Wufe in seamed nylons catch me masturbating

Wufe in seamed nylons catch me masturbating
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[b]Update .[/b] Over the next week, home life was the usual ,quiet existence - eat - sleep- brief chat - Krystal being on her platonic level - friendly, chatty but not interested in sex. So it was T.V. or reading or video games or chores. Work was extremely busy, so the opportunities to flirt with or encounter Tracey were minimal.

Too many staff members around, and we know how they love to gossip and spread rumors. I did manage to meet up with Tracey on one occasion, for lunch in the canteen, it was sort of like two naughty school kids sharing a secret. We sat opposite each other as we ate, and spoke softly, so know one else could overhear our conversation.

God she horny young couple get anal hardcore sex hot, my eyes penetrating her uniform - remembering her sweet succulent breasts, Mr Penis rising under my side of the table remembering her hot lips licking and sucking him, I was horny.

I wanted to savage her body, drag her off to a spare room - any spare room and ravage her lips, her neck - then rip off her clothes and force-ably have my way with her, to fuck her over and over again. Mr Penis fully and firmly implanted in her sweet, juicy cunt, ramming her pussy to imploding orgasm after orgasm.

Alas, I have pre-cum in my pants, Mr Penis panting. Tracey felt the frustration as well, I could see it in her eyes, her cheeks were glowing, her sexy smile. Fucking tease, she undid the top two buttons of her uniform discretely, and lent forward, revealing excellent cleavage. Tracey knew she had me hook line and sinker - well I wanted to jump over the table and release those beauties - bitch. I looked around, nobody was paying us any attention, engrossed in their meals and chatting among themselves.

Trying to be the responsible adult in a relationship, I attempted to divert the conversation to important issues. I told Tracey that I was in a good relationship, and that I felt really guilty in what we had done. Tracey replied, that she had been in a very bad abusive marriage and she had no intention of getting into another so soon.

She admitted to being lonely and had sexual needs, and was seeking some love and affection.

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All the guys around here were either dorks or sleazy, that unfortunately when she first saw me, she had the hots for me, and would create fantasies about me when at home in her bed.

Well the thought of Tracey being at home, touching her whole body thinking of me, sent Mr Penis into orbit, he was ruling, taking over my brain - how could I turn away this delicious, desirable woman. I am weak, horny/sexy women turn me on, if handled discretely, this could work.

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I decided it was my duty, to help keep away her loneliness, how ever briefly, and improve her quality of life, I am such a martyr, or fucking idiot. Mr Penis saysright on bro - lets fuck her now.

I swear he has almost found a way out of my pants. Tracey got up and purchased something from the counter and returned to the table standing close to me, very close. Looking down at me, spying my bulge ,she whispered in my ear, " I think you have a problem, your cock likes me".

She was standing on the side where nobody was, the others in the canteen, being on the opposite side to her, therefore she was shielded by my body. So not being backward in coming forward, I slid my hand up her smooth legs, while she stood very close to me, she looked startled.

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I looked back at her and replied softly, "My cock needs to know if your your pussy likes me".My hand moved up quickly, my fingers expertly pushing her panties to the side, finding and parting her soaking lips of her cunt. Tracey looked around and voluntarily parted her legs slightly, giving me greater access, two fingers sliding into her pussy. I knew this had to be brief or we would get caught, so I found her clit and teased it, I could see she was struggling to keep composed, she mouthed to me " you bastard", her legs trembled a little, her face flushed and a gusher of and orgasm soaked my fingers and hand.

Tracey quickly excused herself and went to the toilet. I had a grin on my face, and the canteen customers had no idea on what had just happened. Upon returning, Tracey sat and said quietly," Do you realize now that when I at home in bed tonight, I will have to replace you with my dildo and fuck myself to sleep"? I replied, " Yes, and I most likely will have to wank myself in the shower, thinking of you, because Krystal has been in a bad mood all week" !

Tracey startled me saying, " I'd like to meet Krystal one day", my reply was "Not a good idea".

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We discussed the need for caution and discretion briefly, then went back to work. That night, I attempted to corner Krystal while she was in the shower, saying all the nice things, trying to touch her responsive areas that turn her on.

My raging Mr Penis leading the way - sending signals to my brain, common lets fuck her, attack herrape her if you have to. awww common man. Krystal was firm as usual, not tonight, " Sorry, I'm not in the mood. . but I see you have a problem there", she quickly got some oils on her hands, and grabbed Mr Penis and began sliding her hands up and down my cock, fondling my balls.

"There, is that better", and with all the days excitement, and Krystal pumping Mr Penis, it wasn't long before my ball bag was full, my body shook, Mr Penis was screaming in delight.Krystal aware of the impending explosion, knelt and took Mr Penis in her mouth, the final sucking as it were, as I erupted a massive amount of cum to her willing mouth, she took the full load not spilling a drop, Mr Penis was so sensitive and productive.

"Yummmy that's my snack for tonight". Krystal then stood and continued her shower saying," I couldn't waste that, that was yummy, and no I am not fucking you tonight, I have lots of work to doso off you go now - shoo ".

Well, disappointment for me and Mr Penis, getting our rocks off was great, but a fuck would have been heaven. Off I went, contented to a point, or maybe not, I'm thinking Mr Penis might need some extra attention in the shower, Tracey is probably slipping Miss Dildo into her sweet cunt right about now . oh yes, lets find the oil for Mr Penis. " Are you finished in the shower Krystal"?

Must be out of there, as there's no answer. Come along Mr Penis - shower time ! On another occasion during the week, an opportunity to speak privately with Tracey arose, and she pushed for us to meet up somewhere away from the hospital, and sex xxx story online com regular contact, us sending text messages.

My reply was that Krystal was overly protective/suspicious by nature and always wanted to know my whereabouts - because she loves me. I did not want or need to raise any suspicions, from any messages or phone calls, as they had the potential to cause problems. I asked for things to remain the same for the time being, and I would carefully look at a fool proof rendezvous destination.

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Tracey,said don't leave it too long. I looked at the roster for the coming week, and both Tracey and I were down for duty on the weekend at the hospital. Both in the same ward, now that will be a dilemma for our work practices, and our hungry desires for each other. Down Mr penis, down. I am only reading the roster, naughty cock.

Dilemma - much more to come >>> thanks for reading !!!