Sex in car makes her feel well

Sex in car makes her feel well
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Fbailey story number 821 Swim Coaches I was the male swim coach and Emily was the female swim coach. We each had a fairly good team of ten swimmers each. They were pretty well distributed between the ninth through the twelfth grades. We had our own times to use the pool but of course we weren't terribly concerned about keeping the sexes separated. Besides, I rather enjoyed looking at the girls and especially at Emily. I preferred my women in bikinis but the standard one-piece sure fit them well.

I guess the truth is that I really like my women naked.

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So when Emily suggested that we start having her girls race against my boys I was all for it. I could have consulted with my boys but I already knew the answer. In fact they had been asking me to see if the girls would practice with us.

The following day we had agreed to swim together for the double allotted time. We were all in our skintight suits at the start. They were white with just a hint of red around the edges. It was our school's colors, however they did make things very interesting at times. When they got wet some of us guys with very dark pubic hair had a shadow down there. Of course when we got excited we had absolutely no way to conceal it.

All the girls had to contend with was hard nipples because they all shaved their pubic hair off. They had learned that that was a requirement.

Well it was Emily's requirement. When the girls marched out of their changing room Emily looked at me and said, "We might just as well get this over with." She looked at my boys and said, "Okay boys, stand up, put your hands behind your backs, and gawk at my girls." I put my hands behind my back and stared at each of their pussies.

I was surprised to see some dark shadows on three of them. Emily said, "I asked the girls not to shave their pussies just for this occasion." She also had a dark shadow between her legs.

Turning to the girls she said, "Girls, pinch your nipples to get them hard.

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Come on, we discussed this." She looked at us and said, "Feel free to get hard-ons. That's what this is all about. We need to all feel confident about our own bodies." I watched Emily pinch her nipples several times to get those little thermometers to poke out.

Then I watched her run her fingers along both sides of her pussy a few times and then right up the middle of her lips parting them nicely. The other girls followed her lead. My boys and I were all showing off our hard-ons.

Emily said, "Okay girls, it's your turn to stare." She looked at both the raunchy bitch gets nailed in a gangbang cumshot mature and the boys and said, "The view is liable to get better after we all get wet. I know that my pubic hair will show better." The girls giggled and the boys smiled.

To break the tension I said, "Well Emily, I'm certainly looking forward to that." Emily said, "Okay, everybody in the water." Everyone jumped in.

I soon noticed that a few of the girls had dark areolas too. One looked like she had an Italian heritage, another looked Mexican, and one looked like she might possibly be of Indian decent. They were the same girls that had the dark patches over their sweet young pussies.

Emily shouted, "Okay, everyone out. Line up and stare at one another again. Let's get this introduction over with." I know that my erection got bigger from looking at those three girls with the dark nipples and dark pubic hair. I looked over at Emily too but it was those three girls that excited me the most.

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I learned that their names were Sophia, Guadeloupe, and Priya and that their parents were from Italy, Mexico, and India as I had expected. Emily then said, "Okay girls, now we have talked about this before. If we get boys excited on purpose then we need to help them take care of it. Otherwise boys can get blue balls and that is painful. So kneel before the boy that you chose earlier." I was looking right at Emily when Priya knelt before me.

I watched Emily take her place at the end with the boy that is most likely NOT to succeed in life kinky rui shiina enjoys having her body played with by a ton of guys girls or with swimming.

He had red hair, he was skinny, and he had a face full of pimples. However, at that very moment I envied him. Especially, when Emily pulled down his swimsuit and sucked his short skinny cock into her mouth. I was pulled back to reality as Priya pulled down my swimsuit. Priya gasped, "Wow! It's huge." I just looked at that beautiful face as she looked at my average six-inch cock in all its glory.

Priya looked up and whispered, "Don't worry, I can handle it. I've had a lot of practice with my four brothers." Guadeloupe was kneeling right next to her when she stopped sucking Jerry's cock and said, "Only four!

You're lucky. At home I have to suck my three brother's cocks plus my two uncles and my father's cock every night before I can go to bed. Then after my father fucks my mother, I have to eat her pussy too.

It sucks to be the only girl in the family." Their conversation was interrupted by one of the girls vomiting on Kirk's feet while two other girls spit cum out of their mouths.

Emily was swallowing her load. Both girls went back to what they were doing. Guadeloupe deep throated her cock while Priya just barely got half of my cock in her small mouth. I whispered down at her, "You chose me earlier. Why?" Priya sucked the head of my cock as if it were a lollypop. She let it pop out of her mouth then she kissed the little pee hole.

She replied, "Because I knew that Emily wanted you…and I got to pick first." I smiled at her and I noticed Emily checking us out. Sophia was sucking David's cock. I watched him hold the back of her head and start to fuck her face with no regard for her at all. He forced all of his cock between her lips, her eyes opened very wide and they started to bug out. He pulled it out and then he fucked his way back in. On the next out stroke she clamped her teeth into his cock meat and he released her.

He backed up covering his cock with both hands.

