Horny gorgeous hottie is addicted to hot sex

Horny gorgeous hottie is addicted to hot sex
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Cast: 1) Mandy: Medium build, light brown shoulder length curly hair, boyish figure, small half grapefruit size pert breasts, top with large dark brown nipples, flat un-toned tummy, smooth hairless pussy with puffy small lips, flat shapeless bottom, and shapeless smooth legs.

2) Chloe: Small build, short dark brown bobbed straight hair, slightly curvy figure, bust is small and coned shaped and large dark pink aureoles, topped by small little soft pink nipples, flat toned tummy and slight dark hair fuzzy pubes and tight large lips, round firm bottom and large muscular thighs and small petite feet, wears a bra and has started her periods 3) Denise: Very thin and tall, long light brown straight hair that falls to the middle of her back, no real curves and flat chested with small undeveloped nipples, flat stomach with ribs showing, small tight baby looking bald pussy, long thin shapeless legs, and large feet.

Always immaculate dressed, tidy, very clever (Swot) and looks after the diary 4) Anna: The youngest of the group, short and slightly chubby, cute round face and short black thick straight hair with a straight cut fringe across her forehead, and dark brown large eys. A plump round body with small soft mounds for a chest, each has a small light pink aureole and topped with a very dark small nipple.

Tummy is plump and smooth and moulds into a very puffy protruded Y, with large oversized looking lips and lots of very dark pubic hair, short tubby legs and small chubby feet. To look at you would think by complexion and colouring that maybe she was of Asian origin possible in the past. Wears a training bra. 5) Nicky: Very shapely & curvy medium build, shoulder length blond wavy hair, blues eyes and the biggest chest of all, two very firm and shapely orange sized boobs, each topped with a very dark aureole and large hard bullet type nipples, a shapely smooth stomach, and a puffy full pussy which parts slightly showing small amounts of inner labia, topped with a small amount of very fine downy blond hair, nicely trimmed, a round perfectly pert bottom and long shapely smooth legs 6) Laura: Medium build boyish figure, mousy brown hair that is shoulder length, hazel eyes.

Small buds of a bust that look about to flower, each topped with a small dark brown nipple like the top of a babies finger. A smooth defined muscular tummy and very fleshy large pussy lips that seem to hang slightly, a small amount of downy dark pubic hair and long slim boyish type legs. Caught Parents / Naturist Story is a record of how I managed to progress from school bus driver, to personal driver to Mandy and her 5 friends.

From age 9 when we met, through to later teens when and how my dream girls became my personal toys. This all came about after I got transferred from long haul holiday coach work, I wanted something that kept me nearer to home more often, I had recently met a woman and realised that if I was ever going to have a relationship I needed to be able to be home more often.

I was transferred onto early morning school contract work, driving the same route every day collecting a range of youngsters who attended the local private school, some from smart rural homes and some from poorer homes. At the end of each day I then collected them all from school, and then took them to the local black ghetto whore ivy young getting her face smashed in hardcore and blowjob activities such as swimming and netball practice, then on from there onto home.

When I first met Mandy and the girls they ranged in age from nine to ten years, and I never really got more than a polite good morning and goodnight each day. Then after about a year of doing this, another girl joined the regular group, new to the area, which made six in total and meant that for the first time the passenger seat next to me would be used. The realisation of this didn't really hit me until the Tuesday afternoon, when as normal traffic was heavy in town, and we were running late to get the girls to swimming.

This has never been an issue before as the girls would change in the back on their seats, but now the problem for Mandy who had the front seat next to me was what to do.

They all started to get changed in the back so that when we got to the pool for their lessons the delay would be reduced as they could run in already in their swimming gear. Mandy looked up at me and I realised that she was unsure what to do. She then decided that she could manage to change into her swimming costume discreetly next to me.

As she started, I pretended not to notice, she quickly removed her shoes and socks and then put her towel over her lap and tried to remove her undies from under her skirt. The combination of towel and sitting down, all made for quite a pantomime, which I struggled not to laugh out loud to. She then looked up again and I again pretended not to notice. She had realised the towel was a problem, so quickly again threw it down and decided she could remove her undies and that her skirt would hide her modesty, as she hooked each side of her panties the skirt rode up, I kept myself looking serious and looking forward but pinched the odd glance but mainly watched using peripheral vision.

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I was able to see the majority of her silky smooth white thighs and could feel my cock stiffening in my trousers making me feel very uncomfortable as the view I had was so tantalisingly close to the vidya balan xxx story in you tue of seeing her baby pussy.

Just as I thought I was to get to see the sweet flesh that men desire so much, she hooked the skirt and managed to keep her modesty. Still the view of being able to see her small pink flowered panties and I swear I was able to see a small damp stain on the gusset as she dragged them down as quickly as she was able.

To follow the knickers coming off the next stage was to pull the swimming costume back on and to do this again she had the issue of having to lift herself off the seat as she tried to drag the costume over her small pert bottom.

Then for a brief moment, the smallest second, a view greeted my eyes of being able to see the puffy mound that was smooth and soft and without any hair or down. Not quite able to see the slit that sits below but so close my cock stiffened to a solid mass and it was very difficult to hide.

Just as she flicked the last part of the costume on, she darted a look in my direction and caught my eye watching her, as fast as I could I looked away but knew I had been caught. A reddening face and stiff cock was not doing anything to help me hide this, I looked back a moment later, and I looked back and she gave me a look that told me she knew.

She continued to get changed, glancing at me more often, I was squirming in my seat wanting to make my cock more comfortably but knew she would spot this so grabbed my map from the door pocket and made out I was trying to find an alternative route, at least this way the stork in my trousers was covered.

Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, which was under her jumper and pulled the tails of the shirt out from her skirt. She then slipped her arms out of her jumper and blouse and then pulled the costume up as far as she could, and then to my delight she lifted her arms up pulling the costume and the same time lifting the blouse and jumper up onto her shoulders, the jumper obscured her face but left me with a perfect view of her chest. Two small half grapefruit size pert breasts, topped with large dark brown nipples, the costume covered them showing two smooth mounds.

Off came the jumper and blouse, a quick flick of the arms and she was into the arm holes and covered. Mandy now sat there in just her costume top and school skirt; she reached under her skirt to obviously straighten the crutch and edges of the costume and then off came the skirt. When she had finished she then slipped on her tracksuit bottoms and top.

The whole operation had taken only a couple of minutes but had seemed to take so much longer, I was still struggling to hide a solid stiff cock under the map. A few minutes later, I pulled up outside the sluts in threesome get pussy fucked in hot threesome tube porn baths only 3 or 4 minutes late, and all the girls jumped out and where running up the path as fast as they could.

I looked back over my shoulder and as normal found the debris of the girl's clothes strewn all over the back of the car. I closed the doors and parked up the car, my normal practice was to then get a coffee from my flask and read the paper until they returned, but today I was struggling with the image Alix gets fucked hard alix lynx pornstar had seen and the still stiff cock cramped into my underwear.

When I had parked up I quickly rearranged myself and was about to get my coffee, when I spotted something that previously I had not seen before in the debris they left behind. Getting orgy with many rounds glamour and teens the second row of seats, (Chloe's seat) was a small yellow and brown lacy bra, a very small cup.

I had not noticed any of the girls had grown to the stage when they would need to wear a bra. Curious I decided to have a little rummage. My rewarded was that in her bag was a matching pair of skimpy shortie panties that matched the bra and along the crotch was stuck a panty liner that had the smallest amount of blood showing. Chloe obviously had got to womanhood and was having her period, I had never even considered that any of the girls where even approaching this stage.

Strangely I found the combination of her soiled panties in my hand and the risk of looking through her bag to be a big turn on, my already stiff cock started to twitch and I could feel my balls getting tight. I found myself without realising it sniffing on the crotch of her panties, and the smell was musky and slightly perfumed, not a pleasant smell, but never the less a great turn on.

My curiosity got the better of me and I started looking through the other bags. I found in Anna's bag some plain white ordinary girls pants, again I smelt the crutch and a similar aroma, but this time mixed with detergent. I worked my way round the bags and kept looking for their undies, until I got to a bag in the back row belonging to Denise. By far she was the smartest of all the girls, always immaculate to look at, always on time very polite and seemed to be the group swot.

When I opened her bag there was all her clothes neatly folded, carefully I lifted them out and found her underwear folded and in a small plastic bag. The smell in the bag fresher and stronger was very sweet, a fragrance like a flower but with a small hint of perspiration.

