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All story step san sex mom hotel room
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Rock bottom. That's what I saw when I looked into my coffee cup on that day, I had half a teaching degree and enough money to get another coffee. I lit my last cigarette and raised the empty cup up to the view of the waitress, she gave me a slight nod brought over the jug. Three days ago I was submitting my paper on Youth Education, the path that was a head of me on that day was endless.

My tutor took the paper an gave me a little wink, telling me that if my paper was anything like my ass he couldn't wait to get into it. With out a second thought, I slapped him. Maybe it was the stress of the work, the paper I'd written, or something.

But my slap left a hand mark on his face for hours. He told the University that it wasn't what he said. Saying if my paper was as good as my Last, he couldn't wait to get into it.

I called him a liar and looked like a stupid child whilst doing it. I was suspended and have a hearing set for next month. In the mean time I was told to relax, take some time out for myself. So sitting outside of a coffee shop feeling sorry for myself was the way to go. Or at least, that's what I thought anyway. ''Lauren?'' A voice came from behind me, I turned around in my seat and saw Janet, one of the mothers I used to babysit for back when I was fifteen.

''Janet, Hi. Hows it going?'' I asked as she amateur redhead milf fuck on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg a seat at the table and smiled, ''All fine thank you, how about you?'' she asked. ''Well, it looks as though my degree is in the toilet, at least for now anyway. So pretty sucky to be honest.'' I told her. ''I don't know if this is fate, or just one hell of a coincidence, but you remember my boys?'' she asked.

I remembered her three brats, sure. She had Triplets. ''Tyler, Milo and Leo? Of course I do.'' I replied. ''Well, they're eighteen now and there doesn't seem to be a college in the world that wants them, they dropped out from school, and by drop out I mean that two of them were kicked out and Leo just just kind of followed them out the door.

Short of sending them off to boot camp I don't know what to do any more.'' She told me, ''Janet that's horrible.'' I told her.

In truth, it was a future I had predicted for them. They were a few years younger than I was when I was babysitting them. Tyler and Milo had the hormones of fully grown men, but Leo was always the quieter one that deepthroating and riding one eyed monster scene his brothers around like a lost and obedient puppy.

Janet ran a hand through her hair, brushing it aside before continuing, ''Then a friend suggested home tutoring, they get the education while being at home.

I didn't think much about it until now. See their main problem is having to do the interview. If they can ace that then there's a greater chance of being accepted. Of course Leo is always ready to listen and learn, but the others, not so much.'' ''So what're you saying?'' I asked her. She looked at me with what seemed like her last ditch effort, ''Lauren, I was wondering if you could tutor them for a week or two, get them ready for the interview.'' she told me, I was beginning to think she was crazy.

''I'd be willing to pay, of course. But if you spare a few hours of the day then coming over and teaching them something would be money well spent. I could tell the college board that I've hired a private home tutor and then beg them for a second interview, while at the same time giving you some experience.'' she said.

''I don't even think it would be legal on my part, I'm not qualified.'' I told her. ''You are as far as I'm concerned.'' she shot back, ''Besides, all you would be technically doing is talking to them.'' She then took out a pen an wrote her number down on a napkin before getting to her feet, ''Please think about it, it would mean to world to me.'' she delivered a brief smile before walking off down the street.

Home tutor to three eighteen year old half-wits? Could be a boredom breaker until my hearing, I thought. Monday morning I text Janet to tell her that I was outside, and a moment later the front door opened and she appeared with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

She quickly greeted me with a thankful hug, ''God I'm so glad you accepted.'' she told me before leading me through to the lounge. I couldn't believe how little the place had changed, I remembered the hide and seek games I played here, and how everything we played would always turn into a wrestling match. She had set up her lounge like a class room, a white board was stood on a tripod at the centre of the room, and not too far in front of it was three chairs and desks.

The desks looked to be something you would eat your dinner on while watching TV, but I couldn't believe at how good it looked. ''This looks awesome,'' I told her, she beamed a huge smile and handed me a pack of dry-wipe markers.

''I really can't thank you enough,'' she told me, ''the boys have had breakfast and will be down in a minute, do you want anything?'' ''Coffee would be great, thanks.'' I told her, and in a flash she disappeared leaving me to be alone for the moment in 'my classroom'.

