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Jenny double pussy penetration dpp gg exclusive doublepenetration and doublepussy
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Ashley was a slut that lived down the road from me for years. I never knew she wanted to fuck me for the longest time. In fact I never really thought twice about fucking her but things changed one Christmas night years back.

We were friends but she would insistently send dirty text messages to me and was begging to be fucked. She was a shorter girl about 5 foot 4 inches with long, curly blonde hair, fair skin, big 34D tits, and a bbw type body.

I don't really have a preference for a woman I find them all particularly beautiful except obese women in general. On this particular winter night my phone was buzzing non-stop with her rhetorically typical text messages stating how horny she was, how she was eying me, fucking me in her imagination.

I contemplated the idea for a little while and began to become flirty back. I love to fuck and a chance to fuck with no strings, perfect, didn't want to waste that.

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I get to her house sometime around 11 o'clock and ask her where her dad was. "He left for a trip with my uncle" she tells me with a devilish grin across her chubby face. We xxx sleeping girls in beach to kiss lustfully, my cock throbbing, pulsating moving up and down knowing that moments later I'd be fucking this slut.

By the time I opened my eyes Ashley was moving down to her knees undoing my belt, ready to suck my cock. She withdrew my cock slowly and began to gently caress my balls as her tongue pressed against the head. Its true, fatter girls give the best head and are eager to please a man's cock. This slut was no different.

She stroked and sucked quickly pleasuring every nerve ending in my cock until she quickly withdrew me from her mouth and had me sit on their couch. Ashley then began to push my legs back and lick my asshole. From what I can tell she loved this and licked even faster as I ran my fingers into her curly hair grabbing her beauty big tit latina dildoing pussy on webcam. As she licked feverishly she began to stroke my cock giving me an amazing rim job.

The pleasure from this rim job was too much I had to fuck this bbw cunt. I then instructed her to get into doggystyle popping her round, voluptuous ass up in the air for me.

She unhesitatingly got into position and begged me desperately, "fuck me, baby, I want your cock now!" I didn't waste any time and slid my cock into her juicy cunt giving her a rush of pleasure instantaneously. As I fucked her I started to admire her round ass and well proportioned body, grabbing her hips, thrusting my throbbing cock inside her wet slit rapidly.

My balls slapped at her clit with ever hump and every bit of force in my thrust, she could feel it and enjoyed taking the slaps encouraging me to fuck her cunt as hard as I wanted. Her orgasm came fast too. Not very long into our fuck she began begging me to fuck her harder and harder until she came and moaned clutching the leather couch in her hands. Following her orgasm we went to her bedroom upstairs and began to fuck in missionary position, kissing lustfully once again.

My thrusts were still quick and tireless my balls slapping her asshole filling her cunt with every inch I had. I began to suck on her very sexy, stiff nipples. They were perfect, round and pink with just the right amount of size to really get my mouth on. She then began to go into another orgasm begging me once again to keep fucking her as hard as I could until she yet again came all over my cock clutching my ass with her hands.

Almost instantly after her orgasm she reached behind her pillow and withdrew some lube. She then asked me, "would you fuck my ass for me, baby?" "I want to feel your thick, hard cock deep in my asshole." I took the lube pouring a little on my fingers then rubbed her asshole, fingering it gently with my index and middle fingers. She cooed softly enjoying my fingers. I then poured a substantial amount on the tip and shaft of my cock and began to penetrate her asshole.

I began slowly working my way until she begged me once again to pick up the pace. Ashley's asshole was perfect, very tight but great for a pounding.

I pinned her legs back to her head and began to rhythmically thrust my cock deep into her ass as she moaned for more. We fucked like this for what seemed like forever until she beckoned me to fuck hot teen footjob trade twins to forgive sins in her father's tub. This tub was very luxurious with golden fixtures, etc. and as I bent her over the porcelain I then realized why she had me fuck her here. There was a tall mirror that showed me behind her getting ready to stick my cock back into her slutty asshole.

Her ass, now slightly gaping, stuck right in the air and I shoved my cock into it violently thrusting with more power than I've ever fucked a woman's ass before. Ashley was an anal whore no doubt and loved every second my cock penetrated her asshole.

The rush of pleasure had her blurting out some of the dirtiest things a woman has said to me in bed as well. "Fuck my slutty butthole baby, harder harder, now take it out, and spit in my gaping ass!" I couldn't believe her demands, they were sexy and thats what I desired.

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A girl who was slutty enough to handle me. "Fill my asshole deeper, deeper"she yelled. By this time my balls were increasingly tight with the feeling my cum was going to explode out of me. I bent over grabbing Ashley's tits, pinching her nipples and told her to keep looking to the mirror.

As she gazed at me fucking her asshole deeper and deeper I began to fill her ass with all my cum, load after load shot into her.

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After my first initial load shot in her she began to orgasm once again and by the fifth and sixth time I shot into her ass she was about to pass out from the pleasure of an anal creampie. My load was warm and I could tell there was plenty of cum inside Ashley's ass.

I slowly withdrew my cock and she let all the cum drip out of her gaping asshole into the tub. To this day that is most cum I've ever seen. After the cum was washed down the drain we went to her room and began to plan out the next few free nights that were available for more fucking.