Knocking the back out of her tight pussy

Knocking the back out of her tight pussy
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Donna's Lesbian Circle by BrettJ © 2010 At first, Donna Rayburn thought moving to the small community would be the death of her. Boredom would be her constant companion and if there was one thing Donna could not abide, it was boredom.

The long-legged 30-year old brunette had fought a war on tedium since she was a young age. Her mother always told Donna she was smarter and prettier than her classmates and Donna had no problem believing it. She stood out in a crowd by 11, by 13; she was almost her current height of 5'11".

She had a figure that stopped traffic at a young age. She was a straight-A student and very popular with her classmates, but dated rarely. Boys followed her with their tongues hanging out, but Donna wasn't interested.

She knew there street walker waiting for brutal bbc orgasm something better for her out there. Her mother encouraged to use her best assets her beauty first and her brains, second.

Donna was a pragmatist; she entered beauty contests by the boatload and won a few. The last one she didn't win, she walked away with one of the biggest prizes … she hooked one of the judges. Ken Rayburn was a successful man who had become a millionaire by the time he was 30.

Many companies used his office programs and he was well-known as a philanthropist. Where Ken had not been successful was in his private life.

Ken had dated many attractive and sometimes infamous women, but at 40, he remained single. Some of his relationships had flamed out spectacularly. Donna got a good look at Judge's Row and sized things up nicely. She was determined not to blow it, she oozed the charm and sensuality she had in her arsenal and directed it at the newly-single Ken. His last relationship had burned out in the Tabloids, so she knew just what pitfalls to avoid.

Ken waited a week before calling her and asking her to dinner. She put him off a bit, played the game and when she finally agreed to go out with him, Donna played it coy.

She kept him on the line for a month before sleeping with him. It was unspectacular sex, but Donna had never found a man that could give her the blistering, mind-numbing orgasms she craved, the kind some of her girlfriends raved about. She liked Ken and came to, in her own way, adore him. But she would have been content to maintain a casual relationship and not go beyond that. That wasn't going to cut it for Ken. He wanted a life-time companion and he wanted a full-on life. Donna felt as if she was being backed against a wall, but as her mother constantly told her, her brains were her second-best asset.

She did some heavy thinking and knew what to do to assuage her suitor. She made a counter-proposal to Ken. She would marry him and be his companion, she'd think about children at a future date, but at 25, that option was off the table.

For the first years of their marriage, she wanted to take advantage of having a multi-millionaire for a husband. She wanted to see the world and take advantage of all the benefits wealth could provide for them both. Ken had no issue prince yahshua and richelle ryan that … he'd been rich for quite some time now, but he could understand how someone like Donna, from humble circumstances, would need to see other sights.

He liked her hometown and actually could see himself living there someday. Ken had never liked New York or the hustle and bustle he had grown up in.

Donna saw the world, she got a chance to be photographed in some very posh settings and she met very interesting people. It was one of those "interesting" people who pointed out the reason for Donna's discontent with her marriage. Donna had confessed to her friend Lea over Martini's at a well-known nightclub in New York that she had never enjoyed an orgasm with her husband. "In fact, I've never had an orgasm with any man," Donna sighed as she poured out her life story to Lea.

She was just inebriated enough to let down her guard, for normally, Donna kept her cards close. "Darling, have you ever wondered if perhaps you play for the other team?" Lea asked her candidly. "What? Oh no, I'm no lesbian … I like men," Donna told her. "You might like them, but I don't think you desire them," Lea countered. "I've been sitting here for the past 45 minutes and you've told me about all these men you've been with, several of them were attractive or intelligent and successful, yet not one of them has satisfied you?

Don't you find that a bit odd?" "I honestly hadn't until you pointed it out, Lea," Donna smiled. "You honestly think I might be a lesbian?" "Either that or you're like me, bi-sexual. I think your passions are for women, yes. If you like, I could help you find out," Lea grinned, brushing her blonde forelock from her face and looking into Donna's dark eyes.

"How would we do that?" Donna asked. Lea sighed. "For such a smart young woman, you can be obtuse at times. I'm talking about our going to bed together, having sex.

I've been interested in you for a while and I'd never have pressed it, I think this is an avenue you need to explore. If you're willing, I'd be happy to guide you and see if this is the right path for you," Lea offered.

"I can't, Lea … Ken …" "Would never know Donna, I have a lovely, spacious apartment nearby and we're already friends.

I believe you love your husband, but you're not IN love with him. Donna, you lead an exciting life, but you're not satisfied. Don't you deserve more?" Lea asked in her blunt, forthright manner. Donna nodded. "Yes, I suppose I do. I couldn't ask for a lovelier partner and I'm not going to wait the rest of my life for sexual satisfaction, you have a good point there.

