Horny mom gets kinkly with fake penis japanese and hardcore

Horny mom gets kinkly with fake penis japanese and hardcore
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I was working nights for a few months after one of the night operators retired from our facility. I manage a pipeline terminal and storage facility for one of the larger oil and gasoline companies.

I normally work Monday through Friday on day shift, but needed to cover John's shift until we hired and trained a new operator to take over.

Luckily we had just hired a new guy and he was scheduled to be done with his training in the next 12-16 weeks. Filling in wasn't too bad and I looked forward to him joining the team. Ron had worked for me at a previous company and I considered him a good friend. This was the time of year where it was feast or famine in our industry.

You may have a couple nights of many lines running then have a couple more with minimal work to do. Our terminal is manned 24 hours a day, so even if the work slows, you still need to be there in case of any alarms or problems with equipment.

I had just came off my first night of 12 hour shifts and had 6 more nights to go until I received my 7 days off. I woke up after 5 hours of sleep and felt pretty rested, so I made a light breakfast and ran to my local 24 hour gym for a workout. It was Saturday afternoon and I found I had the gym to myself.

The gym is located in our older downtown beauty with sexy red hair chrissy fox shows off her cock sucking and f near a park with a river flowing through it. I sometimes walk over to the park and sit and cool down before jumping in my car and driving back home for a quick shower.

I was pretty sweaty after my workout and headed over to the park and grabbed a seat on a concrete picnic table. I saw two young girls walking along the river walk in my direction and wondered how old they were. One was dressed in extremely short shorts with a tight short top that showed her mid-section and tennis shoes. She was obviously young, but had a nice shape. She had long curly hair that was blowing around in the wind. The other was dressed in a grey and white tiger print yoga pants with a loose fitting t-shirt.

She had on what I'd call skate boarding shoes and was sporting a punk style hair-do with pink and blue dyed into it. As they got closer I couldn't help but notice how much curvier and well put together the young girls were these days compared to back when I was their age. I'm not ancient, but at 41 the girls are completely different than when I was in school. They glanced my direction and continued walking by and stopped to look at the river with their backs facing me. I admired both of their asses and curves while they threw rocks and laughed at each other.

I was just about to leave when the girl in the shorts hugged the other girl and quickly walked away towards the downtown. The girl in the yoga pants set down on the wall that overlooked the river with her feet hanging over the edge. It was a pretty steep drop down to the river from that point and I was kind of impressed with her courage to sit like that.

I watched her throw a couple more rocks and figured it was time for me to go. As walked away she looked back at me and smiled. I told her to be careful not to fall in as I continued walking back to my car.

I heard her shout "hey, will you jump in and save me if I jump?" I stopped in my tracks and hoped sexxxx sanjana kumari ebony com was just teasing. I had heard about a boy trying to commit suicide 10 years ago by jumping into the river from this height. I suddenly thought if she was being serious I couldn't live with myself and that I'd better go talk to her to be sure.

As I walked up to her I was stricken by how pretty she was. She was tan with dark brown eyes and really had a cute face. I quickly thought "this could be a beautiful girl if she got away from the punk look". She had a confused look on her face obviously wondering what I wanted. I asked if she was OK and if she was serious about jumping in. She started laughing loudly and said it was just a joke. I stood there for a minute reading her face and body language when I decided she was telling the truth.

I laughed and said I was sorry, but just wanted to make sure she was OK. She smiled and asked "does this mean you would jump in to save me, Superman?" I responded "absolutely, but let's not test it". I introduced myself as "Chuck" and held my hand out to shake her hand.

She smiled even bigger, grabbed my hand, squeezed it and used me to pull herself up to her feet. With a smirk she said "I'm Nesha, Superman" asking me why I was so sweaty and slowly letting go of my hand. I told her I had just finished working out and was cooling charming doll showcases enormous ass and gets asshole poked before heading home. She looked me up and down and said "looks like the workouts are doing you good, Superman".

I knew I needed to go and it didn't look good standing here in the park talking to this young girl, so I told her I needed to run and it was nice meeting her. I took another quick glance of her body before turning to walk away. She was about 5' tall and not much above 100 lbs. She had a great shape of legs and ass clearly on display with her yoga pants.

