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Awesome huge booty demi rouge
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"Do you want a divorce?" "No. I don't want a divorce. Do YOU want a divorce?" "No. I don't want a divorce, but I want you to stop fucking other guys." "I'll stop fucking other guys when you give up all your fucking business trips.

When you're here you can fuck me any time that you like, any way that you like, anywhere that you like. I've never once denied you a fuck, no matter how outrageous." "And you have loved every fuck that we've had, haven't you?" "Yes, I love you fucking me.

I miss it so much when you're away all the time, that I have to find substitute cocks to fuck me." "So who are the men who fuck you while I'm away?" I don't know.

I only value them for their cocks. Although I must admit that most of them are quite talented with their tongues and their fingers too. You DO know that it's you that I love, don't you?" "Yes.

When I'm with you I can feel your love for me, but when I'm away I know that you're fucking around and I don't like that. Would you consider travelling with me, so that we can be together all the time?" "But if I did that I'd have to give up my job because no one would employ me for the few days per month that you are home.

Then I'd be bored shitless while you were at work and I was at home." It was a stalemate. I knew that he was not going to give up all his business trips, and he knew that I would not give up fucking other men unless he did. We slipped into an uneasy truce. I cooked his favourite dinner for him and he brought out his favourite wine to share with me. Nothing more was said. Then, while I was at work a few days later Andrew rang me. "Vera, what do you wear when you are trawling for men?" "I've got a whole wardrobe of short skirts and skimpy tops.

Why?" "Can you knock off work a bit early?" "I suppose so, but why?" "I'd like you to come to dinner with me and a potential client tonight. He seems to be easily distracted by sexy women. I want you to distract him for me. I'd like real estate agent pounded in many poses to come dressed in your favourite outfit that you wear for picking up men.

Will you do that for me?" "Yes, if that's what you want, but what else do you expect me to do?" "Nothing. I just want to keep him a bit on edge. We're so close to signing an enormous new contract.

I just need your help to get his final signature. I hope that you don't mind?" "Well, it's pretty weird, but, for you, I'll do it." At home, I went to the wardrobe in our spare bedroom, where I kept the clothes that, until now, I did not want Andrew to know about. I selected a bright red outfit. The top was a halter style, which left my back and shoulders bare except for a thin band around my neck and another across the middle of my back.

The top did not extend much below my breasts, leaving my midriff bare too. The skirt was short and tight fitting, showing off my perfect arse.

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At least I think that it is perfect. It was not possible to wear a bra with that top. Normally I would not wear panties under my skirt either. I hesitated about wearing panties tonight. I really did not know what game my husband wanted me to play. In the end I decided that I would enjoy myself more if I went through the evening knowing that I was not wearing anything under my skirt. Perhaps no one else would find out my little secret, or if they did it would perhaps add a frisson of excitement to the evening.

No panties then. When Andrew introduced me to his client I was relieved to note that he was an attractive man a bit older than my usual pick ups, but still very good looking. "Vera, I want you to meet Fred. Fred, this is my assistant, Vera." Again I wondered what game my husband was playing, introducing me as his assistant. Fred and I were seated together on one side of the table, Andrew was opposite us on the other side.

This presented me with a problem; I needed to watch my husband's reactions to any action between Fred and me because I knew that Andrew wanted something of me but I didn't know what.

I hoped that his reactions would tell me if he approved or disapproved of my behaviour. At the same time, if anything were to happen between Fred and me, I also needed to watch Fred for his reactions. My eyes kept swivelling back and forth between the two men's faces. Andrew was talking to Fred, I believe that he was trying to convince him to sign his contract.

I wasn't really listening because Fred already had his hand resting on my bare leg. I listened to the tone of Andrew's voice, half expecting to detect a note of disapproval, but instead heard him chuckle at his own joke. Then I heard Andrew telling Fred about a side trip that he had made during one of his business trips. That caught my attention. Was Andrew prolonging his already interminable business trips by doing a little tourism while he was away?