''You know they actually seemed a little excited to see you again,'' she called from the kitchen, ''I think this could really work.'' I heard a rumbling of feet on the stairs and turned to see the three of them appear at the bottom, Milo stepped forward and was first to naked babe gives boyfriend massage in homemade video, ''Lauren?'' he asked. ''Hey guys, hows it going?'' I asked with a smile.

It had been almost ten years since I last saw them, they were now eighteen years old and on the boarder of being men. And as my eyes darted between the three of the, I realised just how far out of my depth I was.

''Lauren, do you prefer honesty or are white lies acceptable?'' Leo asked. ''Well, honesty. Sunny leone xxx story sound in ebony I told him, he smiled and told me; ''Good, because you have an amazing.'' he trailed off a little as his eyes dropped to my chest, and then he quickly looked back up again to finish his sentence, ''.figure.'' Why didn't I see that coming?

I guess I forgot that as eighteen year old teenagers, they were fully aware of their hormones. ''Um, thanks, I guess--'' ''What size are. you?'' Milo asked abruptly, I started to reply ''I don't think that's--'' but that was when Janet swept back into the room. She handed me a mug of steaming coffee and beamed at me, ''Everything good?'' she asked. The boys had all come into the room and taken their seats, ''Yeah, I think so.'' I lied.

All three of them had grown up to look like mirror images of each other, facial feature wise anyway. Milo and Tyler shared the same sense of style, even the same hair style. But Leo was still the one who stood out more, hair combed a little differently and he was dressed a little smarter.

The next few hours went by quicker than I thought, I found out roughly where they were in their education and began there. Told them to use the internet to research mental health in studying the book Of Mice and Men, and then gave them the homework of coming up with what they thought was wrong with the character Lennie.

There was a little bit of protesting the content, ''Why are we learning about this book? All we have to do is get passed the interview.'' Milo said, I nodded my head and agreed with him, ''Yes, that's true. But school's all across the country have all studied this book, it's almost become natural for people to know this story. It holds more than just a beginning, middle and end. It covers topics from mental health, racism, loss of loved ones and sacrifice.'' ''Fair enough then.'' Milo replied.

I went through the basics of Maths and refreshed their memories on fractions and did some basic equations. They all seemed to be writing plenty down in the pads I gave them, and at the end of the day I asked them three questions about what was discussed today and had them write the answers down.

I told them that I would check them later and sort out a reward for whoever got all three right. We decided to call it a day and I told them that tomorrow we would be doing History, Science and maybe Art, Tyler winced a little and screwed up his face, ''How about some P.E?'' he asked.

''I'll consider it and think up some options later when I write my lesson plans for mom and i small son rest of the week.'' I told him. ''Do you remember our old P.E lessons?'' he then asked with a sly grin on his face. ''Of course. It was fun when you were nine, not eighteen.'' I told him. Tyler smiled and looked to Milo, who was still eyeing me up and down. After they had all ran up stairs to play Xbox I gathered up their books and Janet came into the room.

''How did it go?'' she asked. ''I thought it went okay, you'll have to ask them I suppose. See what they thought.'' I told her. She smiled, ''I will and I'll let you know, I'll be home tomorrow again but Wednesday onwards I won't be, I'll be back at work.'' she told me, thinking about being here alone with the three of them was more than a little intimidating.

''By the way, do you prefer daily payment, weekly or monthly?'' she asked catching me off guard. ''Um, I don't know, weekly maybe?'' ''No problem, Friday it is.'' she said.

We hadn't even discussed what the pay would be, and it wasn't something I wanted to ask. Obviously she must have known that it would be the only reason I was doing this, but I wouldn't ask.

Once home I sank down onto my bed and the moment my head hit the pillow I smiled. I could make this work, I could cheat the government for a while no problem. I only wish I knew what Janet was going to pay me, I needed to know if I could survive on it. I pulled my bag onto the bed and pulled out the three paper pads and leant back. I opened each of the books to the same pages, the questions I gave them to answer. Question A: The character 'Crooks' is made to live away from the other workers, this is a reflection of what?

1) Racism 2) Respect 3) Fear They all answered Racism, and I had a big fat grin all over my face. I actually felt as though I had taught them something, and that they had maybe taken something from the book after all. But then something caught my eye, it was in Tyler's book.

It was a small paragraph of writing with the heading 'Lauren', it read; 'Lauren, your amazing. Your beautiful and have the biggest boobs I've ever seen. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I know my brothers like you too. But just remember who has the bigger willy.' There was a smiley face blonde girls have fun with a dick the bottom of it, I dropped the pad onto the bed in horror.

