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Sister brd rom gum sex
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It was a warm spring day. School had let out early, for some kind of teacher's meeting. I hurried homechanged my clothesand told Mom I was going to the river. You be careful down there she said. I laughed, I ain't no little boy no more Mom. You don't have to worry about me, I told her, as I put my fishing gear in my old car. Well I do she said. Remember what happened to Mr Simmons last year. I replied I know Mom, I know.

I stopped by Danny's place and bought me some nice night crawlers. I was gonna give them catfish hell this afternoon.I asked Danny if anyone was catching anything ? Not much Billy Joe Ole Shuller caught a couple of nice ones yesterday he replied .then added I think their still on bed.

Well I'm gonna give it a try I told him. I got down to the river, and set my lines, layed back in the warm sunshine and opened a beer (that I wasn't supposed to have) Well fish it's up to you now. I layed there, looking up at the clouds floating by. My mind wondered back to BarbaraI was just thirteen thenwe were in the same grade. She was the first to ever suck my cock. and she sure was smarter than I was when it come to sex. I thought of how she had told me about watching her Mom and Dad fuck.

and about all the white stuff shooting out of his dick. She had got me into watching my folks fuck too.And I could still see in my mind Dad shooting his load into Moms mouth.and her swallowing all his cum. And how it had made curly hair ebony blowjob xvideoscom mamada aquela so hot. I'd sneeked back to my room and jerk my dick off, while smelling the crotch of Moms dirty pantys. Well that was back then. I didn't watch Mom and Dad anymore, since Idella came along.

She was the first woman I ever had unloaded my cock in. She had taught me alot about sucking and fucking. With the blessings of her husband who was confined to a wheel chair. The three of us had been getting it on for the past two years, I had been Freds cock.

Fucking his wife, while he kissed and fondled her. The three of us had had some real good times. Well fuck! ! I'd been here daydreaming for the last hour and hadn't got a bite yetfuck not even a nibble.

I packed it up and left for home. When I got home Idella was standing on the porch talking with Mom. I sat down in the swing and ask her how she was doing, Fine Billy Joe she replied You coming over tonight and play cards with Fred. she added. Giving me a wink. Ya! I guess so, if it's alright with you Mom. Oh sure honey that's fine .But I need you to run to the store for me first. she said. Idella gave my Mom a hug, and said see you later Shirley, and I'll see you tonight BillyJoe.!

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.Ok I replied. I followed my Mom into the house.

I looked at her beautiful ass from behind as she walked in front of me, I thought here's my chance to get to feel of her, and I wrapped my arms around her from behind touching her big titties with old woman gang boy sxse story hands, I kissed her on the check and told her.

Mom I sure do love you. I love you to baby, so very much ! she said. Now let me make you out a list Your father will be home soon.Mom gave me the list of things she wanted and I headed for the store.My mInd was thinking how I had, had those two big titties in my hands and how good it felt touching them thru her clothes. I could feel the fire in my balls rushing all over my cock.

I wanted to fuck my Momthere was no doubt in my mind, I needed to fuck her. I had fantasised for years what it would be like too fuck her, but how I would ever pull that off, was at present, beyond me. I got back home with the groceries she'd sent me for.

set the bags on the table. " Why don't you go take your shower and change your clothes, she told me. I said Cute teen sucks cock in pov and gets narrow twat shagged can do that. What we having for supper I added. I'm hungry.".You're always hungry she laughed, now go take your shower. I took some clean clothes into the bathroom. got in the shower and started soaping up.

I slid my hand back and forth on my cock with my soapie hand, and it felt so good it grew into a huge erection.Better not make it blow I thought to my self. I'll save it for Idella. I finish up and stepped out of the shower and dried myself off . I sprayed on some good smelling stuff dressed and walked back into the kitchen.

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Mom was finishing up cooking supper, It was about time for Dad to be getting home. I loved my Dad alot, but lately I didn't know, he had a way of putting me down. I never could do anything to suit him, it seemed. He never liked any of my buddies that hung out at the service station.And sometimes I didn't think he liked me either.

But I tried to just over look some of the mean things he'd say to me sometimes .Well here he was right on time. He came into the house kissed my Mom on the cheek, and remarked, Supper sure smells good.

Then went on down the hall to the bathroom.Anything wrong with this picture Mom, I asked. Am I the invisible man, I added. Don't pay any attention to you father she said, It,s just a father and son thing.He's got a lot on his mind these moist milf is obsessed with sex hardcore blowjob she added.

Dad finished washing up and joined us at the table.Looked acrossed the table at me and out of the blue, said.

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Billy Joe, I've been pretty rough on you lately, I want to tell you I'm sorry. You could have knocked me out with a straw, My Dad had never been sorry for anything in his life, and he's telling me he's sorry for being rough on me.What's going on.I told him that's ok, just a father and son thing, and grinned at my Mother.Then he said I got to go up to Ohio next week, their putting in a new department at that plant, and want me to go up there and help get it set up, Then he said, it shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.You're gonna have to beautiful hot teen nice riding cock on webcam the man around here while I'm gone.Can you do thathe asked.

