Beginner lesbo sweeties get their narrowed vaginas licked and nailed

Beginner lesbo sweeties get their narrowed vaginas licked and nailed
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After graduation in the Spring of my senior year I decided to go to the city's college for a year, not because I wasn't smart enough, but so I could get past Megan and all that had happened during senior year. I needed to sort some things out and doing this was enough to get started; also I needed a reason to get out of my Dad's house.

Megan and I were just fuck buddies when she or I was horny; mostly just fucking emptily in the bathroom or somewhere we were at the time. Once we fucked each other's brains out on the football practice field after the Prom, her date thought she was in the bathroom getting ready, not fucking another girl.

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I wanted something more from her and Megan just wanted to do what she wanted, no strings attached or commitment to each other. So as August came up I packed my things for college and tried to move on past my past and the feelings that Megan gave me when she and I fucked each other.

My swim class was next to the high school that Megan went to as a junior. Every day that I past the school I caught glimpses of her in her P.E. class. She had the last P.E. class of the day and from experience it was the hard core class where running until you puked was normal. She always looks sexy running and fuckable whenever I drove by. One day I decided that I would go to class late just so I could watch her run around the track.

She wore mini cloth shorts that had the school's logo on the side, and had the mandatory school P.E. shirt, a loosely fitting grey mess that had some stupid saying on it.

They got a new one each year. Even thought the shirt was overly baggy on her I could still see her frail figure faintly traced in it. Even with her hair tied in a high pony-tail on her head and slapping her face she still was goddess like to me. I even loved the way her ass juggled as she ran, bouncing up and down like she was fucking some guy's dick. Before I knew it the class was moving back to the football practice field for the next workout they were doing.

I had a few seconds to hide or it would all be over. Just before Megan walked past my car I dove under the wheel and tried to not make the car move. From the side view mirror I saw her past by, look at the car, then scratch her face. But deep in my mind I thought that I saw a small smile flash across her face.

Almost like she knew that I had been watching her run and tpleasure loves black cockhese sluts share a cock it. I quickly erased the thought and resituated myself in the car, revving the engine and sped out of the parking lot to the pool next door desperately wanting a reason to get Megan out of my mind.

The locker room was empty as the last few of the girls from my class gathered their things and walked out. I decided to be really slow today, blaming it on the five hundred I had to do before the end of class.

In actuality, a five hundred was nothing for me I just didn't want anyone to sense that I martina gold has a deep anal fuck somewhere else; thinking about Megan. Why did I have to stop and watch her run? Why did she have to have class outside on the days that I drive past the school?

These questions plagued my mind and gnawed at my senses. The cool floor of the locker room felt nice on my overheated soles, and the dripped water didn't bother too.

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But when I rounded the corner to get to my locker I found that Chelsea, a girl I swam with a couple times was still in the room. She was getting dressed and trying to text at the same time. She looked like she didn't even know that I was watching her display of stupidity.

Chelsea was a freshman like me, but she was a junior that had graduated early with the seniors, so I knew her a bit from high school. She was almost a goddess to with her athletic build that supported her 34C breasts and fat ass.

I always liked it when I swam next to her, just so that I could watch her ass moving as she kicked in the water. It didn't hurt that her boobs sometimes can a little out of her suit so that you could see the areolas of her nipples.

Chelsea knew almost everyone from school and still went over there to just take the college credit classes that were open to anyone. She knew Megan from the French class she beautiful brunette milf is eaten out and fucked on her own couch, but not anything more. I dare not ask her anything about Megan just out of fear that she might tell Megan that I was asking about her or connect that I was once Megan's fuck-buddy.

After staring at Chelsea for a few seconds I went back to going to my locker and grabbing my things. I was only dressed in a pair of panties with panda bears on them and a black sports bra. I hated my own boobs and how big they were, yet guys thought the size was the best. I tried to stay quiet enough that I could get pants on before Chelsea two hotties get naked and fuck hard me and tried to talk to me. But I didn't make it, she heard me.

"Trisha, hey." She didn't look at me but I knew she was trying to hear what I was doing. "Hi." "I saw you at the high school, in your car parked by the track when students were running on it." She saw!

She saw me staring at Megan and she connected the pieces! I was dead and I knew it. Quickly I turned to her playing dumb, trying to not make eye contact. "Really? Well I had to stop somewhere to get my phone out and answer a call. I don't like to talk when I'm driving." "Cut the bull Trish.

I really know why you were there. I know more then you thought." She had turned towards me, looking at me, looking down at me. "W-w-what?!" "I knew you were looking at Megan Donovan.

She told me about you and her. How you two were little fuck buddies. I don't just go to French because I like the language, I go for the gossip. And that chick Megan, she mentioned that she and this chick fucked once in the English hall girls' bathroom.

After a few days of pretending to be her pal and talking about my class she mentioned that you were the one she fucked. Have to say, she is hot." I was speechless and couldn't find the words that I wanted to say. Megan told someone about what she and I did in that bathroom at times. Why or who could she? Nothing, no answer was coming to my mind.

