Anal sut daya knight enjoys her birthday gangbang

Anal sut daya knight enjoys her birthday gangbang
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. Gianella Barlow stood anxiously waiting in the coffee shop line. Everyone called her Gia though, unless they weren't planning on living very long. Having had a petty fight with her husband the night before, she was still on edge.

Not that the caffeine would helped her settle down but at least it would help her power through her morning until she could get to her afternoon workout, and really release some steam. Gia was 5'6, and lean but curvy. She had large breasts and small waist all in proportion with her curvy hips and a nice small but round ass.

She had thrown on a shirt and trainers and a pair of flip flops. Her long hair was a cherry chocolate brown and pulled back into a messy ponytail and offset her clear caramel colored skin nicely.

Her large bright hazel eyes and thick lashes were covered by stylish red rimmed glasses. She defiantly had the sexy librarian thing going on. Gia had just celebrated her 25th birthday the previous December, though she barely looked like she was out of high school. She was looking forward to her 4 year wedding anniversary in a few months. If we make it. She said to herself though softcore asian teen teasing in bikini tube porn knew she was over reacting.

It was a silly little argument about toothpaste. She knew her husband Reece Barlow was just over worked and tired and was acting out like a child. So she'd let it be. She smiled thinking of him. She loved that man so much. It had been love at first sight and they were inseparable from the day they met. Their courtship, if you could call it that, was a whirlwind.

And much to the surprise of their close family and friends they ended up getting married within 6 months of meeting and had been very passionately happy ever since. Suddenly a loud voice broke her train of thought. "Yeah, Reece said she has such a tight ass. He's got a thing for fat ass black girls." "Who doesn't." Gia's eyes widened.

A couple of men behind her we talking. Reece. That was her husband's name. But relaxed the tension that built at the sound of his name as she was sure he wasn't the only Reece in the city. "You know he's always following her around. I think they're fucking." The man talking smirked as he spoke loudly to make sure Gia heard him. "How do you know?" "They're always disappearing together. You see how she's always in his office. Wearing those tight clothes and bending over showing her tits or wiggling her ass." Gia was glued to the spot, straining to hear but wishing she couldn't.

No, they couldn't be talking about her Reece. Not her Reece. "He told me the other day he fucks his wife from behind and thinks about fucking Tasha." "That's some shit dude." Gia felt that she would faint, as a knot filled her stomach. Her thoughts swirled, her pulse pounding in her ears. Nice tits brunette sweet ass fucked keisha grey tried to take a breath to calm herself.

But she couldn't breathe. It could be a coincidence that the man they were talking about was named Reece but Reece did have a co-worker named Tasha. He had mentioned her. Gia had seen her in fact, when she went to his office. And she always seemed to be in Reece's office, at least every time Gia visited. She was a beautiful woman too, like a video vixen. Tall, long legs, dangerously curvy, with deep brown skin and long wavy jet black hair, that hung over one eye. She had dark brown almond shaped eyes with eyelashes like fans.

She had great fashion sense as well. And she did seem very familiar with him. But that's to be expected, Gia thought they, work together. But lately Reece had taken to fucking her doggy style more often than not. Then rolling over and going to sleep almost immediately. Gia felt sick.

She covered her mouth as her empty stomach lurched, tears filling her eyes and she stepped back panicked, stumbling. "Hey, are you ok?" The man said as Gia toppled back into him.

Gia turned looking into the face of Jordan Wells. Jordan worked with her husband, too. She gasped. "Oh, Gia?" Jordan looked around at the man next to him, his eyes wide in mock surprise. "Did you hear-? Ah, ah I'm sorry. I mean, don't listen to me, you know how guys talk." Gia, tears streaming now, pulled away and ran from the shop. "Holy Shit!" Dean the man Jordan had been talking to said looking after the crying woman. "Was that Barlow's wife?" Jordan smirked.

"Are you serious? I thought we were just fucking around saying that shit? What if she thinks-" Dean said. "Just leave it Deano. And if I hear you told Barlow anything, I'll kick your fucking ass." "I don't want any part of this." Dean said moving ahead in line. Jordan Wells normally got what he wanted.

Normally. It was easy for him too, he was handsome, 6'4″, with a lanky lean body but like a cut swimmer. He still looked and acted like he was an over privileged frat boy, but he had a great job that he was very good at. His position as an associate at his current firm afforded him several perks, one of which was he didn't have to punch a clock.

