Big macky fucking latina babe in all her holes hard

Big macky fucking latina babe in all her holes hard
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We finished dinner and walked home to an empty house. With the lights and the sun down I lead you to my room. I walk in first and turn on a desk lamp; the lighting is just enough to make out your black, high waist skirt and tank as you follow behind me. You bite your lip and ask, 'What now?' There's a waver in your voice. I can tell you are nervous.

I look you in the eye and take off my tie. After a moment's hesitation, I say to you, "I forgot something downstairs.

When I come back, I want you completely naked and on your knees." Already wet, you nod your head and say 'yes Sir'. A few moments later, with my shirt un-tucked, carrying a bucket of ice and champagne, I walk through my bedroom door.

In the silhouette of the lampshade, you are standing naked covering yourself up. "I told you to be on your knees." I say, in a calm, stern voice. "Move your hands, I want to see your sexy body." Modestly, you move your hands - first away from your breasts, where I can make out your small, hardened nipples. Your fiery sexy blowjob from a sexy doll hardcore and bigtits is heaving slightly in excitement. You then slowly move your other hand exposing your bald, wet pussy to me.

You blush and look away. Having never seen you naked before, my heart is beating out of my chest.

I bite my lip, as I look you up and down from your heaving naked chest to your long legs and pussy. I ask you, "Do you want to fuck me?" "God yes! Please fuck me sir!" You answer, wanting to please me.

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I smile and respond, "Not yet slut you have to earn it. And get on your fucking knees." You answer, "Yes Sir", and drop down. Looking up at me expectantly, you crawl on your hands and knees over to me. "I'll be your dirty little slut tonight. I'll do redhead goth punk girl fucks tube porn you say." "Everything?" "Every last fucking command." Looking down at you, I see you eyeing the bangingbeauties anal overload for trinity clair and samora morgan in my pants.

"First, I have to punish you for disobeying me." Shocked, you close your eyes. "When I say to be on your knees, I want you to do it slut!" I force you on all fours and spank your bare ass hard. Grabbing your hair, "Will you do everything I say slut?" "Everything you say sir!" Smiling, I let go of your hair and tell you to stand up. Once eye-to-eye, I pull you into me and kiss you softly.

Our tongues touch, and I hold you tight for several moments while we are lost in kiss. I pull back and gently bite your lip. You see my lustful eyes and I quickly move in to bite and suck on your neck; moans escape your mouth as I kiss and caress you. Pulling back a second time, I rip my shirt off and tell you to get on yours knees.

"You know what I want you to do slut." You gently scratch my pecs and abs as you lower yourself down, leaving feint red lines. As you unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants you slowly kiss from my belly button down to the beginning of my shaved cock. Throbbing and thick, it hits you in the cheek as you pull my boxers down. After staring at it for a second, you grip me and take the head of me in your mouth. Licking up my precum, you explore my swollen cock with your tongue.

"Look up at me as you suck me slut" Obeying, you look up and try to swallow all of me. Feeling my rock hard cock enter your windpipe, I grab your head and start fucking the back of your throat.

The gagging sound you make makes me even harder. As you feel your mouth stretch more, your lips kiss the very end of my shaft; my entire erection is lodged in your mouth and throat.

Moaning quietly, I hold your head there for a few seconds and ask you, "Do you like that slut?" Pulling my long erection entirely out of you, I give you a few seconds to catch your breath. "God yes, I love being your slut!", And then you quickly lick your saliva off my hard, swollen, throbbing cock.

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"I'm going to claim your pussy tonight Lisa - I'm going to fuck you until you forget where you are and my cock is soaking in your cum. Im going to eat you until you orgasm all over my mouth and tongue. You're going to taste your own cum and lick it off my cock." With your knees shaking, I stand you up. "You've been good.

Now its my turn." "Lay down on the bed and put this on". As you put on the blindfold, I look at your sexy naked body. "Spread your legs slut." Without saying anything you slowly spread your legs exposing yourself to me. With your wetness practically dripping from you, I can tell you are ready for me. "Keep your hands at your side." As you lay there expectantly, I position myself over you and gently kiss your lips; as I brush my pecs against your heaving chest, the head of my cock rubs against your swollen clit.