I was about to replace them carefully when I saw a schoolbook with a title, the "School Bus Club". Again carefully noted how it was placed in the bag, so I could replace it without her knowing lifted the book out and started to flick through. It was a diary; it went back 14 months to just before I took over as driver to the girls. I got the impression that the book; was in fact the second book. That it had been started to record the previous drivers mistakes and bad manners, each day a diary record of how late he had been in picking them up, his bad moods and shouting and even her guess that he drank a lot, as he always smelt and would sleep a lot.

It appeared that they did not like him very much and that all the girls thought he was like a smelly tramp. I flicked forward a found the day I joined them and read that they thought I was very pleasant, and Denise noted that she liked the fact that I was clean and my clothes ironed not like Bob, who I took to be the previous driver. The diary carried on and was not that exciting and I flicked forward some more and repeated this several times till I hit the word pregnant, I flicked back to find the page and realised the tone of the diary had daphne klyde and shona river in a sensual lesbian scene by sapphic erotica masturbation and that the girls were discussing other things other than me.

I found the page and it noted that the girls had discussed a girl called Susan in the next year up from them. She was apparently pregnant and the Police had chatted to a lot of them about it and the rumour was that she was pregnant by an older guy, some thought her Dad, some the school gardener, but most of the girls on the bus thought it was the science technician who sets up the science labs before lessons.

They had talked about this a lot by the notes in the diary suggested that some of the girls knew and understood about sex and some did not have any idea, so they had shared information. Denise says that Laura had caught her parents having sex and that her parents thought it was normal to walk around with no clothes on.

All the girls were shocked, and asked her lots of questions about it. Whether she saw her dad's penis a lot and what size was it and did her dad see her naked still. Laura seemed un-phased by talking about it and said her parents thought that being open and honest was best. All the girls agreed that her parents where cool. I read on some more but it was mainly very boring and I was aware they would lovable cutie stretches narrow kitty and gets deflowered defloration virginity soon.

I placed the book and clothes back carefully into the bag, and decided to go for a quick pee before they came back. Twenty minutes later the girls returned and we made our way to each of their homes. I took the same route every night, dropping of in sequence; some parents I had seen, as they would wave or nod and acknowledge my existence, whereas others I think did not even acknowledge the existence of their own children let alone the driver who carries them around.

Last out every night was Mandy, she lived in what was probably the most expensive house of all the girls, as I pulled up to the entrance gates I used the remote I had been given to open the gates and then drove a couple of miles up the lane to the house. Mandy's mother was always there waiting to greet her, she was always very polite and friendly to me, however in all the time I drove Mandy I never saw her father.

The following day was Friday and netball practice evening, almost like a repeat of the night before the girls started to get changed, again Mandy struggled her way from her school uniform into her netball outfit, I had been a bit sneaky in advance and angled the rear view mirror so that I could get a better view of the girls whilst I drove and they changed and Mandy again kept giving me little looks to see if I where spying on her, she knew I was but we both pretended I wasn't.

When at the training centre, I was as ever treated to the site of about 100 girls of ages ranging between 9 and 18 all playing netball on the outside courts, each of them wearing a tight top and short skirt and the site of netball sports knickers was everywhere I looked.

Again I decided to have a nose about in the back of the car, and found more worn knickers and found that Anna had taken to wearing a training bra, this I found amusing as she was the youngest and smallest of all the girls, As normal the only seat with everything neat and tidy was Denise's, I peeked in her bag carefully making sure I was not being watched, found her underwear, again folded in a bag, so fresh and yet musty, I could not help myself sniffing the contents wishing I was sniffing her actual young parts, then I spied the diary and went to the last page and found that they had been discussing the fact that Mandy had spotted me peeking at her.

The diary said that she had noticed me looking while she got changed, Denise thought that she had seen me looking in the mirror while they got changed as well, Denise was shocked at the thought, but apparently Mandy had thought it was quite fun and so had Chloe. My mind went into turmoil not sure what I was thinking, what was I to do, was this the green light or was this the end of the chance to spy on them, only time would tell.

The girls returned a little while later and they were all very happy as they had won their match, they jumped in the car and the noise was deafening, I got them all seated and we started on our way, as I was pulling out of the centre when Laura asked if they I would stop in the town as they where early, they could then have a celebration milkshake at the burger bar, the girls then all started on at me to let them, I thought about it and agreed they could have 20 minutes, but they would have to be on time as I did not want to be late dropping them home.

The cheer of happiness went up and they all agreed that they would not be late, then they all started to get changed again, Mandy said we can't go into town dressed like this, school uniform is not really cool but it is better that the netball uniforms, I said that I thought the netball uniforms where very nice and a voice from behind me said quietly that I thought that because I could see their knickers, I wasn't sure who said it but felt myself blushing and they all laughed.

I tried to break my embarrassment by stating that I had not noticed. all together they shouted Oh Yea Like, you are always peeking us when we get changed. this was getting worse, I was worried that I had been truly found out and they would report me.

Instead Mandy spoke up and said it was okay they had talked about it and they didn't mind, well most of us apart from Denise, who thought you where rude to peek. I was not sure what to say or do, then Mandy said "okay girls let's get changed before we get to town" and they all started stripping off, unlike before where they had all been hiding under other clothes etc, they just got changed as if I was not there, never had I been so pleased to have black glass on the car, Mandy took off her top and sat there naked from the waist up whilst she sorted out the buttons on her blouse where she had pulled it off earlier, she noticed me look and just said "do you like, there is not a lot to look at though, not like Nicky and Chloe, they have much bigger boobs than hot sensations with adorable japanese babe nanaka kyono, but you have noticed that already we reckon" I was not sure what to say, so simply said she was very pretty.

The girls giggled and Chloe dared Nicky to flash her boobs to me, looking in the rear view mirror, I could see Nicky looking a bit flushed, it was true I had noticed she had the biggest chest but was not ready for her to stand up in the back and flash her boobs at me like she did, my eyes were glued to the mirror and then suddenly realised the car ahead had braked, I stopped in plenty of time but it shook me and I think the girls where a bit shocked as well.

I pulled over on the side of the road and looked back over my shoulder, most importantly making sure they were all okay.

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Once I was sure I then suggested that it was not a good idea to flash at me like that, I am only human and pretty girls flashing there boobs is going to get me in trouble one way or another, they laughed and promised not to do so again, then Chloe said she would make sure the car was still when they did and they all laughed. Shortly after we pulled into the town centre and they jumped out and disappeared, I looked around the hot stockings mature bitches get a cumshot and there was clothes and underwear everywhere, I decided to have a quick tidy round and enjoyed the chance to handle and smell their clothes and sniff the underwear.

When they got back they all looked a little shocked at the fact I had tidied their clothes up, Nicky laughed and reckoned that I liked touching their underwear, they all laughed as I went very red and it became apparent I had been rumbled.

Short while later I started dropping them all off home hoping that they would not say anything and that I would still have a job tomorrow. For the next few weeks went reasonably quietly, they seemed less worried about me seeing them getting changed, but massage rooms lesbian teens perfect body oiled and worked by cute blonde I got was glimpses and sneak views, and I tried to keep a low profile realising that the episode after the netball match was quite close to getting myself in trouble.

Then as I was dropping Mandy off one evening, her mother, Debbie asked if I would spare her a moment, whilst she had always been there to meet Mandy, we had never had a conversation other than a brief thank you. I stepped out of the car and into the kitchen, aware that the kitchen was bigger than my whole flat; she offered me a coffee and said she needed to ask me a favour. I let her know that if I could help I would and waited to hear what she wanted, apparently it was Mandy's birthday the following week and she had arranged for tickets to a concert in the arena, and wondered if I would be happy to drive the girls to the event, wait and bring them back.

I let her know it would not be a problem for me but she would need to arrange it with the office as it was there vehicle. She has already spoken to them and they had said no, so she wondered if I would drive her car instead and she would pay me cash in hand.

Never one to turn down some easy money I agreed. The following week I arrived at Mandy's house at 5:30pm to be welcomed by the girls all screaming and giggling, all very over excited at the thought of going to the boy band concert. Mandy's mother Debbie laughed when she saw me and asked if I was sure I wanted to still do this, I assured her I was used to their high spirits and she laughed some more.

By 5:45 all the girls were loaded and we were on our way. When I picked them up all the girls had been dressed in generally sensible clothes with little or no makeup, however no sooner had I got out the bottom of the drive then out came the makeup and some alternative clothing, Chloe looked at me and said that their parents would not approve of them wearing makeup and such clothes, but they felt sure I would not object. I asked why they thought that and they all laughed, Nicky said that considering I got my kicks watching them get changed and playing amy andresen big boobs hot their underwear I was unlikely to report them.

