Her big titties gave me the best titty fuck extended version available

Her big titties gave me the best titty fuck extended version available
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Part 2: Authors note: in part one I thought my checker was working, it wasn't so there are probably a lot of spelling errors, and I apologize for it, hopefully this next part will help make up for it. And I'm even gonna try to proof read it to make sure I have everything right.

In my last story I was remembering my favorite sleep over my daughter Lori had, it's now about 18 months since then. But first a little more about the home life. While I was married to my lovely wife for only about 8 months, we had been going out for 4 years, dating thru high school. My being allowed, and even encouraged to fuck my wife's friends so she could keep her virginity, and gave it to me as a graduation gift, I in return gave her our child, a one in a charming teen bailey wants to join in threesome sex and sucks on huge dick shot as she was on the pill.

My wife died during child birth, and later found it was due to the doctors screwing things up in delivery and after a lengthy legal battle I won and got an upfront sum of $500,000 and a yearly stipend for the next 30 years of $250,000 paid weekly with yearly 'raises' as in order to pay that out I was put on staff as a consultant of sorts which forces them to do raises each year for living adjustments.

So all in all I can afford to give my daughter what she needs and wants, and still live the way I want without working. But I do work, I'm a free lance computer tech and home security and automation, while Lori was young I would take computer courses and have my parents or my wife's' parents babysit while I was at class.

I make a fair bit of money at it, I don't have long hours and can spend time with my daughter and her friends as often as I like. Which brings me to my next story Lori is 12 now, going on 13 in a few months. I had taken Lori and Melody (apparently Loris BFF since that night in the last story) to the mall and decided to let her go with the Check Card.

It would be part of my Birthday gift to her. The first store she went into was Victoria Secret. Now I don't mind the lingerie stores but to see my daughter going into one had me a bit embarrassed as I followed her in, keeping my distance from her, she knows I"m there but I try not to get in her way.

What surprises me is the fact she comes over to me and asks me what I think of a matching bra and panty set, if you can all it that. It was in fact a half cup bra, lacy and white, and a thong of see thru material. She really caught me off guard as I stammered. "looks a-a bit revealing baby girl sure that is something you want to wear?" and she replies as any little girl would, "oh yes daddy, can I get it please?

Pretty pleaseeeee?" and of course I give into her. "oh thank you daddy!" she gives me a hug around the neck then runs off to her friend. About 30 minutes later randy and invigorating gang bang hardcore reality $300 lighter in the bank account we leave Victoria Secret and go to a few more shops where Lori gets more clothes and several hundred more dollars lighter, we catch dinner at a fine casual restaurant then head home.

Melody stays over for the night as its only Saturday, and as I clean up the downstairs as I hear the girls up stairs giggling, no doubt putting on a fashion show for each other, my mind races as I imagine the two of them dressing and undressing themselves, even each other. My mind goes back to that night when I first saw Lori eating Melody out.

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I shake my head to snap out of those thoughts and plop down on the couch and turn on the TV. Soon after I hear aninha do colegio maria clara na suruba daughters door open up and then quiet, as I look up and catch Melody coming down the stairs to head for the kitchen.

But what shocked me was she was in just lingerie the half-cup bra and thong Lori picked out, but in red. I can't keep my eyes off of her.

Her breasts filling out those half cups, her nipples half way exposed, dark brown aureola and hard eraser tip nipples. She pretends to not notice me as she walks past as I watch her sway her ass in that thong, leaving little to the imagination, the only modesty she has is the small strip of fabric covering her pussy. A few minutes later she comes out of the kitchen with a plate of snack foods and drinks for she and Lori and walks past again and gives me a little wink as she walks up stairs again.

I wait to hear the door close as I race to the bathroom push down my pants and begin to jerk my cock. A couple of minutes later I erupt into the toilet, trying hard to stifle my groans of my orgasm. I swear I heard giggling outside the bathroom door but by the time I clean myself up and exit the bathroom one one is around. I go back to watching the TV until around 10 and then head up stairs and notice Loris door is open a crack and the lights on I can't help but peek into the crack, which has a direct view to her bed, and to my surprise I see Lori on her back, legs spread, and totally naked, and in-between those legs is Melody, she too totally naked.

I can't help but watch the girl-on-girl show, Melodys ass in the air, her legs spread a little and this time I get a good look at her pretty little cunt, hairless and wet, the lips parted slightly as she is bent over face first into my daughters little snatch. I can hear my little girl moaning and cooing as her best friend eats her pussy. Having cum a few hours ago my cock is rock hard again as I know I shouldn't blissful three some for breasty asian japanese hardcore but can't help it as my hand snakes into my pants and pulls my member out and begins to slowly stroke.

I watch as Melodys tongue licks up and down the slit, pushing into my daughters virgin (hopefully) cunt. Loris head falls back and I can hear her sigh in pleasure as she reaches down and pushes her friends head against her cunt.

Melody's ass wiggles from side to side as she eats her friend, licking and sucking at her cunt, pushing her tongue into her snatch and wiggling it around to cause Lori to squirm and let out a pleasant moan "oh Melody, you like my young pussy don't you?" Lori coaxing her friend on and all she can do is moan and nod her head as she redoubles her efforts on her friends cunt. As I watch, my cock throbs and I jerk it faster and harder, my eyes glued to the scene before me in the crack of the door.

I can hear Loris moans, and Melody slurping at my daughters cunt. Before long Lori is humping Melodys face before she lets out a low moan, obviously trying to keep it down as she cums hard on her friends face.

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After about 30 seconds or so she relaxes and falls down to her bed and pull Melody up and give her a full lip locked kiss, obviously tasting her own juices as they kiss. Quietly I move away from the door and head to the bed room where I strip out of my clothes and replay the scene in my head as I continue to jerk my cock and finally cum once again, spraying cum all over my chest as I moan out Loris name.

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As I clean up I realize I'm seeing my daughter in a more sexual light, having moaned her name as I came.

Allowing her such sexually charged underwear, let alone not stopping her and her friend, being too young for such activities, but realizing she is a more mature woman then most, she seems to be in control of this relationship.

Perhaps I should keep a closer eye on them and their activities.