Exhib et fellation dans lascenseur avec amatrice francaise

Exhib et fellation dans lascenseur avec amatrice francaise
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Before I post the Storie I would like to state that I encourage all comments as well as any ideas for a possible part two of the storie this storie is based on actual events and one of the main cherectors name has been changed there may be some bad grammer please dont be too hard on it as my editor to the sotsrie fell ill with strep and was un able to acomidate me at this time. I did use Microsoft word as a form of editing and found very few grammer mistakes as I remember that being problem in my first few stories again these are based on actual live events in which have happend.

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I have come to a halt in the story and am asking my fellow readers for possible part two ideas as it is based on a true story i do intend to incorperat actual events into the storie lien as A BASE i know im spelling things wrong in the specific paragraph so please forgive me the story sets in fast so I hope you all enjoy and get back with me again please dont be too harsh about not getting it edited properly ( also this is my first attempt at a romance article as well ) ********************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************** Masterbating across the USA She moaned aloud as her hands gripped the cold metal bar her legs as far apart as they would allow her while trying to maintain balance attempting to keep her body level as he fucked her from behind ramming his rock hard cock deep into her.

The floors were somewhat mucky and were not well kept but that was to be expected in a men's public bathroom along the highway going through nebraska, her moans echoed against the dark blue walls of the handicap restroom.

she put one foot up against the toilet ridge flipping her head back and groaning as he pounded her sopping wet pussy. He grabbed her around the waist pulling her onto him harder and harder pulling her hair as he fucked her with full force her large tits bounced heavily as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and biting her tongue was all she could do to keep from screaming with pleasure.

The one thought she had besides how amazing Devon felt inside her tight wet cunt was … what if someone caught them… the thrill of someone possibly walking in and wanting to join pushed her over the edge and she threw her head back moaning loudly and came as Devon thrust his 8 inches deep into her wet sex story from katrina kaif. her vagina pulsated around his throbbing cock as he grunted loudly thrusting into her harder than ever his hot steaming sperm filled her to the brim he thrust again one last time pushing all the cum he had just unloaded inside of her deeper into her cunt.

There hearts were pounding as he pulled out of her and quickly dressed… it was cold. her pussy dripped with cum she sat on the toilet and let her piss and cum drain from her and attempted to get dressed but her body was still trembling wow was all that went through her mind wow. How the hell did I get so lucky ? She stammered to her feet keeping hold of the cold handle bar to ensure balance her knees trembled enthusiastically Devon smiled at her and giggled a little holding out his hand as they were now both dressed I know Im not going to make it to the car sammi blushed as she put on her winter jacket accepting Devons hand.

it was comforting to know that he was there. god that was the best sex ever she thought, to her every time was much like the first only it got better and better and better. Her mind was very much silent as they walked out into the chilled winters night light by stars.

Not much could make this trip Happier. They had been traveling cross country from washington to michigan on a cold weekend in december. Her body shook involuntarily at the cold her knees buckling out from underneath her as she tried to stabilize them one last time while getting into the car. she simply let them buckle out from under her as she sat down on the heated seats of the Audi A3 her body trembled again and she groaned slightly as Devon buckled himself into the car. she layed her head back on the soft leather head rest as she looked up throught the tinted dounle window sun rough at the stars.

That was hot " Devon stated as he got settled in and Began to drive once again off into the darkness. His gentle soft hands touched her body in way that she couldnt possibly immagin, sending shockwaves of shivers down her spin creating goose bumps that crept up onto her skin inching there way everywhere on her body as he spread her pussy lips and gently corresed her clit in a circular motion, there was something about him the way he fucked her the way he touched her it was different than all the other men that she had, been sexual with.

his passion for her sent her reeling over the edge, with no other man but him she was ready at any given moment only a wisper of a command in her ear latina girlfriend fucked in shower girlnextdoor homemade it set her off. she had no controll of her trembling legs and her shivers that went through her body as her pussy convolced causing her to cum on command. No man had ever gotten that far with her.

( Maybe this is why she never let anyone near her ears ; she knew they were here ultamate week spot; but never in her right might would she have immagined this.) ********************************************************************************** He certanly had not had any intentions of showing her any murcy his intentions were to force her to cum as many times as he could possibly manage before the night was over.

