Women go wild for cocks in public strippers and housewife

Women go wild for cocks in public strippers and housewife
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D-Day Sexual Invasion Part 1 On the night of 5 June 1944 I was a 19 year old private falling through the clouds over Normandy. I landed on a freshly cut tree stump smashing my left shin.

xxx porn story sex stories sil pek When the plane's engines faded all was quiet. I was lost and alone with the damp air blowing fear through my mind. I guessed that my objective was somewhere to the west but my first indiscretion of the day was to follow the safest route, a tree line heading north east.

I limped along for two hours then rested among weeds and scrub. Minutes later I was startled by the slamming of car doors. An engine started, it was a Mercedes Benz, and it passed just ten yards above my resting place. I waited several minutes before crawling to the edge of the road. There was a large 2 story house and a barn but all was quiet. I worked the bolt on my carbine and fixed the bayonet. I limped across the road, my heart beat heavily and my mouth was dry.

I crept along the right side of the house and peered into the barn, the sweet scent of fermenting grapes was everywhere. It was a barrel house, and the scrub I had been crawling through were the fertile plants that produce wine to this day. I figured if I told the guys I'd found a winery and not sampled the product, the ridicule would awesome chicks try out new sex toys me for years.

So I did my duty. 'What the hell'. I went in and opened the first spigot I came to. I had no idea how powerful the flow would be and the wine spilled out of my mouth and all over me and the floor.

The splashing noise was like an alarm bell. I cursed my stupidity. For all I knew the house could be full of German soldiers. I went to the house and looked into a side window, a candle was burning low on the fireplace mantle. I waited a minute or so to calm myself. Then I carefully pried the window open with my bayonet and climbed in. I heard low voices, two women behind a door, no sign of German soldiers. I went to the door and stood listening. The talking stopped and my heart was pounding again.

Then the door opened and a face appeared, "Alo?" said the face. When it said something in German I pushed the door open and put my hand over a woman's mouth. She went backwards and we fell on a bed with my bayonet pressed at her throat.

But a second voice said. "No Danielle, Englander, shhh". "No" I whispered. "American". As I pushed off the woman Danielle, my left hand inadvertently grabbed a huge firm breast.

She was wearing a low cut nightgown and her large areola was at my fingertips. My hand lingered a split second longer than it needed to. I was cautioned to keep quit. There was a woman in a room down the hall who could not be trusted. If she knew of my presence she would alert the Germans. The vineyard had been converted into their local house of pleasure. It was occupied by four women. The owner, we'll call her Mrs. M, her teenage daughter and two locals placed there by the Germans.

After gathering some sketchy intelligence I was taken to a bedroom upstairs where I would be safe. This is where Mrs. M's daughter slept. She was only fourteen and the Germans never bothered her. Seeing two of the women they had bothered with told me why. They were both very pretty and had fantastic tits. As Mrs. M. began treating my leg her daughter stirred and woke up.

She was a stunning beauty with reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. She was ecstatic about the American invasion and we had to tell her to be quiet several times. The bleeding on my hot teen orgy hd swimming in semen had never completely stopped and my pant leg was saturated with blood.

I cut the pants from the knee down and a wash basin was soon filled with red strips of cloth. With my leg bandaged and a bottle of house wine in my hands, the three of us talked for an hour. Then Mrs. M left us. My bed was a folded up rug on the floor.

But sleep did not come and I stared at the ceiling, wondering. The area was surrounded by German units and the house I was in was 'playboy central'. It was unreal. I felt like a character in a film but there was no script. Charlotte couldn't sleep either. Mrs. M's daughter leaned over the edge of her bed and we talked about life in America, about the invasion, and a great many things that seemed a world away.

Then she said I shouldn't be sleeping on the floor. She said her bed was soft and big enough for us both. I had to refuse her offer, I knew it would be difficult to control myself lying next to her.

