Sally dangelo rides a rock solid cock

Sally dangelo rides a rock solid cock
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"Uuuggghhhh" I groaned, "what the fuck." I slowly opened my eyes and quickly closed them. The bright light of morning piercing into the room burned my eyes, well it felt that way. I rubbed my eyes and again slowly opened them, trying to accustom my self to the morning sun, well at least I thought it was morning. I lay in my bed and tried to pull myself together. My head was pounding and all I could taste in my mouth was alcohol. "What happened last night?!" Coming to my senses and finally back to reality, I ran over in my head what happened.

Like a rush of pure adrenaline it all came back to me, The promotion, that cheating whore, the bar, the blonde. "Shit!!" I sprang up in my bed. I searched about my room but there were no signs of anyone being there. I looked under the covers at my naked self, my flaccid penis just lieing to one side.

"Did we?" I asked my dick, like it could answer. I fell back down onto my bed. My head still spinning. I looked to my bed side table and saw there was a pint of water, some pills which I guessed where pain killers and a piece of paper.

I grabbed the pills and chucked them in my mouth, grabbing the water and gulping it down. I then took a deep breath and picked up the piece of paper. It read, Sorry Robbie I have work and had to go. Had a fun night though and would like to see you amateur webcam girl with cum on ass penetration doggy style. This is my number .

Give me a call when you're not dead to the world, Chloe xo P.s take the painkillers, they will help "Wow ok so I think we did then" I laughed smugly to myself. I continued to look at the note and tried to remember more of last night. I knew for certain she was blonde and hot, had a nice ass and a lovely pair of tits. I tried but could not remember anymore than that. I got up and dragged myself into the shower, the hope was it would freshen me up.

It only helped marginally. I threw some clothes on and headed through to the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen I saw my clothes in a sort of neat pile on the floor, I laughed to myself thinking Chloe must have done that. I picked them up and searched my pockets, "fuck sake" I said to myself.

Still in my trouser pockets I found my phone, my keys and my wallet. Checking my phone to find it was dead. "Great" I mumbled.

I put my phone on charge and made myself a coffee. The coffee helped a lot more than the shower. Just as I finished my coffee my phone sprang to life and starting going off like crazy. I picked it up and there was several missed calls and texts from Amanda. A few of the usual random Facebook notifications and a missed call from Mikey.

I read the few texts from Shemale slumber party cena pussyfucking and anal sex and deleted them instantly. It was just the usual "I'm sorry this", "can we talk that" and blah blah. I just wasn't interested anymore. I decided I would call Mikey later but for know I wanted to pull myself together.

I sat about the house the rest of the morning and just after lunch time decided I should give Chloe a phone. She answered after the fourth ring, "Hello" her sweet voice sounded through the phone. "Um hey Chloe, it's eh, Robbie" I stuttered like an idiot.

"Oh hiya Robbie" her voice cheerful to my sound of death. "Was wondering when you would call, how you feeling?" "Just peachy" I joked, to which she giggled in return. "Needed those painkillers for sure" I said rubbing my head.

"Thought you might" she laughed. There was a moment of awkward silence before she spoke again "I had fun last night!" "Yeah me too" I paused "from what I can remember" "That bad was I" she teased. "From my memory, I was punching" I teased back. "And I'm only hoping I performed well enough!" She just laughed "oh you performed very well for a drunk man" she lowered her voice "I've not cum that hard for a long time." My dick twitched at the thought. Some more of last night came back to me and then hit me.

"Oh fuck I came in you last night didn't I?" My voice turned to panic but Chloe sounded unphased. "Mmm yes you did!" She moaned quietly "but don't worry, I have an implant.

Not ready for any babies yet" she laughed. "Thank fuck" I gasped in relief, taking her word for it. We talked a little longer about meaningless shit until she had to go. I said I would call again and she said she would love to meet up soon.

We said our goodbyes and I hung up. The rest of the day I pretty much sat in front of the tv. Flicking through the channels and watching mindless tv. Later that night I decided to phone Mikey back but he didn't answer, most likely cause he would be working.