I did not like the girls having the upper hand, I felt that they were almost blackmailing me; I let it slip but did feel uneasy about it. When we arrived at the concert and the girls got out, I realised then that I was looking at girls who looked so much older than there real age, I was quite shocked in some respects, Chloe had on a skin tight lycra top, with no bra, her well defined chest was open for all too see, like wise some of the other girls where obviously wearing no bras either and nipples where everywhere, the one that shocked me the most was Denise, she is always the well presented and smartest of all the girls, normally wearing the prim sensible clothes, yet tonight she was wearing a skirt so short that I could just about see the lower globes of her bottom from behind and when she bent over to get something from the car it was clear she was wearing a tiny thong and her bottom was completely exposed, but best of all was the fact that the thong hugged the tight mound between her legs, I found myself staring, then without moving, looked back very cute teen daughter destroyd by old man her shoulder and caught me looking directly between her legs, she just shook her head and said I was a bad man looking at her like that, I tried to look away but the view was magnetic and she knew it, she continued to keep rummaging in the car and keep peeking to see if I was looking, she knew I was, and then quite normally she leant into the car further and moved her feet apart, the thong that had been so tightly stretched already, gave way and slid into the folds of her pussy, leaving me staring at the outer lips of her pussy, I swear the fabric looked damp, she then stood up, smiled at me and returned to the group of girls who where just making there last adjustments before they went in.

A couple of hours later my phone rang and it was Debbie, Mandy's mum, she was very upset, she was sobbing and I found it hard to understand her. I asked several times the problem, but each time she just sobbed, then a quieter voice came on the line and she said that she was Debbie's mother; unfortunately Debbie had found out tonight that her husband, Mandy's father has been having an affair, and that Debbie had taken the news very badly.

I did not know what to say and asked if I could help at all, she said that all the girls were supposed to be staying over for a sleep over, but as Debbie was now with her mother at her home could I drop all the girls off at their homes and then drop Mandy off at her house.

I agree that it would not be a problem, then she asked me to hold on, I waited and some discussion was going on in the background, then she said that the plan would not work as Debbie was aware that some of the girl's parents where away knowing their daughters would be out. So they will need to think of an alternative plan, so will call me back. 10 minutes later Debbie called back, I told her I was sorry to hear her bad news and what could I do to help, she paused and said actually if I meant that could she ask the biggest favour, she suggested that when I drop the girls back to her house if I wouldn't mind staying over until she could get back in the morning, she said that the girls where big enough to look after themselves and really all I was needed for was to make sure they did not burn the house down etc.

I did not need to think long about it, sure I don't mind if that makes it easier for you, she then went on to explain that I could stay in either the guest room at the top of the house so it would be quieter for me or if I prefer could stay in her room as it has Satellite TV etc. I assured her she need not worry and we would see her in the morning.

An hour later the girls emerged, not looking quite as tidy as they when they went in, most were looking hot.

Sweaty and tired and I gathered they had screamed and danced their hearts out. I then decided to take Mandy aside and explain that her mum had a small problem and stated that I would look after the girls this evening and her mum would be back in the morning, I did not tell her the bad news as I did not think it was my place to do so. When they got in the car I asked if they had a good time and the general comment was that the concert was wicked, they where all excited that one of the band had touched Anna's hand and that they had been so close to the stage.

I then explained that Mandy's mum had a collage group sex in room problem and the bad news was that I would be in charge this evening. This seemed to go down very well as they all hooped and shouted and liked the idea.

They also noted that at least now they will not have to change back to their normal clothes before they get back to Mandy's home.

We drove home with the music full blast and they sung their hearts out all the way. When we got in doors, they all disappeared upstairs and I was left to explore the house, I rooted around in the kitchen for something to eat, I was starving and thought they would be too, I found lots of posh ingredients but nothing I could microwave of grill quickly to eat, even the cheese was a posh type and not suitable for doing cheese on toast, so I decided that take away Pizza would be the best option, I called up the stairs and asked who wanted pizza and they all shouted back a big yes, so I called the local pizza shop to order several pizza's, they said they could not deliver as we were so far away, so agreed to collect them.

I went up stairs to find the girls to tell them what was happening, I thought they could be trusted for 15 minutes on their own whilst I went out, when I got to the top of the stairs I called out to let them know I was there, not sure exactly where they were in the massive house. I got no reply so followed the noise and found they were in room with a big STAY OUT sign on the door.

I knocked loudly and waited, again I knocked again and pushed the door slowly open, the girls started to scream and giggle and when the door opened they were all getting changed, I looked away but Laura standing in front of me in only knickers laughed and asked why I was so shy as I had seen it all before, and then giggled. I explained that I was popping out for pizza and they should behave, Anna asked if she could come with me and I agreed as it would make life easier for me.

Anna and I left to suching breast by old man to the pizza shop and all the way there she was asking me questions, was I married, did I have a girlfriend, did I have kids, where did I live, it felt like an interrogation. I answered her questions honestly and she explained that her Dad had left her mum when she was only 4 and since then it had been only her mum and her.

She said she liked talking to me as I was fun and not as stuffy and stuck up as her mum and her friend's parents, I laughed and said if I had daughters like her I would probably be worried like their parents. She asked who I thought was the best looking out of all the girls; I was worried about answering this and then pulled up outside the Pizza shop.

As soon as I got in the car for the way home, she asked the same again, I said I thought they were all very nice, yes but who was best she asked again, I replied that each had their own special qualities. She kept asking but each time I avoided answering the question. We got back to the house and walked in and found that all the girls where in the lounge, each snuggled up under fluffy blankets watching a pop video.

I noticed that there were also some bottles of beer scattered about, when I asked Mandy just giggled a bit and said she hoped I did not mind, I said that the pizza was in the kitchen and I had bought some fizz as well, Laura and Nicky jumped up and to my amazement all they both had on was very skimpy underwear, Nicky's 11yr old large overly developed breasts where straining to get loose from her very small pink lacy bra, leaving globes of unrestrained breast bursting out round the edges and two very large hard nipples poking through the lacy bra, and her panties again where pink and lacy and hugged tightly to the puffy pussy it struggled to cover.

Laura had nothing more than two white lacy triangles as she had very little to cover, but the triangles where almost see through allowing me a good view of her very dark nipples, and her matching undies again where tight and showed the clear outline of the very prominent pussy lips. I laughed and asked if they were sure they would not get cold. Chloe smirked and said I was lucky coz at least they had some clothes on!

I asked what she meant and she said she had forgotten to pack a nighty and her underwear was disgusting after the concert. So what you are naked under the blanket? Well she said I might be!!. I was curious but tried not to show it. It was obvious that she wanted me to ask more and when I didn't she stood up with the blanket wrapped round her and started to shuffle to the kitchen, I didn't move away from the doorway and when she got to me almost blocking the way, she looked at me as if to ask if Brother fuk sister sxx story was going to get out of the way, when I didn't, she smiled and dropped the blanket, before me she stood absolutely stark naked, her chest was small but nicely shaped like two cones, each topped with a small but euro stunner jemma valentine ass to mouth with beefy cock pert soft pink nipples, that looked bullet hard.

Looking further down her stomach was firm smooth and muscular, and shaped to naturally take my eyes to a small thin patch of light brown downy curly hair, from my angle I could only see the smoothness of the Y shape where her legs met, but she was too close to be able to see lower or more detail. I did not hide the fact that I was looking her over carefully, and when my eyes returned to her face she was blushing slightly but had a big smile, and when our eyes she had a sparkle in them that basically asked if I had liked what I had seen.

I beamed a big smile and moved slightly to let her pass, I had not realised but all incredible brunette babe likes his long donger girls were watching my reaction to Chloe having dropped the blanket, when they saw my smile they all cheered and laughed, I felt like a silly boy caught in the act, the giveaway was that I had a raging stiff cock that was not enjoying being trapped away.

That it seems had not been missed as Anna who pointed out that by the look of my trousers I liked looking at little girls, and again they laughed.

Nicky and Laura then came out of the kitchen and as they went to pass me, Nicky put her hand on my bulge and let everyone know that it was solid, which again got them all laughing. I was very uncomfortable with what was happening, whilst it was mine and every guys dream, here I was as the responsible adult and the girls where flaunting themselves in front of me.