Sure Dad, me and Mom will be fine. We finished supper. Well I guess I'll go play some cards with Fred and Idella I said. Well have fun Mom said as I started out the door. She had a look on her face, that made me wonder if she suspected something more, was going on then playing cards with Fred and Idella.

I arrived at Fred and Idella's and with a light knock on the door I just walked on in.Come here boyfriend Idella said. Give me some of that good sugar, I leaned over and kissed her mouth. Her tongue found mine and we held a wet kiss, she knew how to set my cock on fire. She reached between my legs and took hold of the bulge that was forming in my trousers take off them pants she laughed I set down beside her and loosened my shoes and removed my trousers.

I was still in my underware.

Wheres Fred I asked. He's in the den she replied.

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I said lets go in and see him. We went into the den and there was Fred watching an eight millimeter fuck movie on his projector. Hi Billie Joe come on in here, tell me what you been up too. Not too much Fred and you, I said.Same old shit.he replied He started rewinding the film. Billie Joe I want to show you something you won't believe it He got it rewound back to where he wanted and started it back up Holy Shit I exclaimed there on the screen was a black dude, and he must have had at least a fourteen inch cock.

The little white girl had both hands on it and it was still sticking out at least six inches. She was sucking the head of it and it looked to be as big around as a baseball bat. Holy fuck Fred I ain't never mature brunette crack whore sucking dick for cash pov or seen anything like that I said.Idella spoke up about that time.

Well the black son of a bitch ought to be breeding horses.Aint no bastard with a cock like that ever gonna get any of my pussy.Thats' a fucking freak of nature she added.Fred started laughingwell he damn sure could ruin a great play ground for a normal man. Fred did have a way with words sometimes.You and Idella carry on, Fred said, looking at the two of us on the couch.Idella had already been rubbing my dick with her hand and was feeling her pussy with the other.I kissed her tits and ran my tongue over her nipples that were getting hard.

That feels so nice she whispered to me.She layed her head down in my lap and began licking up and down the shaft of my cock. Her long finger nails felt so neat as she gently scraped them across my balls.Fred seemed to be enjoying watching us more than his fuck flick.He was getting the urge .He rolled over to the edge of the couch in his wheel chair his pants were unzipped where he had been feeling of himself.He could have a dry climax with that limber dick of his if Idella would suck on him, but it never seemed to take her too long to get him off.

Idella suck me baby he said suck me baby.Idella patted me on the knee and crawled off the couch and positioned herself on her knees in front of Fred. She reached up and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking on him I slid off the couch and came up behind Idella placing my cock at the opening lips of her cunt.

I felt her push back against meand I buried the seven inches clear to my balls she was wet and her cunt felt like a hot wrap around my cock. Fred like always was coaching me Fuck her slow Billy, Fuck her slow. Idella was moaning and humming on Freds cock while I was fucking teeny poet facial cumshot and cunnilingus the wonderful feeling, her cunt was transfering to my prick.We had done this so many times in the past two years.Today was different.That limp dick of Freds was changing, Idella was sucking up and down on him and it had grown some it wasn't real hard but it was semi hard and Idella was using her hand to help force the blood into the head of his cock.

Keep fucking her slow Billie boy he said I kept slowly stroking my cock back and forth Idella was getting impatient, and started ramming her ass back to me in a fast motionso I picked up the pace with her OOOH YES BOYFRIEND FUCK ME OHHHH FUCK ME Idella was getting her rocks off and Fred was having his dry orgasm to They both were moaning and I kept ramming deep inside her. God I loved this woman .She had pulled off Freds cock and he was kissing her I was getting excited to, but I didn't want to cum yet.

I jerked my cock out and dropped down to where I could put my mouth on Idella's pussy I drove my tongue into her wet cunt.licking all around her clit I flicked my tongue acrossed her ass hole and she squealed with joy I wanted to give her something I had never done to her, so I drove my tongue into her asshole licking all around her little brown spot.

she had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy rapidly with her fingers while I kept fucking her asshole with my tongue.Put your cock in my ass boyfriend put it in my ass.

I raised up and placed the head of my cock at the opening of her assholeand shoved it into her hard. It felt so tight I thought I was skinning my cock, she screamed as it bottomed out in her asshole.

FUCK MY ASS ! OH FUCK MY ASSOOOOOOH GOD IT HURTSAND FEELS GOOD TOO! OH FUCK MY ASS BOYFRIEND.she was rubbing the hell out of her clit with her fingers and I couldn't hold back any longer I let my spunk gush into her ass just as she climaxed. I pulled out my cock and still was shooting spurts of cum all over her back.Fred was kissing the fuck out of her and Like usual Idella was sobbing from the pleasure that had been put up on her.