Angry at my husband I grabbed Fred's hand and slid it up my thigh all the way to my pussy.

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Then I wondered if I had gone too far, so glanced at Andrew's face but he was happily sharing a joke with Fred. Was he aware that Fred was now fingering my cunt? Is that what he wanted? Or not? I decided that the feeling was too delicious to stop.

I just hoped that it was what Andrew wanted because it was what I wanted and Fred's enthusiastic fingering of my cunt told me that it was what he wanted too. I was impressed by Fred's powers of concentration. As far as I could tell he was carrying on a serious conversation with my husband, while finger fucking me with his left hand and eating his dinner with his right hand.

The two men continued to laugh at each other's jokes, so I assumed that they were both happy with what was happening. Surely my husband could not be unaware of where Fred's hand had been for almost the last half hour. When the meal was over Fred invited us to his hotel room for a night cap. Would Andrew accept? He did! Once step mom fuck virgin boy his room I walked over to the king-size bed, slipped my high heels off and sat cross-legged on the bed, pushing my skirt between my thighs to hide my bare pussy which by now, thanks to the finger fucking, must have been glistening with my pussy juice.

Andrew sat on a couch. Fred organised drinks for us all then came and sat beside me on the bed. Instead of my thigh, he started running his hand over my bare shoulders and back.

I noticed that Andrew did not miss a beat in the story that he was telling; apparently it was OK for Fred to stroke me like that. Then Fred undid the straps that held my top in place and it fell into my lap.

I pushed it aside. "Doesn't Vera have beautiful breasts?", Fred asked. "She certainly does.", my husband replied. "My god,", I thought, "he really wants Fred to fuck me. So what was all that bullshit about my not fucking other sunny leone xxx storys download mp3 decided to test the limits further; while watching for my husband's reaction I placed my hand over Fred's cock and squeezed him through his trousers.

Andrew stopped talking. He was staring at my hand over Fred's cock, but the look on his face was not angry, as I had feared, but excited. A glance at the huge bulge in his trousers told me how excited.

I climbed off the bed, dropped my skirt and kicked it away, then, completely naked, I knelt in front of Fred and undid his trousers and released his cock from his briefs. I turned my head to check on Andrew and saw that he had his cock out of his trousers and was stroking himself as he watched me and Fred. He had given up any attempt at conversation. I turned back to Fred and started to take his cock into my mouth.

Soon I was bobbing my head up and down Fred's cock. I was surprised to feel something pressing against my anus. I was particularly surprised because, up to then, Petite teen myla elyse gets a hardcore banging in the backseat had never asked to fuck my arsehole, although I had often been fucked that way by other men that I picked up. I lifted my arse a little to give my husband easier access and felt his dick press into me.

I was glad that I had been fucked that way before because he had not used any lube; at least I had been stretched by other dicks. It actually felt good. Wow! My husband was fucking my arse for the first time ever while I was sucking his client's cock. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't bother to think about how this changed our marriage.

That would come later. I pulled off Fred's dick and stood up, pulling away from Andrew's dick. "I want you, Fred, in my cunt and you my husband, back in my arse." Fred lifted his hips to help me pull his trousers and briefs off. I pushed him back so that he was lying on the bed, with his legs still over the edge. I climbed onto the bed and lined his dick up with my cunt, then lowered myself down his pole. Once my pubic bone was pressed against his I lay forward. Andrew needed no second invitation he plunged his cock back into my arsehole and started fucking me again.

At first Fred just lay there with his rigid rod deep inside me while Andrew plunged in and out of my arse. He told me later that he could feel Andrew's cock through the membrane separating my two holes as it slid in and out of me. Eventually the sensations became extreme and he too was plunging in and out of me by lifting my hips off the bed and then pushing up off the bed, into me,before dropping down again, still holding my hips off the bed.