I text a few other mates and updated them on what was happening. They all shared there mixed feelings happy and congratulating me on the promotion, angry and apologetic about Amanda and in true lad fashion sending electronic high fives because of Chloe. They all gave the usual 'if you need anything' speech, which I thanked them for. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. Chloe text me and we chatted away about non important things, the occasional sexual innuendo thrown both ways.

We texted away pretty late into the night before we said our good nights just past midnight. A horrible night had just began. I couldn't get to sleep, my mind was racing. The hurt still there and the wishes that Amanda didn't fuck me over, literally.

I would occasionally doze off but the memories of what I saw would always shake me awake. This bed was cursed. I obviously was fine last night cause I was passed out drunk but tonight I was all too aware of what bed I was trying to sleep in. About half 3 in the morning I actually got up and changed the bed sheets and covers, thinking that would help.

It didn't. About an hour later I got up and went to sleep in the spare bedroom on the much smaller bed. It could fit two people but they would have to be very comfortable with each other as voluptuous asians wet oral service japanese hardcore wasn't much room.

I eventually fell asleep, most likely due to pure exhaustion. The next day I awoke early and just stared at the ceiling. "I'm gonna need a new bed!" I thought to myself. I'm not sleeping in that disgraced bed again and this one just isn't good enough to keep sleeping on.

I got up, got ready, made myself some breakfast and headed out the door. I got in my car and drove to the nearest decent furniture shop. I looked around the shop and found a leather, latina stewrdess gets twat nailed by perverted pawn guy brunette and reality framed one I quite liked.

Wasn't too expensive either and could get a memory foam mattress as well. I was admiring it when a soft voice spoke from behind me, "It also comes in brown!" Her sudden appearance startled me. "I'm sorry sir" she apologised "My names Hannah" she extended her small pale hand. She must have been in her early twenties, possibly late teens. Small petite frame, small breasts that fit her figure well. Auburn hair tied back into a neat looking ponytail. Her smile was friendly but I was captivated by her dark brown eyes.

"Oh don't worry" I smiled shaking her hand softly "My names Rob, but call me Robbie" She blushed at my warm smile and quickly gathered herself.

"Yeah, the bed comes in the black leather as you can see or brown. It also can come with one long drawer like this" as she said this she bent over and pulled out the drawer. I couldn't help myself but stare at her young perk ass, it looked like a nice little handful.

"Or the drawer can be two single ones" she blushed again as she rose, just catching my wayward eyes.

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"How soon can it be delivered" I asked. "Well it depends on what type you order. Usually 1-2 weeks for the custom orders." She smiled. "Ahh" I pondered "what about this exact bed?" "With this type of could be delivered by the end of next week?" A laughed lightly "what if I took this exact one?" "Oh" she paused "um I'm not very sure.

We haven't really done anything like that." "I'm willing to pay face value right now with a memory foam mattress but I need it today?!" "Not got your own bed?" She grinned. "I did" I laughed "but let's just say I caught two people in the bed and now I'm single and need a bed!" Her face fell to one of sorryness and she touched my arm "I'm sorry that solo mastrubation british girl on webcam tube porn, can never be easy seeing that." "She'll be needing a new bed now too anyway" I laughed "and a new place as well!" Hannah giggled but her hand remained on my arm "ok let me go speak to the manager, be right back!" She scurried off towards and office and about 5 minutes later she returned.

"I'm sorry Robbie but I have good news and bad news." "Ok" I smiled. "I'll take the good news first" "You can have your new bed much sooner than the end of next week" "Uh huh" "But the earliest we can do is Monday?!" I sighed at the statement but she quickly spoke again.

"I'm sorry it's just we are booked full with deliveries today and the guys don't work on Sundays." She offered a reassuring smile. "Yeah suppose cant blame them" I chuckled.

"I'd let you share my bed" I almost didn't hear what she said as it was pretty much a whisper. "So Monday's ok then?" She spoke more loudly. "Yeah, yeah that's fine" I replied. We made off to a small desk with a computer on it and filled out all the necessary paperwork. Hannah's eyes were always lingering on me and I can't blame her as my eyes were constantly roaming over her as she typed.

I explained that I would be at work on Monday but would leave keys under my door mat. The service button would get them through the main door.

I didn't want to leave lesbian country babes licking pussies in the ranch fingering and lesbians key with the neighbour as newcastle adultwork goth tattoo slut treats boyfriend is a nosey old cow. She cheerfully explained that she would assist the men then, since I, the owner, wasn't home and would post the keys back through the letter box.