He loved hearing her scream in pleasure She was loud and she didnt hold back even if his room mate and her friends were in the other room . he was sure it was somewhat imberHe spread her leg, with his his body towering over her his muscular arms heled his body up above her for her to viewhis body glew; he was way out of her leage but totally into her they intently stared each other down their bodies touching each other as he aimed his raging rock hard throbbing cock at the entrance to her vagina rubbing it gently across her clit lubricated the head of his cock in response to his touch she voluntarily lifted her legs in the air giving way to easier access for him.

Her ass was lifted slightly off the bed as he mercilessly shoved his cock in at full force hitting the entrance to her womb causing her to moan loudly in sheer bliss, his cock felt enormous in her vagina as he pushed in and pulled out . essig to her but her ultimate humiliation seemed to get her going even more she was incredible with absolutely no sexual setbacks.

he kissed her passionatly on the lips as his cock penetrated her womb pressing up and inward towards her his full body weight relaxing on her he sat there momenterally running his fingers kinsley anne my girlfriend gets revenge her ruffed up hair looking deep ino her eyes sometimes when he looked at her she felt as if he was looking past her and into her sole she couldnt help but stare back at him it was in these moments that even the room would dissapear it seemed to be just the two of them in the darkness closing in on each other there bodies connected there emotions like wild fire she didnt know how much time she had with him but she wanted the time they had to be together specail in that moment the sex changed from rough wild sex to all time love making he was pumping her slowly she could feel his emotions letting loose .

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with every thrust the emotion became strong and unwinding. Sammi had never dreamed a guy felt so many emotions to her men were just heartless atleaset in the past they had been but this one seemed different thought they had met online she never thought it would go this far his eyes penetrated all of her she couldnt help but let every wall of deffense she had up; down.

she wanted him to see all of her and know that she was real. she wanted him to feel everything she felt scared ; happy ; sad peacefull. wrapping both hands around the sids of her head he thrust into her hard he knew she was not expecting this as her eyes suddenly shot open rolling back into the back of her head her jaw dropping she felt the empowerment he had on her gripping her hair with both fists and pounding her till he coudlnt reach any farther in depth with his cock her walls pulsating around him.

he held his hand agenst her throught applying pressure only grently which sent her wreathing for air and yet she was still able to breath confortably she loved it the domanation the look in his eyes changed from loving and studying to dominering and concering determand to do his biding.

you could hear her shier cry as she came once again harder than ever before; her moans ecoing through the hotel room as she released her sexual tension he layed on top of her at full body weight all she could do was lay there and breath.

bathtub masturbating watch more of her at ulacamcom relationship was long distance at time it was hard for him to remaine a focus on her heart keeping her close to him with his thought he sometimes became lonely and thought up how easy it would be to be with another woman but something always brought him back to her in the end he didnt know if it was the sex that was so great or her tender heart and real personality that captivated himit was difficult long distance though he was often too busy to really look at the outcome she was happy her eyes glew and her heart was at ease for the first time in her lifetime she felt calm .

though she knew that it was nothing more than just firends she was ok with that he made her happy. As long as he was happy she could be too.

though at times it seemed impossible to convince him that she was for real . But she was and so she waited. ********************************************************************************* The cold metal bar gripped between her breast as she shook them provocativly the music blaring in the background as she swong flawlessly around the poll kicking her right leg up exposing her pink laced thong that barley covered her vagina the boys ragged with yellps and hollers beer glasses in there long awaited vehement sex hardcore and blowjob in the air clanking and cheers ; she flipped her hair from side to side as she danced around the poll in her four inch high black high heels laced with the silver fishnet that entwined her legs her short black mini skirt spun with her around the poll exposing her tight belly she had enormouse brests for a woman her size they did her well for tips; men loved it .

they roared and cheered for her to enter on stage Sammy admitted that even though her job was a tedious one the men's yelping and hollering did absolutely nothing for her she loved the money and the time she spent dancing showing off her nice body often in the back of her mind was her tall dark and handsome .

No amount of mans attention made of for the time she lost when she was away form him. often times when she was giving lap dances or one on one dances she imagined it was him looking back at her his sweet loving asian eyes and his larg muscular arms wrapped around her the long distance was hard for her but she had faith and she pulled though . **********************************************************************************