It was blank. "You were watching her? Weren't you?" "No…" "Trish." She petite russian brunette is on her knees hardcore now standing right next to my still looking down at me.

"Fine, sure I was. But I'm trying to get her out of my mind. I wanted more but she didn't. So it ended and I'm trying to forget it." "Well I know for a fact that she is trying to do the same thing and is having trouble doing it. Why don't you just go and talk to her sometime and see what both of you should do. Just a suggestion." And with that she gave me a quick hug and left the locker room making me think that she must have been on something to think that she was right about what she had said.

Snapping back to the world I finished getting dressed and quickly packed my crap, avoiding the puddles of water to get out of the room. As I left the building the swim instructor waved at me and yelled that I better be ready for next week when we were doing Fartlicks.

I just waved back and gave a small yippy as I opened the door and walked out into the cool fall air. My car was parked all the way in the back of the parking lot and with the rest of the free swim people's cars it was almost impossible to get to. But I swiftly made it past manly cars and overly expensive cars of wannabe players to make it to my little piece of junk.

But even from a few feet away I saw that someone was waiting for me, leaning on my car. Carefully I neared me car, not being able to tell who it was. They had a baggy hoodie on over their head, obscuring their face.

All I saw of knowing it was a chick was the short running shorts with the high school logo on the side. My mind rushed through every possible reason someone could be leaning on my car. I knew they weren't waiting for me, Kelly was in Maine and Joe, had too manly of legs for it to even be him. Slowly I got up right next to the end of my car and finally let the words escape my mouth.

"Hello, may I help you?" to myself I sounded too childish and immature that if they were waiting for me they had to be laughing about now. They didn't answer back, instead turn to me and looked me square in the eye. I was face to face with Megan, standing at my car with me half wet from the pool and half wet from seeing her again. She looked like she had just come from class, but since my class gets over before the high schools even out she had to have ditched.

"Megan?!" I must have sounded surprised because she finally talked. "Don't look like you haven't seen me in awhile. I know for a fact that you were at the school an hour ago, in your car, parked next to the track. You were watching me weren't you?" she still looked like a goddess, even with the Beetles jacket obscuring most of her face. I just wanted to throw her against my car and make-out with her right here in the pool's parking lot.

I didn't even care who saw, I just wanted her. But I restrained myself and let her finish saying why she was here. "No, I just needed to stop to get something and when I saw your class coming I hid.

I'm not stalking you." "That's sad, cause I think it would be hot if you were stalking hearty servings of man proteins hardcore and bukkake.

I would be doing it." She got extremely close to me, letting her hood fall back off her head. Her icy blue eyes held me in place, inciting the fire already burning me up. "I know that I said that I just wanted to do whatever I wanted, but when you were gone I came to what I really wanted. I watched you graduate when my brother was graduating too. I just couldn't keep you out of my mind and now I want more." She slowly touched my arm, pulling me close to blonde cutie plays with her wet pussy. She still was taller than me and she used that as a way to get closer to my face.

Her lips tasted like roses, memories of the first fuck flooded my mind and I let everything go. Roughly, I grabbed her head and shoved my tongue into her mouth, nibbling on her lower lip.

Megan's hands were on my ass, helping to lift me up a bit. We would have gone further but it wasn't going to fly doing it here. "Get in the car!" I demanded, she obeyed. Jumping in I revved the engine and we went off somewhere to finish what was already building. Megan couldn't keep her hands off me and was trying to fondle me through the think fabric of my sweatpants.

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I shifted enough for to be able to get better in and fuel her fire. Finally we screeched to a halt at my apartment building and I grabbed her in a rush to get to my room as fast as we could.

Soon we were in my apartment and she had her jacket off, she still on the gym clothes I had seen her in. She grabbed my shirt and ripped it off leaving my top with only a thin sports bra. Megan took the opportunity to thrust her tongue back in my mouth and shove her hands down my pants. Her finger found its way to my burning cunt and shoved up into me. Instantly a gasp escaped my mouth as she thrust in and out, motivating me to peel her top off.

She too wore a sports bra, her tits trying to pop out of the constricting fabric. Megan quickly added one more finger to her trusting and gabriella gives her man a morning treat the other hand moved my bra up to unleash my breasts. It was exotic as she pleased me better then she had ever had before.

I wanted to return the favor too so I shoved her bra up and started sucking on her left nipple. She responded with lustful gasps of breaths. Her nipples were fully erect and just begging to be tittie-fucked.

Each tit was fully engorged, turning purple from the amount of blood rushing to them. "Oh! Oh! Lesbian playing story game squirt reality kings Trisha!" Megan's cries urged me on as I also shoved my hand into her pussy and teased her clit as she was teasing me.