Chloe then passed by again on her way back and as she passed me she put her hand in mine and led me into the room, I did not object and followed, as she got to the middle of the room she let go my hand and left me standing there in the middle of the girls with a massive bulge trying to break free from my trousers. As I stood there like a spare part wondering how I got myself into this situation, knowing full well I should leave and stop them, all the girls almost at chubby teen riding bbc watch part on ulacamcom same time stood up and it was then I realised that only Nicky and Laura where the only ones with any clothes on, ebony boli me xxx story front of me was Mandy, Denise, Anna brandi love and casi james crazy threesome session Chloe all standing there completely naked, allowing me to drink in their beauty and nakedness, I was caught, like a rabbit in the headlights of a speeding truck, not knowing which way to go or move, what to do.

It was at this point I realised this had all been planned, they had lured me in and caught me; they knew I was stuck and loved the power they had. I realised I was passed the point of no return, whichever way this went now I would be in trouble, never again would my life be so simple, so I resigned myself to the fate that this situation will bring, and decided to just enjoy today and worry tomorrow about the consequences.

Chloe and Nicky moved forward, Nicky asked if I would like to see what her underwear covered and I numbly nodded and smiled, she looked to Chloe who smoothly placed her hands on Nicky's hips, moving slowly upward to her shoulders and back down the front over her large breasts, she massaged them slowly and firmly and in one little movement had released the clasp at the front and allowed Nicky's bra to fall free and drop to the floor. Her breasts by comparison to her friends where very large, lemon sized and very firm and pert, even though her bra was loose, her breasts where so firm they never moved.

Chloe then massaged the naked breasts again slowly but this time more roughly which Nicky obviously liked as she closed her eyes tilted her head back and allowed a slow low moan to escape. Nicky tilted her head to one side and looked me my lesbian friends suck my big cock in the eye and licked her lips, moved her head upright and slowly placed her hands on Chloe's shoulders, Chloe stopped massaging her breasts and allowed her hands to wander down Nicky's body, bending at the knees and dipping down she was soon eye level with Nicky's pussy and allowed her thumbs to catch the edges of Nicky's briefs and lower them to her feet in a single move.

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Chloe was now on her knees in front of Nicky and before straightening up leant forward and placed a single soft gentle kiss in the fine downy hair that covered her pussy.

Nicky just looked at me and winked; she turned her wet pussy banged so well girlfriend and homemade to me and stepped back in line.

That left only Laura with any clothes on, she slowly and slightly reluctantly moved forward, the girls all started to whisper between themselves, she looked back at them and they smiled kindly and motioned for her to go for it, she smiled back and looked at me and then moved forward again, she leant forward and took my hands and placed them on her shoulders, closed her eyes and waited, the rest of the girls over her shoulder motioned that I should help her, I moved my hands across her shoulders and up her neck, feeling the warmth and softness of her skin, I moved my hands down to the small buds of her breasts hidden by the small lacy bra and as I slid my hands under the soft lacy fabric, she flushed and I could feel her tremble slightly, I lifted the bra cups clear of her breasts and as I did so I leant forward a kissed the very small boyish nipple, as I did so I felt her legs buckle a little and held her in my arms as I moved the kiss to a gentle suckle, after a short while I moved to do the same to the other, she shivered and then moaned loudly, I realised that such a simple action had brought this tender beauty to an orgasm, I pulled and held her close and she melted into my chest, I continued to roam my hands over her back all the time being closely watched by the girls behind her, then slid my hands into the back of her undies and held her bum cheeks with my hands, I massaged them smoothly but firmly, pulling the cheeks apart and backwards making sure the action was pulling on the folds of her pussy, again she flushed and weakened and I started to slide the lacy panties down as far chris ozawa french doll gets a fucking from twguys I could reach, she shifted slightly and because of her small boyish frame, they fell to the floor not having any hips as such yet to hold onto them.

Again I massaged her bottom and released her slowly, she stepped back and as she did so I allowed my hand to slide round her hips and across her stomach and down to her pussy, slowly and gently I pressed a cupped hand into the cleft between her legs and cupped the mound and held it, looking at her face she seemed to be floating, I pressed my middle finger gentle between the folds of her pussy lips and was welcomed by the feel of a very hot wet clit, small but very hard, as I pressed onto the little button and she groaned and then pressed herself into me and hung from my shoulder her face buried into my shoulder.

She stayed like that for a few moments took a deep breath and then stood herself back upright and moved away from me, as she did so my hand and fingers left her cleft and a look of sadness moved across her face. She returned to the line and the girls all seemed very proud of her, each quietly whispering well done, then they looked at me and Mandy commented that it seemed very unfair that they were all naked and yet I was fully dressed, It was then it dawned on me that this middle aged slightly overweight would need to show himself to these nubile beauties.

Nicky then commented that maybe they should help me, I liked that idea but had visions of them ripping at my clothes at the same time, however Nicky had other ideas, she told the girls to sit in a circle and went to fetch a pack of cards, she then explained that on each deal the highest card gets to remove a piece of my clothing, she dealt a single card each and they all showed one at a time, Mandy turned a 3 of clubs, Chloe a 9 spades, Denise a King of spades, Laura a 5 diamonds, Nicky turned a 2 clubs and that left little Anna, last turn and she showed an Ace of hearts.

she stood up and came over to me, the girls had put me in the centre of the circle and she motioned for me to bend down lower, she took my face in her hands and placed a solid kiss on my lips, she grasped me round the neck and continued to kiss me and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and rub my teeth.

A few moments later she stood back and started to unbutton my shirt and slid it off my shoulders, I stood there a little embarrassed wishing I had taken more care of myself and occasionally exercised to reduce the slightly podgy stomach, she returned to her place in the circle with my shirt in hand as a trophy, again they dealt cards and this time Mandy won, she moved over to me and again gave me a huge full on kiss, rubbing everywhere she could reach in her mouth with her tongue, then stepped back and removed my socks, Laura won the next hand and casey cumz likes to take it hard kissed me hard, and then sucked on my tongue, so hard I could feel the muscles at the back of my mouth complaining, she then stood back undid my belt and left me standing therein just my shorts, no easy task as my cock was bursting at the seams to be released, twitching and flexing continually looking for escape.

The girls all looked at each other as to who was going to win and get to remove my shorts, they dealt the cards and one by one showed each other without me being able to see, then Denise stood, then Anna stood as well, it appears they got a draw, so they both came over, one on each side, Anna slid her hand across my stomach and then slid her hand into my shorts, in truth the moment she gripped my cock I thought I was going to either cum or pass out, I could not work out which, Anna's little hand squeezed and flexed on my cock, Denise then took both sides of my shorts and whilst Anna held me out of the way she pulled them down, the relief of being free very nearly sent me over the edge, I think Anna realised and released her grip, My cock sprang free and pointed directly upward, the girls all gasped, I don't think it was a gasp from size, more from having seen one in the flesh so close, I think it was the first time for most of them if not all.

I won't brag or lie; I am not the biggest cock in the world, but at 8 inches long it seems to be okay for its needs; however my lovers have remarked that it is very thick.

With all that was going on I felt the need for a drink, I sat down on the edge of the coffee table and sipped at an open beer, the girls seemed to move closer to me, each trying to see my cock close up, Feeling braver I then asked so what's next?

Denise suggested a game, truth or dare; as the swot and always the live cam russian amateur sucking dick and fucking for datingsitespotcomblog behaved she was opening my eyes as to the fact that she is not always so perfect. A game but what, they chatted and then decided truth or dare with the cards, we all sat down on the floor and the cards where dealt Mandy won and Nicky lost, so Mandy asked Nicky if when she masturbated if she ever used toys or objects inside herself, Nicky laughed and said that she knew her mother had a vibrator but she only ever used the handle to her hairbrush, My cock twitched and was pulsing rapidly and I was struggling not to spurt all over the place, I tried to calm myself down but everywhere I looked was young flesh and pussy.

They dealt several times and from the answers given I worked out that every girl there was a virgin still, to my surprise Anna the youngest had sucked several boys cocks and Laura had been fingered several times by her cousins friend. Apart from that they had all experimented with masturbation in some way or another. I decided that it was time to find out how far I could go with this and decided to push my luck, I won and Denise lost so I asked her to kiss the top of my cock, the girls all laughed and Denise looked slightly shocked, she came over and knelt in front of me and quickly gave the top of my cock a quick peck kiss, Anna shouted that it needed to be better than that, Anna got up and said she would show Denise how to kiss it, she replaced Denise from between my legs and lowered her head, then took my cock in her hand, then slid her mouth all the way round my cock and sucked it nearly half way down the shaft, as she did so her tongue flashed around the top of my cock and then pushed into the eye hard, how I did not manage to shoot a load into her throat there and then I can't work out as I am normally not the best for holding back.

She then lifted off and told Denise to do the same. Denise then slid the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked so hard her cheeks where sucked in, Anna put her hand on top of Anna's head and pushed her down further, Anna's eyes widened and took slightly more, I could feel the back of her mouth and watched as her eyes watered, then she lifted off.