In the faint light I could make out the line of her breasts. They were a good handful and quite perky.

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I felt the first stirring of arousal and tried to think of something else. "You must sleep here, you are too hurt" she cooed. Then added shyly… "I won't tell anyone". She had persuaded me and as I stood she took hold of my wrist and pulled me towards her.

The back of my hand went to her silk slip and brushed the softness between her legs. Her pelvic mound felt like heaven and her words echoed in my spinning mind. "I won't tell anyone". The bed was as soft as promised.

It was full of feathers and we sunk deeply into it so that our bodies came together immediately. Then I sprang up. " My pants are all bloody!" "Take them off" she said without hesitation. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. For a moment I forgot where I was. As I unclipped my belt I fantasized about putting my dick in that lovely young pussy.

I was glad it was dark for my growing erection was impossible to hide. Then I let the pants fall. 'CLUNK' went the belt on the wood floor. I had set off another alarm. With baited breath I slowly put my legs under the coverlet. I found the warmth of Charlotte's body. She had turned to the wall and her nice round ass stuck out. I lay uncomfortably with my right arm pinched between us.

The bed had room for two, only if they were lovers. Slowly I turned away from her so I could free my arm. Now our asses were touching with just a bit of fabric between us. I so wanted to turn around and put my engorged cock between her cheeks. I thought about the woman Danielle and her wonderful large breast in my hand, I was losing control.

I couldn't stop myself from reaching down and pulling my cock out of the side of my drawers. I hardly breathed. I started to rub the head of my cock between thumb and forefinger, slowly and quietly like I had done in the barracks a hundred times. I tried not to make any movements, but suddenly Charlotte turned to me and my heart almost stopped dead. "Alan" She whispered close to my ear. "You want more room"? She took my arm and I turned onto my back. The hand that was just holding my cock went to her bare thigh.

I pulled it back but she said "Is fine, rest." My breathing became heavier and I had to grab my exposed cock with my left hand.

I tried to wring the horniness out of it, but that only delayed the increasing tension in my body and the desire in my fertile young mind. I thought I would wait till Charlotte was asleep and I would jerk off into my skivvies. Her warm ass was against me and my hand rested uneasily on her thigh. When she turned on her back my hand slipped between her warm thighs. She didn't protest. After an eternity my erection finally eased up and I tucked myself into my shorts.

Later I turned to face her to ease the pain in my leg. My left arm replaced the right but it went around her waist. I caressed her gangbang 5 men blue hair girl belly, feeling her breathing with my hand.

The minutes passed and I felt her breathing increase.

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I was under control and at ease. Her warmth was enough enjoyment for this soldier. I minded her youthful innocence and other moral thoughts. But then she took my hand in hers and I was trapped. She drew it up to her breasts and shoved against me.

My cock started to grow slowly and steadily, there was nothing I could do to stop it. My shaft pressed against the softness of her warm ass cheeks. Then letting go of my hand she lifted slightly xxx move sex stories 25 menet moved away.

I thought it was over but quickly she resumed the position. and her slip was now bunched up around her waste. Her legs and ass were exposed to me. A guttural sound escaped from my throat. "Ugghh" I pressed my cock against her almost violently and squeezed her lovely tit.

I humped against her ass several times. I said I was sorry, that I couldn't help it. But she did understand and told me so. She had seen the German officers do many things to her mother and the other women.

They had made her watch for their amusement. But the seed my enemy had planted was about to bloom in my garden. The little nymph reached back and freed my hard cock and started jerking me off, I couldn't take the slow torture. Again I shoved my dick into her ass cheeks and started humping like an animal. I was getting close to spurting cum on her ass when she turned and put her head in my lap. Her soft hair fell on my abdomen, it was heaven.

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Then her warm wet mouth took my cock and she bobbed up and down a few times. Then she licked me like a melting ice cream cone, faster and faster.

