Plowing a sexy pussy on the couch smalltits and hardcore

Plowing a sexy pussy on the couch smalltits and hardcore
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From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 17 by re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Written by women Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Originally Posted Sun 1st of June 2014 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal Introduction: This is the next part of From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut so please read the first 16 parts.

Now From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 17 Even though I had been fucked all day yesterday and the entire night I was still horny closing the door after Paul left for work.

I was so tired I decided I'd take a shower and take a nap. I don't know if I was lucky or what but I really didn't need much sleep. One hour for me was equal to four or five hours for the average person. I fell on top of my bed after showering and was soon sound asleep.

I woke up and looked at the clock on the end table beside my bed and saw I had been sleeping just over two hours but I was totally refreshed.

I was also horny. I went downstairs had some juice and coffee. I still wasn't hungry after all the cum I had swallowed the day before and all last night. Then I remembered next weekend was going to be the marathon soccer games on TV. My hungry pussy would have to wait I wanted to call Paul and talk him into having his body building ex-prisoners over for the weekend to watch the soccer marathon.

I believe I already mentioned in past chapters that Paul as well as working construction also instructed ex-prisoners to train as body builders. He told me it was to work out their anger, to obtain self confidence and also to end up competing in body building contests. I had never thought about his body building employment until three months ago he told me that his latest prisoners were from Africa and they were all black men in their early and mid twenties.

Right away I began to wonder how I could get those hot black men over. This weekend could be the perfect opportunity I had thought. I picked up the kitchen phone and called Paul's office. "Hello." I heard. "This is Paul's Construction Company." Paul had answered. "Hello Paul.

I was looking through the TV guide and saw that the marathon soccer was on TV next weekend. You told me how your new group of ex-prisoners enjoyed watching soccer and you thought they have shown they could be calm and show me respect. Do you think they would enjoy watching the marathon angela white oil fucking storys games here all weekend?

I know the soccer marathon isn't until next weekend but thought it was best to ask them at least a week in advance." I asked. "It sounds like a good idea Joan. I can ask them if they would like to come over for sonaki sina sex stories xxx storys weekend. But were would they all sleep you know there are sixteen of them?" Paul asked.

"You can bring over the gym mats and they can sleep on the floor. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Plus the way you tell me they like soccer they won't want to sleep anyways." I answered. "What about you Joan. What will you do all weekend? I wife hard threesome fucked by driver on bus want to put you out." Paul asked. "We have everything I need upstairs with the mini fridge in my reading room and TV set.

I wanted to catch up on my reading. I have some really good books I'd like to read and watch some good movies on TV. Don't worry about me Paul." I answered. "Just ask the guys if they would like to come over. You could order pizza and let the guys relax for the entire weekend." I said. "Okay I'll see them, I was going to spend the afternoon at the gym so I'll ask them today.

I'm sure they'll all love to watch the games. "Sounds good Paul. Oh yes, you should give them all those new vitamin pills I found on the internet the night before you bring them over so they won't be falling asleep and miss any of the soccer games." I said.

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"Don't worry about me about not being home when you get home the Jr. college school gym teacher asked me to drop by to help with their Graduation rehearsals. I almost forget they asked me to spend the night because they wanted me to help decorate and figured by the time we were finished it would be late and we'd have pizza.

They have a mattress I can sleep on tonight. I probably won't see you until after you get off work tomorrow." I said. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow evening some time and will ask the men about watching the soccer marathon all weekend. I have a feeling they'll jump at the opportunity to watch soccer all mother and san xxx videmom and suno and I'm sure they'd like to meet you as well.

They all say how lucky I am to have such a beautiful loyal loving wife. You haven't been at my gym but I have your photo on the wall in the gym and the guys say you look very attractive. I told the guys I sure am lucky and even luckier to have such a wholesome, honest and loyal wife. Your beauty is just icing on the cake." Paul said.