I could tell she had smaller breasts, but couldn't get a good look with her loose t-shirt on. Just as I turned she asked "how do I get in touch with you, Superman, if I need saving later?" I laughed and turned telling her to just turn the signal on and shine it into the sky. Without laughing she said "that was batman and Superman needed his own signal". I have no idea what possessed me, but I pulled out my wallet and walked back to her handing my business card.

She grabbed it immediately and read it asking "so I'll email you when I need you then, Superman?" Still in a trance by this young sexy girl I blurted "my cell is on there too" and hurried my walk to my car before I did something else stupid. The whole time I'm walking I'm wondering why in the hell did I just give her my card? When I got to me car and pulled away, I noticed she wasback sitting on the wall overlooking the river and throwing stones again. She didn't look my direction again and I figured she probably had a good laugh and threw the card in the river too.

Later that evening, about 11 PM, I am doing pressure checks on equipment when I hear my phone beep. I wondered who would be texting my phone at this hour and look to see a text reading "hey, Superman, how's the cape and red boots?" I figured it was Nesha and smiled as I walked back to my control room to input the pressures I had just collected. After updating my data, and making sure I didn't have anything else to attend to, I read her text again.

I wondered if I should just be polite and end this or just ignore it all together. Why in the hell did I give her my card? Who had she shown it to?

I thought about for it for another minute, but couldn't get the image of her tight little body out of my mind. I was wishing I had taken a picture of her ass when I finally got the nerve to text her back. Me: Hi how are you? Not swimming in the river I trust? Nesha: Not for a couple hours now. LOL Me: Glad to hear. Nesha: I wondered if you would still be up and figured I'd risk it and text you.

Me: I'm actually working night shift for another week and then I'm off for a week. Nesha: Oh, that's cool. Hope I'm not disturbing you at your job. Wouldn't want Super man in trouble.  Me: No, it's OK.

I'm here by myself. Nesha: So are you working out at the same time again tomorrow? Stopping by the park to save me again? Me: My schedule is crazy when I'm on nights. I hope to grab another workout tomorrow. Not sure of time yet. Nesha: You can always text me when you're going to go teen flashes while a stranger fondles her I'll stop and see you while you're cooling down.

Me: Yeah? Can I ask you something? Nesha: Sure Me: How old are you? I don't think we should be meeting in any parks or texting for that matter. Nesha: Sorry you feel that way. I'm am 18 BTW. Graduated in May and leave for school in August.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry. You just look so young. Where are you going to school? What will you be majoring in? Nesha: I'm going to Harvard to be a doctor.

LOLJust kidding. I'm going to the technical college for the beauty academy. I want to open my own salon some-day. Me: Well I'd pick the beauty Academy over medical school myself. LOL Nesha: I have to be up early so I'm going to go. Text me tomorrow when you're working out so I can say hi to you during your cool down.  Me: Sure will. Goodnight.

Now my head is spinning! The fact that she's 18 makes it legal, but I've been married for longer than she's been alive. I have kids older than her. I figured the best thing to do was to not text her again and hope she forgets about all this. I continued on with my shift with her hot little body on my mind the rest of the night.

The next morning I got home about 6AM from working all night. I jumped in the shower and changed into some pajama bottoms to get ready for bed. My wife, Dawn, was just waking up as I laid next to her and asked me how my shift went.

I told her it was pretty uneventful and I looked forward to getting the new guy trained so I could get back on days. I explained he was working the opposite 7 nights as me with my other operator and would work with me next month for training. Dawn told me she just couldn't sleep well alone and couldn't wait to get me back on days too, as she put her hand down the front of my pajama bottoms grabbing my cock with her fist.

I immediately got a hard on and pulled her on top of me. She was wearing black panties and an old red t-shirt. I pulled the shirt over her head revealing her perky breasts for a woman the age of 40 and started sucking her nipples.

She rubbed her pussy against my cock and jumped up to close the door before taking off her panties and pulling off my pajamas. She knelt between my legs and started sucking my dick. I relaxed and knew this was exactly what I needed to sleep better for the next couple hours. As Dawn sucked my dick, Nesha popped in my mind.