Sophia shouted, "You try that again and I'll bite the damn thing off and shove it down your throat." Emily said, "Calm down and stop shouting." Sophia turned toward Emily and said, "I couldn't breathe.

He was fucking my throat. So I bit him." I looked at David and said, "Hey man, when a nice girl like that is sucking your cock just be thankful and enjoy it." The other guys criticized him and then bragged about how wonderful their blowjobs were. I closed my eyes and enjoyed that feeling that starts in your balls and ends with several powerful eruptions. In my case they found their way into Priya's mouth where she swallowed it all.

I lifted Priya up to her feet and bent slightly to kiss her, tasting my own cum. Several boys had watched me and made comments about not kissing a girl afterwards. Priya said, "You boys expect us to suck you off and swallow it but then you aren't even brave enough to kiss us afterwards." Some of the wild oral sex on the raft smalltits hardcore girls said, "If you want anymore blowjobs from us…kiss us…right now." They took a couple of seconds to think it over and then they started to kiss the girls.

Many of the boys made faces but they did it. David was the only one that did not. Kirk made a face but even he kissed his girl after she had thrown up on his feet. I had to respect him for that. Pretty bitch cums another time and another time face sure liked sticking his tongue into Emily's mouth.

Again, I envied him. We practiced swimming for a little over an hour before Emily suggested that we all take a shower together and then get ready to go home. Several of my boys wanted to see the girls naked and then they were wondering what would happen if they got hard again. Priya took my hand and led me into the girl's changing room. She stopped in front of her locker and removed her one-piece to expose her firm young body to me.

I looked at her dark areolas and her slightly darker nipples. Her one-week growth of black pubic hair showed that she was all natural, and that her drapes and rug did indeed match. Her small breasts and her great ass were amazing. She zrazers com sex stories xxx vedio me into the very large shower. It could hold all of us but it would make things very interesting. Priya was washing my cock when a few of the other couples entered.

I saw breasts, pussies, and butts that I had only dreamed of seeing in the past. Emily's body was absolutely perfect in my eyes. I had had many pleasant nights of masturbating to mental images of her.

I was so hard that it was starting to hurt a little. Priya whispered, "I want to give you my virginity." I asked, "What about Emily and the other girls?" Priya replied, "No need to worry about them.

Six of the girls are lesbians and only sucked the boy's cocks because they were forced too. None of fucking petite riley reid long dick pornstars big dick swallowed though, they all spit the cum out.

Then of course Sophia bit that boy's cock and she isn't about to let him fuck her. So Emily is going to have to let eight of the boys fuck her. That just leaves Guadeloupe, Christy, and me to let our guys fuck us. However, I'm still a virgin, they are not." I wasn't about to let anyone see me fuck Priya even though Emily was letting eight of my boys fuck her.

I didn't want to loose my job over having sex with a student. I took Priya out into the locker room and then to the far end near her locker.

I laid that sweet little thing down on the bench there. She was lying lengthwise to it with her feet on the floor. I sat down with my cock close to her pussy as I lifted her legs up over my legs. I asked her if she really wanted to go through with it and she assured me that she did.

I fingered her pussy and found that her hymen was intact. I asked, "Are you absolutely sure that you want to give your virginity to me?" Priya replied, "Oh yes!" I said, "It will hurt a little." She replied, "I know. I'm okay with that." I let the tip of my cock kiss her open pussy lips. I knew that her pussy was slick from poking my finger in a little.

When she gave me the go ahead I poked the whole head in and let it rest against her maidenhead. After she gave me the next nod I pushed in past her hymen tearing it and causing her to cringe. I waited patiently for her to give me the nod again. At that point I pushed, pulled, and pushed it in again. It took a minute or two before I saw her cute little smile. I asked, "Are you okay?" Priya replied, "Yes! It's better now! Thank you for being gentle." I said, "Thank you for giving me your virginity." She smiled and just lay there letting me enjoy the experience for both of us.

She didn't know what to do but I tried to give her some pleasure. She seemed pleased that I was happy about fucking her. What was there not to be happy about? Priya was a young exotic goddess and the only virgin that I had ever had. She was also the youngest girl that I had ever had sex with. My cock had never been inside a sweeter girl or a tighter pussy. The pressure, the friction, and the warmth were very nice and when it was time for my climax I felt like I would never stop cumming inside of her.

She felt the hot sperm being shot into her womb big boobs japanese girl force tsex smiled. She was so pleased that she had been able to make me cum like that. She never gave any thought to her own satisfaction. Someday soon I would show her what she had missed.

I kissed Priya and took her back into the shower. Emily was a little more than halfway through the boys. She was on her knees under a spray of warm water letting the boys take turns fucking her pussy from behind. Pimple face came over to me and said, "Coach Emily is so nice. She is going to let us have another turn. I gave her my virginity and I think that I love her.

Maybe we can do this after all of our practice swims." I looked over at Priya washing her pussy under a spray and said, "That would be nice. That would be very nice." That season we did a lot better than we had in previous years.

The End Swim Coaches 821