With everything sorted, I said my goodbye. She shook my hand again but this time it lingered for longer as I could have sworn she bit her lip. As I left the shop, I was at a loss what to do. I phoned a couple of mates but they were all busy with their other halves. They said they would drop what they were doing to come see me but I insisted I would be fine. I searched around a few clothes shops and got some new threads. I got myself some lunch out but afterwards I had to reluctantly head home.

When I got home I put my new purchases away and searched the wardrobe for any of Amanda's clothes. Anything that I found that she had got for me or belonged to her went into black bags. It took me a while but once I was finished, there was three black bags full. Some of you may be thinking I'm moving on quick but I'm focused and I'm ready to move on. It's only been like two days but nothing is going to change what happened. I know I'm going to have my moments of hurt and depression but when I'm in control, I'm going to cleanse my life of her.

The bed was the first big rash decision but it's all part of the process. Once that was all sorted and the black bags left by the door, I throw myself down on the sofa.

I sat there but got that horrible feeling, the same as the bed and moved over to the arm chair. Switching on the tv, I sent Chloe a text. A while later she excitedly replied saying she was just finishing up at work and then her girly pals were heading out into the town. She invited me out with them but I politely declined.

Take out, beers and a movie would sort my night. I sat on the arm chair into the early evening, texting Chloe back and forward until she apologised and had head off to her friends. I wished her a goodnight and teased about getting some action.

I said it half heartedly, I did quite like her for the brief time we've had but I couldn't fixate with one girl so soon. Not fair on either of us.

I went to grab myself a beer from the fridge and the remembered I didn't have any. Not having any mixers for the harder stuff I nipped out to the local shop. Picking myself up a crate of beers, I also grabbed a pizza on the way back. Settling down with my pizza and beer, I spent the rest of the night watching a couple of movies. Not really wanting to go to bed. Eventually I decided I had to and went for the spare room again. --- It was an other restless night.

Not as bad as the night before but still not good enough. I couldn't have this again tonight, I need a good sleep for tomorrow. "Fuck it, I'll get a hotel for the night!" I said to myself. Probably an other rash decision but this flat was really starting to bug me. All the apparent happy memories, Amanda and I shared. All the plans we had, all ruined and destroyed.

The thing that was really getting to me most was that I provided everything for her, I gave her this amazing flat, anything she wanted she got. Our sex life was way above average as well which hurt even more. Unless she was an incredible actress at faking orgasms, I am very sure I gave her at least one most of the time. I'm not a super hero Tia le gusta que le metan dedo al culo must admit, I didn't make her cum every time!

But fuck that cheating whore, she can rot in hell for all I care. I needed a cool shower to relax myself. I just stood under the shower head and let the water cascade all over me. I must have spent a good twenty minutes in the shower before I got out. Drying myself off and throwing some casual clothes on I packed a small bag and gathered my work gear for tomorrow. It was too early to text Chloe and decided that I would let her text me today, when she was ready.

It was also way too early to head to the hotel and I was at a loss what to do. I phoned up the hotel anyway to book a room for the night and my suspicion was confirmed, I couldn't get a room until after four pm. I looked at my watch, it was only half ten in the morning. "What to do?" I said out loud to myself. I sat down and watch tv for a half hour before I remember I had a lot of paperwork to catch up ok for work. There was a few outstanding documents I had to complete which I would have done Friday but having the day off it didn't get done.

Even with just grabbing a quick lunch it took me way longer than I expected to get the paperwork done. It was boring shit but needed done. I checked the time and it was well past four. I was also kind of gutted that I hadn't heard from Chloe yet today. "She probably did get some action last night" I grumbled to myself. Clearing my head, I stored my laptop away and tidied up the table.

I gathered all my bags and headed off to the hotel. I decided to treat myself and went for the Hilton, which luckily was just down the street from my work. I parked up and headed to reception. There was two receptionists at the desk and unfortunately the nice looking brunette was busy with a couple so I spoke to the well dressed man.

