pointed at me and then himself, "it will be just us and I will take you out for a nice dinner." "Deal." I held out my fist for him to bump.

"Nice." He bumped me. "Now get outta here and seek some revenge for what happened to you last week!" "Oh, you bet. Hope you don't mind if we come back here." His voice was already trailing as he headed out the door. That was close. Now it was a waiting game and why not have a couple of drinks myself. Thud! The door banged the wall. I had passed out on my bed, left the TV on and not sure what was on the kitchen counter.

My finger was still knuckle deep inside of me and Garret's body was displayed in high definition on my laptop. "Crap!" The guys were home or at least someone was. Reorienting myself was not easy, but I managed to slip my panties back on before heading to the door. I listened, but could not hear a sound. Cracking the door did not help. Still no sounds, no feet movement, no voices. "Garret?" A part of me worried that it might not be him. Unwittingly I ventured out into the room.

This time I glanced at the door first. The dead bolt was locked. On the floor were his shoes. "Garret?" I whispered, changing my direction towards his room.

I heard his breathing, the familiar deep long breaths of a passed out person. I could not grasp just how long it took me to hear the door and react. But sure enough, when I got to his room, he had landed himself on the bed and was passed out.

I checked the time: Three in the morning. "Garret?" A bit louder this time. I had to know if he was sleeping light. He did not stir. His body lay still, covered in only his boxers. "Nice." He had managed two rebel babe in lesbian action pornstars fingering toss his shirt and slide out of his pants.

Something about guys and their ability to disrobe with such little effort always amazed me. But I wanted his boxers off, or did I even need to go there? This time, he was conveniently centered on the bed, outstretched on his back and in a deep sleep. I did not even have to work for it this time.

Eagerly, I reach out and found the access I wanted. My hands knew what to feel for. It was nice and warm under my fingers. My excitement instantly grew. It took some maneuvering, but with one hand keeping his boxers opened, I managed to thread him through and out, everything I wanted was now accessible. My mouth acted without thought, taking in the soft flesh, my fingers wrapped around him, cupped him, played with his tender jewels all while my tongue found its home tasting his length.

Mere seconds and he was at full mast. Such a brilliant sight, inviting and succulent. A term I had never used to describe any part of a man before.

But this was definitely tasty. I had to break the hypnotic trance I was in. Had to check to see if he was still sleeping. His breath unaltered, still deep and slow. Just like I wanted him to be inside of me.

Deep and slow. I was ready, he was ready. Regrettably, I had to let him go in order to remove my panties and my shirt. I had soaked the soft cotton. "Grief girl, any more and these things would be dripping." It was all going according to plan.

Completely passed out, unaware and extremely erect, Garret was about to become my pleasure toy. A single, smooth movement, one leg on the bed, the other swinging over, one hand for balance, the other for holding him in place while my body easily positioned itself to accept him.

Once inside, I relaxed, allowing him to slide easily into me, all the way in, all the way down until I was resting on top of him. For a moment, I savored the sensation of having all nine inches in me again. Not de ja vu, though it was familiar, but more like a home coming. A part of me did not want to move, it liked this state I was in, stretched, filled, a slight pulsing inside, but not my own. But it would not last, my lust was gaining control and before I could talk myself into calm reserve, it broke free.

Sliding out, moving in, same as last time, but faster, building up speed until I was bucking like a bull rider. I had to move more, wanted to feel more of a pounding as it penetrated me. I lifted my hips, my legs flexed and soon found my body bouncing on him. Even though the new sensation was overwhelming, it was difficult to keep it up, not to mention I began to worry that I would wake him. I leaned forward, braced myself on my hands and hopped up onto my feet.

"Oh yes." I had seen this in a move. I drew back until I was literally squatting on him. Played with that for a while, up and down, but not far enough to land on him. Gravity was working against me, tiring me, forcing me to find more support.

Leaning back, using my arms, gave me the much needed relief. Not to mention a great angle. I felt the head rub against my Grafenberg spot. I was coming quickly. "Oh Garret." I was in Heaven, again experiencing an orgasm unlike any I had before. A low rumbling one, that grew, fell a bit and then built some more.

Almost like dips on a rollercoaster, only getting bigger rather than smaller. I jerked and froze, letting it coast. But I was not done, I wanted his memory inside of me again. But, a curiosity stirred in me. I had felt him fill me up, but was being pulled towards an uncontrollable desire to taste him. Immediately I dismounted, a reverse sweep on leg up and around. With a quick grab, I prevented the wet slap against his belly.

I still mon under the table cum drink to be gentle enough to not stir him. Even if I did not care much during the ride. Without a second to waste, I engulfed him. My mouth already knew him, at least his shape in any case. There was a subtle foreign flavor, a mix of my own pleasures deep within and his that had secretly seeped. Sweet and tangy in some ways, but short lived, much like gum in another way, but becoming more recognizable, a more familiar taste: One that I recognized as Garret.

My tongue played with him, wrestling with the massiveness that filled my mouth.

Slithering up the length, around it, twisting to maneuver its way to the tip and back down along the ridges. How many licks does it take?

More than three, but less than three minutes. Even in my mouth, I could pick up the cues. Withdrawing to a shallower hold, I actually tensed in anticipation. My hand gripped and massaged him over the edge, forcing the first burst into my mouth. So much of me wanted to savor it, lather my tongue and absorb the distinctness, but more came and overwhelmed me.

I had to swallow. Not wanting to waste any more, I closed my throat, held my breath and let him fill me. Tasty. Could not say it out loud. More was dribbling in. A bit more coaxing with my hand and I had the rest. His softness easily slid out leaving behind my treat. At last I could exercise patience and keep the last bit, contemplating on the attributes of Garret. He stirred. Haste overcame me, I swallowed and escaped to my own room.

Still lingering on my tongue, I decided not to wash away the memory, but rather, slowly ease into my slumber until the next morning. That was just the second time. The third was a full ride cowgirl style. More precisely, reverse cowgirl. Feet planted firmly and using my legs and hips to milk him dry, riding him to the finish. Amazing, making sure I did not actually touch his legs was a challenge, but having him move in me, without a body seemingly attached, out of view and out of touch was wild.

I could feel it entering, penetrating, from a mystery source. It intruded, invading me. Throbbing, jerking, growing within me. I was the one moving, but it felt as if it had control. I was drawn to it, desired it, virtually hypnotized by the sensation. Closing my eyes, it felt alive, it was alive! I felt it swell, become rigid and explode. My pleasure toy. I had objectified Garret. Sorry, but it was great.

Number four. Not the best of numbers for Asians and probably a number I should not have tempted. Back to my grind. The first pleasure I had with him. Slow and deliberate, pressed against his body, against him. It was intimate and nice. I realized I could do without the thrill if it meant this: A whole experience, not just a focused one.

Not that I wouldn't go back for a quick thrill if given the chance. But this was nice. Like riding a wave in the crisp of the morning, no one around with the sun kissing the water behind me. Something was sex xxx marathisexcom story sex stories 2019 right though. He was more involved, moaning, groaning. Not so much alcohol this time I suppose. But I wanted him again.

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I paused. Waited a few and started again. It was taking to long and his movements scared me. I jumped off, and ditched my efforts. Just as I got to my room, I heard his voice. "Kaori?" Was all he said. I jumped between my sheets and pressed my head into the pillows. "Damn!" Too close and definitely a discouragement for any future hopes. I had pushed to hard too soon. All I could do was fantasize until the darkness fell over me.

When morning came, I realized I had made a mistake. "Crap, my panties!"