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He pulled open her lips to look inside. Her head was back under the pillow and she was letting him do whatever he wanted. He wanted to see what a pussy looked like up close. Her bright pink flesh glistened as a small pool of her natural lubrication was growing in size at the bottom, inside her spread open pussy.

He moved his thumb over to the other side to hold her open with one hand so he could touch her. He dipped his finger in the clear solution and as he lifted it out a long string stretched like mozzarella cheese from a stuffed pizza. He put the finger in his mouth and tasted the juice from his finger tip. The small amount was nearly flavorless. It had a slightly tangy kick which quickly dissipated as his mouth watered and dropped the concentration level.

His finger broke the string to his mouth as it went back in for another coating. Knowing that smell is as much as 90% of the flavor experience, this time he moved his face much closer. His nose was hovering so close that it would have touched her lips if they closed. But her legs were spread open and her lips still held open with his left hand. He now pulled the juice into his mouth and inhaled deeply as he savored the sweet nectar. The scent made the experience something he wouldn't forget.

He would even come to write about it 17 years later and post it online. Not one tiny detail was forgotten from that day with his first true love. Her pussy was unshaven but the hair of an 18-year-old is by no means unkempt.

Her vagina was proudly on display and she had just toweled off after a shower. This was what he came to love for the rest of his life, a chance to devour a clean washed pussy with small droplets of water and the vague clean scent of ivory soap when his nose pressed into her hairy pubic mound.

He scooped with his right hand and squeezed her pussy shut with his left and managed to gather up almost all of the clear fluid from her pussy. He then shut his hand and opened it as if trying to spread it evenly around his palm. The fluid was clear but several strings appeared between his fingers and palm each time he opened his hand like he was playing with thinned down Karo syrup.

There was too much and some started to drip out of his grasp. He moved his hand directly over the naughty babe in this exciting amateur anal sex tape loves to have and spread the lips back open to catch the falling droplet. He scooted up on his knees and bent his head back down to her pussy. The inside of her pussy was already secreting another batch of lubricant and he plunged in tongue first as his hand wrapped around his solid column of dick.

Her moisture was unbelievable. The slick feeling on his cock was smooth and nearly frictionless. The only feeling came from squeezing as he stroked. There was no give in his dick, the blood did not flow out, it was like stroking a rock phallus.

Even the ridge at the head of his dick was solid and did not give as his fingers slipped by on a thin membrane of pussy juice. They should sell this stuff he thought as he probed deep into her now gyrating cunt. His mouth was watering making her pussy a giant sloppy wet mess that began dripping down her ass on to the sheets.

His placed his hand beside her ass on the bed for support and it was his mouth that spread her open and explored all the folds of her vagina.

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His tongue poked and flicked at her clitoris. He then stroked it up and down coaxing the tiny pink bud out of its hood. He licked around it like it was her nipple taking extra time to rub it with the smooth back of his tongue rather than using the top and scraping it with his taste buds. To his delight she started fucking up toward his face thrusting her pussy at him. He moved down and sucked her outer lip into his mouth.

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He sucked and pulled back stretching the skin almost two inches. He grabbed her other lip with his mouth and sucked that lip even harder. When he let go as her lipped moved back to its normal shape he could see it engorge with blood. Each time he sucked it and squeezed it the blood came rushing back in.

Her pussy lips were noticeably larger and puffy. They were turning a deeper shade of pink and the lubricating liquid was almost flowing out and making her ass and his chin all slick and wet. He traced a path down her slit from her pubic hair to her perineum. He moved his tongue, again the back of it, in small circles and worked his way back up into her pussy.

He shoved it up inside her where he wanted to place his cock and dove in past her inner lips. The flavor inside her vagina with his nose planted firmly just below her clit at the opening of her soaked labia was more intense and tasted like the tangy sensation he had earlier only five notches more intense. His mouth now watered, like he was sucking on sour patch kids, and he made every effort to fuck her with his tongue as she now grabbed her ankles and lifted her pussy up, again and again, to get him as deep in her as she could.

The slickness on his dick was starting to turn a foamy white with all the stroking and he now felt the occasional drop of pre-cum slicken up the feeling on his head as his fingers slid past the shaft and over the ridge on the head of his prick. He pulled his mouth out and took another look at her slick swollen vagina. She looked different now, like the species of monkey with a giant red pussy that hangs out there in the open when it is time they get screwed.

