Milf internal creampie hd so this repeat offender needed to learn a lespartners son in

Milf internal creampie hd so this repeat offender needed to learn a lespartners son in
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My sister, Debbie, was going to come up from Texas and visit my father and stepmom. Our parents had divorced many years before and it was rare that she would come to Ohio to see him.

After she visited them she was going to come visit my wife and I in Indiana for a week. We would drive her back to Texas at week's end. So the plans were all set. Debbie is 10 years younger than I am. At the time all of this took place she was just shy of her 16th birthday.

She is just over five feet tall, weighed about 120 pounds, had medium brown hair, nice tits and ass. Even though I was her brother I couldn't help but notice that. I am five foot eight and weighed about 150 pounds and was in pretty good shape.

My wife and I had two children and we lived in a three bedroom house. With my sister staying with us we planned for her to sleep on the fold away sofa in the living room. This was perfectly fine with her as she access to a television and could stay up as late as she wanted. My sister and I had always gotten along well despite the age difference and the distance that separated us.

It wasn't at all unusual for her to give me a big hug or a kiss on the cheek. The day she arrived she gave both my wife and I huge hugs saying how thrilled she was to be here and be able to see her two nieces. A couple of days after she arrived, I had to play in a company softball game after work. I didn't make it home until almost 9:00. My wife had already pulled the sleeper sofa petite redhead hipster girl kadence marie gets banged and had it set for Debbie.

I could tell that the two of them had a drink rum and coke and that was fine with me. Because of work I hadn't much of an opportunity to spend time with my sister so when my wife announced she was going to bed I said that I was going to stay up for a while with Debbie.

My wife went upstairs and Debbie asked if she could have another rum and coke. I didn't have a big issue with it and made her another. When I returned from the kitchen I sat down on the sleeper sofa and Debbie cuddled up next to me. We watched television for about an hour. She had on jeans and a top and I was still in my softball uniform. After a while I noticed my sister trying to get closer to me.

I turned to give her a quick brotherly kiss and when our lips met, she placed her hand to my cheek and stuck her tongue in my mouth! A million thoughts rushed through my head.

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She was my sister. What is she doing? As my thoughts went everywhere my tongue eagerly met hers. Before I knew it I started rubbing her tits as my cock hardened. God they felt firm! She quietly whispered to let her go get changed so I could get her better. She got off the sofa to go change and I sat there not really sure had happened. Surely the alcohol was clouding my judgment and hers as well! When she returned she had a loose nightgown on that buttoned in the front. I quickly noticed that she had not buttoned any of them.

She got back on the couch and immediately began kissing me again, entwining her tongue with mine. I reached for her tits again and quickly got my hand inside her nightgown and felt her naked tit. Her nipple was hard with excitement. Her teenage tits were so firm. Her hand went to my crotch and began rubbing my cock through my uniform.

By now I had lost all sense of being a brother or of her only being fifteen years old. I only cautioned her to be quiet so as not to wake my wife. She fully understood that as she continued to kiss me and rub my hard cock through my uniform. My hand left her tit and reached down to her legs. I gently caressed her thigh and she spread her legs as my hand climbed higher. I felt the hair on her pussy and then ran my finger up and down her slit. Her pussy was already wet as I slid my finger into her waiting cunt.

Debbie's hips moved up to greet my finger going in and out of her wet pussy. She, on the other hand was busy unbuckling my belt and undoing my pants, reaching in to release my throbbing cock. In a matter of moments Sexy babes have fun at a party was finger fucking her and she was jerking my cock.

Our kisses ended as I leaned over to lick and suck one of her tits.

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Her rubbery nipple moved easily against my tongue. Shortly, she pushed me up and moved her head down to my cock. I felt her lips cover the head of my cock as she gently bobbed her head up and down, her hand holding the base of my cock firmly. I don't know how I didn't cum right there.

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She continued to suck me as I rubbed her ass and tits. After a bit I told her to let me do her. She sat up, pulled her nightgown above her waist, and spread her legs wide. In an instant my head was between her legs licking her hairy pussy and sucking on her clit. Her hands went to the back of my head and held me firmly against her cunt as she bucked her hips against my tongue and mouth. I felt her begin to cum and I wanted to taste all of her teenage nectar.

Her hips moved faster as she had her orgasm. She told me that was great and I told her I wanted to fuck her. She was reluctant at first saying that I was her brother and we shouldn't do that. I was taken aback by her statement being that she had been sucking my cock and I had eaten to her pussy.

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I told her it would be okay and told her to just sit on my cock. She told me she'd never fucked like that before but agreed to try. She straddled my waist as I held al3anteel 2 hour porn story cock straight up.

Slowly she lowered herself on my waiting cock. Her wet pussy engulfed my cock as she slid down. Damn her pussy tight! My full six inches were in her and the she slowly raised herself up. My hands were on her ass helping her lift herself up and then slowly lower herself again.

She told me it felt great as she increased her movement. Her nightgown was down around her waist and I watched her tits begin to bounce with each upward thrust of my cock. I had her lean forward and kissed her tits and nipples. Debbie moved up and down even faster as she achieved another orgasm. She was afraid that I would cum in her pussy so she climbed off of me. I pleaded that she couldn't leave me like this, and that I had to cum.

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She quickly took my cock in her mouth and began jerking it. With her other hand she began playing with my balls. I told her I was going to cum and she took her mouth off of my cock and jerked faster. In a moment my cock erupted and I shot cum all over her tits. I don't know if I ever came like that before. Gobs and gobs of white pearly cum were dripping down her tits as she smiled at me. She slowly brought her mouth back down to my cock and licked me clean.

Debbie stood up and told me it was time to go to sleep and walked into the bathroom to clean up.