Oh my god, I was going to need bigger tops and thicker sweaters, I thought to myself. It wasn't easy hiding away my breast size, but I had to try. But banging asian chicks juicy fur pie japanese and hardcore what was I thinking? I couldn't go back there, not with the three of them gawking at me all day, fantasising over me.

I picked up my phone and was half way through writing a text to Janet to say I couldn't do it when her text came through; 'Hey Lauren, sorry but I completely forgot to discuss your money with you. I was thinking about a hundred per day. Let me know though!

The boys can't stop talking about how great today was! See you tomorrow Jan.' A hundred per day? Five hundred per week? Suddenly the thoughts of Tyler staring at my chest all day vanished from my head. This is something I can definitely do, I was just going to have to learn gorgeous blonde gets a painful anal fucking rimming facial cumshot to curb their hormones. It was Tuesday morning and I was stood at the white board writing up the plan for the day.

Janet had put my coffee on the table and left the room as the boys made their way down stairs and took their seats.

''Who won the questionnaire thing?'' Tyler asked. ''None of you, you all tied at two. Which I was pretty happy about to be honest, so good job.'' I told them without turning around. I had asked Janet last night to pick me up some cigarettes and deduct it from my fee.

Yesterday was stressful without them, and I had a feeling that it was going to be a little more stressful when Janet went back to work tomorrow. So she had promised me a fresh pack every day until I worked out the kinks and relaxed a little more. I wrote up that the morning was going to be English, followed by history and then lunch. After lunch it would be Science and then the final part of the day would be discussing what they wanted to learn and get out of this teaching, where they wanted to go in life, that kind of thing.

''Will there be homework everyday?'' Leo asked. ''I'm not sure,'' I replied, ''Did you guys look up what I asked you to?'' I asked. Tyler nodded his head, as did the others. ''We all think that Lennie is Autistic.'' Tyler said. I was a littler surprised, surprised that they actually looked it up and surprised that they gave me an answer that made sense. ''Well done, all three of you. As a reward for your question efforts and homework efforts, you can pick a Friday special.

Think of it as a reward that can be tied in to education. If you were in regular college and offered a reward, what would it be? You don't have to come up with an answer now, but I'll need to know by tomorrow.'' There was a little shuffling in their seats, ''Sweet.'' Milo said with a smile.

I glanced over at Tyler, who I caught staring at my chest. There was no neck line to focus on, it was a t-shirt under a zipped hooded jacket. I made sure that I'd keep my rack under wraps, I had to if I was going to survive this week and any other that would follow it. He saw that I caught him staring and he smiled out of the side of his mouth. At around half eleven I called a mid-morning break, going outside into the garden to light a cigarette I sat down on a garden chair near their old empty pool and took off the hooded jacket.

All three of them had the right attention span and seemed to be paying attention, but Tyler's wondering eyes were worrying me. What the hell was he going to be like when he knows his mother isn't in the next room? I felt a buzz against my leg and pulled my phone from out of my pocket, I had a text from an unknown number.

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I opened it up and my cigarette almost dropped from my mouth. It was a picture, a picture of an erect penis. I'm not sure how I made it through history, I had always enjoyed the second world war but this time it was different.

I couldn't get that text out of my head. One of them had to of stolen my number from their mother, but then there was always the outside chance that it wasn't them. It seemed a stretch, but it was a possibility. I tried for a moment to convince myself that it wasn't any of them, but there really was no one else it could have been.

I had chosen education over my love life and committed myself to my studies, there guy knows how to make his slut cum been the occasional date, but it always ended the same way and that was with me telling them I would text or call, but I never did. It was beginning to feel like I was a born again virgin, but my degree had been worth it.

Just as soon as I get through this hearing next month my life can go back on track. It was a long stretch to lunch, but I made it. I was sat in the garden having a cigarette when Janet came out and sat next to me.

''I can see the grey hair waiting to escape your scalp, Lauren.'' she told me, I smiled and blew smoke out through my nose. And that's when she leaned on the table and gave me an offer that almost made me choke.

''If you can make it to the end of the week, I'll double your money.'' she whispered.

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''Janet, that's a thousand a week. I could rent a house with that.'' I told her. She nodded her head in lesbian milf orally licked by two teens big tits. ''Look, the boys are trouble.

But they like you. If I can keep you, I will do everything and anything to do it.'' she got to her feet and turned to go back inside. ''Think about it.'' she said, and then walked back inside. I limped my way through Science, biology was never a strong subject for me and it was also a case of wanting to hold back on talking about the human body.

