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Pretty girl takes dong in wet throat
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l With No Name At A Music Festival Every year in August, there is a weekend long music festival that takes place in a campground out in the middle of nowhere.

Small, local bands from all over the country are invited to play, and people from all around bring tents. If it sounds a lot like a mini-Woodstock, that's exactly what it is. Around here, we call it "Woodshock". In 2002, i had decided to attend for the first time. I didn't go with anyone, and decided i would just find some carter cruise fuck toni ribas people to hang with, and then crash in my tent when i couldn't party any more.

Now i've never been to the real woodstock, but to me this was easily the next best thing. Being a musician myself, i appreciate the plight of small town musicians trying to make it big. I drove up to the gates, and was greeted by the ticket vendor. "That'll be $20.", he says. I was amazed that a mere $20.00 bought me an entire weekend of partying with people i'll likely never meet again. So i handed him my money, and got my wrist band.

It took a while to get warmed up to the vibe of the whole thing, but once the sun started to set behind the trees, things changes for everyone. The unmistakable smell of weed had started to fill the air.

The sound of drummers in their little drum circles filled the quiet gaps around the campground. And by this time, people had started feeling the affects of a day's worth of drinking. I had noticed a small drum circle near the pond. There were also a couple of acoutic guitars and plenty of girls surrounding and watching. So, i made my way over, introduced myself, and started to mingle. As we all spoke more, they handed me a guitar and offered me to join in the circle.

Fuck yeah! After several long minutes of free jamming, i had started to notice one of the girls looking at me. And of course, i tried showing off by playing every guitar riff i'd ever learned. and making up some as i went along. Whatever i was doing seemed to soak into her bones though, because she was sitting next to me, swaying, and closing her eyes.

She was into it. hippee chick style. I had never really been into the whole hippee thing, but she was definitely cute. Standing about 5'9" tall, a curvy 145 lbs, sandy brown hair pulled back, glasses, and very large breasts that i would have guessed were easily D cups. She also had this husky "i could british milf works her pussy with fingers and dildo your brains out" voice that really turned me on.

After the jam session had ended, we stood up. "Wanna go walk around for a while?", she asks. Of course, i said yes, and we went off on our own.

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The campground easily takes at least a full half hour to walk around at the edge, so we had plenty of walking to do. After getting to know her a little, i had realized i hadn't caught her name yet. "So, excuse my manners, but i don't think i've even asked your name yet." She replies. "That's ok. I know yours. You can call me whatever you want." For some reason, it sounded very dirty, and very inviting. It was as if she had just given me permission to call her a slut, and that i won't have to call her back tomorrow.

I liked it though. As we reached the furthest corner of the campground, i had noticed her pace had slowed considerably.

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and then finally to a complete stop. It was easily past 11:00 pm now. I knew this because the stage went silent at 11:00 due to a noise ordinance. The only sounds were the distant sounds of people partying, the occasional thump of a bongo drum, and cars passing nearby on the gravel driveway leaving the campground.

As if it were natural, we both sat down on the grass facing each other. Both with our legs crossed, and our knees touching. For some reason, we had an insatiable need to be touching at all times. We continued talking a little, but this time in a different tone. You know the voice, in that shaky tone, quiet, as if you know you're about to kiss her for the first time. She leans forward, and we kiss. I had never kissed anyone that kissed the way she did though.

She was very open mouthed. There was nothing tender about it. All tongue, and covered in each other's saliva from the bottom of our noses to the bottom of our chins.

It was different, but very erotic, and i loved it. Sadie west gets a rock solid cock felt aggression building in our kisses, and suddenly as if a switch had flipped, i rose up, and pressed her hard onto her back into the grass. My cock, hard beneath the cover of my shorts, was clearly visible and obvious to her as i pressed hard into her. We grinded, and made out in a way i had never done before. It all felt so animalistic, and all i could think of was mating with this strange female who's name i didn't even know.

When it felt like it was time to make the next move, she had slid out from under me and sat indian style to my left. I had sat down as well, but like a wrestler, she practically clothes lined me down and onto my back. I felt a combination of aggression, submission, and a need to be vocal about it. No sooner did i fall to my back, i immediately began unbuttoning my shorts. I wanted my cock to be free, and i wanted her to take it. She did. With both hands, she grasped my cock. leans her head over top of it, and spits.

By spit, i don't mean just one time. i'm talking the kind of spit where she makes sure my cock is thoroughly wet. She wanted my cock as wet as possible, and it soon became apparent why. She began stroking my cock with two hands.

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"I am gonna make you cum right here in front of everyone.", she said. And with haste, she started moving her hands up and down my shaft. Keeping true to her style of kissing, she was agressive with my cock. stroking fast and with a firm grip. She was on a mission to make me cum. She seemed to really enjoy the sloshing sounds of her hands jerking my cock covered in her own spit.

Over and over again, another load of her saliva was given for the cause. Cars had been passing by on the gravel lane within 50 feet of where we were laying. Headlights would sweep across the lawn, and where we were having our fun.

I had never been seen fooling around sexually in chelsea zinn has never been a hooker before, and this was turning me on a lot more than i thought it would. I liked the idea of these people seeing me being handled by this hottie.

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I wanted everyone to see me cum, even if i knew that was impossible. But within 5 to 10 minutes of stroking, i let loose spasm after spasm of thick cum. With my jizz running down both of her hands, she continued to stroke with a firm grip, but slower now. Out of the darkness, a couple had walked along the driveway, very close to where we were.

They had obviously been watching for a while now, and had apparently decided to come closer for a better look. As if she was out to impress, this chick immediately lowers her mouth onto my cum soaked cock.

My cock was still hard from all the excitement, and the feeling of her hot mouth made me harder than before. I remember hearing one of the people standing nearby. "Hell yeah man!". And i remember bucking my hips, rising in an effort to jam my cock deeper into this nameless chick's throat. "You like fucking my throat don't you. Why don't you fuck my mouth until you wanna cum for me." It was obvious she was trying to impress our audience from how loud she had started to speak.

I obeyed. I fucked her mouth, i grabbed onto her pony tail, and with force i began ramming her cum covered face into my crotch. Maybe 10 minutes later, I started to cum, and all the aggression i had been feeling earlier had started to revive itself. I grunted and groaned, and with one last thrust, i rammed her face down into my crotch and shot my load into her throat. I remember a small cough, and a slight gag between spasms. And i was spent. Fresh looking good teen masturbating on webcam. Amazed.

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Confused. Dumbfounded. There was a modest two-person applause from the passers by who had stopped for a show. Of course, we all kinda chuckled.

All i could manage to say was one word. "Wow." The "girl with no name" and i went back to her camp. We decided to share a tent for the night. Of course, we continued our escapades in the tent, but it was fairly standard sex at that point. I suppose the highlight of the tent was fucking her, and then finishing off between her large tits. But finally, we fell asleep. Throughout the weekend long festival, we would meet up frequently. I would finally get her name, but only as we were leaving.

And in case you are wondering. it was NOT the last time i saw her. But those are stories to tell later. Her name. is Brandi.