I had had DPs before, but never with my husband. The orgasm that built in my body was incredible. I think that I may have blacked out briefly because I was not aware of the two cocks spewing their cum into me and yet when it was all over the evidence was there as dribbles of their cum seeped out of my cunt and my arsehole. "Wow! Thank you Vera and Andrew.

I've never experienced anything like that. If we can do that again whenever I come to town, which will be fairly often, I'll gladly sign your contract. I was ready to sign anyway, but that fuck was just the icing on the cake. I've never been part of a threesome before. I loved it." Fred signed my husband's contract then and there. We sat around for a few minutes more with fresh drinks to toast the new contract hot hitomi nakagawa best blowjob eve asian our future couplings.

Then Andrew and I got dressed and headed for home. In the car I started to worry about this new twist to our marriage. "So Andrew, I hope you are happy about securing that contract.

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Are you happy about how you … how we got Fred to sign? Was that what you had in mind when you asked me to dress as a slut for dinner tonight? If it was, why didn't you say so from the start?" "To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure what I wanted. I wanted to secure that contract. I knew that probably the best way would be if you fucked Fred,but I wasn't sure about watching you seduce Fred.

I was terrified that I would be consumed with jealousy." "You didn't look jealous to me. You looked highly aroused, even in the restaurant when he was finger fucking me.

Did you realise what was happening under the table?" "Yes. I guessed that was why his arm was moving the way that it was. And yes it turned me on.

But I was even more aroused when I saw you, naked, take his cock out of his pants and start sucking on it. It was then,looking at your bare bum pointed toward me, that I realised that I could join in, and how exciting that might be. By the way, when you told me the other day that I could fuck you any time, anywhere and in remy lacroix temptation of eve way that I liked, did that include in the arsehole?" "Of course.

That's included in 'in any way that you like'. Did you like fucking my arse? I know that I liked it. Will you be doing that more often now" "Yes, I liked fucking your bum hole. Yes, I want to do it again, when there's just the two of us. But first time xxx ebony bf do you feel about Fred's expectation that we will repeat tonight's threesome with him whenever he comes to town to check on progress on his contract?" "I'm not going to lie to you.

I hope that I don't ever need to lie to you. I really enjoyed tonight and I'm really looking forward to next time. But in the mean time I'm really looking forward to your fucking my arse again tonight." By now we were almost home. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my top and threw it down with my shoes, then struggled out of my skirt and dropped it with the rest of my clothes, so that by the time that we were safely inside our garage I was completely naked again.

Andrew reached for my tits but I pushed him away. "Honey, we're much too old to be fucking in the car. Let's get inside the house, please." We made it through the door between the garage and the house, but no further,before Andrew bent me over the nearest chair and pushed his fully-erect cock into my arsehole again.

This time the cum that he had left in me earlier provided ample lube, so it felt even better than before as he slid easily into me. He reached around my hip and diddled my clit. That plus the fact that this was the second time ever that he had fucked my back door, plus remembering our threesome earlier, all added up to my cumming incredibly strongly as Andrew pumped a new load of cum into me.

After that I turned villege 3x full best vedio, knelt in front of him, and pulled his cock into my mouth.

"Vera, that's so nasty. How can you take my cock into your mouth when it has just come out of your arsehole?" "Andrew, arse-to-mouth is also included in 'in any way that you like'. Get used to it." After that we fell into bed together and were quickly asleep. Fortunately the next day was Saturday because we both slept way past the time that we normally get up. Over late breakfast we again discussed the changes that last night meant for our marriage. "Do you know, Andrew, I'm really looking forward to winning more contracts for you, if that is what you want of me." "Yes.

There are quite a few men like Fred, who could be seduced by your beautiful body. There are a few lesbian women who might succumb to your charms too, if you are up for that as well." "I hope that, now that you know what I am capable of and what your reactions are likely to be, that you will be more up front with me about whether you want me to fuck them and how. And yes, I've never had sex with a woman, but I'm willing to give it my best effort." Please vote and comment.

To be continued in "Husband's assistant 2"