Dad left for Ohio the following week. It this lovely babe plays with large dick of guy just me and Mom now. The first couple of days seemed strange not having him around, but I guess Mom long awaited vehement sex hardcore and blowjob missing him more than I was.

I came home from Fred and Idella's one night. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She had a bottle of Dads Jack Daniels sitting on the table and she had made her a mixed drink I could see she wasn't drunk, but she was feeling pretty good. Sit down baby she grinned at me.

I sat down across the table from her. She reached acrossed the table and patted my hand with hers Bill Joe you're an adult now she said. You and me ought too be able to have an adult conversation.she added.

Sure Mom I replied.Well Oh shit I don't really know how to say this, she went on. Any way honey there's some things a woman needs. Your father is a great lover, but he's so old fashion. Am I embarrising you she laughed. I said well a little Mom but go on. She said he knows nothing about Oral sex.It's always been ok for me to give him that kindand I love guy bangs mouth of pretty girlie girlfriend homemade, but when it comes to me He says he just can't do that.

Well I must tell you, I've known about you and Idella, from the beginning.You see Mom washes your clothes and I smelled her perfume on them Billy Joe.So I asked her straight out if she was fucking my son, You see, Idella and I have been lovers almost as long as you and her.

And she told me all about it The arrangement with Fred, and most of the details about everything.You've known all this time Mom, and never said anything about it. I said nervously. Yes, what good would it have done, to try and stop it. If your father would have found out about it there would have been trouble for you, for Idella, and Fred.

Idella gives me what I need, and she's took real good care of my boy to. .Mom you're fucking great! I exclaimed ! Man I just can't believe it about you and Idella.

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Well it's true ask her. she said. Want me too tell you something else, you think I don't know. she took another swallow of her Jack and Coke and grinned at me. You should always put your ma ma 's panties back in the dirty clothes hamper when you get done smelling the crotch while you're pounding your pud, and thinking about fucking your Mother.she reached out and patted my arm with her handI love you baby fucking the best latina ass butt continue on mypornox com I love you.

I know my face had to be red has a beat I could feel the heat on my cheeks. I just don't know what to say Mom.Yes I had a lot of fantasy's of making love to you, but I knew it would never happen. It was then she stood up and took my hand. I stood up and followed her as she led me to her bed room. We sat down on the bed and she leaned over offering me her lips ( I was so fucking nervous) are lips met and I felt a rush come over me like I had never known.

I ran my tongue deep into her mouth and she pushed back her tongue to mine Oh fashion show nude ramp walking story my cock was rock hard as she started undressing me.

She spoke in a whisper to me Billy Joe I can't let you fuck me, that would be incest.but we can get off together orally. She began undressing and those big beautiful tits of hers were free and I took them in my hands and began licking all around her nipples she said lay down on your back honey, she was pulling off her panties. She climbed above me and straddled me with her legs and slowly lowered her pussy to my face I reached my arms around her beautiful ass, and pulled her cunt to my mouth.

I drove my tongue into her cunt like I had done Idella and she began to squirm and it was then I felt her mouth go around my pulsating cock she was deep throating me.

My Mom was deep throating me, after all these years of yearning to be with her like this, God thank you It was really happening. She was humping my mouth and sucking my cock like I had never felt. Maybe it was the fact that my Mom was doing this to me I don't know I only knew I had never felt anything like it before. I was licking her asshole running my tongue over her clit and she started cumming. Oh god she was wet and her juice was sweet. Idella's always had a little bitter taste to it, but Moms was like sugar, she was screaming please stop honey I can't stand anymore but I held her to my mouth and Kept on eating her pussy My cock was ready to blow but I was holding back I wanted her pussy Fuck that incest shit Mom, I want to blow in your cunt.

Who in the hell is gonna tell on us. She had me so fucking hot, and then she rolled off of me and laid on her back spreading her legs cum in ma ma baby cum in ma ma she was saying over and over I put my cock against her cunt lips and spread her pussy as I sunk my cock deep inside her O h Mom it's so fucking good I was driving back and forth and she was meeting my every thrust.

Cum baby, Cum in Ma ma. she kept saying and then it all started from my asshole to the head of my dick I was cumming in buckets I shot load after load deep into her pussy Don't stop baby Mama's cumming again hit my clit baby hit my clit and then she climaxed again I could feel her wet juices flowing out the side of her cunt washing my cock in her juices mixed with my jism Oh baby Oh fuck baby .We were both out of breath and I laid there between her legs we were kissing big boobed redhead fucking in thigh high nylons other and talking how good it had been Oh I love you Mom you're the greatest.

I said looking down at her beautiful face I love you to honey let's take a shower. Fred had a heart attack and died a month or so later. Dad was killed in an automobile accident in Ohio Idella and I were married, we sold her and Freds place and moved in with Mom "Life is Good"