Hot couple in need of some sex tutoring

Hot couple in need of some sex tutoring
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*ring ring* Bob answered his office phone and heard the voice of his girlfriend Emily on the line. Emily: Afternoon sweetie Bob: Hi Hon, wants going on? Emily: Oh, you know, just preparing to make your fantasy come true. Bob: Oh, which one? Emily: You know better than to ask that. It's a secret and you will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Bob: Come on, give me a hint. Emily: I've got to go. Love you. Bye Bob groaned and hung up the phone. Emily had been teasing him every day this week about making one of his fantasies come true. They discussed many things while dating, but he couldn't seem to recall revealing any fantasies. The tension was almost killing him. He was finding it difficult to concentrate on work and that call just finished him off. There was no way to concentrate now. Grabbing his jacket, he draped it over his arm to cover the bulge in his pants, and walked out of the office.

Luckily, by leaving early, he beat rush hour and was home in no time. Whipping up something for dinner, he really wished Emily would stop by. Oh well, he finished dinner and sat down to eat. Flipping on the TV, he tried to block out the day.

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It seemed that channel after channel all he kept seeing were sexual things. Damn it, I have to deal with it or I'm going to go nuts. Finishing off dinner and tossing the dishes in the sink, he headed to the bedroom. Before laying down he made sure he had a glass of water, some lotion, a towel, and a fresh story on his MP3 player from Nobilis Erotica. Everything seemed to be there, so he queued up the story. Just then the phone rang *ring ring*. DAMN he though, who could that be? He pressed pause and answered the phone.

Emily: Hi Hon, How are you doing? Bob: I'm horny as hell, how do you think I'm doing? You've been teasing me all week! Emily: heh heh, that's good to know.

Could you do something sexy for me? Bob: Sure Emily: Promise? Bob: Yeah, what do you want me to do to you baby? Emily: Oh, not to me, for me. I don't want you to cum tonight. Bob: *groan* Come on! Emily: You promised and it will be worth it.

Bob: and if it isn't? Emily: If it isn't, I'll empty you myself! Bob: Is that a promise? Emily: It sure is hot stuff. Bob: Alright. Emily: Sweet dreams, Love you Bob: Love you too. Saturday morning Emily entered Bob's house as quietly as she could, not wanting to wake him just yet. She took her shoes off and tip toed through the place and into Bob's room. After watching him sleep for a while, she slowly pealed the covers off him with an evil grin.

She found exactly what she hoped, he was completely nude with a huge morning hard on. She eased onto the bed between his legs. "This should wake him up without much complaining" she thought. First, she ran her tongue along the entire underside of his 8" cock.

Then, took the head into her mouth and began working down the shaft. It wasn't long before Bob started bella bellz picks up random stranger and fucks him around.

Once she got to the bottom she started sucking gently while pulling back and flicking her tongue along the underside.

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Repeating this process for a while, she had him moaning in his sleep. She dynamite blondes busty bobbi eden amp milena her eyes watching his eye lids. They were moving fast and she knew it must be impacting one of his dreams. Emily would have loved to keep this pace up, but she had other plans for him.

She quickened her pace and added one hand at the base of his cock and the other came up to fondle his balls. It only took a minute or two of effort before his eye lids blinked opened and shut again. After another minute of sucking his cock and fondling his balls, she stopped. "Good morning sunshine." she said. Bob just moaned and asked for more. "Not today sweetie, we have plans.

Get up and get ready, we have to be out of here by 5:30. Bob would normally hate being woken up before eight on a Saturday. However, between the sleepiness and his wake-up call.he couldn't argue. Emily grabbed him by both hands and lifted him to a seated position as she got off the bed. He sat there for a few minutes before Emily surprised him again. She grabbed his hands again and tried to drag him out of the bed.

He knew there was no chance of going back to sleep, she was so energetic for some reason. Getting out of bed, he started his normal morning routine like he was a robot. Leave bed, take a piss, enter shower, rinse, soap, shampoo, rinse, dry, brush hair, brush teeth, return to bedroom, socks, pants, etc. Before long he was ready to see the world.

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As they left the house, Bob looked in the driveway. There was a midnight blue Shelby GT500 which looked like it was right off the showroom floor.

Bob always wanted on, but could never come close to affording it. He looked at Emily in shock. She tossed him the keys and said "Take it easy tiger, it's only rented for the weekend". Jumping in the GT, Bob turned the key mom fucking from son in europe smiled as the engine roared to life.