Her breaths matched mine as I grew closer to an orgasm, but I fought it off. Sounds of skin scraping skin filled the soundless room. Carefully arching my fingers I curved them to better hit her G-spot. Doing this caused her body's muscles to contract and get ready for whatever was coming.

She imitated me, biting my lower lip drawing blood. Abruptly Megan stopped fucking me and pushed me to my bed, shoved me onto it, pulling my pants and panties off.

Now I was fully naked, and she peeled the rest of her clothing off too. Her skin felt soft on mine and she smelled wonderful. I pulled her vagina to my mouth and quickly started to suck her off, pleasing her more then she could handle. I wasn't doing it for a minute before she climaxed and soaked me in her juices. I just kept licking it all up as she tried to muffle her screams of pure pleasure. Her whole body shook as she slowly came down from the clouds and back to the room.

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Almost rag doll like, she slumped down on me and breathed deeply. "What about me?" I jokingly said as she flipped to kiss me. "I'm getting there." Her hand kept thrusting into me, rubbing every inch of my pussy lovingly. Just the friction from her hand's movement was enough to get me going. Slowly I found myself getting higher and higher to the end I wanted. But before I could reach it Megan took her hand out and flipped me over.

She covered my eyes with a blanket and I felt something long and hard being shoved into me. I tried to find out what it was, but all my sense mofos hot euro teen makes bowling look sexy numbed from the tormenting pleasure I was getting.

It wasn't until a small pulsing sensation filled my groin did I understand it was a vibrator. "Borrowed this from a girl in my P.E. class, told her I needed it for the night. She didn't seem worried that I was asking for it." Megan's words echoed in my head as I finally found my climax and felt my whole vaginal muscles contract around the fake dick. Megan licked up all I gave, giving my clitoris a quick suck for a few seconds at times through this.

When my orgasm had subsisted and Megan took the blanket off my head did I lesbian bombshells gape their deep buttholes and nail massive vibrators her by her waist and shove her pussy back into my mouth. I wanted more, and she had it all. She knew what I wanted and urged me on.

"Oh ya bitch! Eat me out! Fuck me like no guy can you fucking whore! Fuck yes!" I was eating her out while shoving two fingers in and out of her asshole. The pleasure I was giving her was almost enough to get her off again, but I didn't want that to happen, not yet. Just before she climaxed for the second time I stopped and pulled out a sheet wrapped into a rope. I tied her hands behind her and then tied her feet to the foot of my bed.

So here she laid, legs wide open to anyone to fuck and her hands behind her back, unless to assist. Megan got right into it, shouting encouragement at me. "Fuck me! Fuck me like you did when we first fucked!" I loved it when she cussed at me; it made me even hornier for her.

Finally tied down I grabbed the fake dick she shoved in me and shoved it in her ass, set to low. The small pulses coming from her ass was barely enough to urge her on. But she loved it still. With the dick in her ass I straddled her, forcing her to eat me out as she tried to get off on the small pulses coming from her ass.

She licked and bit my swollen clit, sending waves of lust through me. I could smell the vaginal secretions flowing from me onto her face as she continued to lick and eat me out. She even tongue fucked me, darting in and out, forcing my body to tighten with every fuck. Quickly I increased the vibrators speed one notch and let her sink back into the intense sensations now attacking her.

"I love watching you tied up and being forced to fuck me. You play prisoner so well." I kept pinching my own tits, just loving how her mouth was skilled enough to get me off just from that.

By now my own tits were engorged and sensitive to the touch. Just one lick could have sealed my orgasm into being a full-blown mind and body fucking orgasm. The image of how this all started kept flashing around in my mind. Her fucking me in the girls' bathroom while everyone was in classes. And then us doing it again and again and again. "Fuck!" I heard her mumble as we climaxed together with me falling limp onto her body.

She kept riding in out because of the dick lodged in her ass still going. Sweat poured off her now glissading body as she pleaded with me to pull the dick out and let her play. Even though I would have loved to see her go until she blacked out I did as she asked, taking the vibrator dick out but shoving it into my own cunt, dialing it to full blast.

I was overtaken by my own want to fuck my brains out and slam this toy into me. Megan watched helpless to play with me as I pounded the dick in and out of me with the vibrator going full blast. Juice flowed everywhere and soon I had reached the end.

One last shove broke the barrier between pleasure and lust for me as a huge orgasm ripped through me, causing me to buckle my legs and fall to the bed, still climaxing. Megan groaned to get free to lick up my lust as my orgasm continued but she couldn't' get free. Finally after two minutes it all ended and I went limp, only my breathing could be seen. The dick was still in me, going full blast but I was numb to it. Megan had managed to get free from her bonds and was licking my clit, now engorged with blood.

She even pulled the dick out and shoved it in her pussy as she lay next to me, sucking my nipple. "Even better than last year." She playfully pinched the other nipple that wasn't being sucked. "Maybe we should keep doing this but with one suggestion." Still breathless I answered, "What?" "You come and visit me after school and take me out somewhere.

I wanna try this dating thing with you."