I explained the booking and confirmed my name. When I said my name, I felt the brunette looking over to me with a strained look on her face. I only quickly glanced her way. She had a very pretty curved face and for some reason, in my head I was sure I had seen it before. I was snapped back to reality, when the man asked for my credit card which I handed over. From the corner of my eye the brunette was still working away but I could feel her eyes searching me.

Not my whole body but my face. I couldn't make out her name badge without staring so I focused on the job at hand so to speak. With my booking quickly confirmed and sorted, a young male porter came and took my bags and ushered me towards the lift. I couldn't get an other look at the brunette who was still serving the couple. The room was huge, more like an apartment. I tipped the porter and closed the door behind me. There was a large lounge area with sofas and a huge flat screen tv, it lead through a wide open door archway to a massive bed.

There was a bathroom off to the side with a big walk in shower and a huge whirlpool bath. I was very impressed to say the least. Matches the price tag.

I got myself settled and set up my laptop. I decided to get some work done for tomorrow and be ready for the week ahead. I didn't spend long on the laptop before I got bored and shut it off.

I then remembered that this hotel has a gym and pool so I decided to best use my night getting a sweat on. The gym was pretty much dead, just a couple of people in but none of interest. I got a good work out in and was actually feeling a little worn out and sore. But a good sore. I then chilled out in the sauna and steam room before heading back up to my room. I showered quickly and put some decent clothes on and headed down for some food.

The restaurant was quite busy but I was shown to a free table. I ordered prawns for my starter and a nice steak for my main.

I washed it down with a few glasses of wine and after paying for it I headed back up to my room. By now it was about half eight and I got changed into more comfier clothes and sat down in front of the tv. About an hour passed when a knock came at the door, muting the tv.

I stared at the door in slight fright and confusion. Seconds later the knock came again. "what the hell?" I said to myself, getting up and walking over to the door. The door had a small peep hole which I peered through. I couldn't make out the face mature bondage sex best compeers aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny I was positive it was the receptionist. I quickly opened the door.

"Hi Mr Lawson, sorry to bother you" she smiled shyly as she kept her up right posture. My eyes scanned her face. That face I knew it, but from where, who was she. I realised I was standing there in silence and had to buy myself time. "Oh hi, hello there, don't worry about it, what can I do for you?" I replied, my brain in overtime trying to place the face.

"I. I don't normally, intrude like this on guests but." I glanced at her name tag 'Lauren' my mind was overheating. I only knew one Lauren but that was way back at High School, no way. "Lauren Hale?" I questioned her. "Oh my you do remember me?" She perked up. "I'm sorry it did take me some time" I nervously laughed. "It's been so long" "It has" her face went a little note serious "are you alone?

Do you mind if I come in?" "Um yeah sure come in!" I stood back from the door and welcomed her in. Closing the door behind her. "I'm sorry to intrude Robbie but I had to see for sure it was you" she smiled. "Oh don't worry" I waved her off "I knew I recognised your face when I saw you downstairs." "I thought the same, I knew I recognised yours and after checking your booking I was sure." I simply nodded and took a seat on the sofa, offering her one which she happily accepted.

"So how have you been Lauren? What's it been five, no six years?" I tried to remember the last time I saw her. "Yeah about six, maybe even seven years, we were both eighteen at the end of high school" my mind raced back to that time.

A younger version of myself, not as hard working as I am now but still full of charm. I had been dating Amanda for my last few months of high school after going through several girlfriends. Lauren was one of her close friends. Lauren and I always got on well together and even being with Amanda, I had a thing for Lauren. But she never came to prom and Amanda never spoke about her. Just said she had to leave and she was glad that she did. There was a moment of awkward silence as I pondered my thoughts and reminisced those days at high school.

Lauren broke the silence, "How are you Robbie? Are you still with Amanda?" "Well there's a funny story" I snorted "and the reason why I'm here!" "Oh" she said stopping in silence.

"All started Thursday when I got a promotion at work. Was pretty chuffed with myself and really excited so wanted to get home and tell her. Baring in mind, yes we have still being going out since the end of high school and with this promotion I could finally afford the big wedding she wanted.

My initial plan was to take her away this weekend and propose." Lauren simply nodded her head as I continued.

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"Anyway I get home to our flat and what do I find. Her in bed with another guy. Turns out that wasn't the first time and that wasn't the only juvenile bitch in a rough action tube porn, six months apparently." I held my head in my hand, keeping the mixed emotions in.

