Sadie sexton knows that all jail deals go down in

Sadie sexton knows that all jail deals go down in
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The Artist Ch.2 By Jax_Teller©2016 From Chapter 1 As I put my feet on the floor I looked for my clothes and then I saw them folded neatly on the chair.

I went over to pick the pants up and noticed a note. Sheila had written her number on the note and said thank you for a wonderful morning. So the dream was real and she was real and for once in a long time I wasn't focused on the design or the shop, or the business, all I could think of is how wonderful she made me feel. Sex was sex, and that part was great but I felt a real connection with her, as if she had been made just for me.

Chapter 2 I arrived at the shop and Slim and busty blonde rides a cock nodded at a woman looking through the flash art. As the woman turned I recognized her from the play party. It was Natasha, and I walked over to her and put my arms out offering a hug and she reciprocated and we hugged.

She had a very distinctive fragrance about her not like a perfume, more like an essential oil. I asked her about the tattoo she was considering, and she produced a drawing, so I asked her to come back to my studio. I directed her the Barber chair I use for tattooing, and she stepped up and sat down.

She had a tee shirt on and yoga pants with a tiny skirt, which all seemed to flow together, not just thrown on. I took the computer rendered drawing and looked it over and asked her where she wanted it. The drawing was a set of wings and she told me she'd like the tattoo to flow down from the base of her skull with the wings on her shoulders.

She wasn't sure what she wanted in the center between the wings, and said she was looking for ideas.

I told her that I could do the tattoo in sections, giving her time to decide on rebecca linares rebecca gets a hardcore army brat welcome center piece.

I asked her if she would like to do a computer generated view of placement. She agreed that would be very cool, and I asked her to sit on the table and to remove the tee shirt from her back, so I could get a picture of her back. She did as I asked and I took the picture of her back and uploaded it to my computer. I scanned the drawing of the wings and digitally placed them on the picture of her back. The I roughly drew in the connecting veins and tendons to the base of her skull.

With Natasha's input I manipulated the images to her liking. She commented how wonderful it was to be able to see what it would look like before the ink went into the skin.

I asked her when she would like to get the work done and she said that she had another question. I said sure and she asked about the pain. I said tattooing is painful, but most are more than able to tolerate the pain for what they want.

She asked if there was a way to dull the pain and I told her about being relaxed and that there is a topical cream I could use. She said that she had a certain reaction to pain that she thought would be best avoided in this situation. I told her that I needed to know what the reaction was in case I would need to assist her in some way. She said well frankly she was sexually excited by pain and her orgasms were extenuated by a pain catalyst. I told her that is a common response, and that in the privacy of my studio would not be a problem.

She said really, she thought she was a freak, and I told her no that it was a common side effect. Caught in the act august ames told me she had wanted a tattoo for some time but had hesitated because she didn't want to have that reaction in the semi public booths most tattooists have.

I told her about the other services that I offer and that is why my studio is private and that all my booths have privacy options. I asked her if she cared that I witnessed her orgasm while tattooing. She said that as long I wasn't offended or whatever that she didn't care.

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I told her that it would not be a problem at all, smiling at her and she said OK then so we scheduled an appointment for Monday. The shop was closed on Mondays except for appointments. I checked and none of the other artists had any appointments scheduled and I texted them, that the shop would be closed including appointments.

Natasha and Erik showed up at three pm as we had scheduled and I took them to my studio. Erik admired my setup and Natasha told him about the computer generated graphics and I showed him the picture of the tattoo and placement. I confirmed that Natasha still wanted it just as it was on the screen and printed out a stencil. I asked her if she was ready and she seemed very anxious and happy to be getting it done. I asked her to take her blouse off and as she took her blouse off, she reminded me of her pain issue.

I said no problem,and she said it would probably be a good idea to remove the rest of her clothes too. I said sure no problem, and Erik handed her a towel he had in a bag he was carrying when he came in. She asked so how do you want me to sit. I said on the chair straddling it would be best, and she put the towel down and sat on it. As I rolled up behind her and adjusted my stool height, I noticed her pear shaped butt. I sprayed her upper back down and placed the stencil on her neck first and smoothed it down her shoulders and back, checking the position.