I kiss you again this time harder. Forcing my tongue into your mouth, I grab the head of cock and gently slap your clit and play with you while you moan helplessly. With your hands at your sides you struggle not to grab me by the back of head and pull me into you. I pull my head back to the sound of your moan and gently trace my finger up from your thigh to your mouth.

"Suck" - To tease you as you suck my finger, I gently run another finger in between your pussy lips. "Am I making you wet, slut?" "Yes Sir! I'm so wet for you." Smiling, I move in on you once again and gently part your lips with mine. Biting your lower lip as I shift my body down, I gently kiss your chin. Then I kiss your neck; wanting to please you, I bite and suck your neck intensely.

With my body hovering over you, my dick dangles in between your legs dripping new zealand mum son bf cum down on to you. With every moan you arch your back and bump into my strong figure; your lips rubbing against my manhood, being split by the length of my cock. From your neck I move down to your chest. Looking up at you blindfolded, I gently suck your right nipple into my mouth.

Swirling my tongue around it, I watch your mouth as you bite your lip and arch your back. I gently pinch your left nipple with my other hand and start flicking my tongue against your hardened tit.

Pulling back just a bit, I circle your areola with my tongue and smack your clit with my throbbing erection. Rubbing myself up and down your pussy, I press the head of my cock against your slit alone with mom at hotel then pull back.

"You aren't going to feel my cock in you for awhile, so I'd get use to me teasing you!" I start jacking my head off into your clit, and moaning while I do it. With the tip of my erect cock slamming into your clit, you moan and writhe with me. Covering your clitoris in my precum, I stop within seconds of cumming on you. "You'll have to earn my cum." I slap your clit one last time and lower myself back to kissing your chest. Grabbing some ice from the champagne pale near by, I hold it above your tit and let water drip onto your nipples.

With every drop your body quakes. I quickly lick up the ice-cold water. Putting the ice cube in my mouth for a minute, I slowly inch myself down to see what's in the middle of your wide spread legs. As I move myself down I napali sex vidiof out door your stomach. Then your belly button. With the ice cube melting in my mouth, every kiss is electric. Blindfolded and more sensitive, every sensation is surprising and orgasmic; now you are just waiting, as you know I'm about to go down on you.

As I get to your pubic bone I stop and hesitate for a second. You breath in deeply. Expectantly, you open your legs more inviting me into you. Wanting to tease you more, I let my lips hover over your wet pussy and breath cold air onto your soaking clit. You moan as you roughly thrust your hips forward; just as you breath my name, you impact my ice cold lips with your womanhood.

Shuddering at the feeling, I quickly draw my head back. "I told you to lie still, slut!" I quickly move to straddle your face.

"Open" With your mouth wide open, I grab your head and force my manhood down past your teeth and into your milf gives teen handjob first time nina north fucks the pool man. Fucking your face roughly for a few seconds I soon pull out and slap your face with my enormous erection, leaving precum and your own saliva wet on your face.

Embracing yourself as my slut, you try to lick my cock while I'm still on top of you just hoping you can get another taste. Climbing off you, I ask "Will you do everything I say Lisa, or will I have to get rougher with you?" "Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want." For a second I contemplate roughly taking you and raping you then and there.

I reconsider and decide to tease you more. As I make my way down to your throbbing clit I'm careful to lick just on the outside of it. Kissing the insides of your legs and right below your belly button, you are being driven wild by my teasing.

Just when you thought you couldn't take it anymore, with a fresh ice cube in my mouth, I lick you from the beginning of your wet entrance up to your precum covered, swollen, clit. Sucking it gently in my mouth, you moan and writhe and yell out "Ian". My cooled tongue with every lick sends shivers up your spine just distracting enough to surprise you when I stick my entire tongue in your tight opening.

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Licking up your wetness, I slowly rub my thumb against your clit. With my tongue in you your moaning grows. Teasing you more I pull out. "Do you want to cum in my mouth slut?" "Yes Sir!". Once again sucking your womanhood into my mouth I slowly start to put my index finger into you.

Even though you are soaking I can feel my finger start to stretch you as I move it into you inch by inch. You practically scream as I slap my tongue against your clit and I feel your G-spot with my finger. With your back arched and your mouth open I start to finger you more forcefully. As I go in and out of you I start to flick my tongue against your clit. Hard. Over and over. For minutes I take turns sucking you in and out of my mouth.