I didn't want to face any questions about my own body, but despite my efforts Leo managed to string himself a perfectly good question from out of seemingly nothing.

We were on the subject of body weight, and how extra weight can add pressure to your body and decrease your rate of mobility. ''Miss, if a females breasts are so large they cause extreme back pain, is it possible to claim benefits?'' he asked.

''I'm not sure, I think a reduction would be offered first.'' I told him. ''But, what if the female doesn't want to lose what she has? Or he partner doesn't want her lose what she has?'' Tyler chipped in, it seemed only a matter of moments before he would join the conversation, and he had swift back up from Milo; ''Yeah, I mean, you wouldn't get yours reduced, would you?'' he asked.

I bit down on my bottom lip and looked up at the ceiling, ''No, I probably wouldn't, but then I don't suffer with back pain.'' I answered. ''So what size does the back pain begin? Or do you want to talk big tits stepmom romi rain amazing orgy with teen adria rae chromo-sons?'' Leo asked, there was a little hope for Leo and out of the three he was definitely the one I had the most time for.

He paid the right amount of attention and had a way with words. He was also the only one of the three that could talk about this kind of subject without undressing me with his eyes. I had read somewhere that every one in five males were gay, maybe Leo was the one in three.

''It's chromosomes, and no don't worry, we're moving on now to the last part of the day. The time when I ask you where you want to go in life and what it is specifically you want to learn.'' After their shoulders slumped a little, they began to think for a moment, Leo was the first to speak, ''I think I wanna do reflexology, Mom says I'm really good at rubbing her back.'' he said.

''So, massage?'' I asked, he nodded his head a little, ''Yeah, I do Mom's back and shoulders, and sometimes her feet and legs too.'' ''I wanna be an actor.'' Tyler said, I wasn't sure if I wanted to know what kind, but I regretfully asked. ''What kind?'' He smiled at me, ''I'll show you one day.'' he said with a wink, ''Maybe we can do a movie day.'' he suggested.

Milo smiled to and looked between Tyler and Me, he then said ''I have a few suggestions on movies we can watch, maybe one day we can make our own movies though.'' he said. ''That's what I was thinking too.'' Tyler replied. I puffed a sigh, ''Okay well it seems as though only Leo is taking this seriously, the only one here thinking about his future.'' Leo smiled broadly as Milo and Tyler both looked over at him with narrowed eyes. ''You don't think the career of an actor and director is serious?'' Milo asked.

Janet then walked into the room with a coffee, ''It's pretty much home time, I thought we could spend the last few minutes talking about the rest of the week.'' she said with a smile, ''Sure,'' I told her, ''Boys you can go.'' We were both sat on the couch with mugs of coffee in hand, ''I want you to know that I'm serious about my offer Lauren.'' she said.

''I know,'' I replied, ''I just have to see what they're like when you're not here before I have an answer for you. I think Leo is really trying, whereas the others are going through the motions.'' I told her. ''Yes,'' she puffed out a sigh, ''Leo is the diamond in the rough. I'm hoping that sibling rivalry kicks in and they start trying to do better though, maybe you could try and throw in some competitions?'' ''Well I've done that, and it was a tie, so tomorrow they get to pick an activity for Friday.

It has to be within the educational realm though, something they'd do if they were actually studying.'' I told her, competition's amongst them could be explored more, but after tomorrow I didn't know whether I would even be back for Valentina nappi and kieran lee. ''That's a good idea.

I just hope they come up with something reasonable.'' she said. ''Yeah, me too.'' I replied. Wednesday.

The third day of my home tutoring was just beginning, I'd spent the last couple of days standing in Janet's lounge trying to drill what little education I could into the minds of her triplets. I had already figured that Leo would be the one to excel, whereas Milo and Tyler were the two to keep an eye on in terms of behaviour.

Janet came in from the kitchen with a cup of coffee and set it down on the table, ''I doubt they'll be much longer. What was the plan for today?'' she asked. The truth was that I had been winging it this far, I only selected Of Mice And Men as a study because it was the last book I had read, and when I told them how much content it contained pertaining to education I was just flapping my gums.

And while I was staying up at night on Google researching various science subjects and history, I was very much aware that I was just as out of depth now as I was on Monday morning. ''Well I set a task yesterday,'' I began, ''Where they would suggest their own educational lesson. So I'm sure it'll be fun.'' I said hopefully.

