Gorgeous babe with big tits dildoing both holes

Gorgeous babe with big tits dildoing both holes
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"What?!" I was sort of taken aback by this slightly intriguing comment. "Come on! It'll be fun. Come over here and I'll give you a nice long handjob while I explain it to you," Sammie patted on the bed beside her.

"When you're about to cum just tell me and I'll sit on your cock and you can cum in me." Sammie explained that we could hire kids to film or fuck either one of us. Or we could just fuck each other. I liked the idea but before my mind could think about it too much, I felt an orgasm creep up on me and Sammie jumped on my cock and I came inside her.

Katie then licked her pussy as my cum leaked out. I sent both video to everyone on my facebook friends list except my family and what not. All the guys gave us positive ratings did some of the girls. I even got some nice e-mails from some girls, most of them contained things like: "You have a very big cock, I wish it was in my pussy", "Can I be in your videos? Could you make me squirt like that too?" The list goes on. *1 week later* During the last week I had had sex with over 15 girls trying to find talented girls to join our business.

Sammie filmed all of them and we're going to put them in our sample section. It was time for our first real video. There was a total of 5 girls plus me in this video. Courtney, Andrea, Holly, Lena and Jackie. All these girls were tested and all these girls are tight, shaved, sexually talented and have generally pretty nice tits. Courtney is no slut but is no stranger to sex.

She has long, curly, dark brown hair and she's a bit of a but-her-face but her massive DD tits make up for it in a heartbeat. It's really nice to fuck a girl with huge tits and isn't fat. She's average height at 5'7". She's really curvy with almost no fat. Andrea is a big slut who once fucked every member of her schools male hockey team (Not all at once of course). She's very slim with no fat on her.

She has long, blonde hair with even brighter highlights. Her tits are about a B, nothing bigger nothing smaller. Andrea is also average height.

She's not really curvy but she does have a nice ass. Holly is the tightest of the group, infact she's still a virgin. During the tests we decided it was best to keep her as megan marx strips down and pleasures our studs shaft virgin so we can see her losing it live on cam.

She has long, brown hair and very long legs for her height. She's about 5'5" with small tits and almost no curves besides her cute bum. Sammie and I decided on her mostly based on her virginity. Lena is a national level canoer with a great body.

She's a little slutty but not too bad. Her pussy is pretty loose for teenage standards but she does anal and when is that not a plus.

She has really small tits, they're basically just pointy nipples. She has, just above, shoulder length dark brown hair. She's also 5'3". Jackie is the usual girl-next-door. Innocent, cute but with a hint of sexy.

She's about 5'5" with long wavy black hair. She has the best ass out of all these girls and has the nicest legs. Her tits are about a B but much closer to C than A.

"OK Girls! This scene is very simple. But first things first, are any of you uncomfortable with lesbian actions?" None of the girls budged.

"Alright, this is good.

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Now to get more comfortable with each other were going to get naked. This way we aren't confused or distracted when we do bitch rough fucked big dick super new sex game scene for real." "Right now?" Said a nervous Holly. "Yes, right now. Don't worry I'll be getting naked with you." The girls chuckled as they all began to get undress. "Now that were all naked, I'm going to ask you girls to do some lesbian exercises.

Each girl grab a partner and so one girl isn't left out Sammie will join us." The girls moved around until Holly was with Lena, Andrea was with Courtney and Sammie was with Jackie. "Holly, Andrea, Jackie," I pointed to each girl as I said their names. "Takes your ring finger and your middle finger and point them into the air. Now that you've done that, finger the other girls pussy." The three girls look momentarily taken aback.

But realised I was serious and started to get into it. "Now, while you're doing this I'm going to jerk off. After ten minutes you'll switch except Holly. I don't want your hymen to break so Lena will switch with Jackie and you'll finger Sammie's pussy for the next ten minutes." Holly looked mildly embarrassed but soon turned her attention back to Lena's wet pussy.

I looked around the room as I jerked off. I was in heaven, six girls were fingering each other because I told them to. This, truely, is the life. At about minute three the first orgasm rolled around. It was Courtney and I wasn't surprised. Being as slutty as Andrea is she's bound to fuck a guy with another girl. I focused onto Courtney's pussy and realized that her pussy was soaking wet.

Once Courtney finished, Andrea pulled her fingers out of Courtney's pussy and sucked on her fingers. Without swallowing she began to kiss Courtney as they swapped her cum. Courtney ended up swallowing her own cum. At five minutes I told the girls to start licking the pussies too. Andrea immediatly put her tongue against Courtney's clit. Jackie was the next to go down. Without hesitation after Andrea did it. Sammie seemed to enjoy Jackies face buried in her pussy.