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Anna's replaced Denise again and took even more of my cock and left just a small amount showing, she slid back up and then down again this time took some more and I could feel her nose touch my pubic hair, again she slid back up and then firmly she slid back down and I felt my cock enter her throat, her nose pressed against my groin and she then repeated this pumping action several times each time grinding her face into my groin, I was floating and felt my balls tighten my cock swelled just as she took the head into her throat, she knew exactly what was happening and stopped pumping but again thrashed her tongue around my cock and then my cock exploded and Anna gulped and reddened in the face, all the girls screamed as they all realised what Anna had done, she then slid her mouth down my cock and back up again a few times each time taking another large load of my baby juice, by the time she had done this a few times she was struggling to keep all my cream in her mouth, looking down I could see some trickling from the edges of her mouth.

She waited till I had stopped twitching being sure she had all the spunk she could get, then opened her mouth and showed the large mouthful of cream to her friends, they where all still screaming and pointing, then Anna closed her mouth an swallowed, the performance of swallowing my seed stopped all the girls, they fell silent in shock, I think the last thing they expected was for her to swallow my cream.

She opened her mouth, wiped the little trickles from the edges of her mouth with a dainty finger, licked it clean and smiled like a Cheshire cat. The room exploded with girl noise all asking questions and in awe of the fact that she had done such a thing, Anna went on to explain that this was not the first time she had swallowed spunk, she said that at camp in the summer she had sucked 3 of the boys and wanked the cream out of them all over the floor each time, but she got caught one night by one of the senior boys so ended up having to suck him too and he was 16yrs old and had a very large cock, she laughed though coz he showed her how to swallow all his cock and all his spunk, and Anna added she loved it especially the three boys watching her do it too.

I sat getting back some composure, my cock still semi stiff, the girls where now fully up for fun, Anna had broken the seal and now none of the girls seemed at all shy to move forward and play, Chloe was sat by my side and looking at my cock, she looked like she was going to reach out and touch it and then smiled at me as she sunk to her knees and whilst looking a my face started to take the end of my hardening cock into her mouth, each touch of her soft lips sent small electric shocks through my body, and each shock made my cock grow harder and harder.

Feeling bold I suggested a new game, each girl takes a turn sucking my cock and the winner is the one who ends up taking my load, they all seemed to like the idea and I moved over to the sofa and leant poor man allows flirty buddy to plow his ex gf for cash, no sooner had I done so when Mandy suggested that I was blindfolded so I could not see who was sucking me and then I could say at the end who was the best.

A Tee shirt was rolled and tied round my eyes, I laid back and could only smirk to myself, I am 40 years old, slightly overweight and I am lying naked on a sofa with a rock hard cock blindfolded and about to be sucked by six very young girls who were going to take turns until I spunked in there throat. After some discussion as to how this would work, I felt a warm pair of hands clench my rock hard cock, and then the Bell end of my cock sliding into a warm wet mouth, whoever number one was, it was treating my cock like a lollipop, sucking gently only on the bell end and licking it really slowly, my cock twitched and swelled, each delightful touch making the whole length tingle, this carried on for a brief while, I heard some movement and then my cock was grabbed roughly, number two with a firm hand took it and yanked firmly pulling my foreskin clear over the top of the head of my cock, then a wet wide mouth clamped down in one swallow taking half in one go.

My cock felt like it had been slid into a vacuum cleaner pipe as there was no licking or thrusting just a massive sucking, it felt like my toes where going to be sucked into my balls, this was not comfortable, but I could still feel my balls twitching at the action, again a change and back to soft and luxurious licking and gentle sucking, however this time I felt my balls being cupped and a finger pressing at my bum hole, this had an amazing feeling of making my legs twitch, again a change and I was able to guess this time who was on me, Anna took all of my cock to the base and then licked the entire length with strong strokes, each time she came up her tongue pushed hard into the eye and then smoothly returned back down again.

WOW how did this girl get to be so incest mother daughter ass licking. again they changed this time the person seemed to be quite nervous and licked the top and sucked a little, each time getting a little braver. And so the game continued, in truth the changes seemed to help me as each time I felt myself getting closer a change would calm me down, the girls rotated quite a few times when I am sure Anna took control and just as I was about to spew my load deep into her throat she lifted off having taken the initial first shot and another mouth covered my cock and gained a mouthful of hot salty sticky seed, the effect was amazing as the girl coughed and spluttered and then seemed to swallow the contents, but at the same time while she was worrying about the taste my gorgeous girls like to dance at the party slipped further into her throat and I felt her nose on my pubic bone, I could not resist, I lifted the blindfold to find my cock buried all the way into Denise face, the look on her face was amazing as she had a bulge in her neck where my cock head was and her face was going very red, I pulled back and as I did she spluttered loudly, trying to get air into her lungs and allowing some spunk to run from her mouth onto her chin and slowly a dribble hung down.

She looked so shocked tight teen screaming orgasm xxx assslave yoga the fact that the girls where praising her for what she had done did not seem to help.

I was spent, my cock felt drained, my balls ached and the head of my cock felt like it was on fire from having been abused, but I could not be happier, I then had to decide who was best, Anna was far the best but as she had already had a mouthful of my cum, I decided the best new girl was the one who cupped my balls and pushed a finger against my bum number three, this apparently was Mandy and when I announced this her eyes lit up, they all cheered and she was well pleased, now they had to decide the prize, I had already thought about this and suggested I would deal with this, I told the girls to clear the coffee table and I picked her up and laid her down length ways, with her bottom close to the edge, I then lifted her legs into the air and splayed them wide, I gave an ankle to Denise who still had bits of my cum on her face and the other to Chloe, then I got between her legs on my knees and gentle lowered my head a placed a kiss on her clit, it was as if I had put 2000 volts through her, she jumped and shrieked, a massive smile took over her face and she relaxed as quick as she had spasmed, again I lowered my head and licked her from her puckered bum hole all the way to her clit, again she bucked and so I continued licking and lapping at her fuck hole, pushing my tongue each time as deep as I could and then giving her a full length lick again, it was like riding a bull she bucked and squirmed more and more, however now instead of screaming she bit her lip and grunted and growled, all the girls had gathered round to watch closely as her pussy puffed up, her clit became exposed as it too grew and the hood retreated, I continued to lick her, moving her nearer and nearer to her climax that was obviously not too far away, her pussy was so wet from her own juices and her fuck hole was dribbling thick sweet cream, she was so sweet and responsive that her obvious enjoyment brought my cock back to life, I had my face buried in the sweet pussy of an 11yr old girl, I quite forgot myself and whilst trying to devour her inch by inch I automatically thrust two fingers into her wet gaping cunt, she bucked more and grunted harder, I took this to be the signal for more, was just about to add another finger and realised I had taken her virginity with a single thrust, slight signs of blood trickled out of her as I pumped and finger fucked her wet hole, I froze for a moment, scared that I had hurt her and she suddenly shouted at me "don't you dare stop you bastard", the room went quiet, where had that come from, her mouth then let loose she was panting and grunting and each time my fingers hit the top of her she cried for harder or faster, I continued to bury my face into her, sucking and flicking her clit as fast as I could until she exploded, her legs went rigid and then she clamped her thighs round my head crushing me into her pussy deeper, each time a rush of climax went through her she clamped tighter, so much so I was unable to move my jaw and breathing was becoming a problem.

Slowly she subsided and relaxed, they let go of her legs and she sat up slowly, wrapped herself around me and planted a big kiss on my mouth, and said thank you, I was a little surprised as I had her pussy juice and slight blood stains on my face, she didn't care she was elated at having come so hard, I hugged her back and we cuddled horny milf stops his game to fuck her a short time.

When Mandy and I parted I had calmed down, my cock had softened by even if I say so myself still looked pretty impressive, I took myself of to find a shower and so I grabbed my back from the kitchen and was making my way back through the lounge where all the girls were busy chatting, I suddenly felt very self conscious standing up naked in front of all these lovely girls, Mandy broke away and said she would show me where to go, we made our way upstairs and she showed me to her Mothers bedroom which had an on suite, Debbie had great taste everything in her room was so dainty, all perfectly placed and matching, lots of frills and flounce, the on-suite had a large free standing period looking Jacuzzi bath, probably about three times larger than my standard plastic one at home and next to it was a large walk in shower with a large 12" shower head.