I wondered if she had sucked cock yet? I figured as attractive as she was she certainly was having sex even at her age by now. I was sure many guys her age were chomping at the bit to get into her pants.

I kept my eyes closed and visualized her young tight body in her yoga pants as Dawn kept sucking my cock. I thought about her tight little ass and shapely legs. I thought about looking down and seeing her blue and pink hair if she was kneeling between my legs sucking my dick. Dawn suddenly changed positons, climbed on top of me and lowered her naked pussy down onto my cock. It still felt great inside her and she was a fitness buff like me, so her body was in near perfect shape for a 40 year old woman.

I put my hands on her hips and helped guide her up and down on my cock as she continued to ride me. Dawn started breathing a little harder and told me she was close.

She normally has at least 2-3 orgasms during sex and it doesn't take her long to have her first. I felt the walls of her pussy starting to clamp down and then release my cock. It started slow at first and then I could tell she was having an orgasm as she started moaning a little louder.

I knew I needed to get some sleep, so I changed positions after her orgasm and leaned her over the bed. From this position I could take her from behind and this always caused her to cum in no time at all. I entered her and started cristina italia in veb cam her hard and fast.

She rocked her hips meeting my thrusts and started moaning again. After feeling Dawn have her second orgasm I told her I was going to cum in her soon and picked up the pace even faster.

My mind again led me to think about Nesha. I pictured I had her bent over with her yoga pants pulled down to her knees as I banged her from behind. I reached up and grabbed one of Dawn's tits and pinched her nipple as I came inside her pussy. I kept pumping visualizing Nesha the whole time until I had emptied my load into my wife.

When I pulled out Dawn quickly cupped her pussy and hobbled to the restroom, attached to our bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I grabbed a towel wiped my cock off, threw my pajamas on and got into bed. A couple minutes later Dawn walked out telling me that I had filled her up and she hadn't seen that much cum in years come out of me. I told her it was probably the stress of working nights and told her goodnight, falling asleep within minutes. I didn't set my alarm and woke up a few minutes past 1PM to an empty house.

I saw that Dawn had left a note that she wouldn't be home until after 4 and would bring home supper for me before I left at 5. I walked out the kitchen and started some coffee and went to take a leak. Once the coffee was finished I grabbed my phone to catch up on any emails while I sipped it and started my day. I noticed some texts on my phone from Nesha (I had put her in my phone as Nick).

I opened her texts quickly and saw the first one just said "hope to see you, Superman". The second was a selfie she had sent wearing a white "wife beater" tank top.

I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra and I confirmed my suspicion that she had small perky tits. Her nipples were erect and putting on quite the show in her shirt. My heart skipped a beat and I was glad no one else had opened my phone while I was sleeping. I stared at her picture and debated again whether I should ignore her or just tell her it wasn't a good idea for us to be texting. I was on my second cup of coffee and answering emails on my laptop when I heard my phone beep that I had received a text.

It was from Nesha again and read "I joined your gym and will see you there if you're going today". My heart sank into my stomach again. This started feeling strange like something out of a movie where a young girl obsesses over an older married guy and people ended up dying at the end.

I snapped back to reality and kicked myself chick with tattoos and piercings is broke for giving her my card thinking this was getting out of hand now. I sent her a text back saying that I couldn't make hottie chick kobi wanted to be fucked for satisfaction today and had to do some work at home for my wife.

I told her to have a nice day and figured my comment about my wife would make her get the hint. I got dressed and made myself some breakfast when I heard my phone beep again about 20 minutes later. Still thinking of Nesha, I ran to my phone and saw her text saying "too bad, I'm already here and hoped to see you, Superman".

My heart started racing and, like I was being controlled this sexy young girl, I quickly changed over to my workout clothes and jumped in my car racing to the gym. I almost turned around at least a half dozen times before pulling into the parking lot.

I set there for another minute trying decide how the best way to play this was and figured I'd just be polite and explain we shouldn't be talking anymore. I got my courage up, swallowed hard and marched into the gym knowing what I had to do. I used my key card to get in and noticed the place was deserted.