With my finger buried in you, I forcefully shove another finger in and finger fuck you like the slut you are. With your moans building and your body shaking I drop myself down to your pussy and stick my tongue in you. As you scream my name my ice cold lips and tongue feel your pussy tighten. Your body convulses and you grab my head as you start to fill my mouth with your cum.

Licking up every last drop, your legs shake and you lay breathless for minutes. Climbing on top of you, I pull the blindfold off. I grab your hands and place them above your head. Using the blindfold, I tie your hands to the bedpost.

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Locking eyes, we kiss. With one hand holding your hands above your head, I use my left to open your legs. Making out as I lie in between your wide spread legs, I rub my cock head against your tight entrance. I bite your lip. As you feel my teeth dig into you I grip your wrists together tightly; you aren't going anywhere. I want you to feel every inch of me as I slowly put my cock in you. I want you to moan as I stretch you and go deeper inside you than anyone ever has.

I want you to feel every throbbing vein and soak up every bit of my precum. When I'm finished with you you're not going to be able to walk. With my left hand I position my thick, naked cock in between your pussy lips and thrust.

Pushing my head in you I can feel your body tighten as I begin to stretch you apart. I'm so thick I can barely get in. As I put more and more of me in you, your breathing gets louder. I keep slowly thrusting forward. With close to all of my lovely teen charity crawford enjoys getting dicked down in you we lock eyes and kiss as I forcefully drive the rest of my rock hard cock into you. Moaning as I hit your G-spot with my head, I keep the length of me in you and I try to go deeper.

"Do you like my cock, slut?" "Oh God yes", you answer. While you revel in how big I feel, I pull myself out to just my head. I thrust. Slapping my balls against your ass, I slam myself into you Again and again and again.

With every thrust I bury myself deep in you and you hear the sound of my pubic bone slamming into your clit. With my swollen, naked cock deeper in you than anything has ever been before you're already close to cumming. With your hands tied above your head, I move both my hands down to grab your ass while I pound you; I'm done being gentle with you. You're a cock whore and I'm going to treat you like one. With my hands digging into your ass cheeks I ruthlessly ram my entire cock into you. And out.

And in. And out. And in. Your screams of pleasure and pain are barely louder than the sound of me thrusting into you. With your hands tied you have no choice but to let me ravage you. As my bed poles shake and move I hear your breathing begin to get rushed. "You're so deep", is all you can make out, as your eyes roll into the back of your head and you almost faint. You're cum forces my erection out of you and squirts all over the covers. As your body convulses and shakes, I look at how much of a whore you are for me and jerk myself off.

Waiting for your legs to stop shaking and for you to come back to reality, I almost cum. But I'm not done with you yet; When I'm done, I'm going to shoot my hot, sticky cum deep into your pussy; you're going to feel my seed cover every inch of your beat-up, slut vagina.

"Get up. I want you to ride me like the good little cock slave you are." "Yes, Si-ir" Your voice quakes still as you are still reveling in your last orgasm. Laying on my back, still, I watch you as you position your beaten pussy over my massive penis. You quickly chubby shows her amazing tits for a while yourself onto me and squirm as I stretch your pussy to make it fit.

As hard as I've ever been tonight, I can just feel you struggle to handle my growing erection. "Fuck", you moan, as your writhe clearly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I put my hands on your shoulders and press them down; thrusting upwards at the same time I feel myself hit your cervix.

Your eyes roll into the back of your head as you orgasm for a third time. Once again covering my cock in your cum, you seize up. Pinching your nipples hard, I say "I didn't tell you to stop riding me slut!", and move to start fingering your ass hole. Just as I force my fingernail into you, you snap out of it and start grinding your g-spot against my engorged cock head.

The temperature in the room is hot; as we both sweat and writhe with each other, I can feel you nearing another orgasm. Picking up the bottle of champagne I start to pour it on your head. As it spills down your face and tits your body tightens up; your nipples get hard; your pussy tightens and you feel completely impaled by my enormous manhood.

With more than half the bottle of champagne left I yell, "keep riding me slut, I didn't tell you to stop." With your body covered in ice cold champagne, I make you ride me.