He let go of his dick and stood up. Her face was still under the pillow, just like she had said, he could do whatever he wanted without worrying about what she thought because she wouldn't even see. He now stood up and bent down to place his hands on either side of the pillow. She was still thrusting her pussy up in the air, almost beautiful teenies get insane at the casting hardcore blowjob begging for him to touch it.

He moved his cock closer to her pussy and was finally able to make it touch her slick lips as she pushed them up. She felt it and stopped dropping. The touch had made him jerk a little, his dick was dying for some of the action and the first touch on her pussy sent electric shivers through him.

Her pussy was now up in the air almost even with her knees and he could now see her firm breasts and the brown puffed up nipples. They slid up her body from the angle instead of down since gravity pulls them always to the lower point.

The look of her breasts with hard nipples falling up toward the pillow covering her head was more than he could take. It was the straw that broke the camels back. He had to fuck her wet hole and watch her titties bounce. He worked his dick back to her pussy and once the head was in her he crammed it all in and forced her hips to the bed. There was a load moan from under the pillow and his meat stuffing her hole must have been as good as the feeling of her hot insides clamping down on his rod.

The dick is normally hanging out of the body and is a good mom sleep naked real voyeur to ten degrees lower than the internal body temperature. The feeling of plunging into the 99 degree pink furnace made all his focus go to his cock. He no longer saw her sexy tits bouncing as he thrust in and out.

He no longer heard her moaning in the throws of an impending orgasm. He only felt the hot tight muscles inside her pussy grinding him ever closer to blasting his hot thick cum inside the walls of her vagina. As his dick got used to the heat, just like a person adjusts over time to the high temperature of a spa, his other senses started coming back to him.

He began first to feel his balls slapping on her wet sticky ass with each thrust. Then he felt her legs now sticking out like a giant-V as he pumped away on her. Finally he heard her gearing up for what promised to be a very noisy orgasm. With one hand he pulled the pillow off her head and her face was off to naughty brunette teen stepsis demi lopez banged by big cock side trying to get a small bit of air from under the edge of the pillow.

Her cheeks were red and small amounts of perspiration shined on her face as she breathed hard and more deeply now giant gulps of oxygen. Each exhale was a full moan and she was now at the peak of her orgasm. The pained look on her face pushed him over the edge. She exhaled and moaned like she was trying to push a car uphill. Her nose was crinkled up and her mouth gaped open as the sister and her husband sex turned to a reverberation of sound that rippled throughout her body all the way down to her pussy.

The pulsating effect was like a vibrator that had only a few seconds to run, but glorious seconds they were. Every muscle in her body was tight and burning up energy faster than her blood could make it available to all the cells.

Her legs began to shake violently just has he slammed his balls down on her ass burying his dick deep inside and holding it there. There was still all kinds of movement but he was no longer creating it. She was exhaling her final moans and her muscles shook as her legs held up in the air burned every last ounce of energy. Deep inside her vagina already thinly populated with all of his pre-cum now got its first injection of semen.

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His head was jammed back inside right up against her cervix and had his dick been out in the open it would have shot that first thick spurt of creamy white cum nearly 10 feet horizontally before it hit the ground.

Instead it splattered and gushed all over her insides. The shot, aimed directly at her cervix, splashed and, as more fluid kept coming behind it, spread out and washed back around the head of his dick. The cushion of semen building around his dick made her pussy feel hot.

His dick had been in and out so many times; each time the cool air chilling his dick just a little. Now the feeling she had was of a hot juicy fullness. He held his cock in her buried to the hilt and her quivering and shaking added the last little bit of sensation required for him to finish pumping the sperm deep inside. Shot after shot almost ten altogether released more semen inside her pussy. As he pulled out of her it took a few seconds for her pussy to close tightly since he had been inside.

As the hole closed up he could see a rush of his cum flowing out from deep inside. The cum seeped out and ran down her ass and onto the pool of saliva and lubrication that was already six inches around.

Just as he had started he ended back up between her legs watching the show, watching every last bit drip out her satisfied and tightening pussy. The blood was now gone from her lips and all that was left to tell that something had happened was the shiny trail of cum hot teen gets a big raging boner her pussy soaking the sheets below her ass, and the beads of perspiration flowing down each of their bodies.

He held her in his arms, carefully avoiding the wet spot until he fell asleep, about 90 seconds later.