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Busty brunette masturbating on webcam free live sex
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When I knew Alice would be out of bed I phoned her from work. We hadn't spoken about last night's events down the lane as Alice seemed a bit uneasy afterwards and went straight up to bed when we arrived home. I'd absolutely loved what had happened last night, being watched by a stranger fucking Alice's sweet tight cunt as he jacked off at the window. Then the way I allowed Alice to be touched and almost fucked turned me on so much, and seeing her getting covered in a strangers come and forced to swallow his old cock was a fantastic sight.

I just hoped it hadn't put Alice off. "Hey sexy, you ok?" "Yeah yeah I'm fine". Alice seemed a little quiet still so I probed a little more. "You want picking up again tonight baby?" There was an uneasy silence for about 10 seconds "Yeah ok, 10 o clock out back again".

"Hey Alice don't wear your bra again, I'll be in at 8". And hung up the phone before she had time to answer me back. I was testing Alice, if she went to work braless again after a bollocking from the boss the night before and getting molested by a stranger I'd know the encounter had not affected her that much.

That maybe she actually liked it. The pub on a Tuesday night was always busy, what with the darts team being in, and I think there may off been some champions league football on in the other bar room.

I went in and sat opposite the bar on a small table with my fosters and a view of the darts game and the bar. I knew all the lads in our darts team and exchanged mindless chit chat for half hour or so. As they went about their game I sat observing Alice doing her work. Tonight she was working the bar and collecting glasses, with the darts team Tuesdays and skittles teams Wednesdays Alice was required to work the bar and not the restaurant.

The dirty slut had listened to my request and followed it through, her regulation white blouse hugged her pert little tits and gave the 25 blokes in the pub plenty to admire all night. She was continually ogled throughout the night by the various blokes. I could hear the odd comment as I went to the bar or in the toilet, about how the dirty tart behind the bar needs a damn good fucking. All of this turned me on, knowing that it about an hour I'd be spreading her legs and fucking her tight pussy.

One of my mates on the darts team saw me in the toilet and spoke to me, "Fucking hell kidda your birds sister looks fit as fuck, she may as well have her tits out mate we can see the fucking lot!! " "Yeah I've noticed, shame she likes licking the pussy though mate hey?" "Fuck man I know, I'd love to screw Alice man, she's wasted licking pussy, she should get some cock up her, know what I mean bud?" Slapping my back he left me in the toilet with a big grin on my face.

If only he fucking knew. When I fetched my next pint Alice served me and told me that she had to stay a little later, Paul had told her that she had to help out until the bar had cleared a little.

She also told me that Paul had been rubbing past her at every opportunity and had made a couple of lewd remarks about her body. I went and waited in the car at 10:45pm as Alice was due to leave at 11. I watched a lot of the blokes from the bar disperse and wondered where Alice had got too by quarter past eleven. I went back into the bar and asked Stewart the other bartender where Alice was. "Paul just wanted a quick word mate, I think she's in the kitchen, she won't be long" "Cheers stu" I went into the lounge and up to the kitchen door, it was a wooden door with a glass square window at the top, I peered in saw Alice standing against the basin.

Paul was in front of her about 2 feet away pointing a finger at her, he looked like he was giving her a bit of a telling horny nympho mom mouth fucks giant black dick interracial and hardcore. I lent my foot against the door a little so that it opened a crack and I could hear the conversation.

"I told you not to come dressed like that Alice, it's cum on pussy part 2 very professional is it? Showing of your tits to all the customers how do you think it looks hey?, dressing like a slut in my pub who do you think you are hey?" "I'm sorry Paul it wont happen again, I promise" Said Alice in her best feeble voice with puppy dog eyes.

"That's the problem Alice, the problem is you will wear it again. You'll wear it again because I cant take my eyes off them, your perfect little titties, perfect little tits that you show to your sisters boyfriend. I saw you last night showing yourself to luke, the lucky bastard".

Paul then reached out and popped open a button on Alice's blouse, more of her cleavage came into view, he then reached out and popped open two more, Alice's blouse gaped open and her bare breasts were on full view to her boss.

Her nipples stiffening beyond her control before his lecherous gaze. As he reached out a hand toward her naked young breast I made a noise at the door and left. A couple of minutes later Alice came to the car looking flustered. "I just saw you in the kitchen, exposing yourself to Paul like a cheap whore, do you like men looking at your body Alice?

I think you do Alice I think your just a little slut that wants plenty of cock. I'm taking you back to the lane for some fun you never know Alice our farmer friend might be around if it's not too late for him". Alice didn't say a word she just quietly in the passenger seat. I headed off up the road, making the short trip to cottage lane in a few minutes.

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Half way down the lane I passed the Landover in the gate way, it wasn't empty, I could make out a figure in the drivers seat. I pulled into the same gate way as last night and told Alice to get out the car. "Strip Alice" Alice striped to her sexy underwear and stood illuminated in the headlights looking fucking sexy and vulnerable.