"I know I sound like I take you for granted but it's just that I'm so busy. Anyway I'll see you when I see you Joan. Bye for now." Paul said before I heard him hanging the phone up. "That went well." I told myself looking at the kitchen clock. I had just enough time to clean my pussy and ass out, get dressed and head to Vincent's Jr.

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College school gym where I had promised to meet him. I went to the washroom took out a couple of dust containers and proceeded to clean out my pussy and then my ass before taking a shower and heading to our bedroom to pick out something to wear to Vincent's Jr.

College school. I picked out one of my very few sheer nighties I had cut at the bottom so I could use it as a sheer blouse.

Then I picked out one of my skirts I had shortened and got dressed. I had tossed all my bra's and panties in the trash after Vince had ordered me never to wear bra or panties anymore.

After I dressed I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked okay before I undid a couple more buttons to make sure the only part of my huge breasts that would be inside the transparent blouse would be my quarter size hard nipples. I lifted my short skirt and fingered my wet pussy before letting it drop down until it covered my hot shaved pussy. I went to the kitchen where I put on my knee length spring coat so villege 3x full best vedio I was covered enough to go out in public and catch the bus.

I didn't drive so I had to take the bus to the Jr. College and didn't want my neighbors to see me half nude even though I had gotten it on with my next door black neighbor and the black neighbor across the street a few times. They were both coaches, the neighbor across the street the basketball coach and the neighbor next door the football coach. (IF ANYONE WANTS TO READ HOW I MET AND GOT IT ON WITH THEM PLEASE ASK ME TO SEND YOU THOSE ADVENTURES). However I also had some elderly white nosy neighbors and I didn't want them reporting to my husband what I was wearing or lack of wearing.

I was sweating by the time I got to the bus stop, it was a lot hotter than I had imagined and I got looks from people who had been wearing shorts and T-shirts because of the long light coat I was wearing.

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I got on the bus and headed to the back and sat down. I made myself comfortable as the Jr. College was at the other side of the city and thank goodness I only had to transfer a couple of times. The last bus was full of black men and women.

I must have stood out being the only white women on the bus. I felt turned on looking at all some of the hot young black men but I kept my cool knowing I would soon be at the Jr. College full of young black muscular early twenty-some men. I watched out the window for my stop and pulled the cord above the window a block from my stop. The bus pulled over to my stop and I got off the bus and walked across the street and around the back of the school and entered into the school gym.

"Hi boys." I yelled after entering the gym looking around at the bleachers full of hot, muscular black teenagers. "It's about time you got here?" Mr. Cee the head gym teacher called. Take off the trench coat bitch and get in the middle of the gym and put on a show for these horny graduates. It's their gift for all the hard work and fair play, playing against our school this year that we thought it was only fair you boys should have first go with this hot slut.

I know your coach sent you boys over to get antiquated with our basketball gym for the next twenty four hours but we all know your the best and won't need to practice for the next twenty four hours. Am I right me?" Coach Cee yelled. "You sure are right Mr. Cee we can take your fucking, loser team with our hands tied behind our backs?" A very black student at least six four shouted jumping up.

"Get the bitch to put on a show for us." "You heard him Joan do your thing bitch." Coach Cee shouted the same time I took off my trench coat and walked to the center of the gym and whirled around making sure my pleated skirt rose up revealing my nude hot hot ass and pussy.

"Take it off, take it off." Unusual lesbians lola and adriana reveres masturbation heard all the black college students yelled the same time. I undid the top button of my transparent pale blue blouse followed by the next one and the next one until my blouse was totally unbuttoned and I opened it up letting my huge breasts sway.

I tossed my shoulder length wavy dark brown hair until it draped over my right eye. "Which one of you hot studs do I get to wrap my lips around your big cock and who is going to ram all internal two loads are leaking from sandras ass big cock in my pussy or ass first?" I moaned looking forward to some good hard fucking.

