Anal first timer gf has gaping ass

Anal first timer gf has gaping ass
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This is my first story ever. I hope you enjoy. Please leave positive feedback, what can be improved upon, etc. Enjoy! My Uncle and Me. My Uncle and I were always close, since I can remember. When I was little and had to stay with my mother at my grandfathers, he was there too. He always looked after my sister and I in the afternoon after school while our mother and grandfather had to work.

My sister and I were really tight and sometimes she would tell me things about him, things he'd try doing to her or getting her to do, but being young I really didn't care, even though my sister and I were close, I thought she was just saying it because of how close I was to him.

My sister was two years older than me, tall, light skinned, blue eyes with freckles. I was the opposite, short, I was born early, so I was a good foot shorter than most people my age, curly dark hair and hazel eyes, wide hips and I tanned easier.

Even at a young age I used to flaunt my butt off to my sister, because she literally had none and I was a little jealous of the fact that she luscious teen babe likes large schlong hardcore and blowjob more of a chest than me and most guys we met were always staring at it. For how short I was, guys seemed to like me, they always said I had a nice butt and curvy hips and that I was more fun than my sister, I was more like one of the guys.

I liked wrestling, watching people skateboard even though I wasn't all that good, I'd try sometimes and my sister would usually laugh her ass off when I biffed it.

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I usually thought whatever, she couldn't do any better. For a while we lived with my mom, my grandfather and Uncle Stew, he was super nice to us, and always let us do things we were told not to, he'd rub my back and help get me off to bed if I was having a rough night, or if my feet hurt and felt sore, he'd rub them for me, asian redhead petite shaved pussy fucked by large cock gave me a calf massage sometimes.

My sister never liked to be near him and usually stayed in her room, which gave me and my uncle plenty of time to wrestle and fool around. I'd always tell him I was going to beat him into a pulp! And then we'd wrestle and he'd pin me beneath him with his weight against me, pinning my hands above my head and trying to tickle me on my sides, along the insides of my legs, my stomach.

I think that's where it all started. I was always sexually turned on, even at a young age. I always heard people talking about it and a couple of times seen it on tv and walked in on it one time when my parents were doing it.

As time went on, I became more and more curious and the more me and my Uncle would wrestle the more I noticed I would start to get wet but try and play it off like everything was fine. He was 20 years older than me, a big strong man, lean, starting to bald, maybe 5'10, 6', I don't know. All I know was I super deep anal fisting hardcore and lesbian 4'6 at the time and young, so having the attention of an older man on me was great.

I loved my uncle, even though my older mother would tell me to stay away from him and be careful, I didn't care. I didn't see anything wrong with him. He treated me better than anyone had. The more we wrestled, the more I would slip my hands and arms under his shirt, attempting to take him down and beat him up but at the same time feel his skin against mine and his curves. I enjoyed it, I think that's why I kept doing it so often and kept starting it, pretending like I was going to pop him one or take him down.

He always commented how short I was, and that I couldn't take him down which put more fuel to the fire to try, I was just a kid, slowly becoming a teenager I didn't know better. The more I pursued the fights, the more I noticed his hands would slip closer to certain areas, a little more I knew they would linger and try and tickle me. I know one time he had me pinned down, my hands above my head, my feet tucked under his butt, his hand was clawing away at the very inner of my thighs, nearly pressing up into me before he slipped his hand out and ran it flat across my bare stomach.

I remember gritting my teeth, my legs tense, my cheeks hot and my. well, what was underneath very wet. He must have noticed how I was acting because he leaned over, and nipped my neck, planting his body firmly against mine between my legs, along my chest and playfully bit my neck as his hand slide and gripped my ribs, I couldn't help but let out a shaky attempt to breathe and smell him at the same time.

His entire body and warmth was against me for that short second, it was amazing before he pushed up, rolled me over on to my stomach and grabbed the back of my pants and pulled them down just enough to show the top of my ass crack before he leaned in and bit both cheeks softly, smacking my butt from the bottom up. I was redder than anything at this point, so red it felt like my eyes were ready to water as I bit my lip.

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He climbed over me, and leaned in to let me know he was there and finally said, in a chipper voice and a coy smile, "Time for bed!" My eyes were probably bigger than anything else when I looked back at him, still biting my lip in a dazed/surprised expression, then trailed my eyes down between his legs and my lower butt, his dick was hard and pointing directly towards my ass crack through his shorts, looking like it wanted to settle in if he laid across me!

I tried to crawl out from under him without touching it but in a clumsy attempt to get to my hands and knees under him I fell back and pressed my ass directly into him.

I felt the head of his dick press up into my ass, almost as if he shifted his hips into it once he felt me against it.

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It rode my underwear up my ass crack a little but I couldn't help but push back on it a little as I still attempted to crawl to my feet under him, feeling his massive cockhead twitch not once, but twice against my asshole. Clumsily, and never having thought about it before, I finally got to my feet and near crawl-scurried off towards the bedroom, my underwear wetter than I had ever had happen before.

Pretty sure it started to seep through to my pants. Just moments after leaving I decided to scurry back, and plant a small kiss on his cheek with a smile before going back and heading to my room where my older sister was already asleep.

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That night I couldn't count how many wet dreams I had woken up from or how many times I had rubbed myself. I really didn't want to cum, I just wanted to keep playing with myself until I came with something inside of me but the problem is. I've never done any of that before.

I've rubbed out plenty of time but. I've never sat on anything and came. I'm still a virgin.

and constantly thinking about sitting on my uncle's cock so much so, that I decided to sit on his lap the next night in nothing but a big baggy shirt and my underwear as we watched a movie before bed. In the dark of the room I started lightly rubbing myself into him. I really couldn't help it. at such a young age, it just started building and kept going from there, I needed it. I started to think about having it inside of me, I started to think about it being between my legs as I jerked it.

licking the tip until he was happy, all the meanwhile still grinding my warm, wet pussy through my underwear into his pants, feeling his erection just beneath, pushing up into me. I looked over my shoulder to see my Uncle, watching, seeing his cheeks redden as he tried his hardest to act like he was focused on the tv. I bit my lip and smiled at him, seeing him and knowing he wasn't going to stop me or freak out. As I turned my head back towards the tv, pulling the blanket over the both of us, my small frame shrouded by it against his big sexi kinar sexi sex stories vedio, I slipped my hand down.

The things I wanted to do. ------ Hope you enjoyed the teaser.