I pulled off my jeans down and lay down on the back seat, my feet on the ground outside, my thick 6 incher pointing in the air waiting for Alice to engulf it with her mouth. "Suck my dick yui hatano spreads open for a deep drilling slut" Alice wasted no time in standing between my legs and bending over to suck my cock, she was becoming a very very good cocksucker and I loved the treatment I was receiving. After a good ten minutes I sat her on the back seat and stood before her, I wiped my slimy cock around her face before forcing it down her throat for some deep throat action.

My thick cock made Alice gag as it ripped her mouth wide open and bumped against her tonsils. I was getting close to coming and pulled out just in time to spray her pretty face, I loved seeing Alice covered in spunk she looked like such a young cheap whore nearly naked in the country lane with sperm dripping from her chin and nose.

"Lay down and spread those legs, let me see that pussy" He cunt was sodden already, maybe it was the attention of her boss almost taking her body or maybe it was the cocksucking.

It could even of been the anticipation of what might happen tonight down the lane. I pulled her white thong aside and buried my face into her sweet shaven cunt, god she tasted heavenly and smelt wonderful, her pussy was moist and slick and her cunt lips puffy and swollen. This whore wanted cock.

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I made her come twice by licking her cunt and arsehole and I'd not even penetrated her yet. "Luke stick something in me, please, I need something in me" "I'll stick something in you, you little slut". Walking from round the car was the farmer from last night, he already had his cock out and was wanking it slowly.

"I've been waiting 2 yung xxx ebony sex stories story for this bitch to show up, now where is teens loves huge cocks fuck me professes. Pushing me aside he reached in and pulled Alice from the car, he pushed her towards the front of my astra, slapping her bare ass cheeks as she went. "That's a nice ass bitch" He pushed Alice down onto her hunches like the night before and forced his cock into her mouth, at first Alice seemed to be resisting, the farmer forcing his cock backwards and forwards into her unwilling mouth.

"Suck it slut, you know you want to bitch, suck my fucking cock" Eventually her mouth relaxed and she accepted that her body would be used by a strange man tonight. He fucked mate sells his sweet looking legal age teenager face with long slow strokes, getting as much of his 7.5" dick down her throat as possible.

Alice looked across at me as I stood wanking and filming the scene on my phone. The farmer soon got bored of fucking her mouth and stood her up. "Get on the bonnet and spread um you tart, that's it nice and wide now there's a good girl". He stepped in closer and pushed her thong to the side exposing her sweet cunt, Alice's face was a picture of humiliation as she lay back on the bonnet, her legs splayed and her pussy on show to an old man who she didn't know. Her body was about to used in a degrading way and I loved it, I wanted her to be a whore and be used by many cocks.

This farmer would just be the first she would encounter from being my whore. I moved in closer to capture the moment on my phone, the moment Alice's pussy lips were stretched over the helmet of a man she'd never met.

The moment she gave her body away to be abused and fucked. The farmer stood between Alice's splayed legs rubbing his helmet up and down her slit working his helmet into the tight folds of her amazing pussy. He still wore his green wax coat and had his blue jeans and white pants pulled down until they rested on top of his green wellington boots.

His cock pale cock wasn't as thick as mine but had a decent enough girth but it was at least an inch and a half longer, his cock was surrounded by wiry ginger pubes and his balls were large and hairy. Alice's skin looked so smooth and tanned compared to his pale ginger cock. Alice screwed up her face as the farmer inched his cock into her hole, her cunt lips pulled open and stretched tight around the invading shaft as he slide it deeper into her womb.

"Ah ah ahhhhhhh oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck oh fuck" Alice moaned repeatedly as the farmers cock bottomed out inside of her, his wiry ginger pubes tight up against Alice's cunt lips and clitoris. I was pretty certain Alice had probably never had a cock this long inside her before, even when she was experimenting with boys over two years ago now. "Fuck me this bitch is tight, you got a nice tight pussy her missy, I'm going to enjoy fucking you young lady". The farmer held his cock inside Alice hardcore public fucking with hot brunet a couple of minutes, savouring the feeling of such a tight young cunt, probably the tightest pussy he'd fucked in well over 20years.

He pulled and pinched her nipples before leaning on top of her, squashing her into the bonnet of my Astra and sucking hard on both her nipples. "Right missy let's make this old man happy and get down to some fucking". I stood in close to the side of the bonnet on Alice's right, my cock hard and leaking copious amounts of precome onto the dirt below. Alice looked up at me almost pleading at me. "I told you you'd be my whore Alice, that you would be used by me or anybody I allowed, look at you, come all over your face with a strangers cock in your pussy in a country lane, you're a whore Alice and will be fucked like one".

"Arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh fuck in helllllllllllllllllll ouch oh ouch fuck oh fuck, shit shit shit" The farmer began his assault on her tight cunt and Alice could do nothing but cry out as the farmer slammed his dick in and out of her hard and fast, he didn't relent for a good ten minutes pounding his 7.5" cock deep into Alice's never before touched regions. It wasn't long before Alice's was bucking around on the bonnet as her first orgasm from a stranger ripped through her body.

The farmer had to slow his pace as the furious fucking had taken it out of the old man, he pulled his glistening pale cock from Alice's cunt. Her pussy gaped open a little, contracting and pushing her sweet fragrant juice from inside her velvet walls. "Get down here and suck my cock you little tramp" Alice was again on the balls of her feet sucking the farmers slimy dick clean of their combined juices, after a few minutes the farmer had re-charged his batteries and was ready to go again.

"Bend over and touch your toes, that's it right over grab your ankles. Nice fucking ass bitch". He slapped her bare ass cheeks a couple of times before pulling her thong out from her crevice. He pulled the thong and hooked it as good as possible round Alice's right arse cheek. I came round to a better position with my camera phone and watched as he fed his cock back into Alice's tight hole. Alice struggled to stay standing as he began to pound into her from behind, his thrusts knocking her of balance nearly every time.

"Ohh shit I'm going first time fuck girl johnny sins come". Moaned Alice, breathing hard and struggling to stand. "Fucking come you whore, come all over my cock again, come on come on, fucking come you whore". The farmers thrusts getting harder and faster drilling into her womb from behind.

"Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh fuck yeeeeeeessssssssss oh yes shit shit oh shit".

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Alice came and her legs buckled, she lost her balance and she fell onto the grass verge. The farmer waddled forward the two yards, struggling with his jeans and wellington boots still on, and grabbed Alice. "Where the fuck you going slut, suck it bitch". Again his cock rammed into her throat for a couple of minutes. "Get on the car and spread your legs". I loved the way Alice was being bossed around by this bloke, ordering her to do anything he wanted.

Alice was up on the car with her legs wide apart ready for his cock again. Her thong was again roughly pulled aside exposing her used and abused entrance for the farmer. The farmer grabbed her ankles in one big calloused hand and pushed them backwards towards the window screen. Without warning he pushed a thick rough finger into Alice's tight arsehole, the only lubrication being that created from the sex.

Alice cried out as his dirty rough thick finger invaded her tight ass. "Shut it bitch, I know your like it up your arse." He manoeuvred himself a bit until he could get his cock at the entrance to her cunt then pushed himself inside and began fucking her again, much slower than before as he couldn't really thrust, not with his finger still wedged in Alice's anus.

Alice began screaming out, moaning that it hurt, moaning that she was going to come again, moaning and moaning lost in a wave of pleasure and pain as both of her holes were invaded. "Come you whore, fucking come, dick in your pussy and finger in your arse, come you bitch, slut, fucking tramp, come you bitch, dirty slut likes all her holes filling, come, come" Alice came alright very violently all over the farmers cock for a third time.

Has her pussy went into spasms on his cock the farmer screwed up his face and held Alice tightly, moments later he was staggering back from Alice his cock wet and slimy, come hanging from the tip and his pubes matted. This lovely babe plays with large dick of guy lay spent on the bonnet, her legs still splayed, and her cunt red, swollen, inflamed and sensitive.

Thick white spunk seeped from her pussy in a long trail, over her abused asshole and down onto the bonnet in a pool. I put the phone away and approached Alice, I didn't need to say anything, I just fed my cock into her warm, wet, sticky cunt.

My fatter cock pulling her pussy wider open. It took me about 5 minutes to make Alice come again as I fucked her and flicked her extra sensitive clit as the farmer looked on putting away his dick.

Five minutes after Alice came I flooded her pussy with my come and her second load of the night.

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Alice dressed and the farmer prepared to leave after thanking Alice for being such a great fuck. "I'll see that slut here again soon wont I ?" "Yeah we'll be here again, not for a couple of days or so though, keep your eye out".

On the way home I asked Alice if she was ok. "Yeah I'm fine" "Now you know what I expect from you Alice as my cock whore you understand?" "I understand.I actually quite enjoyed it!".

I then told Alice that she was again to wear no bra for work and if Paul was to try and touch her again she was to allow it, that she was to allow Paul to do whatever he wished as long as I was around to see it, if I was not around she was to stop things before it went to far. Syn a hot mom vodeporno understood clearly. Luckily for Alice the next day Pauls wife phoned to say he was ill and wouldn't be in for a few days and could Alice work till 12 at night with her behind the bar.

I was disappointed as I wasn't going to wait till gone 12 to fuck Alice after work. I decided she was to dress appropriately for work till Paul came back and that we'd not fuck for a couple of nights. I'd been neglecting Fiona since fucking Alice. So decided to use the spare time whilst the missus was still away and Alice tied up, to getting back to fucking Fiona. I decided to take Fiona to cottage lane, and for a meeting with the farmer. Story coming soon.