There was one old guy on an elliptical machine, but other than that I had the place to myself. I didn't know if I was relieved or disappointed as I made my way into the weight room and started warming up. A couple minutes went by when I saw Nesha walk out of the women's locker room and towards the door. Again I debated if I should set their quietly and just let her leave, when she happened to glance my direction and saw me.

She smiled bigger than I had ever seen her yet and shouted "Superman" as she started walking to my direction. I found myself again in her spell as I watched her walk towards me.

This time she was wearing black yoga pants and a white sports shirt that exposed her stomach and shoulders. It was basically a glorified sports bra that barely kept her nipples in check. I could see that they were still poking through the fabric and she had beautiful young tanned skin.

She had on running shoes and her dark brown hair didn't have the blue and pink in it this time. She was just about the hottest think I had ever seen as I tried to contain myself looking at her tight little body. When she made it over to me she, she told me she was just about to leave and was glad I made it.

I told her I got my things done a little faster than expected and apologized for not texting her I was on the way. My plan about being firm was back firing as I continued to melt for this young girl.

She said it was OK and asked me what I was working as she walked over to a bench and took a seat across from me. I watched her body move and couldn't take my eyes off her legs and hips as she set down. I also couldn't believe the shape she was in. Her upper body was chiseled and her midsection looked like something out of a fitness magazine. I still hadn't answered her when she snapped me out of my trance by waving her hand and saying "hello, Superman I asked you a question.

What are we working?" We? I thought "oh shit, this is not going as planned" and told her I wasn't sure yet. She laughed again at seductive latina chick sucks a big dick and rides it answer and said "I really make you nervous, don't I?" I apologized and tried blaming it on just waking up.

We set and had small talk for the next couple minutes until we saw the old guy get off the elliptical and leave the fitness center. I looked back at her and got caught looking at her slightly spread legs as she set across from me.

Nesha asked "is there something you are wanting to ask me?" I smiled and shrugged her question off, starting to working out now. I worked my back and started warming up my biceps as we both chatted in between sets. She asked what a couple of the machines were for and seemed to keep working out around me trying different stations and weights.

I kept taking glances at her body and got caught looking several times. I had finished with my back workout and was working my arms now as Nesha set and watched me. After I laid the dumbbells down, she said "you have a great body, Superman. I like looking at your muscles" I could feel myself blushing and chuckled saying "I'm just an old guy trying to hold on as long as I can" Nesha was now looking me up and down as I did her earlier and she wasn't trying blonde teen big cock xxx switching things up be coy or hide it at all.

After my next set she walked up beside me as I set on a bench and started rubbing my arms and shoulders. She said "Superman, you are fucking hot" and leaned to kiss me on my cheek. She then walked ahead of me giving me a great view of her ass as she started curling some of the dumbbells similar to what I was doing, but kept standing.

She was facing the mirror as she lifted and could see my reflection behind her drinking her body in. After her comment and peck on my cheek, I didn't try to hide it anymore as I undressed her with my eyes. We continued flirting for another 20 minutes with the gym to ourselves when I realized I needed to be wrapping up to get ready for work soon.

I finished up and looked at the clock to see it was 3:00. Nesha was sticking close to me and reminded me that I needed to walk over to the park with her to cool down.

I followed her out of the fitness center staring at her ass as she walked in front of me. I could feel myself getting a hard-on just looking at her body and imaging what I would do with her. I took a seat at my usual picnic table with Nesha setting beside me on the same bench. She straddled the bench sideways facing me so that her legs were spread and without her feet touching the ground due to her 5' height. Nesha told me she was glad I could make it as I continued to towel off. I was still admiring her body when she slid closer to me and asked why she made me so nervous.

Feeling comfortable to speak my mind, I laughed and told her "because you're so damn hot". Nesha blushed and asked "do you really think I'm hot?" I let her know that she was probably the sexiest girl I had seen in years and as far as I was concerned her body was perfect.

I said "so that's why I get tongue tied around you and can't keep my eyes off your gorgeous body". I knew I had crossed the line and it would be difficult to go back now after admitting all this to her. Nesha said "I wish my boobs were bigger" as she cupped both in her hands. I told her "yours are perfect. You have great shape and beautiful nipples. I like your size and besides, I'm an ass man and you have the greatest ass I have ever seen".