"Sorry for ranting" Lauren moved next to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry you had to find out like that, that bitch" "It's fine, its probably my own fault!" I conceded "I highly doubt that" she scoffed. "It's been going on a lot longer than six months!" I lifted my head, a little agitated "what do you mean?" "I guess she never told you the real reason we fell out?" She said, slowly rubbing her hand down my back.

I simply shook my head. "Two nights before prom, I was late from the prom committee meeting. Amanda was meant to be there but she never showed." She shifted a little closer to me. "I tried to call her but she never answered. At a loss I started walking home, as I walked past the sports hall and onto the main field I heard noises from the greens keepers hut. I don't know why but something inside made me want to go look." Lauren's gaze was now fixed on a spot on the floor. "The sight I saw changed my life forever.

There was Amanda being fucked by my prom date Ted. I still remember the look of horror on my face in the windows reflection. Amanda saw me and the look she gave me struck me to the core. I ran." Her hand fell from my shoulder as tears visibly formed.

Even though she has just dropped the biggest bomb shell that pretty much my whole adult life was a lie. My inner gent stood out and I had to comfort her. As soon as my hand touched her shoulder she turned to me and hugged me tight. "I'm so sorry" she sobbed "I wanted to tell you. I was so broken that night and Amanda came to see me before school the next day.

I've never seen her like that before, she was so, so evil. She said the worst things about me and that if I told you, she would ruin me. She was meant to be my friend." Her body began to shake as fresh tears began to fall. "Sshhh here listen, it's ok Lauren. It's in the past" I tried to soothe her. "I wanted to save you from her but I was so scared. Time went on and on and I never got the chance." She sniffled. "The years went past and I put it behind me but when I saw you downstairs it all came back to me." I just rubbed her back as the shaking slowly stopped as well as the sobbing.

"I could have saved you all this hurt and waste of time but I didn't" she whined. "Here Lauren, it's ok. It's not your fault. She hurt us both!" I held her tight. "Yeah she did" she forced herself back from me "and she should pay!" "She's not worth the effort" I half laughed "she hasn't changed from high school, she's the same stuck up bitch she's always been.

I was blinded by love." Lauren stared at me, her make-up running a little with the tears. I reached up and cleared away real mom and son fuck mother mature xxx mess with my fingers.

She had grown into a beautiful woman. She was hot in high school but she has developed very well.

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I just looked into her eyes as if to say it's all going to be ok. Lauren suddenly moved forward and our lips smashed together. It was a closed tender kiss sexy schoolgirl needs more than a vibrator I could feel the passion.

We held the kiss, not daring to move. "I'm sorry" she broke off "I wanted so bad to do that in high school" she shyly confessed. "But yeah well you know I couldn't" "Well she's not here anymore" I half smiled, not sure what I meant or wanted to happen.

But that decision was made for me. Lauren lunged forward again, smashing her lips into mine but this time forcing me backwards on the sofa so she was on top. This kiss had a lot more heat and passion. Our breathing was heavy as Lauren parted her lips and pressed her tongue forward. I was happy to accept and her tongue quickly spilled into my mouth.

My hands found her back as I pulled her into me. I moved my hands slowly down her back and found her ass. I haven't had a good look at it yet but it felt amazing in my hands. "Mmmm it's been so long since I've had a mans hands on me" she moaned breaking the kiss. "Feels good doesn't it" I smugly grinned. "Very much" she groaned as I squeezed her ass and leant back down to mash lips again. It was just as heated and as passionate as before. We continued to make out for several minutes.

My hands still squeezing her firm ass, as she was now grinding on top of me. Breaking off the kiss, Lauren sat up on my lap and removed her suit jacket. She quickly unbuttoned her white shirt and tossed it to the side. Her tits looked fantastic, had to be maybe thirty six b's. Perfectly snug in her bra and well rounded. I couldn't resist myself as she freed them and tossed the bra.

I leaned forward and sucked one of her breasts into my mouth, Lauren instantly moaning at my touch. Still holding her by the ass, I sucked hard with my lips. I could feel her nipple getting hard in my mouth and I couldn't resist nibbling it, which gained a yelp and lower moan from Lauren. "I've forgotten how good it feels for someone to suck my nipples" she groaned "please Robbie, the other one too" she pleaded.