Forcing you to dance on my cock, the combination of you taking all of me and being covered in champagne gives you an orgasm like you've never had. It rolls over you as you continue to writhe on my cock knowing and loving that you are download mzansi sextape ebony homemade free dirty sex slave for me to abuse and degrade.

As you moan uncontrollably and cum for minutes I continue giving you a champagne shower. Covered in champagne and your own cum, I pick you up off me and bend you over my bed. While you're still shaking I grab your wrists and hold them behind your back. With my other hand I force your head down. You wouldn't be my slut completely if I didn't fuck you like a dog from behind. With my Hands on your wrists I slam myself into you as hard as I can.

Moaning loudly, blond milf fist fucked in her huge cunt till she squirts back arches as I forcefully drive your head into the bed.

Pulling out, I slap your ass and ram myself into you again. My bed crashes against the wall and you practically fall over. Recoiling from my thrust, you can barely catch your breath before I roughly impale you again. Biting the bed sheet as I leave you no choice but to be fucked hard, your entire ass and pussy are on display. "I'm such a slut for your cock", you say, as you absorb every inch of my massive erection again and again.

Letting go of your wrists I roughly grab your shoulders and drive myself into you as far as I can; your back arches and you freeze as you feel the head of my cock go past your g-spot and hit your cervix. Watching you struggle turns me on even more, making my cock get even fatter inside you - widening your already stretched pussy.

"grind my cock, slut!" I take my hands off your shoulders and horny alena suck off brads big hard dick you grind your slut pussy all over my cock.

I slap your ass. Hard. Leaving my handprint on one ass cheek, I slap the other. As you struggle to keep grinding my dick, I keep slapping your ass. Again and again. And again and again. Soon both of your ass cheeks are red and you are hunched over moaning in pain.

"Did I tell you to stop slut?" "No you didn't sir". "I guess I'm going to have to be rougher with you." Pulling my dick out of you I put two fingers in your soaked pussy. Taking them out, I forcefully put my swollen manhood back in you. Grabbing your curled hair with one hand, I stick my index finger in your ass hole with the other. You writhe as I pull your hair and put my entire finger into you.

Violating both your holes, I fuck you roughly. For minutes I finger your ass and fuck you senselessly. Sticking two fingers in your tight asshole, you beg for me to cum. Suddenly pulling both my cock and fingers out of you I slap your tight ass hole with the head of my cock. Scared with anticipation you tremble as you picture your virgin asshole being ripped apart by my thick manhood.

"Don't worry slut, I'll save your ass for another time." Turning you around by your hair I roughly stick my teamskeet hispanic petite zoey bennett huge cock hardcore fucking in your mouth and pick you up.

Lifting you up against the wall, I line my cock up with your pussy and drop you. Thrusting into you while letting go of you, your entire weight becomes supported by only my thick cock. You scream with pleasure as your feet dangle close to the ground and you cum instantly. Picking you up while your legs shake violently and you moan my name, I keep fucking you senselessly.

As your eyes roll into the back of your head, you warn me that you'll faint. Ignoring your pleas, I keep ravaging you as you orgasm; suddenly you stop scraping my back and go rigid. As your pussy clenches my cock I feel my balls tighten. As you roll into the most intense orgasm of your life I start to fuck you like a man possessed. I moan louder than I've ever moaned before, and with my cock driven in you to the hilt, I shoot stream after stream of my cum in you.

Feeling the warmth of my cum fill you, your orgasm only strengthens. After emptying my balls in you for what seemed liked minutes, I take my penis out of you and stand you up. With your knees shaking badly, spreading your legs for balance, my cum floods out of your blonde teen gets a mouthful of cum pussy like a fountain.

As it trickles down your leg your leg I scoop some of it up and make you lick it off my hands. "Clean up my dick Lisa." Barely able to stand anyway, you drop to your knees and swallow my still erect penis.

Thickly covered in both of our cum you know you have to clean it off and swallow. "You'll learn to love the taste my cum. You're going to swallow it everyday. From now on you're my sex slave. I'm going to cum in your hair, on your face, on your teeth, your tits, down your throat, on your clit, deep in your pussy and deep in your asshole too.

You're going to do everything I say, and you are going to love being my slut. Now get yourself cleaned up, because in an hour or so I'm going to ravage you again." Finger yourself to this. Touch yourself to this right before you see me this weekend and take pictures so I can look at you and know you are my slut.