Nesha smiled and thanked me. She had definitely softened up over the past 24 hours and seemed to be acting much more feminine around me. We talked about working out and fitness. She said that she was chubby up until a couple years ago and got addicted to working out during her weight loss. She commented that I was in great shape again and reached out to feel my arms and shoulders again. I thanked her and laughed saying "I'm old enough to be your dad" as I looked around hoping no one could see us setting so close.

She gave me a sexy smile and responded "maybe I have daddy issues, but you make me horny". I swallowed hard knowing that I was continuing to melt for this girl.

Nesha asked if she could show me something indian deepthroats bbc on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg quick.

I hesitated and told her sure, but I had to leave in about 10 minutes. She stood up and walked over to a shelter house that was covered on 3 sides. The open side was opened to the view of the river. I felt nervous hoping no one saw me following her into the shelter house as we turned the corner to find it empty inside. Nesha grabbed my hand and guided me to sit down on the bench at another picnic table.

She then walked up in front of me and leaned towards me. I didn't know what to expect, but realized with me sitting down our faces were now about the same level. Nesha climbed up on my lap, straddling me and planted a kiss teen layla learning how to suck and fuck from milf ginger my grandma still loves boy cock. I was stunned and before I could say anything she kissed me again and slid her tongue past my lips.

We were now making out like a couple teenagers and I was amazed at what the last 24 hours had brought me. I reached back and felt her ass and could tell she wasn't wearing underwear. We kissed for another minute and I started exploring her body with my hands. She was such a little thing, but so firm and tight everywhere. Her build reminded me of a gymnast as I took another risk and put my hands under her workout shirt and felt her tits. Her nipples were hard and she stopped kissing me and guided my face to her chest.

I sucked her small firm tits and nipples and took it a step further and slid my hand down the front of her yoga pants to find her wet hairless pussy. I slid a finger across entrance of her slit and noted how tight she was as I worked up to her clit and started rubbing it in a circular motion.

She moaned loudly and I wondered how much longer we should do this here with fear of getting caught. I told her we needed to go and she just shook her head no and kept kissing me as I rubbed her naked pussy and clit.

After another minute I pulled my hand out of her pants and told her "we really need to go". Nesha was glassy eyed and breathing hard. She said "not until I see it" and reached down the front of my shorts to grab my cock. She slid off the front of me and pulled down the front of my shorts exposing my dick for her to see. She had her fist around it as he leaned into my lap to look at my cock. Nesha looked up at me and said "you are huge" and dropped her face down and took the tip into her mouth.

It happened so fast and her mouth felt amazing. She started sucking a couple inches into her mouth as she jacked me off while giving me a blowjob.

I could tell she had obviously given head a few times by her technique. I enjoyed Nesha sucking my dick for another minute and reminded her that we needed to go and gently tried to pull her up. She shook her head no and sucked my dick harder taking more into her mouth. She convinced me that another couple minutes wouldn't hurt as I relaxed and enjoyed her mouth.

About the same time I heard someone walking close and I saw that a guy had walked past the front of the shoulder house and was walking between us and the river. I hoped maybe he wouldn't look this direction as he walked looking out towards the river, but he glanced at first and then stared at Nesha kneeling between my legs sucking my cock. A lot firmer now I pulled Nesha off my dick and said "excuse us" to the man as I pulled my shorts over my cock.

Nesha stayed kneeling in front of me as he stared without saying a word and turned and walked away. Seeing he was gone Nesha giggled and quickly pulled my shorts down trying to resume my blowjob, but I blocked her and told her we had to go. She gave me a pouty look and jumped into my lap again.

She hugged me and said she would text me later and got off me after a quick peck on my lips. I busty milf shared hard dick with teen babe on the bed young old pornstars still in shock as we walked out of the shelter house to see the guy that caught us had stopped and was watching us leave the shelter house.

With Nesha in front of me, we walked about 15 yards from him as we passed. He was looking away, but kept glancing at Nesha, probably admiring her body. She looked right at him and said "I was sucking his dick until you interrupted us, have a nice day" and kept walking. The guy looked at me and I just shrugged and passed by. I got to my car and saw that Nesha had parked near me and was driving a newer yellow Volkswagen Beatle. There was another couple in the parking lot so Nesha just looked back at me told me and said "text me later".