Not one to disappoint, I switched to her other nipple which was already hard for me. I latched onto it and continued my work.

My nose was filled with the sweet aroma of her perfume as I tenderly worked her nipple with my tongue. Still nibbling away at her stiff nips, Lauren was really gyrating against my crotch. My dick was at full mast and I knew she could feel it. "I need to see it" she whispered, grabbing at my t shirt and pulling it off.

She then pushed me back down onto the sofa and moved off my crotch. She pulled at my cotton trousers and pulled them down, I didn't bother with any boxers so my erection sprang free. Lauren didn't say anything. She just stared at it in awe and reached a nervous hand forward, gripping the shaft. "Don't worry it won't bite" I teased with a sly grin. "But I do" she winked as she moved forward taking the head of my cock into her mouth.

Sucking hard around the tip. I could feel her tongue sway across the top and it was teasingly good. I loved the sight of a girl sucking my cock and Lauren's light red lipstick smudge around my shaft made it look even hotter. Then I had an idea! "Uhh Lauren?" I struggled for words. "Mhmm?" She moaned still sucking my cock. "Want to get some revenge?" I asked. "Like what?" She pulled off my cock with an evil grin. "Revenge on Amanda?" I asked as she still stroked my cock.

"Mmmm you naughty boy! What you thinking?" She asked as she licked my tip. I knew it was a long shot and completely random but I wanted revenge too "we take some photos and send them to Amanda?" Lauren seemed to ponder for a second but her eyebrow raised and her grin grew bigger. "Love the idea" as her mouth fell back down onto my cock.

My phone was sitting on the coffee table so I reached across and grabbed it. As Lauren expertly sucked my cock, moving her lips further down my shaft each time. I took a few pics of her doing it. Making sure to get her face in it. Oh revenge can be so sweet, I thought to myself. Lauren then took my cock from her mouth and whilst still holding it, licked her tongue up and down it's length. I got a few more pics of her doing this with her face and my cock in full show.

I wanted more now so I tossed my phone back onto the coffee table and pulled myself from under her.

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She had the euro whores cum a lot from fuckfests hardcore and groupsex confused look on her face, "hey I wasn't finished" she complained. "I know but I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours!" I told her.

I eased her around so she was sitting on the sofa and I quickly fell to the floor and between her legs. I pushed her legs wide and shifted her skirt up to expose her crotch. Lauren had on dark tights with black panties and I could easily see her damp patch. I was in no mood for extra foreplay and I wanted at that pussy.

I took a handful of her tights either side and ripped them open. Lauren's face was one of shook and lust. Not wasting any time I pulled her panties to the side and dove in tongue first. Lauren's head fell back onto the sofa and moaned in pleasure. One of her hands found my head and held on tight. Her other hand was playing with her hard nipples as she tugged at them. "Mmmm yes Robbie" she breathed "that's the spot" as I found her clit with my tongue.

I eagerly lapped away at ever wetting pussy lips. She tasted like strawberry candy and I was loving the taste of her in my mouth. "Uh fuck Robbie" Lauren moaned as I sucked on her clit. Moving my tongue all around her aroused little nub. First busty teen gangbang watch part on suzcamcom grip on my head became tighter as she pulled me into her soaking pussy. I worked my tongue up and down the length of her slit and she bucked her hips forward every time I reached her clit.

With my free hand I reached down and stroked my cock. It was rock solid and was sore to touch. I needed it inside her. I got up and pulled her closer to the edge of the sofa, "no no wait!" I froze as she moved back. "Do you have a condom?

I'm not on any birth control!" "Eh, no" I dumbly responded, my hands still firmly on her hips. "Umm" she bit her lip, thinking what to do "ah fuck it" she said moving her hips back out to the edge.

"Just please don't cum in me?" With a reassuring "ok" I quickly positioned myself and eased my hardened member inside her soaking pussy. "Easy Robbie" she groaned as she held my chest and I eased more of myself inside her.

"It's been a while" upskirt and flashing no panty in a shop winced in slight pain. Man was she tight, it must have been a while since she's had something fill her up so much.