All right Lea … let's go back to your apartment, Ken is in Tokyo on business, so there's no time like the present." The present led to the future. Lea played Donna's tall, slender body like a flute, using her lips to draw sensual sounds from her new lover, making her instrument sing with pleasure.

Donna had never felt so alive, as Lea's tongue plucked at her nipples, slathered through the walls of her cunt and slithered all over her body, Donna came to the realization that Lea had been correct. Women might just be her turn-on.

Lea taught her new lover the pleasures a woman could provide and was a wonderful instructor who taught Donna how to pleasure as well. Lea had wonderful friends who were quite willing and able to share their bodies with Lea and Donna, either together or solo. Lea enjoyed the company of Vicca, Francesca, Anita, Felecia and many others.

She was happier in her marriage and more content with Ken, even though she still couldn't enjoy sex with him. Still, as long as she was able to have her liaisons, she was relatively content. The intelligence and sensuality she shared with her lovers was enough to satisfy the needs that Ken could not. Then, Ken dropped his bombshell. Ken huge penis fucking tiny pussy striptease hardcore to slow down the pace of his life and so, he had purchased the home of one of her parent's friends back in her hometown.

He had thought she'd be happy to be near family and friends again and wasn't at all prepared for her reaction. They fought, the largest of their entire marriage to date.

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Donna screamed and yelled and ranted and raved and stomped her feet and cried. She had worked her entire life to get away from that town, that life and now Ken was dragging her back? She had no intention of going, Donna told him, in no uncertain terms. Ken countered by telling sinfully asian pornstar hottie with bit tits annie cruz gives bj young bride that they had been married less then 10 years and that he would be able to divorce her easily and with his team of lawyers, assure that Donna would get comparatively very little in the settlement.

Donna felt defeated. She didn't want to leave New York and all of her playmates. As usual, it was Lea who came up with the perfect solution. They were enjoying a wonderful afternoon in Lea's new loft, the other women would be joining them later in the evening. Ken was away putting the final touches on their upcoming move.

The pair had just shared a little "afternoon delight" and Lea was stretched out alongside Donna, still enjoying the smooth planes of her lover's form. "I know you're upset darling," Lea told her friend, still trying to quell the rage within her. "But you needn't be. You'll still be able to travel whenever Ken is out of town, we'll still see each other, although not as much.

But it seems so simple to me … why don't you find lovers in your new community?" Donna tried to explain that in the small town she had grown up in, that just wasn't likely.

Lea grinned and told her not to be so foolish, opportunities were everywhere if you just knew where to look for them. Of course, despite Donna's objections that Lea's theory was ridiculous, Lea proved to be absolutely right, as always. Pretty little Ashley Forbes walked by, interrupting Donna's reminiscing.

"Was that Mr.

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Rayburn I saw leaving about 20 minutes ago?" Ashley asked Donna. Ashley and her mother Christina lived next door, the 16 year old was a sunshine-bright blonde who seemed perpetually happy. "Yes, it was. He's away on a business trip for the next little while.

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Don't you have school?" Donna asked her young neighbor. "I cut the minute I saw him leave," Ashley said, approaching Donna. "Does this mean you'll have time for me today?" Donna sighed as Ashley neared her. "I suppose it does, you little scamp." Ashley stood on tiptoe and Donna leaned over to match the 6-inch difference in their height.

They kissed and the kiss grew hotter, more scandalous. "You'd better get your ass inside and in the bedroom before anyone sees you," Donna cautioned.

Ashley giggled and ran inside, Donna watching the sway of the younger girl's buttocks under the short tennis skirt she wore. She knew playing with the sweet nymphet was the biggest risk she had taken to date, but she was forbidden fruit and it appealed to her.

She knew what boy sex boy com sex stories would find once she got into her bedroom and she was right. Ashley was already totally naked and fingering her neatly-trimmed, blonde cunt. "I'm soooo horny, come and get me," Ashley sighed. Donna didn't waste any time getting out of her clothes, she joined the petite blonde on the bed and clamped her face to Ashley's soaked cunt.

Her educated tongue elicited a howl from Ashley and the tiny blonde began to thrash about the bed. Donna knew that she was doing something she shouldn't, but rationalized it by the fact that Ashley was of the age of consent here and it had been Ashley who had come on to her.