I got in my car and drove home still in shock of this amazing girl that was sure to be the death of me. I got home, showered and packed the supper Dawn had brought me so I could eat it later. I was standing in the kitchen when I heard my phone beep that I had received a text and felt like my heart stopped when I looked to see it was from Nick (Nesha).

I quickly put my phone on vibrate and slid it back in my pocket without reading it. Dawn without looking asked who was texting me. I told her it was Nick, an operator from the pipeline, and that I'd just talk to him when I got to work. She didn't seem suspicious as she kissed me and wished me a good night.

I packed up what I needed and walked out to my car on my way to work. I looked at the text from Nesha at my first stop light and it read "you are amazing". After I got to work that night, I was still torn what to do with Nesha. I had decided earlier that day to end talking with her, but instead found myself working out with her, making out like a teenager, feeling her naked pussy and getting my dick sucked from her. I knew I was way in over my head and heading busty asian slut mika tan fucked by massive black dick the road for trouble if I didn't get it under control right away.

I had a very quiet night ahead of me according to the schedule and all of my lines would be down just before midnight. This left me with the last 6 hours to get caught up on side projects or even grab a quick nap. It was about 9 when I heard my phone beep from a text message. I was outside lining up valves and took a look at my phone as I walked back inside and saw that it was from Nesha and read "Hey Superman, I can't stop thinking about you".

To be honest I couldn't stop thinking about her either, but we were in no position to have a relationship. I was married, 41 years old and she had just graduated high school and was 18. Hell, I was old enough to be her dad! I thought about her "daddy issue" comment and got another hard-on thinking of her. I didn't answer Nesha hoping that she would just stop texting and give me time to think how to handle this.

10 minutes later I heard my phone beep again. I looked and saw Nesha had sent me a picture. I opened the picture and saw that she had taken a pic of her naked pussy and sent it to me. I stared at the pic knowing that I had just had my hands all over her cunt and clit just a few hours earlier. A text message followed that read "you showed me yours, real sexbomb anisyia rides big vibrator like a cowgirl only fair to see mine". I was thinking of something witty to say, when I heard my phone ringing.

It was Nesha calling! I let it ring 3 times before answering. Me: Hello Nesha: Hey, did you like your picture? Me: Uh, yeah, wow. I wasn't expecting that.

Nesha: well I wasn't expecting what happened in the shelter house earlier either. Me: Yeah, me either. I think we need to slow this down. I'm married and you, you're 18! Nesha: I know, I'm sorry.

I just really like you. Something about you. I can't stop thinking about you. About us together. About how I want to be with you. How you make me feel. Me: We are going to end up in trouble. I'm going to end up in trouble! I shouldn't have let it get this far. I'm normally not like this. Nesha: So you've never messed around with another girl since you've been married? Me: No. No, I haven't. This just isn't like me. Nesha: Well that tells me that there is something between us. Something real.

I've never been attracted to a guy like I am to you. Me: I'm flattered, but let's slow this down please. Nesha: If that's what you really want. But I think we both know it's going to happen. Let's just let it happens and see where it takes us. If either one of us is not comfortable after it happens, then we agree to stop. Me: Let it happen? Nesha: you know what I'm saying. Me: yeah, I think I do. Hey, I have to run and take care of some things here. I'll text you later. Nesha: OK, but don't forget me.

Me: That's impossible at this point. Nesha: OK, good bye for now. After hanging up I set at my desk and wondered what next.

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A minute later my phone beeped and it was another picture from Nesha. She was wearing a red G-string standing in front of a mirror and turned just right so she could randy tattooed slut gets her ass fucked taking a picture of her ass and legs.

I stared at her perfect body and ass feeling my dick get hard. Another text followed that read "since my guy is an ass man". I kept looking at both pics she sent me as I finished up my work. Things had picked up and I was shutting everything down at 11 now. After my lines went down I went back into my office and took my phone out to look at Nesha's pictures again.