"Don't be shy boys." I didn't have to wait long before a muscular black post-teenager around twnety or twenty-one stood and walked down from where he was sitting and across the gym floor. "I won the fucking lottery. Literally the fuck lottery to ram my cock in you where ever I choose. "The young man at least six four said walked up to me grabbing my skirt and ripping it until it fell on the gym floor in shreds.

"Go for it Franco." I heard some one from the bleachers yell. "Your not going to use the slut's mouth are you?" Someone else yelled. "Nope her mouth and throat are all yours Steve." Franco yelled pushing me to my knees. "Turn around slut so I can ram my eight inches in that hot pussy." "Gladly." I moaned letting Franco push me to the floor and turning around. I pushed my ass in the air.

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"Ram that big cock in my hot pussy Franco." I didn't have to wait very long before I felt Franco's huge cock blonde russian teen squirt stripper wants an upgrade pressing against my pussy lips before he rammed his cock fully into me and pressing it against my clit.

I looked up and saw Steve standing in front of me with his huge cock dripping pre cum less than an inch from my mouth. "Open that pretty mouth slut." Steve said and winked. I didn't say anything I just opened my mouth as wide as I could allowing Steve to push his thick cock head in my mouth.

"Fuck this is hot." Steve moaned. "So is this hot pussy." Franco groaned pushing more and more of his huge cock into my pussy. I knew I was fertile having just had my last period following giving birth to my twenty fourth child, that made one daughter and now twenty three sons. Only my oldest daughter was white all my sons were dark brown with kinky hair. For a moment I wondered if Franco would be the one that would be making me pregnant but that was only for a second as I threw my head back and enjoyed the hard fucking Franco was giving me.

He rammed his entire cock in me and I felt a huge orgasm gripping my entire pussy. Franco rammed his cock into me so hard I was pushed forward and swallowed Steve's entire cock. "Fuck look at this I can see the outline of my cock in her throat." Steve moaned. Every time Steve pulled his huge cock out of my mouth with only his huge cock head in my mouth I took a deep breath through my nose and let it out.

I felt Franco ram his huge cock into my wet pussy his huge balls banging against me. "Fuck your hot bitch." He moaned.

If Steve's huge cock wasn't filling my mouth I would have yelled. "Shut up Franco wwe divas summer rae nude sexaj lee sex ram that thick black cock in my hot pussy." Thankfully I didn't have to say anything because I felt Franco grip my hips and ram his huge cock all the way in my pussy pushing against my clit at the same time sending me into another orgasm shaking my entire body.

"I'm going to shoot my load down your throat bitch." Steve yelled as I felt his cock expanding in my throat and knew he was shooting his big load directly into my stomach. He pulled his cock out of my throat and out of my open mouth. Then I tasted his big load as she shot a second load all over my tongue. "I'm next." Another tall muscular post-teenager yelled.

"Your neck looked so sexy the way it took on the shape of Steve's cock. I want to try that throat out next." "Go ahead Matt." Another black teenager standing beside Steve yelled, but I'm going to try out her ass as soon as Franco shoots his load in her pussy." "That's going to be sooner than you think Ted." Franco moaned.

"I'm getting ready to shoot my load in this hot pussy." I felt Franco's cock expanding in my throat and knew he was shooting a nice big load in my hot pussy, maybe even impregnating me. Franco gripping my hips even harder and I felt his cock pulling out of pussy and I felt another load spurting all over my back. "Fuck that was great. Get over here Matt said slapping my back and went behind me.

He took a hold of my hips and I felt the head of his huge cock pressing between my ass cheeks. "Fuck you have a great ass slut." I lost all track of time and muscular black teenagers fucking my ass, pussy and throat.

"You took us all bitch once. Can you take us all again? The first guys that fucked you are all horny again." "That's right." Franco yelled but this time I'm taking that hot ass and I will fuck you longer since I already shot a big load into you once. "Just let me take a piss first." "Don't bother going any where.

The fucking slut must be thirsty by now. Piss in her mouth Franco. Open your fucking mouth slut." Mr. Cee yelled and drink down Franco's piss." I didn't question Mr.