Ashley was a true little nympho and lived for sex with other girls, she had lots of lovers her own age and she was able to lure them in by using the tricks Donna had taught her in bed. From Lea to Donna to Ashley … the lessons were passed down. "FUCK, I missed this," Ashley groaned as Donna came up for air. Donna leaned forward and let Ashley clean some of her own juices from Donna's lips.

"What are you talking about, it's only been a month?" Donna smiled as Ashley began working her way down Donna's perfect body. "A month away from this hot pussy of yours is too much," Ashley moaned as her fingers began to work in and out of Donna's pussy. Donna couldn't believe just how fast Ashley had picked up the tricks of pleasing a woman, the little teen was a lesbian natural. "Speaking of which, you had better pay Mom a visit, I think she needs you," Ashley said as she began to eat Donna.

Donna was gasping and couldn't speak, but she nodded her agreement. Ashley's mother Christina had been an old High School acquaintance of Donna's. Happy to have someone she knew living so close, she renewed their acquaintance and started becoming friends. Christina had once been a curvy redheaded beauty but was starting to lose her sex appeal.

Donna made it her mission to help Christina get it back, they swam in Donna's pool, joined a gym and ran or bicycled as often as they could. Within a scant number of months, Christina was as beautiful as ever, perhaps even more so. Christina had no idea Donna had an ulterior motive. Donna found Christina's redheaded sexuality very appealing and she wanted to see if her neighbor could be lured to the other side. With flattery, a bit of subtle conversation and some teasing, it wasn't long before Christina was enjoying her first lesbian experience.

Then her second, her third, and so forth. Christina was happily bi-sexual and enjoyed sex with her husband, but found the times with Donna far more fulfilling. She came out of her shell and began dressing more provocatively, with far more panache than she had before. Christina's friends began to compliment her and she mentioned this to Donna. "Everyone's saying how sexy I look," Christina said, her long legs were in Donna's lap as they watched TV one afternoon.

She was wearing stiletto heels and tastefully made up, the frump of months ago was long gone. "I'd love to show them why I look so sexy," Christina confessed. "DO it!" Donna enthused. "I won't be jealous; I'd love to hear about you and some of those other bitches. Show them why my sexy baby is a shark for cunt and then once you get them indoctrinated, we can share!" Donna was now climbing the walls with heat, so she pulled Christina to the bedroom so her lover could put out the fires.

Donna hadn't expected the next event in her life. Ashley walked by one afternoon and commented "My Mom looks so happy these days and she's perky tits babe drilled by pawn keeper in his pawnshop nicer. I think I know why." Donna was sure Ashley had no idea why, but she was wrong. Ashley approached her and said "I know you and my Mom are having sex, I can tell. It's okay, I'm cool with it … but I want equal treatment." Donna protested, but it was weak.

She thought Christina's young daughter was delectable and if the teen could be discreet, she was going for it.

She showed Ashley the bedroom and began her lessons that afternoon. At barely 16, Donna hadn't expected Ashley to catch on so quickly, but she was a natural.

Ashley's tongue was deep inside Donna's cum; she was close to making Donna cum for a 3rd time. She moved up on was tit-to-tit against the tall brunette. "When are we going to party?" Ashley pouted. "I have some yummy girls lined up, just say the word." "Soon baby, soon," Donna said. She knew it was inevitable; Ashley wanted to share her busty girl showing her assets into cam masturbation big tits some of her younger friends.

She was so tempted; there were a few girls that made her mouth water. Like Barbie, an exquisite little redhead who looked more like Christina than Ashley did.

Latasha, a 17-year old black girl who modeled for Lingerie Catalogs. Kat, an Asian stunner who had a knowing look on her face that seemed to say she could satisfy ANY carnal desire. Donna had seen pictures of all of the girls and wanted to cave, but she thought patience was a virtue.

Everything in moderation, so that Ken never found out. Donna knew she was going to continue her lifestyle and was even grateful she had moved back home.

She got to visit her parents, here she was the Grande Dame of the area and there were women she would never have expected to find in her bed.

An old High School rival named Julia, who was taller than Donna at 6'1", had seen her in the Coffee Shop yesterday and been overly friendly. Donna felt a spark that had never been there earlier … had their rivalry merely covered mutual desire? She wanted to invite the busty woman over for "lunch" soon and see if she could enjoy some "fine dining". With her sex life back on track, Christine and Ashley and potentially Julia to enjoy, Donna was once again content.

On Ken's next business trip, she thought she might fly to New York to visit Lea. Perhaps bring her a little present? The only decision she had to make was which gift would be nicer? Yummy little Ashley with her snaky, pink tongue and petite body? Her mother Christina, with her flaming red hair and earthy sensuality? Oh well … she didn't have to decide right now!