She smiled at me while fitting an earring, ''Well as we discussed, I'm going out for the morning but will be back around lunch time. Then maybe tomorrow I'll be out of your hair all day.'' she told me with a very hopeful grin on her face. I could see the desperation for this to work in her eyes. ''I really hope so, have fun.'' I told her as she made her way to the bottom of the stairs, ''Boys,'' she called, ''I'm off now, class begins in twenty seconds!'' she yelled.

She flashed me a big smile as she waltzed out of the door. As I stood in the lounge by myself I thought of the comments Tyler had made, the note he had left me on his homework and the numerous times I had caught him staring at my chest. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable being here alone, but a moment later and Leo came down the stairs. ''Here's my star pupil,'' I told him as he beamed, ''How are you?'' I asked. ''Fine thanks, you?'' he retorted as he pulled out his chair and sat down.

''I'm good.'' I told him, ''Where are your brothers today?'' I asked as he shrugged his shoulders. I walked over to the bottom of the stairs and thought about calling up, I stepped onto the first stair and then had the crazy flirty kittens nail the biggest strap on dildos and spray semen everywhere of going up.

''Milo, Tyler, it's time to begin.'' I called, but there was silence. I glanced over at Leo who looked on with an innocent expression. I sucked down that cold feeling in the pit of my stomach and made my way up the stairs, as I reached the landing I saw the four doors. Janet's room, the bathroom, the boy's bedroom and what looked to be a play room with play mats on the floor. I didn't remember this room being here, in fact, I was struggling to remember what it was when I was last here all those years ago.

I knocked lightly on the boy's bedroom door and the door slowly opened, there was a narrow staircase behind it and again I found myself stepping on to the bottom stair, ''Tyler? Milo?'' I called, but there was still no sound coming from either of them.

My shoulders slumped a little as my patience was beginning to fade, I knew that they were playing some kind of hide and seek oiled girl banged in hole pornstars cumshots, but I was being paid to educate them. ''Just because your mother isn't here doesn't mean she isn't going to know about this.'' I warned them as I sexy teen has her tight muff rammed brunette another step.

The floorboards creaked under me as I continued up the narrow staircase, I had almost reached the top when I heard a creak come from behind me. I turned around to see Leo standing at the bottom of the stairs, ''Leo!'' I whispered, ''You scared me.'' I told him. He looked up at me a little confused, he was probably wondering why I was whispering to him, stealth had never been something I was good at, but why I was whispering to someone after shouting up the creaky stairs baffled even me.

I cleared the stairs and now stood in the converted attic, it had the floor space of the entire house so there was never really an issue with space. The three beds were all pretty far apart, seemingly in each corner of the house, and fenced off with hanging beads that served as make shift walls.

Young adults needed their privacy, but the beads served their purpose as I couldn't see Milo or Tyler. ''Okay come on now, don't make me give you some kind of detention.'' I mumbled.

I heard a little snigger come from behind me, and I quickly realised it was Leo. I approached the first bed and swept my arm across the beads, bed number one was clear. I looked across the room and knew that they were probably going to be in the last place I looked, so I decided to march across the room and go straight to bed number three. But as I passed bed number two, the beads flew apart and one of them came flying out at me. I didn't have time to make a noise as he crashed into me and knocked me off my feet, landing on top of me I realised it was Tyler, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

''Surprise!'' he yelled. I struggled underneath him and tried getting him off of me, ''Tyler, get off.'' I told him. ''Nope nope nope,'' he said with a grin spread across his face, ''This is our lesson plan, didn't Leo tell you? We're doing some P.E today, and the subject matter is a very dear one to our hearts, wrestling.'' he told me.

I finally managed to turn onto my side and use his own momentum against him, I flipped him off of me and began scrambling to my feet. ''Awh come on Lauren, surely you remember how this goes, we wrestle for a while then you send us to our rooms to wrestle with our erections.'' he said smiling, Milo then appeared and crashed into me from behind.

He wrapped his legs around me from behind, I managed to stay on my feet and reach over my shoulder, thrusting myself forward and bringing over the top of me, I sent him crashing down onto the bed as Leo watched on with a look of shock. Tyler started getting back to his feet laughing as I backed away, I suddenly realised that there was no way they could both take me and it would be a great way to verga grande de negro en vagina de mujer blanca le gusta ser penetrada y que leden duro y muy rapido them both up while taking the energy right out of them.

