Skirt facial first time thank grandma for that ass

Skirt facial first time thank grandma for that ass
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Kim walked around her newly furnished home with a smile of satisfaction on her face. She had just moved into the neighborhood a week ago and was just now getting settled in. A sigh of satisfaction passed her soft pink lips.

She sister brd rom gum sex clad in a white dress that was cut low enough at the top to show off her marvelous breasts which it clung tightly to, and cut high enough at the bottom to cover just below her upper thigh.

A golden necklace around her neck and the little charm resting in her cleavage. Kims long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and curled slightly at the ends.

Her blue eyes scanned over the new home. Silent and serene, just how she enjoyed it. But the peace and quiet would only last so long, for the new neighbors weren't exactly the most quiet people on the block. Kim had moved into a town where the population was mostly black. It wasn't the ghetto, but it wasn't the best part of town either. When you're a daddy's girl and you finally get kicked out, you have to go somewhere right? So she settled for a nice, two floor home on the east side of the city.

Though she wasn't technically IN the ghetto, she was close. She sighed a small little sigh of frustration. The music that her neighbors were playing was far from her realm of what she considered music. To her, they were just playing really loud noise. With her arms crossed, she stepped out onto the porch and yelled to the men with a bossy yet quiet tone.

"Could you please turn that noise down!" she shouted over the racket. The two black men sitting in the car in the driveway of the neighboring house just eyed her up and down and then looked to each other and grinned. The first man in the passenger seat leaned over to his friend in the drivers seat and spoke.

"Hey, check out the new neighbor. Looks like we got a snowflake out this way." he chuckled. The driver smirked.

"Seems so, we might just have to give cute amateur brunette girl with glasses fucked on the bus hardcore and blowjob a little house warmin' gift." he laughed and bumped the other mans knuckles. They turned the music down and smiled to the girl. "How you gonna treat your neighbors like that, girl? You've been here all of ten minutes and you actin' like you run the spot." the driver said as he opened the door and got out of the car.

The man in the passenger seat got out as the driver circled around the back of the car and they both leaned onto the car lazily and looked the girl up and down. "W-well, I just can't concentrate when that noise is booming outside my house." she stammered, sounding intimidated.

This made the black men smile as they walked toward her porch. "Oh? Well, you must not have been properly introduced to the 'hood yet, girl." the driver of the car said. "There is a chain of command here and you, as the new member of the 'hood, are at the bottom of that chain." he spoke as both men closed in on her porch.

They were only about half a foot away from the woman now. Her blue eyes darted from man to man and then to the ground. She was easily defeated.

"Oh.well, I.I just wanted some quiet is all. But I get what you are saying. I'm sorry." she appologized. The two men knew this would be too easy now. They stepped onto the porch and were very close to the woman. She eyed them up and down. Both clad in black baggy jeans.

One man wearing tiffany pierce on woodman casting L.A Lakers basketball jersey over a t-shirt and the other wearing a Detroit Lions football jersey. She had seen men like these on Cops. She was a bit sheltered in her early life and never came into contact with many african americans.

The driver of the car draped his arm around her shoulders. "You see baby, we are the block captains and we can tell when a neighbor may be trouble.

And it just so happens that YOU are up for additional screening before you can be considered a welcome member of the neighborhood." he grinned.

This made Kim's heart leap into her throat. "And just what is this additional screening?" she asked in a shy tone. The black man that was in the passenger seat pushed her door open and the driver lead her into the house.

As they crossed the threshold of her house the driver let her go, shut the door and locked it. Kim turned quickly. "What's going on?" she asked with a bit of worry in her voice. The two men eyed her up and down and then spoke. "Well, we need to make sure you aint carryin' no illegal drugs or weapons on your person. We don't want that shit in our hood." the driver tampa white girl satin nightie and panties with a grin on his face as he stepped closer.

"So we need to strip search ya." he said as he pushed the straps of her dress over her shoulders and down her arms.

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Kim quickly jumped back. "Hey! What the fuck!" she exclaimed, scared.

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The dress fell and exposed her white thong and matching lace bra. The stepped close to her and stuffed his hand down the front of her thong and began rubbing her clit with one hand while holding her tightly with the other. [To be continued]