"I 'love the penis" she cooed. "It is big" she whispered. Then she sucked and sucked like a woman with years of experience. By her little giggles I could tell she was having the time of her life.

The little licks and sucking at the head was wonderful.

The more excited I got the more I wanted it to go on and on. I started pushing a little deeper and she gagged a little but never stopped sucking and licking. Having my dick in her hot mouth was making me lose control. I put my hand behind her head and forced myself deeper. She opened wide and deep throated me like a whore.

I was pleasantly surprised and in absolute ecstasy. After several deep thrusts I was fucking her mouth. I fucked and fucked and couldn't stop for anything. Our pace was quickening. The sounds of slurping and sucking from her mouth spurred me on. Her soft hand on my ass pulling me into her told me she was loving it. The head of my cock slipped over her tongue to touch her throat as her lips closed on the base of my shaft.

I had never felt anything so great in my life. With her head impaled on my cock I sat up and turned on my side. I held her head in both hands running my fingers through the blonde silk. Her arms held me tight and we moved in unison. My hips thrust urgently with my cock deep in her throat. The gentle scraping of her teeth only added to the excitement.

I turned again propping myself into the pushup position. I was on top of her and fucking her head. My cum was building deeply and I knew I couldn't last long. In that position Charlotte's mouth was wide open. She wiggled the tip of her tongue on the underside of my cock reaching to my sack. If I thought I was in ecstasy before, this took me to another universe entirely. What we were doing felt like love and I knew she wanted me to cum. Then, almost without warning my cream burst into her mouth.

Shot after shot went down her throat flex and sex mommy jordi still she held fast. She reached for my balls and squeezed, causing another orgasmic wave.

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Her head took my jerking cock in a timeless symmetry, the giver and the receiver as one. Three more spurts of cum passed into her mouth and I groaned loudly. But at that moment I was in love and I wouldn't have cared if some Nazi came in and blew my brains out. Before I went soft Charlotte jerked me off till I could no longer bear the touch. But I wasn't nearly finished and neither of us would sleep much that night.

I went down between her legs to return the favor and she started gasping and moaning and flopping all over the bed which made no noise at all. We could have done jumping jacks without waking her mother in the room below. I was so into this young girl's slick pussy, I wanted it to go on forever.

Her ass was firm and my fingers were digging in and getting all they could as my sexy slut gets pounded in various positions motorized her fuzz covered cunt. She tasted like rose petals and I lapped to my heart's content. I made her cum twice this way before my neck muscles gave out. Then we tongue kissed for several minutes.

We were making tender love to be sure and soon mom watch bf and daughter young cock was ready for more. My fingers slipped easily into her gap but came to an abrupt halt. She was a virgin, her flower was intact. I was unsure of how to proceed but the kissing got hotter. The feel of her nubile tits spurred me on. I pushed it in hard but to no avail. She wiggled her hips over and over and finally I felt it give.

She squealed into my mouth and I stopped thrusting to ease the pain. We lay still until she started slowly moving her hips again. My stiff cock was ready to cum at any moment.

We wiggled together for several more minutes as she slowly tore open. She held her painful moans like a champ and finally I entered her fully. I came into her with reckless abandon, forgetting her age or the possibility of pregnancy.

Charlotte thrust wildly and came with me. We collapsed in each others arms, it was perfection. When her mother entered the room at dawn I was alone in the bed and Charlotte lay on the rug, I thought I had gotten away with it clean. But Mrs. M's face told me otherwise. As I choked down a breakfast of fresh eggs, cheese and milk, I listened to her side of the story. My belt buckle hitting the floor had alarmed her after all. She silently came up the stairs and listened at the door as I fucked her beautiful, sexy daughter.

But there was never a more understanding woman in all the world. After being abused by the Germans, my indiscretion with her daughter had seemed palatable.

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Now all I needed to do was leave the house undetected. The next time I saw Charlotte was five months later, she was pregnant with our first child. END PART ONE