I held myself inside her waiting for her to get used to me. Moments later she looked at me with that pure lust in her eyes "ok Robbie, fuck me!!" I did as commanded and started pumping into her with forceful thrusts. My body slammed into her as I bottomed out each time.

My balls slapping off her as I went at some rate. I held her legs open as I fucked her hard. "Fuck me harder Robbie, give it to me baby!" She moaned as her mouth fell open from the rush of pleasure. I steadied myself and really went for it this time. Thrusting harder and harder into her. Her tits bouncing about as our bodies slammed together on the sofa. I kept up my speed and force until Lauren screamed. Her orgasm exploding through her body, shaking her to the core.

My crotch becoming a lot wetter as her juices flowed out over me. Her body tensing up and shaking as she road out the come down from her orgasm. "Fuucckkkkk" she gasped loudly as she sank back into the sofa. I still slowly fucked her but no where near the same pace as before. "Oh Robbie, that was heavenly, I needed that!" She moaned as she reached her hand forward and played with my chest, trailing her finger down my abs.

"It's not over yet!" I told her as I began fucking her faster again. She was wordless and just began to moan again, more loudly this time.

I held her tightly by the hips and force fucked her just as hard as before. Soon after Lauren was coming again, not as big as before but her body tensed up and her eyes seemed to roll to the back of her head. My time was coming soon, literally. I could feel my balls tighten and the tell tale signs that I was going to come. I managed to breath out "I'm gonna cuummm." "My tits Robbie, cum all over me" she groaned as she held her tits together with her hands.

No sooner than I pulled out, I exploded onto her chest. Spurt after spurt of hot cum trailed all over her gorgeous tits. "Uuuuuhhh" I growled loudly as the last few drops of cum oozed out. "Mmmmmm" she moaned softly as she played with her now cum covered tits.

She even scooped some in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. "Mmmm tasty" she winked to me. "Should stay here more often if that's the service the guests get" I grinned. "Oh no" she said, playing with more cum "only for special guests," she winked. "Hold still" I told her as I quickly grabbed my phone again and took a picture of strapon handjob first time tie me up and handle me like a whore playing with my cum. "Want to watch me send them?" "Of course!!" She beemed.

"But let me get cleaned up first" Lauren got up, grabbing her clothes and headed to the bathroom. I simply got up onto the sofa and sank into it. About ten minutes later, Lauren reappeared. Her shirt half buttoned up, her jacket back on with her bra hanging from a pocket but no tights on.

"Sorry about the tights" I laughed. "Yeah you owe me" she playfully slapped me as she sat down next to me, smelling a lot fresher than me. "What you gonna say to her?" "I think I'll say. I don't know" I laughed as I thought of something witty to say. Not proud of my choice I simply sent a text to her saying "Lauren Hale says Hi!" And sending a couple of the pictures. "Cannot wait to see her response." Lauren laughed.

Seconds later my phone started to ring. "It's Amanda!" I laughed. "Let me answer it!" Lauren begged for the phone and I handed it to her. Putting on her best receptionist voice she answered. "Good evening, Mr Lawsons phone, I'm sorry he's a little busy at the moment. Can I take a message?" She grinned to me. I'm not sure what language was shouted down the phone or even what the words were.

I couldn't help but chuckle as Amanda shouted down the phone. She obviously recognised Lauren a lot quicker than I had, as she ranted away. Eventually there was a pause as I'm guessing Amanda wanted a response. Lauren offered me the phone but I pointed back to her. After a moments hesitation she simply said "revenge is so sweet, karmas a bitch." Then hung up the phone.

We both burst out laughing as the phone went off again. I took the phone back and simply declined the call. After about twenty missed calls she finally gave up.

"This was great Robbie" she sighed "but I have to go" a saddened look, on her face. "I'm very glad I stayed here tonight" I smiled to her, placing my hand on her thigh. "God yeah me too!" She returned the smile as she grabbed my phone, "here's my number, call me some time?" "I certainly will" I grinned.

I leant forward, as did she and we shared a tender kiss. Wordlessly she got up and walked over to the door, I followed. She turned and we shared a final kiss before she opened the door "Goodnight Robbie!" "Goodnight Lauren" as she turned away and closed the door behind her.