"Emily, You're the best" he said. "I know, now take me to the mall" she returned. -The Mall- Arriving at the mall, Bob still had a big smile on his face. He couldn't believe how nice the Shelby was to drive. He wished he could drive her all day, but.they were at the Mall. For a split second he fantasized about driving right into the mall and racing down the main hall.

Alas, he pulled into one of the farther parking spots and turned off the engine. Looking around at the empty lot, it was than he realized the mall did not open busty preggo bitch fucked hard from behind hardcore brunette another hour. What was Emily up to? He looked over at her with a confused look.

Answering his thoughts she said "It's a special birthday invite just for you.". She than proceeded to get out of the car and headed to one of the store entrances.

Bob noticed that the store was Victoria Secret. Now she had his full attention again. Bob jumped out of the Shelby, hit the lock button on the remote, and quickly followed Emily.

Arriving at the door, Emily stopped and turned to him. "From here on in, I need you to be blindfolded". Bob looked at her and his gut reaction jumped forth "Uh, NO. At the mall, in a store, before it's open? NO." Emily looked at him "Honey, I put a lot of effort into this day. You know you trust me completely. You've let me tie you to the bed a number of times. Trust me when I say you want this." Bob thought about it, she was right about the trust. If he trusted her to tie him to the bed, why would he not trust her now.

He agreed and allowed Emily to put a blindfold on him. Now that he couldn't see, he had to rely on Emily to lead him the rest of the way. His sense of hearing, touch, and smell seemed to triple in strength. He heard Emily open the door, felt her take his hand, and lead him into the store. She turned left, then right, then left and they went through another door.

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Stopping, she put his hand on front of her shirt and whispered "Help me out of this". "Out of what" he though, before his mind comprehended fully. His hands quickly found the buttons on the shirt and undid them one by one starting from what he figured was the top. Undoing the last button, he slid his hands up her sides planning to pull the shirt off from the top. Emily had other plans and took his hands over to her breast.

No bra! Bob rolled and squeezed and kneaded Emily's tits. Occasionally he would taking a nipple between his fingers, rolling and squeezing it. His cock grew and he heard how he was doing by the little moans coming from Emily's lips. He felt Emily reach forward and start undoing his pants.

First the buckle, than the zipper. She reached in and found his hardening cock, giving it a few squeezes before moving her hands to his waist. With one tug at his jeans they fell down around juicy pink filthy cleft filled by big dick ankles. Emily hooked her fingers into the waste of his pants and down they came. Raising his arms to the ceiling, she stripped him of his shirt.

Then she moved behind him, standing against him. The feel of her tits on his naked back. She.she.was stripping her skirt off while against him. He felt the fabric fall down his ass, his legs, and pile up with his cloths. Her hands slid down his body coming to rest where the cloths fell. She helped remove his pants completely. He felt her tits glide up the back as her hands slid up his sides. She whispered "forward" and leaned in as if she was leading him in a dance. Carefully he walked forward.

"Where are we?" she whispered. Suddenly Bob remembered that they were in the store.and.naked. He had always loved the idea of being naked in public, but never had the nerve to do it.

He couldn't answer, but his hard cock turned to steel at the very thought of fucking his girlfriend in a Victoria Secret store. "Turn to your left.", Bob complied. "Forward 1 steps with a slight step up.". Seductive blonde rides on a big cock slid his foot forward until it hit something then stepped over it.

Emily was still right with him, hands on his sides "Forward slowly". He felt a hand on his cock pulling it down slightly. "Forward to the wall.slowly" was the command, and he complied.

He walked forward with the hand guiding his cock until he felt a wall. He knew immediately that his cock must be through the wall and the hand let go. "Um, Emily?" he said in a shaky voice with visions of guillotines in his head. He felt something come across his ass and tighten. It was pushing him against the wall, pushing his cock through that hole in the wall.

What the hell was happening here?!? "Emily" he said in a shaky voice. Emily pressed her body against his back and wrapped her arms around him. Don't worry love, I've got it all under control, my control. You are strapped inside a box with your valuables sticking out the other side.

"What's going to happen?" Do you remember when you said you wonder what it would be like to have random woman taking advantage of you?

Well dear, today you will find out. Anyone in the store will be able to stop by the wall and play with you however she wants. You won't be able to do anything about it and the only nao has shaved slit fucked japanese hardcore who can stop it is me.

Oh, one more thing, we can't have your screaming orgasm alerting mall security. Bob felt as a ball gag was pressed into his mouth and strapped securely behind his head. Time to open the store, don't go anywhere.