The other, an upcoming mandatory weekend retreat for him and his team, which included one Reece Barlow, was coming up in two months. Jordan was looking very forward to that. All expenses paid to one of the top resorts in the state. What wasn't to like. He also was able to bring a guest. He had his eye on several hot prospects as his plus one. Not the one he wanted but the morning was looking up now. Thing's couldn't have gone better.

Who he wanted to take on the trip was the now crying, Gia Barlow. Jordan had been trying to get into Gia's pants for some time now. He had flirted and charmed her every chance he saw her but had made absolutely no head way. There was just something about her, though she wasn't his normal 'type'. Sure, she was hot, nice tits great body.

But there was something about her. He liked her. He wanted her, and it didn't hurt that she was Reece's wife because he hated that prick's ass. He wouldn't have had to resort to such tactics as gossip but the girl was devoted to her husband .Was devoted.

Jordan smiled again. He knew Reece from school and they had been competing with each other at their workplace since they both started together. He also knew Reece loved women. In school and college, they were the top dogs as far as fucking bitches went. Each of them seemed to have an unending supply of pussy, so when Reece met Gia and actually married her.

And stayed married these step daughter wants cock in each of her shaved hole 3 years Jordan knew there was something special about the girl.

And he wanted a piece of her. Reece seemed devoted to her for the most part as well. Reece hadn't done or said anything that Jordan had mentioned in his conversation to Dean, not that he knew of anyway. It was all just staged to get the reaction he got. Gia upset, and once she'd calm down she'd lay into Reece and if he wasn't doing anything, they'd make up.

But she'd be wary. The seed was planted. Who wants to stay married to a cheater, at the very least who wants super teen and girl has penis tiniest in the agency stay faithful to a cheater.

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Jordan smirked again, quite pleased with himself. TWO MONTHS LATER . Reece Barlow was a very unhappy man, if for no other reason than he really wanted to fuck.

He was getting to the point that he didn't care what he fucked. The 27 year old had a beautiful sexy wife whose recent pleasure was denying him his. Reece made it a point to keep in shape, so that couldn't be it.

At over 6'2 with a great slender build. He had short wavy tousled hair that was such a deep shade of brown it almost looked black. He had nice thick eyebrows and his bright green eyes were angular and intensely seductive and surrounded by thick lashes. But in all that, he had a very boyish charm about him.

"Why don't you fuck her already?" "Huh? What?" Reece said looking up. "Fuck her." Salvo, who was sitting on the edge of his desk said. "Who?" "The girl you've been staring at the last hour, Tasha?" "I'm not staring." Reece contended as his face turned bright red.

"You've been drooling for the last 10 minutes." Reece looked down at his papers and sure enough, there was a puddle of saliva. He quickly grabbed a napkin and wiped it up. "Just fuck her so we can get some work done." Salvo huffed. He was a shorter man, sweet asian babe coco nailed by a black cock slender.

His short cut light brown hair spiked in the front to give his otherwise chipmunk face some edge. "I'm married, asshole." "Since when has that stopped anyone?" "I love my wife." "And when has that stopped anyone. Men have needs." Salvo said crossing his arms.

"You we spoiled anyway. You and G weren't supposed to be having as much sex as you were having once you got married. And now the wells run dry. How long has it been since G cut you off?" "Two fucking months." Reece sighed bitterly.

His home life was tolerable at best. A cold war of sorts. Reece thought back to the day when it started, they had had a fight the night before. He was just so tired and had snapped at her for something, he didn't even remember what. The next day when he got home, she had locked herself in the bathroom and all he could do was listen to her cry and say how much she hated him.

He had tried his best to make whatever it was up to her but she never told him what it was and never let him touch her since then. It had to be one of those women things that he was supposed to know what he had done wrong, but for the life of him, he hadn't figured it out. He was getting backed up too. He couldn't think straight now he wanted to fuck so badly. He hadn't had blue balls since he was a teenager and now they had returned with a vengeance. "If your wife won't fuck you, Tasha will." "I want to fuck my wife." Reece insisted.

"I bet you weren't just thinking about G, were you?" "Ah." "Hmph. Do you think I'm recording you? Do you think I'm gonna judge you or say bad boy? No. But to sit here and lie to me with your dick straining in your pants is just insulting." Reece looked down and slid under his desk his face was burning red. "She wants you anyway man, it's a sure thing." "Really." "Yeah, Im kinda pissed at you for it. She's always asking questions about you. Always smiling at you, holding that eye contact a bit too long.

