Love bonding with sister night

Love bonding with sister night
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My name is John im 32 years old and ive just broken up with my girlfriend of 4 years.

I had been flat hunting for a few weeks until i found this great apartment situated in a 3 storied block, what swayed me probably was a quick encounter with a young flirty girl on the way out. "Hi", i herd this voice from behind me, "are you moving into flat 6"? I turned around and saw this vision of beauty. She stood about 5' 6 slim figure with curly brown long hair. "Maybe" i replied "it seems pretty cool here". " Well im Debbie, i live in flat 4 with my Mother, it would blue eyed blonde katie gets hammered by legendary lexington steele interracial and hardcore cool to have someone younger living here, as everyone else in this block is about 60" With that i said, "well its the best place ive seen so far, and you might have just convinced me", she let out a little chuckle as i walked out the door.

I took the flat almost straight away. The next week i moved in on the Saturday. Debbie and her Mother Maggie(who was also hot, in a cougar type of way) helped me move a few things from the van to my flat and also provided some drinks. I spent the rest of the weekend moving in, as i had an early start on Monday at work, so i wanted to get most of it done.

Monday came, i left for work earlier than usual as i knew it would be a new route. But i got in pretty quickly and had a pretty much unremarkable day so left pretty early. I got home about 4pm, i was in for the shock of my life. There was Debbie with another girl dressed in a school uniform.

My heart sank in disappointment, but at the same time my eyes were transfixed, because, i have to say it, the uniform was hot. A short pleated skirt and knee high socks and her shirt with to many buttons undone, i have to be honest, she looked even hotter.

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"Hi John", she said, "This is my friend Katie, i was just talking about you, were your ears burning?" as a lovely smile came across her face. "Nothing bad i hope", i said uneasily. "No, just saying a cute guy had moved into flat 6" she said.

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"Im gonna find this man and chuck him out of my flat" I said with a wink. I walked into my flat, by this time I had a full hard on. I could just see them outside my window as I masturbated. I felt it was wrong, but is didn't stop me doing it a lot in the next week or so.

A week and a bit had passed, I had a half day at work, which was good because the weather was atrocious, I haven't seen rain this heavy in years, so I decided to go home and play video games all night. Soon as I got in I put the heating on and changed into some shorts and a t shirt.

I was maybe a hour and a half into my session, when the buzzer went. "Hello" I said. " Errrr hi yeah this is Debbie from flat 4, ive lost my keys and my Mom wont be back for hours and Katie lives miles away, any chance you could let me in im soaked".

"Sure, come up" and I let her in. She was soaked through, to the point her school shirt was almost invisible.

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I tried not to look, but she looked so fine, all wet. I handed her a towel and pointed to my bedroom and told her "That's my room, you can go into there to dry yourself, and the wardrobe there is a box of stuff that belonged to my ex, there might be something for you to change into, I will put the kettle on and make a hot drink".

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She just said "thank you" while shivering. I made the hot drink and left it on the table. I started playing my computer again, maybe 10 min had passed, still no sign of her. I was starting to think maybe she was snooping.

I don't think I left anything bad in there, but you never know. Another 10 mins passed and then the door opened and she said "Ta-Da", I looked around and all she was wearing was a oversized t shirt my ex used to sleep in. "This was all I could find" she said falling onto the sofa. The t shirt fit her perfectly, the whole of her flawless legs were on show, and you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra anymore, because the nipples were as erect as my cock.

She sat there covering her legs with the t shirt while I tried to concentrate on the game, but it was clear my concentration was broken as I kept dying. "You suck at this game" she said. "I think ive been playing to long now" I said waiting for my cock to go limp before I switched it off.

I finally was able to switch it off, and I sat on the opposite end of the sofa from Debbie. I turn to Debbie and said "Well Debbie, don't you have any home work to do". "You teasing me", she said and giving me a little kick.

When she kicked me I couldn't help but notice her white panties, my cock started to get hard again. "I saw you" said Debbie as I looked startled, "you were looking at my panties wasn't you". "Err no I I I" was all I american housewife brenda masturbating on the couch muster as I started to sweat.

"I caught you looking" she said with a wink. "Here have a proper look", with that she lifted up the t shirt to reveal the legs and bright white panties. "Listen I don't think this is appropriate" I said, "you're to young to be doing this".

"Im 16" she said, "fully legal and its not like im a virgin", "And I can see not all of you thinks its not appropriate".

She was talking about the now massive bulge in my crotch. Cocksucking old bitch takes it in the ass that she moved closer. I should have stopped her, but my body didn't want her to stop.

It was definitely body over mind. Her cold hand moved into my shorts while our lips pressed together. Our tongues explored each others mouths as her hand fumbled about. My hand started slowly rising up her leg, her skin was the softest I have ever felt, I reached the top and slid my fingers inside her panties she was soaking wet. As a slid my finger over her clit I felt her body tense up and she let out a little moan. With that she pulled back and sat across me, lifting the t shirt completely off.

There she was a figure of beauty. She had a flawless body, ripe and ready to be plucked. Her breasts were a pert b cup, were perfect, my tongue twisted and turned an I nibbled on her nipples as she pulled my t shirt off, I pulled my shorts off. Her eyes lit up when she saw my cock.

Im not a big man, about 6.5'' but I think this was a hard as ive been ever. She dropped down and started licking it straight away. Although she wasn't an expert, she knew what she was doing, licking the shaft while playing with my balls, until I couldn't take it any more. I lifted her up and laid her down on my sofa, I slipped her white panties off her and gave them a little sniff.

She giggled and said "you can keep them". I moved on top of her sliding my cock slowly inside her, I felt her body tense. I moved In and out slowly at first, it was easier than I thought because he was soaking wet.

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I started gathering pace and I herd her breathing increase. "Oooooh yes" she said and I gathered pace. I felt her body tense as she wrapped her legs around me, she then let out one big "yessssss" as she came…she felt even wetter, I just kept going faster and faster until my cock exploded deep inside her.

We collapsed onto the sofa. Our sweaty bodies spooning each other in an uneasy silence when the silence was broken by the buzzer… This is my first story, so all input would be welcomed, and would anyone want to read more.