I pulled the stencil and showed her it in a hand mirror confirming it was correct, and she agreed. I picked up my tattoo gun checked the settings and loaded an ink well. I began tattooing the outline and Natasha was very still, barely flinching at the first touch of the needle. I noticed she was holding her breath and told her to relax through the pain, and if she needed to stop just to let me know.

She nodded, and I kept working, about twenty minutes into the tattoo, I noticed her starting to squirm some. Usually that is a sign that the persons pain threshold was near, and I kept a closer eye on her reactions. As I moved to the next line down from the base of her skull Natasha twitched slightly and I lifted the needle.

She said oh God please keep going, and I realized she was very close to her pain threshold, but unlike most people who would look for a break, she wanted more.

I had witnessed this before and just kept on working, no faster or harder, just kept on. I worked along a line that went over the shoulder and down her arm, a very sensitive area and Natasha moaned. I continued working, she adjusted herself and as I resumed I could feel the heat of her skin and feel the ever so slight rocking in the chair.

Forty five minutes into the Tattoo I had the base out line done and I was ready for a break. I told her I was at a good place for a break and was going to stop for a short break. She said thank you and turned around standing up as I backed away from her. The towel under her was wet where her pussy had been. Erik commented first and Natasha looked at the towel. She made no apology and said they don't call me a pain slut for nothing. I stepped out to relieve myself, and when I older amateur couple film their first hardcore sex video back out of the toilet Erik was balls deep fucking her.

Natasha saw me come out and said I hope you don't mind, and quickly added you are welcome to join us if you'd like or we could get back to the tattoo. Erik never stopped fucking her as she spoke to me and the poor guy looked like he wanted to come before getting back to the tattoo. I walked over to her and slid my pants down pulling my cock out. I asked her to change position and she did as I said; Erik following the pussy cock in hand. Natasha's head hung over the side of the table and Erik was plowing her pussy on the other side.

I slid my cock in her mouth and fucked it like a flashing dick stranger help handjob. I looked at her tits and tweaked the nipples a few times getting a moan on my cock for my attention.

I decided to take a chance and began slapping her tits one erotic sweetie opens up slim twat and loses virginity then the other. She moaned and held her tits up for me to slap and I did only harder.

Erik pulled out and shot a huge wad of come on her belly and some got on her tits. He stepped back and sat down and I stepped around the table and pulled Natasha to her belly, leaving her bent over the table.

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I barked at her to pull her cheeks apart and she did immediately. I stabbed her pussy a few times and then lifted my cock and shoved the head of my cock in her asshole. She screamed Oh My God and shook slightly, and the the flood of girl juice as I slammed lesbians teens fuck feet girlchums toying each other cock deeper in her ass. I was plowing in and out of her and She must have sensed I was going to come because she barked at Erik telling him to get on his knees.

Frankly I really didn't care because I was going to come, where it went really didn't matter much to me. Natasha began begging me to come in Erik's mouth over and again and I said shut the fuck up and pulled my cock from her asshole and jerked it in the direction of Erik's open waiting mouth.

Natasha slid down next to him and took hold of my cock siding it in and out of his mouth and then hers. Finely I stepped back and the two of them swapped my come in a deep kiss. I sat back on to my stool and Natasha asked if I wanted to continue the Tattoo. I told her in a few minutes and she said when you are ready, and told Erik to get dressed. She asked if I enjoyed myself and I said that I had. She asked about coming in Erik's mouth, and I told her I was Bisexual and that didn't mean that I paid for sex.

We three laughed at that. I told her I was ready and she got back into position in the chair and I went back to work, tattooing eighteen inches above the asshole I'd been fucking a few minutes ago.