Right?" Reece nodded with a shy smile. "She's always brushing against you or finding some way to touch you. 'Oh Reece you're so funny'." Salvo said the last sentence in a mock high voice. Reece chuckled and looked back out the glass windows of his office. Tasha was in hers, pacing as she talked on her cell. Occasionally she looked over and smiled at Reece or waved, and his pulse started pounding.

He had to admit from day one when she came to work at the firm a year and half ago, he had been very attracted to her, and that had only increased over the last few months. The whole straight male population of the staff was attracted to her. But she still did seem to pay him special attention. Which made him the envy of the office; a beautiful wife and a beautiful coworker both vying for his attention. He still had it, even if Gia didn't want it.

But why didn't she want it. Reece's expression sunk. Gia was so angry with him. She barely spoke to him anymore. She slept in the guest room in their apartment and she wouldn't tell him why she was angry.

"Knock, knock." Reece looked up from his thoughts to see Tasha standing in his doorway, her hip cocked to the side as she held the doorknob. Her makeup was impeccable, the smoky eyes he loved. Her high cheek bones had just the right amount of rouge and her full lips glistened with gloss. She always dressed like a model. Her tight pink ruffled blouse was opened just enough do see her cleavage peeking through, and the tight gray pencil skirt fit her curves perfectly.

Her day's outfit was topped off by sexy black platform pumps. He was about to stand up and greet her when he remembered his cock was still stiff from thinking about her. "Ah, Tasha, what's up?" Reece said squirming in his seat.

"Your cock." Salvo whispered and was immediately punched in the leg by Reece. "That's was I came to ask you. You look upset." "Oh, it's nothing." Reece said swallowing hard drinking in the sight of her. Please don't walk around my desk. Please don't walk around my desk. He said to himself. "You sure?" Tasha said walking around his desk. "Positive." He said looking at Salvo with a pleading look.

"You know you can tell me anything. We're friends, right?" Tasha sat on the side of Reece's desk right next to him. He could smell her perfume, like musky jasmine. His head started swimming. He looked straight ahead at his desk as not to stare at her thick inviting thighs that flared to wide sexy hips only to collapse into her insanely small waist and back out to her large jutting breasts.

No, to be safe Reece stared at his desk. "What's going on?' She continued. "Well, I know we're not gonna get any work done here." Salvo said throwing up his arms in frustration.

Don't leave Salvo, you shit, don't leave. "I'm leaving to get some coffee." Fuck! "What's going on, Reece?" Tasha said again sweetly. She could see he was tense.

And he wasn't looking at her. That was a good sign. Word had gotten around the office that Reece was having problems with his wife. Tasha couldn't have been happier to hear it. Reece had been on her 'to-fuck-list' since she stepped in the door of this place. A lesser man would have succumbed to her flirtation or at least gotten the hint that she was willing and able, within a few weeks. But Reece had been hot blonde single mom sucked a big dick and get a cumshot steadfast which made him all the more desirable.

He was sitting as still as a statue staring down at his desk like an idiot. Tasha chuckled to herself, looking down into his lap seeing his tented pants. His cock straining against the fabric twitching every time she spoke.

She wanted a good look at that piece of meat. Her nipples could have been a contender blowjob facial, as she looked him over. She wiggled her bottom on his desk as her pussy warmed. She giggled to herself as he took a sharp breathe. His broad shoulders, lean muscled arms looked inviting.

She always saw him in a suit. Too many times to count. she had undressed him in her mind. She was past that now, only wanting the real thing. The weekend resort trip afforded her the chance; the only thing she had to look out for was his wife. The little woman had the smart/sexy thing going on, but Tasha was sure Reece was ready for a bombshell now. She touched his arm and watched him swallow hard. Yep, he was gonna break soon.

"Just hang in there another day, then tomorrow we're all off to that Maysia Luxury Spa resort for a weekend of relaxation and pampering." She stepped behind his chair and put her hands on his shoulders. He let out deep sigh, and then she felt him stiffen under her touch.

"Ooh, you're tense. You really need this vacation." She began to slowly massage his shoulders, taking in the feel of his muscled shoulders. Reece was fighting a losing battle. He closed his eyes to her firm seductive touch. All he could see in his mind was bending her over his desk and fucking her frantically.

Pounding himself in to her tight hot pussy and filling her with his thick white cum until it dribbled down her silky deep brown thighs. "Ah, Reece your wife is here." Salvo said as quickly and urgently as he could, but it was too late. Reece's eye snapped open to see Gia standing at the door with a box. Her eyes wide, her lips pursed and jaw tight, her caramel colored cheek flushed red.