Cee and opened my mouth wide and let Franco push his softening cock in my mouth and tasted his acid tasting piss as it entered my mouth and down my throat. I started choking because Franco was pissing so fast. "Swallow my piss bitch." Franco yelled. "Hurry the fuck up I'm anxious to fuck your hot ass in the worse way." At long last Franco's piss slowed and stopped before he pulled his cock out my mouth and went behind me.

Before I had a chance to say anything Matt stepped in front of me and pushed his soft cock in my mouth and began to piss. As soon as he stopped pissing his cock hardened and he took a good hold of my head and pushed it further in my mouth and down my throat.

"Fuck this is hot." The tall, muscular black past-teenager moaned as he shoved his entire cock down my throat until his low hanging balls smacked against my bottom lip. "Take my cock, cock sucker." I actually had no choice but to swallow his cock since he already had it down my throat.

He began to withdraw his cock until only his huge cock head filled my mouth. I manged to take a deep breath through my nose before he rammed it down my throat. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my throat while Franco fucked my ass hard. They fucked me at least fifteen to twenty minutes before I heard them both groaning and I knew they would both be shooting their big loads soon.

Franco's big slurping a giant and horny male one eyed monster in my hot ass while fingering my pussy and clit and Matt's way down my throat. Matt shot down my throat first and was about to pull out when I heard a phone ringing and then stop.

"Hello." I heard someone answer. "Yes she's here. You want to talk hottalicia fucked in her bed cam video her. Just a minute." "It's your husband Joan. He wants to talk to you?" The person who had answered the phone said. Franco pulled his cock out of my ass spurting another load all over my back. "Fuck your a great fuck. Who's next?" Franco asked. "I need to answer the phone first, it's my husband on the phone." I said.

"Okay get over here but crawl bitch, I can hand the phone down to you once you get over here." The black, muscular teenager said. "She'll be right here." I crawled toward the phone and just as I was about to reach up to take the phone someone was behind me spreading my ass cheeks wide open and pushing his big cock in my hot ass. "Hello." I said trying to control my voice as the guy behind me gripped my hips and rammed his entire cock in my ass in one quick single push. "I'm sorry to bother you at the graduation preparations but wanted to ask you when you were coming home tomorrow.

I talked to the ex-prisoners about your weekend idea." "The guys asked if I can help clean up after the game so might not be home until Saturday afternoon sometime. Is that a problem?" I asked. "No that's fine Joan. Are you alright?" Paul asked.

"Yes I'm fine." I answered feeling the guy behind pulling his huge cock out of my ass until only his cock head remained in my ass. "What did the men say about coming over next weekend for the marathon soccer weekend?" I asked the same time the hot man rammed his entire cock in my ass causing me to slip and loosing the grip on the phone and dropping it. I picked up right away and heard Paul asking. "What was that Joan?" "I'm sorry Paul one of the boys running around getting ready for the game slipped into me causing me to drop the phone.

Any way what did your ex-prisoners say about next weekend." I asked. "They all think it's a great idea and thank you in advance. I told them we would work out the details later in the week. I thought we could order in pizza." Paul said. "Sounds good." I felt the big cock being pulled out of my ass.

"I really have to go now Paul. I'll talk to you about everything when I get home." "All right Joan talk to you later. Don't work too hard." Paul said. "Okay Paul." I managed to say without moaning and handed the phone back to the teenager that had handed me the phone. "From now on if any one calls take the message and tell them I am busy." I moaned feeling the huge cock being rammed into my ass. "Wow that was hot, now really fuck my ass hard Franco and one of you horny teenagers get over here with your big cock and shove it in my mouth." I moaned.

"Yeah it was hot ramming my cock xxx sex xxx pka story com your ass while you were trying to talk to your husband." The guy behind me said pushing his huge cock in my ass again even harder than before. "Hurry the fuck up and let the rest of us have our turn fucking the slut." I heard another man yell.

This is the end of Chapter 17.