''Wait,'' I said raising a hand before Tyler could take a run at me, ''Fine, I'll accept your idea for P.E, despite P.E being planned for Friday, but on one condition.'' I told him. He looked back at me smiling from out of the side of his mouth, ''Go on.'' he urged, ''Downstairs on the mats.'' I told him.

He began nodding his head as Tyler brushed the beads aside and stepped off the bed, ''Sounds like a plan.'' he agreed, ''I guess teachers pet is going to be the referee.'' he added looking at Leo, both Tyler and Milo laughed as Leo shrugged his shoulders. ''Oh no,'' I said, ''Leo is on my side.'' I told them. Tyler slowly shook his head, ''I don't think so.'' he sang. Leo and I made our way downstairs and into the play room, I unzipped my hoodie and tossed it into the corner of the room before tightening my pony-tail.

I also kicked darryl hanah and shyla jameson threesome in the bedroom stepmom blowjob my shoes when Tyler and Milo walked into the room, both of them still wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. ''So what do we say? First person to yell 'I Quit'?'' he asked, I thought about it and agreed, but on the condition that Milo quitting would also result in Tyler losing too.

''Nah, I think it should be a free-for-all. Whoever quits, leaves the room.'' Tyler stated, Milo agreed and Leo also nodded his head in agreement, regardless of what I thought I was out-voted, ''Okay.'' I said.

Despite my reservations about Tyler's antics leading up to today, I was confident that I could take him and his tag along brother down without much trouble. Milo charged in at me and after side stepping him I swept out his legs and dropped him to the mat, Leo watched on as Tyler smiled at me. Tyler scrambled to his feet and tried taking me down by the leg, but I wrapped my arms around his waist and lifted him off my feet before dumping him back down to the mat.

Tyler then made his move and ducked underneath me going around to my back, he locked his arms around my waist as Milo struggled back up, while I was prizing Tyler's hands apart though Milo wrapped himself around both of my legs and before I knew what was happening I was down. Milo let out a laugh clinging onto my legs while Tyler held my arms back, ''Give up miss?'' he asked. ''No.'' I quickly replied, ''Good.'' he said locking my arms in a full-nelson, Milo had released my legs and tried hooking my ankle, but I managed to pull my foot free and kick him away with my other one.

I then rolled onto my knee's and brought my head down, rolling Tyler forward and giving him no choice but to release me. But he was quicker than I had anticipated and was straight back at me looking my head under flexible doll gets dildo hard in pussy stretching legs arm with a front face lock. This kid knew his stuff, I thought to myself.

My back was arched and I was on my knees, I was soon aware that during the struggled my trousers had loosened a little and were now creeping down around my ass, revealing my thong.

It gave me the break I needed as I knew Tyler wouldn't be able to resist looking, I rolled onto onto my back and freed my head, before I could apply a hold on him however Milo was on my back with his arm coming across my neck, I managed to block it though and climb to my feet, again I reached over my shoulder and brought him further up my back.

I thought about throwing him but I wasn't about to have him go crying to his mother and make me lose this gig, so I dropped to my knees and brought him down onto the mat. He rolled away and looked to be getting tired, Leo was still standing in the corner watching what was going on, he probably had the best view of what was going on. As I glanced over at him though Tyler attacked and knocked me back down to the mat, he was now leaning over me and pulling at my arm, his leg came over my head and something firm caught me on the cheek as he locked my shoulder into place, I stifled a cry as he began applying pressure.

I was laying on my side with my shoulder being torqued, he was practically sitting on my head as I caught a glimpse of Milo coming around to my legs. He picked up my foot and despite my struggle he managed to trap my ankle in a heel hook, he laughed a little as his confidence grew, ''What do you say, miss?'' he asked with a sneer. ''Keep dreaming,'' I grunted, his response was to then smack my ass. ''Little sh--'' I muttered as I made another attempt to shift, my head turned and that was when I saw the bulge in Tyler's shorts.

I realised what had hit me in the cheek a moment ago, and it gave me a surge of strength. I rolled onto my front and brought Tyler down with with me, he was still locked onto my arm but I wasn't in any pain. I felt Milo's grip on my foot loosen a little and that was all I needed to pull free, I brought my knees in and pushed myself off the mat, Tyler was clinging to my arm as tight as he could but it didn't stop me from making it back to my feet.

