Xx dood coxx amore xx

Xx dood coxx amore xx
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At 24 years old I was starting to think that I needed to do something to change my life. I was addicted to sex, I knew that but I didn't want to give it up. The feeling of a stranger lying on top of me, pinning me down with his weight as he slid his hard cock into my wet cunt was a feeling I couldn't get enough of. And then, that final feeling of hot fluid flowing into me as they took their pleasure from my young slim body was like drug. But saying that, I did want to stop working at the Brothel.

Not that I didn't enjoy getting used by strangers on an almost daily basis but getting paid for it had taken a bit of the excitement out of the chase. I left work at about 10pm on Thursday and I'd already fucked 9 men by the time I'd finished for the day.

The owner came in just before I left and ask me to suck his cock. In the sixth months I'd worked there he'd never fucked me, but he'd emptied his load down the back of my throat about once a week. Free of charge of course. That was the day I decided to change things, get out of the brothel, and have a little more fun. So I went to a party after work with one of the other girls. She was a Lithuanian girl with long black her and dark eyes, called Arusa, with a cute body, nice C-cup tits and a great tasting pussy.

I done threesomes with her a few times and I knew something the owner of the Brothel didn't. She was only 16 and used her sisters' passport to get a job. The party was at her parent's house and when we walked in, an older man reached out and squeezed her arse taking a few seconds to cup and arse check through her short red dress. "Did you have a good day at work," he asked.

"Yes," she replied and handed him the money from her bag. "I did 12 today." "Good girl." He looked at me. "Who's your friend?" "This is Lucy. She works with me." He smiled. "Make yourself at home," he said and pointed towards the door where I could hear a beauty is giving priceless blow hardcore blowjob of voices.

Arusa left with the man so I went into the room and helped myself to a drink. I talked to a few people and wondered what was keeping Arusa so I made my way to the door I'd watched her go through. I pushed it open a crack and looked into the bedroom. Arusa was on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. The older naughty orgy session with delicious babes brunette and blonde was behind her, ploughing her pussy with his cock as his hands explored her young body.

I listened as she moaned out, shouting in Lithuanian with each hard thrust as she took her 13th cock of the day. When he saw me I thought he'd be angry but he signalled me to come into the room.

I walked in, closed the door behind me and sat down in a chair by the bed. I watched with mouth watering envy as his bare cock slide in and out of her 16 year old pussy. With one final thrust he emptied his hot spunk inside her, gripping her hips tight.

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His cock, glistening with cum and pussy juices, was pulled free and she collapsed on the bed and lay still. I watched him pull up his trousers and leave the room, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. "Is that your pimp?" I asked. "No, my Dad." "Your Dad fucks you?" I said a little too loudly. "Yes. He always makes me cum," she smiled.

That's when the door opened and a young guy walked in. He was about the same age as Arusa and he started to undo his trousers. When his hard cock dropped out my mouth dropped open.

It wasn't the longest cock I'd ever seen but it was one of the fattest. He climbed onto the bed, positioned himself between her legs and rammed his cock straight into her. His tongued probed her mouth, his hands explored her tits as he thrust harder and faster inside her. After just a few short minutes he pulled his cock from her cunt and splashed rope after rope of spunk across her tits and face.

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H, like her father, pulled up his trousers and disappeared. "Are there anymore guys coming to fuck you ?" "No," she smiled. My other older brother is away and my younger Brother prefers to fuck my sister." I stood up, unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor before removing my panties and bra. I climbed onto the bed and licked the cum from her face before kissing her passionately. The cum on her tits coated mine as we rubbed them together.

Her fingers found my clit and she massaged my pussy lips until I shuddered in orgasm. I collapsed on top of her and she pushed me off and onto my back. She kissed her way down my body, nibbling at my hard nipples before bringing her tongue to my clit and lapping at it with soft delicate strokes.

She scooped up a ball of spunk from her stomach and used it to lubricate my clit before licking my cunt. "I want to eat your pussy," I moaned. She manoeuvred herself into a 69, her pussy hovering above my mouth as she ate me. I spread her pussy lips and opened my mouth letting her Dad's spunk drip onto my awaiting tongue. I locked my mouth onto her pussy lips and sucked her juices into the back of my throat and swallowed them.

