Xxxxvx shcool story xxx nxx full sex stories storysss

Xxxxvx shcool story xxx nxx full sex stories storysss
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I didn't go over there for horny latina gets banged in the ass on a webcam next few days, still wondering what I had gotten myself into. I knew I had made a mistake, when I took Nok's virginity, but I enjoyed every bit of it. My wife had left for the weekend on a business trip.

I was going to go with her until work asked me to come in over the weekend. I was a little disgruntled, but agreed to do it. I was relaxing on the couch, watching a movie, when the doorbell rang. I got up and slowly walked to answer it. I was only wearing boxers, wanting to just relax before work tomorrow. I figured it was Nok or Suyin wanting me to come over, but as I opened the door I was shocked. Nok and Suyin were standing there, but they were accompanied by Isamu, Suyin's husband, Nok's father.

Isamu is fairly short, just slightly taller than his wife. He has graying black hair and brown eyes, with a very slim build. I greeted them with a simple hello.

"Hi Derreck can we come in?" Suyin asked. I wasn't really looking to having sex with Nok tonight, and since Isamu was with them, I figured I was in the clear. I stepped back to allow them in. I led them to the front room and I sat down in the middle of the couch. Nok and Suyin sat down on either side of me, while Isamu sat down in an arm chair facing us. He just stared at me, making me a little uncomfortable.

"I'm sure you're wondering why all 3 of us are here," Suyin said, drawing my attention from her husband. That was an understatement, as I slowly nodded. "Well Isamu here found out what was going on, with us trying to breed Nok," she continued.

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I looked at him, then back at Suyin, speechless. "Needless to say, he wasn't very happy," Suyin said, "but not with you, he wasn't happy with Nok and I." I nodded as I looked at him sexy and wild double oral sex pornstar hardcore. "He doesn't like the idea of her getting pregnant, but he finally agreed that we can proceed if he is in the room with us," she said, laying her hand on my thigh.

I looked at Suyin in shock, I was extremely uncomfortable now. Suyin started rubbing my thigh, "it'll be fine Derreck, he won't give you the orders, he just wants to insure you don't hurt her." I didn't care, I did not want to have Nok's dad watching us, and Suyin could tell that. "Hey it's either that, or you could always go to jail," she almost scowled. I hated that fact, knowing I would be locked up for a long time.

I looked Suyin in the eyes, "alright, you're right, but he better not stop me or give me orders." She nodded at me as her hand cupped my covered cock and balls and lightly squeezed. Nok got up and stood in front of me. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

She started to undo her jeans as she looked at me lustily, "my daddy won't bite," she almost moaned as she slowly slid her pants down. This was happening way to fast, I couldn't believe her dad was going to witness his own daughter getting fucked by me. As Nok's jeans slid to the floor, she kicked them aside, standing in front of me with a tiny, blue lace, thong and t-shirt on. She started teasing the waistband of her thong as she bit her lower lip. My dick was beginning to rise, despite knowing Isamu was watching intently.

Nok moved a hand over her covered pussy and slid the strip of fabric, covering her slit, aside. "It's missed your dick Derreck," Suyin whispered as she rubbed my hardening dick through my boxers. As I kept my eyes fixed on Nok, she lightly ran her middle finger between her pussy lips, as if teasing me. "Looks like he's missed it too," Suyin whispered lustily as she reached her hand into the slit of my boxers and pulled my dick through.

Isamu had got off of the chair and came over to the couch, he sat next to me on the couch, his own eyes transfixed on his daughter's pussy. I noticed a small bulge in his pants as he sat down. Nok walked between my spread legs as she continued teasing her pussy with her finger. She licked her lips as she put foot next to my hip and stepped onto the couch, her feet on either side of my hips.

I looked up at Nok, then back at her young slit, that hovered above me now. "Get her all wet for you," Suyin moaned in my ear. I stuck my tonge out as I looked up at Nok.

She brought her pussy to my tongue, as she split her lips apart with her fingers. My tongue sank into her tight hole as she pushed into me, amazing blonde slut threesome interracial porn anal dp she let out a long moan.

She kept pushing into me until my nose brushed against her tiny clit. She laid across me, resting her upper body against the wall, and covering my face. She slowly began to move her hips up and down, using my tongue to fuck herself, grinding her clit into my nose each time they met.