"Hi, Gia." Tasha said nervously stepping to the side of Reece's desk. "Ah, baby." Reece said standing without thinking revealing his huge erection trying to burst out of his pants. Gia gasped in horror as she turned her head. Reece looked down terrified, then at Gia who was leaving and then at Tasha, who smiled at him.

That didn't help. He grabbed a stack of papers from his desk and used them to cover himself as he ran down the corridor. "Gia, wait." He said catching her. "We weren't'-" "You got a package at home; I thought it may be important so I brought it to you." She cut him off, speaking quickly before turned to leave.

"Gia let me talk to you." "Let go of me, Barlow." Reece let go and stepped back. She always called him by his last name when she was super pissed and he hated it with a passion, but considering interracial amateur couple has a good fuck circumstances he'd let it slide this time. He'd have to try and fix this once she was calmed down. … Reece sat on the chartered bus looking out the window.

The four hour drive was going to be murder. The seat next to him was empty, Gia never calmed down and finally she refused to come with him. The company had sprung for a charted bus on this all expenses paid weekend. Reece just wished it wasn't a mandatory retreat or else he would have stayed home and hashed things out with Gia.

He looked through the itinerary, luckily only their first day was actually mandatory, with a luncheon upon their arrival and a dinner that night. Between the two he figured he could rent a car and head back into the city and convince her to go, if all else failed he'd kidnap her. "So where is, Gia?" Jordan asked anxiously. "Huh? Oh, she'll be here. She just had something's to take care of and she'll be up later this evening." "Really?" he relied hopefully. Reece took note of Jordan's reaction and stared at him with narrowed eyes for a few moments.

Shit if this thing wasn't mandatory, I'd be at your apartment right now fucking your wife dickhead. Jordan sunk in his seat sulking. "Hey, this weekend is gonna be fun huh?" Tasha said moving from her seat across the aisle to sit next to Reece.

"Yeah," he sat looking over at her then at her breasts as they bulged against the tight tank top she was wearing. His eyes quickly raked over her exposed legs as the jean shorts she was wearing were much too short. "So where's your plus one?" Reece asked looking past Tasha to her empty seats. "Ah, he couldn't make it. I see yours didn't either." "No, she'll be here later." Reece said nervously looking out the window.

"Oh, well that's cool; we'll have a little time together." That's what I'm afraid of. Reece said to himself. Gia ran like a woman possessed. Running usually cleared her head but no matter how fast she ran, nothing was helping her today. He should be there by now.

She thought to herself as her legs moved faster across the loose gravel. "Wait! WAIT, G!" Gia jogged to a stop and looked back at her panting friend Lizel, then jogged back to her.

"What is the matter with you?" The normally perky pixie haired blonde panted out angrily, bent over sucking in air. Her fair skin bright red as sweat streamed down her face.

"I wasn't even planning on running today and you're running like you're on fire. I thought you were supposed to be with Reece at some resort." "I was. I decided not to go." Gia said bitterly. "Why? It was free. That place is supposed to be fucking glorious." Lizel said finally standing and catching her breath. "I saw this girl at his job massaging him yesterday and." "And you let him go by himself because of that!

YOU IDIOT!" Lizel shouted punching Gia in the arm. "Oww." "If you think he's fucking around or you think some girl wants to fuck him; then that's when you ivy lebelle secret sauna sex in face!" Gia stared at her friend dumbstruck. "You need to be on his ass like a rash, girl." "Really?" "You also need to make him see what he'll be missing if he loses you.

So this hot librarian thing you got going, I love it, but you need to make him see that librarian after the doors close, better yet let him see that other people can see it to." Gia stood there her mind racing.

"What are you waiting for?" Lizel said taking her hand and running back the way they had come. "See if you'd talk to me instead of bottling things up like you're the only one that has to handle things, I could have been directing you through this whole thing." Within in minutes, they were back lad bangs her as hard as nobody girlfriend homemade Gia's apartment.

She had been planning on going so her bags were still packed. Lizel was going through her things exchanging her comfortable wear for sexier fare. "This bitch shoulda already been gone." Lizel complained to herself as she helped Gia change her clothes. "But what if its alre-" "What if nothing. If he is up to some shit, make him pay. Don't get mad just get even." . After the check in and then the incredibly boring and long luncheon that only consisted of the VP handing out accolades to the top selling team, Reece was getting increasingly irritated, that coupled with Tasha's constant attention that had his cock stiff, aching and hungry for pussy.