Mandy wondered if it would be okay, as it was a bit flowery, I commented that it would be fine and she turned towards me and gave me a gentle kiss and american blue film gang rape sex story download very quietly that she was so pleased with what had happened and asked if I blonde busty mature milf laura toys live at home if she asked me a favour, I thought for a moment wondering what would be so difficult to ask me, I was the latina girlfriend fucked in shower girlnextdoor homemade that should have been saying thank you, only a short while earlier I had my 42yr old face buried in her crutch, a dream come true and she was thanking me, I told her that whatever she asked if I could I would, she asked that before I left in the morning If I would promise to fuck her, she said that she had loved having my fingers inside her and as she was not a virgin anymore, then she wanted me to be her first.

This took me by surprise, my cock was saying yeah yeah yeah, but my head was stunned, I looked at her and with big eyes she said please, I told her that if she were sure then I would be very would be very proud too, but not at the moment as I was a drained and a bit sore.

She laughed, thanked and hugged me again and went off to get me some towels. I started to strip off, wondering what I had in my bag; I stood by the bed in just my shorts riffling the bag as it had been a while since I had used my overnight bag that stayed in the car for unexpected occasions, I found a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, some socks and my wash kit but no underwear, cursing I laid out my clothes and Mandy came back in with some towels, I told her I was going to shower.

She turned and left the room and I made my way to the bathroom, turned on the amazing shower, set it to hot and stepped in, I had been in there a few minutes enjoying the feeling of such a luxurious power shower, thinking about what had happened and how lucky I had been, when I heard some giggling from the main room, I called out but no reply apart from some more mega sex fairy tales xxx combrooklyn chase. I continued to enjoy using expensive shampoo and soaps, then realised I smelt very girly, but decided I didn't care and rinsed off.

I stepped out of the shower grabbing the massive white soft towel Mandy had got for me, dried the worst off and wrapped the towel round me and made my way to the bedroom, I then realised what the giggling had been about, as my clothes where missing and on the foot of the bed laid out neatly was a small lacy bra, then on the floor a small pair of panties, then another bra.a trail of young girls underwear leading out of the door, I looked into the hall and a pair of knickers was hung from a door handle up the hall, I returned to the bedroom, dried and brushed my hair, dried myself off and re wrapped myself in the towel, then picked up the bra on the bed and continued to follow the trail picking up the underwear items as I went, passed the hanging knickers to a bra on the first step of the stairs that led to the third floor of the house, I climbed the stairs turned the corner, and found another bra on the teen skinny masturbation hd ever since i was a lil girl tryst alone with a priesthood step by the door, on the door was a note that said knock twice for entry.

I knocked twice and got no reply, unsure if I should go in. I knocked again and heard a small "Come In", I opened the door and found myself looking at a huge vaulted room, that had been built over most of the original house, and big beams in the roof. The room was beautifully decorated and very modern, and the only thing stopping me looking from the door to the other end of the building was partitioning that was affixed to the beams so left the effect of open plan but still allowed the room to be divided, in front of me was what looked like a massive lounge but no chairs just big coloured bean bags, a thick deep rug and a BIG television and a load of speakers spread round the room, in the corner was an arch that led to somewhere and just before it was some more underwear laid out, the next part of my trail, I walked to the arch and turned the corner and again another massive room, the bedroom a large modern bed in the middle which looked like a mattress mounted onto a big square polished white box, around the room where some cupboards that actually looked like small free standing rooms and a mirror hung between two of them that acted as a screen, again a trail of underwear had laid out and took me across the bedroom to another arch.

Continuing to pick up underwear as I went along took me through to the bathroom, this time an pulling over to pound twat of busty marina visconti room with a roof, probably the same size as the bathroom downstairs, again with a massive shower, and an large ordinary bath, big lit mirrors and two sinks, in the corner was a hidden door, a plain panel that just had a door handle, a pair of knickers hung from the handle, I opened the door leaving the bright white well lit bathroom and found myself looking down a darker wooden warm passageway that had another door directly opposite some distance away, in between the doors was another door on the side wall halfway down the corridor again this time was a bra hanging from it, I walked down and realised that I had walked into a sauna room and I was in the corridor that connected the room to both Mandy's room and a second access to the main house, having walked through Mandy's rooms I realised I had walked the length of the house.

I walked down to the door and gathered up the bra, I heard a giggle from inside and was about to open the door and realised I was sister brd rom gum sex there in just a towel, with a big bundle of girls' underwear in my arms, I felt like a nervous underdressed laundry maid. I dropped the pile of undies behind me and opened the door, in front of me was 6 naked sweaty girls, each facing away legs spread wide from me bent over the benches with their bottoms pointing towards me, from where I was standing I was able to see every pussy and bum hole, each wet and shiny.

Chloe laughed as she looked over her shoulder and said they thought I would never arrive, I was in heaven not sure what to do next, my towel was tenting in front of me a my hard cock was twitching to be let loose, "so what am I supposed to do with all these bottoms then" I asked, Nicky looking through her legs at me said well if you don't know I think your cock does. all the girls laughed. I slapped her on the bottom quite softly and she moaned then said if I was going to do that then at least make it a decent slap, I slapped her again, this time harder and leaving a red hand print on her bottom and she laughed, "harder" I said.

I slapped again this time so hard my hand stinged and her bottom went brighter red, I was scared I had got it wrong and hit too hard and all she said was "yeah that's good again" again I spanked her and each time I did she squealed and pushed her bottom higher into the air, I continued to spank her slowly resting between each slap and every time she wanted more, the other girls had straightened up and where watching, Denise asked Nicky how she could like this and she said between moaning that it always felt so good when she was spanked and loved the tingling it gave her in her pussy, they all looked slightly shocked, I was as well as I had never spanked anyone before, sure I had slapped a bottom or two in my time but never a repeated spanking especially this hard on a naked bottom.

After what seemed like ages and with her bottom absolutely scarlet and radiating heat, she seemed to go silent and her legs buckled and then she just let out a soft moan and from where i was standing I could see that her pussy was twitching, she was coming, just spanking her backside had brought her to a climax, I had never seen anything like that, and never been involved in anything like it.

She turned her face a bright red as her bum, sweat was rolling down her face and her chest and she was breathing heavy, as she turned grabbed me hard and she kissed me, but roughly, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth and thrashing around. After a while she seemed to calm and sat herself down, there was silence, we were all waiting but no one knew what for. Nicky then spoke quietly still trying to get her breath, she said that sometimes her dad would spank her when she was naughty when she was younger and it always made her get excited and wet in her pussy, so that when he had finished she would go to her room and masturbate until she came.

She laughed and said she had wondered if her dad would have spanked her as a punishment if he had known that it turned her on and she liked it. they all laughed. I was still standing with my cock twitching at the towel, Laura saw me looking at the tent in my towel and reached out and grabbed the towel and pulled it off, my cock in thanks sprang forward and pointing upwards twitched and flexed like a snake looking for its prey. "So what we gonna do with that girls?" was the question made by Laura, they giggled and then told me there plan they had obviously already discussed, in that like with the blow job game downstairs they wanted me to fuck each one of them in turn, six strokes each until I cum in one of them.

I was not sure as I raised the issue that it did not want to get them pregnant and also I was aware that this would be the first time for some of them, it would seem that some of the girls had also thought the same but did not want to beg out of the game in front of their friends, so I suggested that another way in that we all go to the bedroom and I am given time with each girl alone, and if My cock gives in then of course we could carry on another day as I see them all often enough.

Being selfish I was worried I would not be able to cope with all of them and I also wanted to be sure that when tonight was over I would still be able to play. Some of the girls agreed but some wanted to go at it tonight, so I suggested I leave them talk about it and then find cumming in two white thongs tube porn in the bedroom and let me know what they had decided.

They looked at each other and I stood up and left and made my way to the bedroom, I decided on route to quickly shower again as the sauna had made me all sweaty, I stepped into the shower and rinsed off and then went into the bedroom, no sooner had I got in there when all the girls came in and said they had decided that they would agree if to my idea if for those I could not fuck tonight I agreed to lick them out as they all wanted to at least come.

I agreed and they all left except Denise, In front of me stood an 14yr old angel, very boyish in looks, no real bust and a tight baby looking pussy without hardly any covering, I asked her how she managed to be first, she said that they had just decided on the first part of each girls birthday, as she was born on the 2nd she ended up being first.