Natasha asked if I'd ever fucked anyone while tattooing them and I said not yet. The rest of the session went smoothly and the base was laid down so the next time I would do the color and shading. They invited me to a different oily wet busty brunette on webcam teasing than the one I had met them at and told me that there was less kinky show offs and way more fucking.

I asked if would be acceptable to bring Sheila with me. They said it would be cool and said that Lisa maybe there too. After they left I called Sheila and asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner, and she said yes, but Italian, she had a place in mind. I asked if it was OK if I picked her up, and she agreed and gave me her address. I went home and showered and when I pulled up in front of the address Sheila had given me I checked that I had wrote it down right because the place looked like an abandoned warehouse.

I was looking at the memo I had made with the address, when Sheila came out of a door that looked like it should have been welded shut.

As we drove away it reminded me of a scene from the Movie Pretty women. Sheila directed me to the Italian restaurant and when I pulled up it looked like a dump from the outside. I opened the door for Sheila and as we walked in the smells of old school Italian cuisine filled my heart. The greeter came over and hugged Sheila and said so who is this young man referring to me, as she directed us to a table. Sheila said he is a friend. They closed shortly after we had ordered but continued to bring us dishes to try.

As we sat and ate the quality of the food was second only to the overwhelming warmth the family served us.

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When we got back in my car Sheila said that they were the closest thing to family she had. I trainee lezzie girls get their spread snatches licked and nailed if she wanted to come home with me or wanted to go back to her place. She chose to come home with me, and we talked about the design some and she described the routine she was working on for the display.

When we got to my place she asked if I would like to see what she had in mind so far. I agreed and sat in the living room, as she pulled up the music and prepared herself. The music was heavy in base and an electric violin, and as the music played she stripped her clothes off and then did a series of twists and turns, dropping to her knees and then she was flipped and was on her back her legs flailed open and she was running her hands all over the places I had in my design.

In the end it was obvious to me that she was putting a lot of time and effort into making the choreography as interesting as the design. When the music ended she said so what do you think, and I applauded her, and praised the routine. She came over and we snuggled on the couch and watched the early news. I was getting drowsy and dozed off, and was awakened by Sheila turning off the television. She said come on lets go to bed. As we laid in bed naked I told her that I wanted to discuss our arrangement and I told her that I think she should get a higher percentage being her choreography would really bring the presentation together.

She said oh that arrangement, and I went on to say that was the working part of what I wanted to talk about. She said there's more? Making like she had no idea what I could mean, and I told her I wanted to have a relationship with her, that I wanted to date.

She smiled and we hugged, and then I told her that for me the relationship wasn't about sex, that it was about our soul spirits, and that I was truly interested in her. She smiled at me again and said that is how she looked at things as well. We woke still holding each other and continued our conversation as we started getting up. Sheila was more serious now, and I feared she was rethinking a commitment.

She told that she was no virgin to which we both laughed some, and then she told me about stripping and how some times when she needed to she would fuck a customer for money. I listened intently and when she paused for my reaction I told her I didn't see how that was my business and that even if it were my business, it didn't matter to me.

She was so relieved and then I told her that I had some thing to tell her too. I went on to tell her that I was bisexual and had been in an actual relationship with a male, and at a different time with a male-female couple.

She said it didn't bother her and that she'd been in a short term live in relationship as the unicorn, to which we both laughed.

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The mood lightened as we openly and honestly discussed our pasts, and came to the conclusion that sex was not something that either of owned or controlled over the other.

The open relationship scenario was discussed and we came to the conclusion that as long as we were open and honest that sex was not a limiting factor in our relationship.

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It was as if we had found the person we'd each been looking for, and Sheila said OK, one more thing. I said OK, and she said that she likes to be sexually submissive and can be a pain slut at times. I said to what end and she said she liked to be controlled, spanked, whipped and was open to discuss more. I said that I had sensed that about her and that upon reflection I would be happy to step into my natural role of dominance.

The End Chapter 2 ideal teenie is geeting urinated on and ejaculates wet snatch Jax_Teller©2016