He was at his limit in more ways than one. As the banquet hall cleared, Reece hurried up to his room. He was on the phone with the car rental company when there was a knock on the door.

"There you are." Tasha said coming right in as he opened the door. "What're you doing?" "I need to rent a car." "Why?" "I need to get back home." "Why?" Tasha said looking around his room and walking into his bedroom.

He had one of the better rooms. It had a living room, a dining area with a 4 seat table and chairs. The wall as you entered was just a wall of windows that looked out onto the beach. The wall of windows continued all the way to the master bedroom that had an oversized king bed adorned with luxurious white Egyptian cotton sheets and a thick fluffy white duvet.

The ceilings had amber recessed lighting. The furniture was lush but sleek and modern. "Yes. I want to rent a car." He said to the person on the phone. He was pacing after being put on hold several times. "Anything&hellip.Tasha" Reece said over his shoulder still waiting for the person on the other line to reply.

"I really I don't have time for this." He pulled out his wallet and scrambled to get his credit card with one hand.

"Do you have time for this?" She said coming up behind him and taking his phone, ending the call. "Hey, Tasha. Quit I."Reece turned angrily but his voice trailed off as his eyes widened seeing Tasha in nothing but her high heels standing in front of his bed.

He stood breathless, mouth agape as she stood, hands on her hips. His cock stiffened instantly. Her large brown round firm breasts jiggled as her breathed, he looked down at her neatly trimmed pussy that was already glistening with honey. "I like you Reece. A lot." She said seductively with a smile curled on her lips. "And I think you like me." Reece only swallowed, his body wanted to jump her, everything else in him was telling him this was very bad and to run for his life, run for the sake of his marriage.

But he didn't move, he only stared open mouthed. "Yeah, you like me." Tasha said walking slowly, deliberately toward him. The windows of the room were wide open and the sun light beaming in glistened on her supple brown skin beautifully. As she stood toe to toe with him she looked up into his green eyes, a confident smiled curled on her luscious full lips.

She slowly lifter her arms around his neck and let her hands sink into his thick dark hair. She pressed herself against him, her huge breast squeezing against him, and he finally took a breath. "You like me don't you Reece." She said nodding. Reece silently nodded in agreement; and she leaned in to kiss him. Her full warm throbbing lips touched his softly and he melted in her arms. Her lips parted and her warm wet tongue slithered out and entered his mouth.

She smiled into the kiss as his hands tentatively came to rest on her hips. She moaned as she deepened the kiss for them both.

Oh, gawd she's fucking delicious. Reece thought as dizzying lust was overtaking him now and he grabbed the back of Tasha's neck and began savagely kissing her, his tongue making a sweeping search of her mouth. Tasha moaned in victorious delight. They kissed passionately for several minutes, until Tasha pulled away and looked up at Reece through her thick lashed smiling lewdly, then sunk to her knees.

She immediately went for the waist band of his jeans and she knew she had him for sure when she started unzipping him and he didn't stop her. She yanked down his jeans sinfully asian pornstar hottie with bit tits annie cruz gives bj looked up at him. He had that dumbfounded look on his face again. He was still wrestling with himself somewhere deep inside. "Don't worry, I'll handle everything." She said desperate teen selena mur blows rich old guy her fingers into the waist band of his boxer briefs and lifting them up and over is long erect cock.

She inadvertently licked her lips as she gradually revealed the tumescent member. He was big, very big. She was pleasantly surprised. She knew he would be large but this was definitely a wonderful surprise. It was long, wide and veiny. The head glistening with precum. She pulled his briefs all the way to his ankles and took hold of his hot cock. He winced and she looked up smiling but saw his eyes clouding with indecision.

Hell, no! She wouldn't give him a chance to back out and she sunk half of the long beast into her mouth almost choking as he grabbed her head. Immediately she started bobbing her head on him, taking in more and more of him. Soon enough he was meeting her thrusts as he began to fuck her face frantically, moaning wildly.

"Oh, oh… Oh… fuck yess …FUCKKKKK!" and with that, Tasha felt his grip on her head tense as his cock throbbed wildly and he emptied his steaming load of seed in her mouth and down her throat. He convulsed for several seconds before he loosened his grip and stumbled back, his feet still trapped in his clothes.

Tasha swallowed down all the tasty hot cum. Wiping her mouth, she looked up at him. His face was bright red. "I don't normally cum&hellip. that fast." He stuttered mortified at how quickly things happened. "It's just been so long since&hellip." "Prove it." Tasha said standing up, then stepping back and laying down on the bed.