She was absolutely gorgeous! I fell into my own temptation and sent her a text that things were slowing down and I could stay inside for a while now. Hot real life pregnant wives girlfriend amateur fired back immediately "want some company?" Again my heart fell into my stomach, but I had a stirring in my cock for her.

Losing control again I texted back "sure, give me a call for directions". Nesha called me to get directions where I was at. She said she had already figured out where I was with my address on my business card and would be here in 15 minutes. I told her where to park and what door to come in. I hung up the phone knowing that this was about to get more complicated.

Nesha arrived and I met her at side door to let her in. She looked amazing when I saw what she was wearing. She had on skin tight black athletic shorts similar to what you see high school volleyball players wear. A zip up hooded sweatshirt and tennis shoes. This was the first time I got to see the skin on her legs, other than the picture she sent, and noted how perfect she looked.

She wasn't overly tan, but had just the right amount of color. Nesha looked around and asked if anyone else was here. After I told her we were alone, she smiled and said that was how she liked it. I showed her around the control area as she set down in the operator's chair surrounded by 12 flat screens covered in information. With my lines down, I then showed her my office and took a seat behind my chair as she walked around looking at things and pictures on the wall.

She looked at a picture of me and Dawn sitting on my desk, grabbed it and laid it face down. She asked if the reading lamp worked on my desk. When I told her yes, she told me to turn it on as she turned off the light switch on the wall. My office was now dimly lit as Nesha walked back in my direction. She stopped a couple feet away and unzipped her hoodie revealing she didn't have another shirt on under it. I looked at her perfect young breasts and nipples as she peeled her top off and dropped her shorts next in one quick motion.

Once her shoes were off she was completely naked in my office walking between me and my desk as he pushed her naked ass up and set down right in front of me onto my desk.

She turned and pushed a couple things off to the side and laid back picking up her knees. I didn't wait for an invitation and scooted my chair forward as she rested the backs of her legs on my shoulders. I could smell the sweet young smell of her pussy right before my tongue touched her clit.

I licked her hairless young pussy from her asshole to her clit and worked a finger inside of her. She was tighter than anything I had ever felt. Even Dawn's ass wasn't this tight! I worked my finger into her slowly and came across my next shock.

I could feel something inside of her cunt. Resistance, something, was that her hyman? No way could she be a virgin. I raised my head up and asked "are you a virgin". Nesha answered "yeah, is that a problem?". I scooted my chair back away from her as her legs dropped down in front of my desk. "how old are you again?" I asked.

Nesha answered she was 18 again. I had a bad feeling and asked if she had her drivers license with her. She laughed and said "are we really doing this again? I'm 18. I graduated this past May" I thought by her tone that she was aggravated with me, but telling the truth. I apologized and told her I was just surprised she was a virgin. She asked what that was supposed to mean and did I think she was a slut or something.

I explained "no, just by the blowjob you gave me earlier, I thought you were experience with this". She hesitated and said "I am with oral sex. I used to date a guy and we did oral on each other all the time. I had plenty of practice with that, but I have never actually done it with a guy". I apologized and told her I came across wrong.

I was amazed how beautiful she was sitting on my desk completely naked. I told her "we won't do anything you're not comfortable with" johnny sins and sunny leone guided her back on my desk to lay down again. I resumed eating her pussy and could feel her hands all over my head as she enjoyed it. I had plenty of practice eating Dawn's pussy over the years and had developed a pretty good skill set at doing it.

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Nesha moaned softly at first and held onto my head with both her hands tighter. I could tell I had her close and started working her clit with my tongue even harder. She let out a loud moan and pushed her clit up into my mouth harder. I knew I had her on the edge and pushed my tongue harder doing circular motions on her clit while I fingered her pussy careful not to hurt her hymen.

I felt her cunt start squeazing my finger and pulsating as she had her orgasm. I stayed with my technique as her orgasm calmed and wondered if I could get her off again in the next couple minutes. Just as I suspected in less than 5 minutes I could feel her starting again. She was much louder this time moaning as she had her second orgasm with my mouth on her pussy. I slowly stopped and pulled my finger from her pussy. I gave her clit another kiss, scooted back and leaned back in my office chair.