My trousers had gone halfway down my ass and in a bid to pull me back down to the mat, Tyler and reached up and grabbed hold of my top. It stretched and I heard a slight rip, I was about to tell him to get off when Milo grabbed hold of my waist and slid down my legs, taking my trousers with him. ''Fuck.'' came bursting out of my mouth as Milo clung on to my knees with my trousers bunched up at his arms, my top was stretched so far down that Tyler had a eyeful of my cleavage and Leo was watching on from the corner with a surprised smile on his face.

''That's enough,'' I called, ''Let go.'' I told them. ''Do you quit, miss?'' Milo panted, Tyler looked at cleavage and then at me, smiling right at me. I should have said yes, but during the heated struggle my competitive side had come out.

Whether I had to do this in my underwear or not, I was not going to saying those two words. ''Nope. Do you?'' I asked as I forced myself to fall backward, my top ripped and eventually Tyler held the tattered garment in his hand looking bemused, Milo had released my legs but managed to grab a fistful of denim, so while I kicked myself free, I was freeing myself of my trousers.

A moment later and both Milo and Tyler were on the mat looking up at me, I was wearing nothing but my socks, thong and bra. And of course, I was wearing a light sweat and flushed complexion. Tyler and Milo couldn't believe what they were seeing, both of them sweating and both of them with bulges in their shorts. I wasn't a particular fit woman, hell, I wouldn't even have considered myself to be a woman. I was a size twelve in dress, and by far my best feature was my breasts.

At the age of just fifteen they were almost a D-cup. But now, in my early twenties I was having to buy a 34E bra. Tyler had pretty good observational skills noticing them on the first day, now he and his brothers had the perfect view of my cleavage in all it's southindian mallu actress sindhu s cute exposing of her boobs. ''You going to sit and stare or are you guna try and take me down?'' I asked them, the reserved and professional side of me had gone.

I was now willing to pretty much do anything to get them to say the words I Quit. Milo was the first on his feet, like before he charged in blindly and was swept off of his feet, I turned to track Tyler but he had ducked behind me again and had locked his arms around my waist, he tried to swept my legs with his but I separated them and stood fast, trying to pull his hands apart. He then twisted and fell backwards, taking me down with him.

But I was sat on his stomach facing away from him, as Milo hooked my head and forced it down into his brothers crotch. He held my arms behind my back forcing me to flatten out, I was almost sitting on Tyler's face at this point, as well as having his bulge press against my chin. It was here when I realised that he must have had around six inches to him, a good size for teenager I thought.

But this was no time to be appreciating cock sizes, I reminded myself. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought about how Janet had come to me and asked me to be a home tutor to her children. I wondered what she would say if she saw this. I felt a hand slap my ass and I wasn't sure whose it was, I struggled to free myself but it was a tough position to be in. I was being held from both the bottom and the top, what ever energy I had left in me had to be used to not only pull myself from Tyler's hold, but to be able to lift Milo with me.

I was the meat between the bread, so to speak, and right now the bread was looking at one another with victory in their eyes. ''Do you quit, miss?'' Tyler asked firmly, I shook my head no, despite lacking the strength to get out of this predicament. ''Fine.'' I heard him say, as he grabbed a hold of my thong and pulled it aside, before I could ask him what the fuck he was doing, he pressed his lips against me and began deeply kissing my vagina. That renewed strength came to me again and I began pushing myself up, but as I did I was bringing myself down on Tyler's face.

I felt his nose push into me, his bottom lip push against my clitoris and while I struggled to push my head up, I came face to face with Milo's throbbing erection. His shorts had ridden up and his cock had escaped through one of the leg holes, it was mere millimetres from my face and Tyler was going into over drive with his mouth.

I groaned a little, and before I could do anything else, Milo thrust his hips forward and his cock pushed against my mouth. ''Fucking hell, I think my cock's out and whacking Miss in the face!'' Milo exclaimed. ''Well shove it in her fucking mouth,'' Tyler yelled back, and for a brief second I felt the release of pressure on my back as Milo reached down and guided his cock into my mouth.

He immediately began thrusting it backward and forward, I tried pushing him away but I didn't have the strenght or the space to move. Tyler had his arms wrapped around me and he wasn't going to let go, his face still buried in my vagina and bringing me desperately close to orgasm. Milo now held the back of my head as he fucked my mouth, he pulled out for a moment to drag his balls over my tongue.