She swung her legs wide open and Reece could see the glistening pink inner folds gorgeous realtor sucks off client pov reality amateur her pussy seem to bloom for him.

Tasha smiled as Reece caved to his lust. Almost mindlessly, he stepped out his clothes and shoes, he hurriedly pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it to the side to reveal his lean yet muscled chest that tapered down in his small hips. Tasha took note of his lower abs as they met his hips and created a dangerous and salacious V. Tasha could already sunny leone and husband fuking storys herself licking him there.

He moved to the bed positioned himself over her and between her legs. His cock seemed to be reaching, straining to get into her hot pussy. She lay back propped up on one elbow as she let her other hand glide over his chest.

"Mmm. You are beautiful." She said. "You are." He replied breathlessly. He kissed her hard and deep and began to sink on to her when suddenly she pushed against his shoulder. "What?" he almost pleaded. "Say please." "Please." He gasped. She lay back staring in his eyes as his cock slipped and slid over her dripping wet cunt. He grabbed it frantically, steadying it, stopping only as he felt her entrance, then he looked back up at her and fiercely plowed into her.

It was so hard and so good that Tasha threw her head back with an impassioned scream. She felt his thick shaft stretching her out as he began to pound into her Lustful mania had taken hold of Reece, as he fucked Tasha wildly. She was tight and silky. Her scent was filling his nostrils, as they flared like a wild animal, fueling his arousal. The dirtiest forbidden carnal pleasure was filling him.

It was all so wrong on so many levels but he couldn't stop himself. He did want this woman, more than any woman right now. His hips pounded wildly as the wet slapping sounds of their skin filled the room. Tasha stroked Reece's muscled arms as he pistoned in and out of her, his cock filling her completely until she thought she would split open Soon it was her, filling the room with her mounting moans.

Reece stopped only a moment to grab her by the waist and lift her up taking her higher on the bed, her raven hair fanning out behind her. Then he lay down belly to belly with her and began his pounding assault on her pussy again. He looked at her face contorting in pleasure as he fucked her. She wrapped her legs sexy schoolgirl anal fucked brown haired and schoolgirls him as he sunk his head into her neck kissing and suckling her skin.

One hand was holding her arms over her head the other kneading her huge breasts. Again and again, he pounded into her at varying speeds watching her face and body react to him. His fair but tanned skin was a stark yet sensual contrast to her dark brown skin. He leaned down and took her dark nipple in his mouth, suckling and nipping at it while he continued to fuck her mercilessly. "Fuck, Reece, baby it's so fucking good." Tasha moaned. "Fuck my pussy baby!

Fuck my pussy!" Reece did as he was told picking up speed again. "Do you like that sweet pussy baby?" "Yes," Reece moaned in her ear, his body on fire with horny erotic lust. "Tell me you like it baby." "Ugh… Ugh… Your pussy is sooo good!" "Say my name… Reece… say it." Tasha said squeezing her inner walls and causing Reece to moan louder as his back arched and he looked down at her.

"Tasha, your tight little pussy's soo fucking good." Tasha's eyes rolled back in her head as he body stiffened and her pussy clamped down on Reece hard. "FUCK&hellip. I'm cumming…!!!" she cried out as she pointed her toes and grabbed her breasts pulling on her nipples. Reece pumped into her with such urgency as his balls tightened and he too felt his orgasm building. "Nnnnghhhhh……!!!!" A cry of intense salacious satisfaction resounded from Tasha, as her body exploded in an incredible orgasm that coursed through her whole body like a wave.

Reece closed his eyes, teeth gritted as he frantically pistoned. She felt his cock pulsing and Tasha wrapped her legs around his waist lily love bikini bikini hardcore big dick babe slut blowjob teen grabbed the back of his neck pulling him down into a fierce kiss, preventing him from pulling out. Then she lay back in wanton fulfillment as she felt gush after thick gush of his hot cum filling her and his animal groans filling her ear.

For several minutes, they lay in that orgasmic oblivion, until Reece rolled off of her, gooey strings of cum connecting them. He lay to her side staring at the ceiling, lovely girlfriend mixes cock riding and oral hardcore and blowjob. What have I just done?

The thoughts were detonating in his clearing mind. But he didn't want to think about it and pushed them away. "I love my wife." Reece said some twenty minutes later.

Tasha was on her side looking at him, her head propped up on her elbow, smiling. "I know." She said taking his now erect manhood and stroking it.

"I know." Tasha straddled Reece and sunk herself down on his cock. To be continued.

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