Nesha continued to lay on her back with her hands on her stomach. I watched her left hand reach down to her pussy and explore everything my mouth had just touched. She commented how she couldn't believe how good it felt and had never came twice before. I knew I needed to go check my alarms panels in the next room to make sure everything was OK.

I stood up and leaned over her and kissed her. She kissed me back as we explored each other with our tongues. I told her I'd be right back and as I walked out of the room I heard her shout "I can taste my pussy on your mouth". I returned to find her getting dressed and she already had her shorts back on. I set back in my chair and watched her put her hoodie and shoes on hoping we weren't done yet. She told me to "drop my pants and have a seat in my chair" I quickly complied knowing she was about to finish what we had started earlier at the shelter house.

My dick was already hard and saluting her as she kneeled between my legs and grabbed my cock. Nesha quickly started kissing and licking the tip. She held my cock by the shaft in her tiny hand and rubbed it over her lips and face.

Wow, I thought. For an 18 year old girl she really had mastered her skills at giving head already. It was extremely sexy watching her make love to my cock. She went slow showing me all the tricks as she moved down and started sucking my balls. She was alternating sucking a nut at a time in her mouth as she jacked me off slowly.

I didn't want this to end, but knew we couldn't keep going on too much longer. I'm usually alone on nights, but I do occasionally see technicians and engineers pop in that are working on projects in the facility. Feeling we should hurry, I said "we need to speed this up, I have to get back to the control room soon". Nesha looked up at me with one of my balls in her mouth and winked at me. I heard slurping sound as teen babysitter sucks cock and sex taxi episode fresh teenager coochie like the one took her mouth off my nuts and lowered her head to cock again.

She started sucking my dick again keeping her fist around the base and slowly pumping me. Nesha looked up at me while sucking me off and paused quickly to whisper "get ready". She started going deeper each time she lowered her head taking more into her mouth. I figured as little as she was that she probably had gone just about as far as she could, but she surprised me by inching more in each time. She gagged a couple times when my dick touched the back of her throat, but she looked like she was concentrating ebony kamasutra xxxx story com to deep throat me.

A couple more seconds and Nesha had my entire cock in her mouth and was picking up the pace. It felt wonderful and I could feel myself stirring deep inside as pressure began to build. I heard myself let out a groan and whispered to Nesha "I'm close" hoping she was going to swallow and not make a mess in my office. She squeezed my hips and kept up her pace deep throating me as I felt the first small shot, followed by many more shots of cum, erupting in her mouth.

She was keeping up swallowing my load at first then must have got overwhelmed with the amount and choked a little. After my orgasm was over, Nesha lifted her head off my cock and slowly jacked me off. Her eyes were red and watery from choking a few times deep throating me and swallowing my cum. She smiled and opened her mouth showing me she still had a small mouth full and quickly closed her mouth again so nothing would escape.

In watched her swallow and then lean down and start licking the remainder of the cum off my cock. She held my dick up and slowly milked it upward, pushing the last bit of cum out the head of my cock.

Nesha gave me a sexy smile and stuck the tip of her tongue out to pick up the remainder. Keeping her tongue out, she climbed up me getting closer to my face.

I moved my head not wanting anything to do with her tongue with my cum on it only to find her grabbing my head with a hand on each side and moving my face back towards hers. She had a firm look about her and quickly softened as she put her tongue back in her mouth and kissed my lips.

I felt her tongue press through my lips and could feel a good amount of my cum still in her mouth.

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She kissed me deep and passionately as I learned what my cum tasted like. In a whisper she asked "suck my tongue and lips". I sucked her tongue in my mouth and followed by sucking her lips. We kissed for another minute when she climbed off of me and said "wow, that was hot" and asked me "do you like how you taste?" I was already pulling my pants up and told her that I had never done that before. She just smiled and said "we german hot xxx moves all full to do some more of your never done that things real soon".

I hugged her and kissed her again before telling her I needed to get back to work. She said she would text me later as I walked her to the door watching her great ass walk out to her car. She turned and smiled at me a couple times and shouted "I like you staring at my ass" when she got to her car. I gave her a thumbs up as she blew me a kiss and got into her car and drove off. I knew this wasn't going to be easy to end.