We will have to do a threesome later. Jackie was sucking with all her might on Sammie's clit. Almost like she knew Sammie liked it, Jackie started to use the "shocker" on Sammie while she continued to work on her clit. About 3 seconds after Jackie put her pinky in Sammie's ass, she started to cum.

Her body was randomly jerking while she moaned loudly. She was at a high level of orgasm when Jackie pulled away letting Sammie squirt everywhere. Sammie lay motionless and Jackie went back to work on Sammie's shaven and wet pussy. I looked over at Holly who looked too nervous to go down. "Come Holly! Eat that nice pussy!" I winked at Lena and she started talking dirty. "Holly, don't you like my cunt?" asked Lena.

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"y-y-yes." "Don't you think my cunt is pretty tasty looking?" "y-y-yeah." "Well come on baby! Lick my pretty pussy and make me cum on you!" Lena pushed Holly down on her back. Before Holly could do anything Lena was sitting on her face rubbing her wet pussy all over her mouth. Just then I saw a look in Holly's eyes that said, I'm ready. "Oh yeah, baby! Now you got it!" Lena looked close to cuming, "Put your thumb in my ass- oh fuck, ebony undresses to have a enjoyment sex there!

OH SHIT!" Lena's voice went really high pitch and she sounded histarical as she came. While she was cuming she leaned forward and barely was able to say, "somebody slap my fucking ass." I slapped her ass hard and then prodded her with my cock. Lena responded by pushing her ass out and asking me to fuck her. It was difficult to hold back the urge but we had to wait for the video. All the girls switched. Now Holly was licking and fingering Sammie, Courtney was fingering Andrea and Lena was fingering Jackie.

Soon enough all the girls were eat each other again but this time it strayed a bit from partners.

Sammie was on her hands and knees with Holly right behind her fingering her ass and licking her pussy. Courtney went on her hands and knees in front of Sammie as Sammie did the same to Courtney as Holly was doing to her. Then a chain formed, after Courtney there was Lena then last there was Jackie. I ran out of the room and grabbed the camera, I had to get this on tape. All you could hear on the tape was tons of girls moaning and Jackie talking dirty to Lena. I got close-ups on every girl. Then I went behind Holly and told her to push her ass out.

She did as she was told and her shaved pussy looked great. I felt my cock tingle from excitment but I knew I couldn't break her hymen now. Then I saw her asshole and I had to have it. I squirted some lube on my cock and squirted some on her asshole. "What are you doing?" Holly looked at me as I rubbed in the lube on my cock and her asshole.

"Ooooooh, what are you waiting for? Jump in." She pushed her ass out even further. "Here I go." "I'm ready." Holly said as Sammie turned around with an alarming look on her face.

"Don't take her cherry yet!" Yelled Sammie "Don't worry babe, I'm going in her ass." And with that I pushed inside her, my 8 inch cock buried deep inside this tight ass. I held the camera as I fucked her getting close-ups of my cock in her ass and watching the other girl eat each other.

Holly was moaning loudly on every thrust. She started to rub her clit while I fucked her tight ass. Sammie flipped over and the other girls got up and started making out while watching.

Holly ate Sammie's wet pussy. It looked like she was struggling with my cock deep in her ass. Holly's tight ass was now allowing me to shove my whole cock inside and I was pretty big. Holly started to cum and lifted her head away from Sammie's pussy. Sammie was now cuming too as she rubbed her clit. Sammie was the first to cum and when she came she squirted lightly onto Holly's face. Then Latex fetish uniform and lesbian fistfucking outdoor came and I thrusted inside her as deep as I could making her cum hard and making her back arch in every which way.

When she came her asshole rapidly loosened and tightened on my cock. I was about to cum too so I leaned over and grabbed fervid czech chicks open up their fannys with buttplug and huge fuck toys tits while I rammed into her asshole.

"Oh shit Holly, where do you want me to cum?!" "On my little titties." She grabbed my cock and pounded my big cock until I came.

I came hard and my cumshot was huge. Holly's tits were now covered in my thick cum. She looked up at the camera and bit her lip while massaging her cum covered tits.

Holly had just gone from innocent little girl to horny cum slut. I knew right there that I was going to cum on her more often. The girls swarmed Holly to get a taste of my cum. "mmm Donovan, your cum is sooo good." Said Jackie as she slurped up some cum. Everyone left and went home. I put the new video on my computer and made a copy for our subscribers. Everyone who got a video was not allowed to tell anyone because we would be shut down.

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Only I could invite new comers. to be continued. If anyone would like to see a picture of the girls I modeled these girls after just send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll send the pics back.