"I have a surprise for you," she said and pulled a blindfold from a draw. She wrapped it around my eyes and told me to stay still. I lay there on my back waiting. The door opened and I felt someone settle on the bed. "Don't worry," Arusa whispered in my ear as she lay next to me. I felt the naked body of a man press against mine, his hard cock brushing against the inside of my leg. "Please put it in me," I moaned. "fuck me. I need it in me." At that second I knew what it was I'd been missing at the brothel.

This feeling of total whoredom. This is what I loved. "Please," I begged and then I felt the tip of a bare cock slide past my pussy lips and bury itself to the hilt. I reached out and grabbed onto diamond jackson in classroom sex arse, pulling him deeper into me. His bum was smooth and soft and young. I wondered if it could be one of Arusa's brothers but she said the older one was away and the younger fucking her sister.

He thrust his cock into me and pulled it almost all the way out before ramming it straight back in harder. "Faster," I moaned.

Fuck me faster." "You heard her," Arusa said. "Fuck her harder." He picked up speed, thrusting harder and harder inside me. Arusa kissed me on the lips and massaged one of my tits, the other firmly in the grip of the guy using my cunt as his private little fuck hole. Then he moaned and I felt, at last, the hot stream of spunk shouting deep into my womb.

A few minutes later, Arusa removed my blindfold. He was gone, whoever he was, but he'd left me with a sticky present inside me. We dressed and went out to the party. Drank and danced. Arusa in her sexy little red dress and me in my little black one. I danced with Arusa's sister Elisa. She was 18 and they looked a lot a like. Men ogled us and some even fondled abigail mac blows her fan brunette swallow a little.

At one point Elisa disappeared with their Dad into the same room where I'd been fucked earlier. When he came out 20 minutes later, he stood by the door.

Three of the guests each handed him some cash and then went into the room together. I wondered if the guy who'd fucked me had paid Arusa's Dad for the pleasure. I looked around and wondered who's cum I had inside me. I danced some more and talked to a few other people at the party. I found out it was a regular event and that most of the people were swingers. There were a horny teenage lesbians fucking licking and masturbating of couples, and a couple of single women like myself.

But sometimes there were too many single men so their host often provided extra entertainment to take care of them, Arusa and Elisa. When Elisa came back out an hour later, she looked exhausted.

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I realised that those three men had gotten their money's worth and fucked her for the full hour. She rejoined the party and started to chat with a few other people as I looked on. She smiled at me so I smiled back. When I turned to Arusa, she was talking with an older couple in their late 50s. They took her by the hand and led her towards the bedroom, stopping to press a handful of bank notes into her Dad's awaiting hands. Then they were out of sight.

Arusa's Dad walked over to me, reached out and grabbed my arse with his big hands. He spun me round and bent me over the table in front of the whole room. "I think it's time I fuck you now," curvy legal age teenager wishes passionate fuck said in his strong accent.

He lifted my dress and pulled my knickers down with a single swift movement. I looked back over my shoulder as he undid his pants.

His hard cock looked sticky, still coated in his daughters pussy juices. He pushed his cock straight into my arse hole as I cried out in pain. He thrust again and amateur milf blowjob xxx ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions into my shitter as people gathered around to watch him use me.

My arse was so tight, but he'd fucked both his girls already and he took his time screwing me. When I finally felt the hot flow of cum into my arse it stung as it rolled into my lacerated back passage.

He pushed me to the ground and pushed his, blood, shit, cum covered dick into my mouth. I sucked it clean, draining the last drop of juice from his jap's eye. He gave me a drink to clean my mouth and the next thing I remember was lying on my stomach on someone's bed.

My dress had been pulled up around my waist and I was naked from the waist down. It was dark, or at least I think it was. I could hardly open my eyes and I couldn't move.

I could hear voices around me. I don't know how many of them there were but they weren't all guys. There were a few women's voices mixed in and giggling. "Don't wake her up," some woman said. "There's no chance of that," a guy giggled from behind me.

That's when I felt it. The tip of a hard cock pushing past my pussy lips. "I'm fucking her next," a voice said. I woke up the next day in bed with Arusa and her sister. A few people had stayed over so we'd all slept together. They took it in turns to lick my pussy clean and tease my hard nipples. When Arusa left to satisfy one of the guests who'd slept over, Elisa licked my pussy clean.