I took her hand and pulled her gently towards me on the bed, she laid by my side and gently I kissed her, she kissed me back very strongly, I then realised that I could still smell the faint aroma and taste of my cum that had filled her throat only an hour before. I looked into her face, she seemed to quite content, I let my hands roam over her back and as I did she murmured from deep in her throat, the light touches of my fingers seemed to be exiting her and she wriggled gently in my arms, I moved my hands lower onto her pert small boyish bottom, very little to hold, I let my hands roam over her butt cheeks a few times ran a finger along the crease of her bottom ending with my finger rubbing lustful hottie shares bfs big rod and jizz the puckered hole of her bum, her eyes shot open, wide a saucers and she pulled away from kissing me, "Oh good that feels good" she murmured into my ear, I stroked away and back again and pushed my bad masty com full sex stories harder this time and she just buckled in my arms, the look of pure joy lighting up her face, I continued to rub around the hole each time pressing a little harder each time in the centre, she was in heaven, the puckered hole would not open but flexed under my finger, after several goes I lowered my hand across to her pussy and found a wet puddle long before I found her cunt hole, I dipped my finger and found the entrance to her hole, but instead of pushing my way in, I bathed my finger in the leaked juices and moved my finger back up to her bum hole, this time lubricated the hole gave way and I found the top of my finger had invaded her arse.

This action seemed to take Denise completely by surprise; she just went limp in my arms and looked up at me, her big eyes looking like a puppy dog, "is that okay, does it feel nice" she just mumbled and was biting her lip, I asked again and she said that it felt really nice, but she was scared, with my finger just up to the first little knuckle, I was twiddling it around and each time it moved I could feel her muscles grab my finger, each time her eyes would flick and her breathing was getting heavier, I asked why she was scared and she said that she was cared I would hurt her, I assured her that I would be gentle, and that if she wanted me to stop then she just needed to say.

She looked up at me and asked me not to stop, "teach me, show me what to do, tell me what woman do and I will try" I continued to finger her bum and laid her back, being so slim I was able to reach round her at the same time as leaning down and took the small undeveloped nipple in my mouth, I was only able to suck a small amount of her into my mouth as she had no breasts as yet, looking down was like looking at an 11 yr old boy other than the fact that where her legs met was missing a cock.

She seemed to enjoy having her nipples licked and sucked but not as much as having her bum played with, slowly her breathing was getting faster, as it did, I wiggled slightly faster and found that her bum had tattoo girl creampie lolly ink 2 3 tube porn used to the feel of my finger, and live sex web cam shemale live sex chat allowed me to push slightly further in, still only to taking half my finger but this seemed to have the right effect, as I pushed in she started to stiffen and moan openly, sexy babe gets slammed in various positions her chest and face flushed and she bit down hard on her lip and squeezed her eyes tight shut, I thrashed my finger about inside her and sucked her nipple as hard a I could and loved watching this young sweet flower explode in a massive climax in my arms, as she did I could feel juices from her pussy trickling down her bum crack over my finger allowing me to push further into her, without thinking I pressed my hand into her and slid the entire length of my finger into her, this again triggered another wave of shuddering and she looked up smiling yet pleading with me with her eyes not to stop.

Slowly and quietly she started to calm down, she held me tight and likewise I did the same. When she had calmed down a bit I moved and lowered my face to kiss her all over her chest and worked my way down her body, I stopped at her hip bones and nibbled gently then nibbled my way over to her pubic bone, kissing and licking as I moved along, she had sparsely any hair between her legs, a few small wisps of soft downy hair, the first signs that this girl was going to start changing soon, but also reminding me how your she really was, I have fucked and munched many shaven woman in my time, but to have my face so close to a naturally bald smooth heaven scented pussy was like walking on air and only served to make my already hard throbbing cock twitch even more.

Rubbing my nose on what hair she had, I let my tongue trace its way down into the folds of her pussy, it had slightly protruded lips that met perfectly, no gaps and perfectly formed, as I pushed my tongue between the folds, it seemed the key had been put in the lock as like an oyster it opened beautifully her clit rose up and met my tongue I lapped and twirled the top of her clit and as I did so she sat bolt upright, it looked like a million volts had been shot through her, she came immediately, with just one single lick of her clit she came all over euro teen fucked in ass european teens tongue, shaking and quivering as I licked and lapped at her clit, she calmed again and I continued to lick her clit each time she twitched and then I opened her legs wider, pushing her knees outwards and pushing her feet backwards towards he bum, I was surprised how flexible she was, as she quickly understood what I was trying to do and helped me by laying both knees flat on the bed with the soles of her feet pushing against each other and her heels pressing against her arsehole.

From where I was positioned between her legs, I could see right into her tiny very wet fuck hole, puffed up and slightly red, her clit still looked like it was throbbing and I could see a creative girl can use almost anything as a sex toy this filthy teen hottie saw a bowl of fruits an her juices had dribbled down between her bum cheeks, her bum hole looked slightly open where my finger had been removed, I took hold of her hands and pulled them down showing her that I wanted her to stretch her cunt wider, she did as she was told without any hesitation, as she did so I moved a finger to her clit and without prompting she started to play, she teased her clit and rubbed it gently in little circles, I sat up between her legs watching carefully, as she continued to tease her clit another finger from her other hand started to rub her cunt hole entrance, she rubbed and then dipped her finger into it, slowly and gently, she released holding her pussy open and concentrated on fingering her pussy, half of one finger disappeared, then two fingers and she started to finger fuck herself, slowly to start with but then moved into a steady rhythm, each time she pulled out her pussy leaked juices and I leant forward to collect them on my fingers and took them into my mouth, savouring the sweet sticky juice's of my new little toy.

I watched intently for ages before I could take no more, I had been rubbing my cock whilst watching her and my cock was beginning to leak pre cum, I wiped it with my finger and leant over and offered it to her, she took it hungrily, in leaning over her my cock was hovering over her pussy and she took my cock in her hand and started to rub it over her pussy and clit, she looked up at me smiled and then in a quiet gently calm voice she said "do it, make me a woman please, be gentle I am a bit scared" I smiled no words where needed she knew she could trust me, I took my cock and carried on rubbing it over her pussy, making it wet and sticky, then gently I pushed the end of my cock against the entrance of her hole, slowly I rocked back and forth, each time applying a bit more pressure, she had done quite a good job when she had fingered herself as without much resistance my cock popped into her and again i started to gently rock allowing her pussy to get used to the feel of my cock inside her, trying to be a gentle as I could when all I really wanted to do was slam it home as hard as I could.

Slowly as I rocked inch by inch my cock moved deeper inside her, then I felt the resistance of her virgin shield, she winced as I knocked against it, I looked down she knew what was happening and I was looking for her to give me the go ahead when as I pulled back she bucked her hips against me and my cock burst through her innocence and planted itself at the base of her cunt, she gave a small whimper and looked up again at me and gave a big smile, "that didn't hurt as much as I thought it would " she said " Am I a woman now?" I looked down and smiled, slowly I ploughed her pussy, so wet and hot, gently each time pressing into her harder and slightly deeper, whilst I don't have a very long cock, she still did not have all of me inside her, I carried on banging her each time getting a bit harder as my cock started to boil, being so tight fucking her was like milking the teats of as cow, each stroke quickly getting me closer to point of no return.

I was thinking of her less and myself more, determined that I needed to breed this bitch, let her feel the pressure of my spunk filled balls released deep into her and as I pushed harder, each time touching the bottom of her pussy, then for the first time ever I felt something new, something I had only read about and assumed was complete fiction, I felt another pop and felt the top of my cock being squeezed really hard, I had fucked my way into her womb, I had pushed against her uterus so hard it had accepted my cock, my cock was about to explode directly into her baby maker.

I looked down as soon as I realised what had happened and all I could see was Denise laying there with this large very pleased look on her face, she was floating, savouring every feeling, her eyes nearly closed, moaning so gently I thought she was growling, she saw me looking and looked into my eyes, leant up pecked me on the lips and just mouthed Thank you, with that I felt my balls tighten my cock gave one almighty twitch and just as I was about to let loose, Denise grabbed me tight and at the same time we exploded together, I dumped load after sticky hot spunky load deep directly into her womb, each and every jet seemed to make her quiver, pretty girl spreads juicy vagina and loses virginity last from all the small moans and whimpers she finally let loose, this was obviously what she had wanted so badly, she screamed loud, real loud, so much so it made me jump, the filth from her mouth was not that I had expected from such a sweet astounded idol in lingerie is geeting peed on and rode girl, where had she learnt such words.

We collapsed together a bundle of deep breathing sweaty limbs, wrapped together and hugging each other closely, with the warmth of her body and the satisfaction of having just emptied my balls for the second time in a couple of hours, I drifted off to sleep, content and well pleased with myself. When I awoke Denise had gone and had been replaced by Chloe, unsure of the time, I looked and she was wide awake looking at me, the milf and teen get kinky and suck side table clock showed it was 2:40am, I had only been asleep 30 minutes, I then realised I needed to use the toilet, I sat up "how long you been here" I said to her and she said that Denise had come back into the lounge after I fell asleep and she had come in not long after.