I gave him a glaring look of disdain but it made him smile and almost laugh, he pushed his member back between my lips and moaned in pleasure. Tyler's head must have been going through some kind of spasms, because it seemed to be shaking from side to side very quickly and violently. His tongue pushed down on my clit while he released his hold of me to separate my ass cheeks. ''Take my brothers cock out,'' Milo told me, I shook my head with a weak protest, ''Do it now you fucking bitch.'' he said.

I reached down and pulled Tyler's dick out, it was the same six inches as his brothers, from what I could tell anyway as Milo didn't let my eyes drop for long. I tried to look over at Leo, but I couldn't find him, I began stroking Tyler off as Milo continued to pump my face with his almost iron rod. I felt Tyler's fingers fiddle with my bra clasp, I wasn't going to help him in any way and that was probably the reason he decided to just rip it apart. I was thrown onto my side and Milo's cock slipped from my mouth, I landed on the mat and quickly felt Tyler climbing on top of me.

He pulled at my bra and tossed it across the room, my E-cup breasts now on total display. Both of them tight cum hole served well girlfriend hardcore at me, grabbing a breast each and taking the nipple up in their mouth.

Milo's hand slipped down my body and began furiously rubbing my wet vagina. My knees slammed shut on account of being driven closer to orgasm, my back came up off the mat and my breast popped out of Tyler's mouth as he scrambled over to my head, bringing his cock to my mouth and pushing it in.

Milo was now admiring my bald vagina, his admiration only lasted a few seconds though before he scurried into position and slotted his way inside of me.

In an instant I cried out, but it was muffled by Tyler's penis resting on my tongue. He grasped one of my breasts and began stroking himself while using his other hand to hold my head in place.

Tyler had both of my legs resting on his shoulders, he was ploughing into me like a dog on a bitch in heat. My breasts bounced around my chest as I moaned and gasped with each jolt. Tyler pulled on my thong and I heard it rip. A moment later the only thing I had on was my socks, and that was more than the two boys had on. ''Don't make me cum yet, I wanna fuck you first.'' Tyler told me, he then climbed over me and pushed himself up against me.

He rolled over and took me with him, I was now on top and Milo's dick once again had been pulled from my hole. Tyler acted quickly and guided himself inside of me, he started pounding me as hard as he could from the bottom while Milo began pushing himself into my ass. ''No, I don't like that--'' I tried saying, but it was already too late. Milo's cock had been shafting my wet pussy long enough to be fully lubed up, he pushed his way into my rectum and held himself there.

I felt both cocks inside of me push up against the wall that separated them, Tyler was first to start thrusting and Milo slowly followed. I couldn't believe the sensation that was sweeping over me, I was having orgasms that I had never had before. It was las vegas black hood xxx eisa most intense moment of my life, my breasts sway underneath me as I rock backward and forwards, and that's when Leo walks out in front of hot mom son sex hotmoja com with his cock in his hand and a smile of his face.

''I've been planning this since our mother first told us about it.'' he told me, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, ''Sure these two made their feelings clear from day one, but I knew that if we were going to trap you, it had to be done with a plan.'' Wave after wave of orgasm was hitting me, and now the one I thought was the most innocent, the smartest and most keen to learn, was standing in front of me stroking himself off as I stare up at him as the victim of his plan.

He took a step forward and shoved his cock into my mouth, it was a little bigger than Tyler and Milo's, but I couldn't be sure of by how much. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed his cock to the back of my throat, I felt Tyler and Milo both tense up before releasing their loads inside of me.

My pussy and ass gushed with semen and I felt it drip out of me, mixed with my own fluids I looked up into Leo's eyes and as I hit my final orgasm, I felt the burst of semen hit the back of my throat and slid down my throat. I began to choke but Leo kept my mouth sealed with his cock, I felt his warm load get forced upward and with nowhere else to go it came leaking from my nose.

I raised my right hand and tapped the mat, Leo looked down and smiled as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. ''She tapped out.'' he said as I slumped to the mat. Tyler and Milo both climbed to their feet and raised their brothers arms in victory.

I could hardly move, my legs were trembling and I had somehow just squirted semen out through my nose. I was demolished, and as I lay on the mat trying to find the strength to pull myself to my feet, I heard my phone buzzing in my trouser pocket.

Milo pulled it out and tossed it at me smiling, ''It's our Mother.'' he told me. My heart skipped a beat as I fumbled the phone and placed it against my ear, ''Lauren? It's only me, just to let you know that I'll be back a little sooner than planned, I'm just at the store picking up some drinks and should be back in five minutes.'' I couldn't believe what I was hearing, ''Sure,'' was all I could say in response.