As Nok was using my tongue, I felt Suyin move away from me and get off of the couch. A short time later I felt a small, smooth hand wrap around my dick, followed by a warm, wetness engulfing the head of my dick. I moaned into Nok's, moistening, pussy in pleasure as I lifted my hips into the wet mouth. Nok started moving her hips faster against my face, her moans getting louder. Suyin flicked her tongue against the tip of my dick, as she sucked on my glans hard. My body was shaking in pleasure as I felt Nok's pussy squeeze at my tongue.

I heard Nok moan out, "oh my god, I'm gonna cum." Her legs were trembling as she pushed herself into my face hard, grinding her hardened clit into my nose. Suyin pulled away from my dick, still stroking it as she encouraged her daughter, "that's it Nok, come all over his face, make him taste your cum." Nok's body froze, except for the trembling, as she let out a long, loud moan. Her pussy clamped down hard on my tongue, as a rush of fluid quickly filled my mouth and ran down my cheeks.

Nok's body convulsed against me as her orgasm coursed through her. I could hear Suyin encouraging her daughter on, as she continued stroking my dick, "that's it baby, cum all over his face, yes." As her orgasm slowly began to fade, Nok's legs gave out and fell to her knees in front of me, her small ass pressing against my throbbing dick.

I looked at her and smiled as I cupped her ass, holding her thong aside, and lifted her up. I felt Suyin move my dick forward and pull my dick up. I lowered my hands, lowering Nok down until the head of my dick slowly slipped into her.

Nok's eyes opened wide as her pussy slowly moved onto my dick. I looked at Isamu, who had his head laid back and eyes closed.

He was moaning as he jacked his own dick. His dick was only about 5 1/2" long and skinny, but was standing proud. I laughed to myself as I moved my attention back to Nok. She moved her pussy down, until I reached bottom, her ass almost touching my boxers. She was taking short, shallow breaths as she looked down at our union. I moved my hands to her ass again, to help her lift up and ride my dick, but Suyin stopped us. "Nok why don't you ride daddy's dick first," Suyin said, looking at her husband, stroking himself.

I couldn't believe what I had just heard, looking at Suyin in shock. Nok turned to look at her mom as well, "what?" Suyin nodded at Nok, "yeah get on top of daddy and show him what you've learned." I looked at Nok in shock as she lifted up off of my dick, not believing this was happening. She moved over to straddle her father's hips, causing him to jolt back to reality. His eyes flew open, looking at his daughter straddling him. He started speaking in his native language, as he tried to push Nok off of him.

Suyin stood up, grabbing one of his hands, speaking Chinese to him. They conversed between each other in their native language, until Isamu stopped trying to push his daughter off. Suyin grabbed his dick and steadied it as Nok lowered her hips towards it. I watched Isamu lay his head back as his dick slowly sank into his daughter, and he let out a long groan. I was beside myself as Bitch rough fucked big dick super new sex game watched Nok sink completely onto her dad's dick.

She looked at her dad as she put her hands on his shoulders and began to lift herself up. I watched her lift up only a few inches, then slam back down onto her father's dick.

Suyin had stood up and undressed herself. She moved in front of me, showing me her, now shaved, pussy, spreading her lips apart showing her pink insides. She turned around and slightly bent at the waist as she backed towards me. I watched her as she grabbed my member and rubbing the head against her slit. As Suyin continued to rub my dick in her slit, Nok was riding her dad's dick faster as she moaned loudly, "oh, oh, yes." I grabbed Suyin's hips to stop her, holding het still with dick spreading her pussy lips open.

With a little force I began to pull her onto my dick. Suyin threw her head back as my dick slowly penetrated her. I pulled her down until her ass rested against my abdomen, my dick throbbing in her contracting pussy. Suyin laid back against me and whispered, "fuck that feels good." With her feet planted on the floor, she pressed her back against my chest, lifting her hips up slowly. I looked over at Nok and her dad, Nok had her eyes closed, as Isamu was using his thumb on her clit, rubbing it hard and whispering in Chinese to her.

Nok's ass was slapping against his thighs hard as she slammed down japan sey story full sex stories him, moaning, "oh god I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." Suyin started riding my dick hard, pressing into my chest hard each time she lifted up, whispering, "god I love your dick." I reached between her legs to find her enlarged clit, I started running my fingers up and down against it as I groaned, "that's it you dirty slut, ride my black dick." She started grunting each time she slammed her ass into me, her legs trembling.

Chesty hoe angel wicky enjoys good dicking heard Nok yell out, "yes, I cumming daddy, you're making cum." Suyin froze as we looked at them. Nok's body was trembling, completely down on her father's dick as juices started to flow out, soaking his abdomen.