I moved off the bed and made my way to the bathroom, as I stood having a pee, I looked down and realised my cock was suffering the woes of battle, having cum twice and taken Denise's virginity my cock was covered in both of us, when I finished I moved over to the shower and turned on the water and stepped into this glorious shower, Oh I wish I had the money to own a place so nice, Chloe was standing in the doorway, "do you want me to wash your back" I smiled and she walked over and joined me in the shower cubicle, even with the two of us in, there was still loads of space, we drenched ourselves in the hot water and Chloe took some gel from the dispenser and started to lather my chest, as she did I looked down at this little girl, noticing how the water run down off her head across her budding chest and down over her toned tight body, her big face radiated a huge smile and her big brown eyes shone brightly, she moved her hands slowly and deliberately over my chest and stomach, again conscious that I was not toned I instinctively breathed in and she laughed, I smiled and let it go, shrugging my shoulders almost in admittance of the fact, she slid her hands round me and held me tight, her head resting firmly on my soapy chest.

We stayed like that for a moment then she let go and continued to wash me, as she worked her way down I took care of the top half, enjoying the feel of the hot water running over my head, then she took hold of my limp cock and with a large amount of gel in her hand started to wash me carefully making sure every part of it and my balls was lathered up, then she started to wank my cock slowly and deliberately, I was worried that I might not be able to manage a third time, but no problem as she played I was pleased to see and feel the stirring in my groin of a growing cock.

We finished off and I grabbed a huge white fluffy towel, so big it could have been a blanket, rubbed myself and wrapped it round me. Chloe did the same and we walked back into the bedroom, as much as I wanted to devour the beauty in front of me, what I really wanted right this second was a drink and a cigarette, I told Chloe and started to walk to the door, she laughed and suggested I went the quick way, I turned and followed her to the sauna door, down the short corridor and through the door at the other end, down a flight of stairs and back into the master bedroom that I was supposed to be staying in, down another set of stairs and back into the kitchen.

I looked in the fridge and found a cold fizzy drink and some chocolate cake, Chloe laughed, then breathed in hard and rubbed her stomach, referring to my embarrassment in the shower, I laughed as well and put the cake back, starting today I will get fit I thought to myself. Still wrapped in the towel, I walked out the main door and into the courtyard where the warm summer air breezed across me, retrieved my fags from the car door pocket and returned to sit on the wall the surrounded the kitchen patio area.

Chloe sat by my side and sipped from the same can, we smiled at each other enjoying the peace and quiet, being so far away from anywhere there was almost no sound at all, Chloe took my hand and beckoned me to follow her, we walked across the path onto the lawns, between a couple of huge big blossom bushes and in front of me was a small band stand looking structure, eight sided with a couple of steps up, large white steel pillars holding up an ornate white steel roof.

Inside the small picket fence that ran round the outside where cane sofa's and a large dark red expensive looking rug. I lit another cigarette and Chloe spread her towel out on the rug and laid down naked, I did the same and we lay down both looking up through the roof at the stars and clouds.

We chatted for a while, apparently Denise had described everything we had done to the rest of the girls, she was very happy to have lost her cherry and had said I was very gentle and caring, I smiled not knowing how to reply, Chloe leant across me and kissed me gently on the mouth and as she did she her hand took my cock and slowly stroked the length with her nails, dragging her hand from the top of my cock to the base of my balls, my cock sprung into life, firming up to the touch of her hand I kissed her back and worked my way down to her chest, two cone shaped small budding breasts, each tipped with large dark aureole and a pert hard small nipple, I took each in turn into my mouth, she wriggled and squirmed as I did so, her actions on my cock became far more urgent and she started to pump me quite firmly as she breathed harder.

I continued to suckle on her breasts whilst I slid my hand down between her legs, a puffy triangle hidden beneath quite a patch of dark black pubic hair, not enough to hide her puffy pussy, but enough to be able to see from a distance. My hands stroked the outside of her pussy and it opened to my touch, very large lips and an what felt like a huge hard protruding clit, as I touched her clit Chloe released my cock and laid back down, "please" she said "please eat my pussy like you did Mandy earlier", I smiled and made my way down her body, she opened her legs wide and straddled across her I leant down and licked her clit, she suddenly changed in character and became very assertive, "suck me" she shouted, "fucking do me make me cum" I pushed my face deep into her crotch, licking her clit and pushing my tongue into her the price of a drone hunter is very satisfying, as I did she pulled my bum down and swallowed my cock almost half way, we both thrashed at each other, urgently sucking and licking each other softly and hard.

Her sucking was so good I found my balls beginning to tighten, I pulled out of her and she sighed a big smile, i bent down again and continued to suck and lick her until I screaming and cumming really hard from infinite orgasm her fingers dig into my bum, she pushed upwards harder towards my mouth and clamped her smooth thighs round my head, with difficulty in breathing I carried on and then she exploded, and I mean exploded to my surprise she was a squirter, she drenched my face and chest as two or three times she gushed cum from her cunt, her pussy and legs my head the towel and where all soaked.

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She slowly calmed down and released me, I returned to lying next to her, wiping my face on the towel. Next to me was a picture of glee and happiness, eyes closed blushed red face covered in sweat and a heaving chest, all I could think of was how lucky I was, almost pinching myself, to make sure it was not a dream.

She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled again, I don't know why but we both then burst into a fit of giggles, I held her in my arms and she started to cry, worried I pulled away concerned, she just smiled again and said she was so happy, I gave a deep sigh of relief and then she said that we had better do something with that hard cock of yours now it looks ready to burst, it was, standing proud, twitching without effort almost calling to be attended to.

"What do you suggest" I said almost knowing the answer, I want you to fuck me from behind she said really bravely, that might hurt I explained worried being her first time, "nah it will be allright, I never had a real cock before, hot luscious hottie sucking off deep her I not a virgin as I have used my mum's vibrators a few times and one is very big", if you are sure I commented and she got up onto her knees turning at the same time and offering up this wide open soaked pussy, without wasting any time I moved in behind her and pushed my cock against the opening to her pussy, as I was about to push into her, she rammed her body backwards and took the entire length in one go, this girls cunt was big, it took all of me right to my balls and still I could not feel the bottom, I grabbed her hips and pumped her, after a couple of minutes I froze, a huge light popped up in my brain, she looked back "what's wrong" I suddenly realised Chloe had started her periods I had seen the towels in her knickers in the car, what if I got her pregnant, how do I explain that, "don't worry" Nicky's sister works in the chemist and we are all going to get the morning after pill in the morning, we discussed it earlier" YOU SURE, I was quite worried, it was one thing fucking these youngsters, but getting one pregnant would be a disaster.

Chloe smiled I am sure she said now fuck me and do it hard, I am your whore, come on give me all that spunk in your balls, I want it all, I needed no more encouragement, I slammed back into her as hard as I could, every ounce of me pushing my cock into her, "harder" she cried "Harder", again I slammed into her even harder this time if that where possible riding her now fast and hard, she slammed back into me almost as hard each time and still I could not feel the bottom of her pussy, without thinking as I rode her, I slapped her arse hard, she squealed "again, again" I continued to fuck and slap her, having already cum a couple of times this evening already and that she was not tight, I was able to this for some while, the only problem was that my legs where getting tired and my knees hurt, I pulled straight out of her, a major surprise to her, "Stand Up Bitch" I ordered, she stood and her backside was bright red, several distinct hand prints showing, I pushed her slowly forward and busty blond milf nikki sexx takes the biggest dick she s ever had her to kneel on the sofa holding the hand rail, again I slapped her backside which each time I did seemed to excite her more, I positioned myself and slammed back into her, this time standing I managed to bottom out and felt the tip of my cock bang the very bottom of her, she screamed, every time I drove home she screamed out loudly, I carried on slapping her arse and each thrust was greeted with a large groan until I felt her tighten and her legs give way as she came all over my cock, yelping as she did like a small puppy.

As she went over her peak I felt my balls tighten and then as sore and tired as I was I let loose another load of my spunk. I rolled over completely exhausted, my cock twitching, sore and very red, Chloe snuggled into my chest, burning hot and sweaty, she looked up into my face and have a small smile and said almost in a whisper thank you, I thanked her back telling her it is me who is lucky to have her.

She then made to move, when I asked where she was going she said back to Mandy's room so Anna knew she could come in, I asked her to stay for a while as I needed time to recover, we snuggled and I fell asleep, drained.