Suyin watched her daughter's orgasm, "that's it baby, cum all over daddy's dick." My dick throbbed hard in Suyin's pussy as she spoke. I put my hands on her hips to get her to fuck me again.

She resisted, still watching her daughter cum. Nok's orgasm slowly faded as she laid against her dad, breathing heavily. Isamu rubbed her back, allowing her a chance to recover. Suyin started riding my dick again, with the same speed as before. She laid head against my shoulder and whispered, "make me cum Derreck, make me cum please." I started rubbing her clit rapidly as I urged her on, "yes baby, cum all over my dick, fuck me until you make yourself cum." Nok had recovered and her dad pushed her off of him.

She stood up looking at him as he got up. He sat her on the couch and got down his knees in front of her. He pulled her to him, so her ass hung over the edge. He spread her legs apart and guided his dick back into her.

With one swift push, he buried his dick completely into his daughter. Suyin's body started shaking hard as she made her movements more forceful into me. "I'm gonna cum Derreck, my pussy's gonna on your hard dick," she moaned loudly. I frigged her clit hard, groaning, "that's it cum on my hard dick." She slammed into me hard as her pussy squeezed my dick hard. She yelled out as her body thrashed against me, her orgasm rocking her body.

Her hips lifted up as her pussy forced my dick out of her, followed by a stream of juices. Her hips bucked hard again as she rubbed her clit, shooting more juices out of her pussy.

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As Suyin's body began to relax, I heard Isamu grunting and yelling in Chinese. Irs auditor sara jay fucks her marks big hard cock I looked over at them, Isamu was driving his dick in and out of his daughter, hard and fast. Nok was looking up at her father, moaning loudly, as she moved her hips into him. Suyin slowly climbed off of me and stood behind her husband, urging him on in her native language.

I watched Isamu throw his head back as he let out a long growl. Nok moaned out, "oh yes he's cumming in me mommy, oh yes daddy's filling me up." I saw Isamu's dick throb as he growled again, jerking his hips, as he shot more cum into his daughter. As Isamu finished shooting in his daughter he collapsed against her, breathing heavily, with a wide grin on his face. After a few minutes Suyin started pulling Isamu back off of Nok, talking to him.

As his dick slipped out of his daughter, a small string of cum still connecting them until he stood up. Suyin looked at me at smiled, "ok your turn Derreck." To say the least, I wasn't to thrilled about having sloppy seconds, but wanted to cum so bad, I didn't have much of a choice.

I slowly got up and moved to my knees in front of Nok'open legs. I looked at her pussy, her lips were slightly swollen and gaping, a small amount of her father's cum leaking out, making a wet looking pussy cream pie. I pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 411 a deep breath as I moved up to her, guiding my dick into her freshly fucked hole. Nok kept her eyes fixed on me as I pushed into her with ease.

I looked at her and whispered, "ready for more cum?" She nodded, moaning, "yes give it all to me." I almost chuckled at her innocent response, her pussy extremely wet and hot from her juices, and Isamu' jizz.

I held her hips in place as I slowly began to withdraw, looking down at my dick. It glistened with her and her father's mixed fluids, Isamu's white cum sticking to my shaft. I didn't want to take long to so cum, so I started pounding her young pussy hard and fast.

Nok yelled as I started fucking her hard, "yes fuck me hard, god that feels so good, give me your cum." She slammed her hips into me with each push into her, her pussy squeezing tight around my dick.

Suyin stood behind me yelling at me, "that's it, fuck her pussy, knock her up with your black seed." I felt my balls churning, ready for their release. "Oh god Nok, I'm gonna cum," I groaned as I looked at her. She started rubbing her clit with her hand, moaning, "yes fill me up, put a baby in me." I threw my head back as my cum rushed up my shaft, "oh fuck, here it cums." My dick throbbed hard, shooting deep into her teenage pussy. Nok was vigorously rubbing her clit as she yelled out, "oh god, I'm cumming too, yes give me a baby." Her hips bucked into me as she came, her pussy sucking on my shooting dick.

I continued slamming in and out of as my dick continued firing into her. As our orgasms began to wane I continued to slowly move it in and out her.

I could feel cum leaking out around the shaft and running down my ball sack, to my inner thighs. I slowly withdrew out of her, resting my ass on my heels, looking at her gaping hole. It gaped even more than before, a river of cum running out, and dripping onto the floor below. I stood up and fell back on the couch, exhausted, slowly drifting off.

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