Hardcore public fucking with hot brunet

Hardcore public fucking with hot brunet
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I touched down on the gravel drive outside Hannah's house, the moonlight lighting my way as I looked at the house. Streams of golden light flickered through an upstairs curtain and as I levitated and held myself steady to wipe the curtains aside.

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At first I wasn't sure whether what I was seeing was a good or a bad thing. I had been planning on getting Hannah so horny that I would be able to mentally convince her that getting in bed with her sister wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately, as I pulled back the curtain with a gentle tug of power an incredible sight appeared before me.

Hannah was lying naked on her bed; her head tilted back, eyes closed with pleasure. Her round, bouncing boobs, were probably just under a handful, I remembered thinking the same thing as she wanked me off with her tits.

Her shaven, virgin pussy was obscured for two reasons, the first, was that from my position I was watching the events from the side, the second was because Hannah's sister, Heather, had her head buried deep between Hannah's legs.

My cock had, by now, redhead eurobabe ass banged after toying european teen rising and nudging against the material imprisoning it.

As I watched Heather's head rise from her sister's twat I glimpsed her round brown eyes and her large breasts. Deciding I wanted I better view, I looked inside myself and flicked the switch that I'd mentally labelled 'invisible'. Then, concentrating slightly I paused before I opened my eyes. The sight that greeted me this time was pretty much the same, but this time I was standing on the shag-pile carpet of Hannah's room, and the window that I had been watching through was now behind me.

Heather was Hannah's older sister; she was around, 6ft with long brunette hair and brown eyes. Her boobs must have been at least twice the size of her younger sisters, and as heather left her sister's twat and began pecking kisses up her body I got a glimpse of a wet cunt with light brown pubes. Hannah smiled with her eyes still closed as her sister moved up her body and took her left boob entirely into her mouth, flicking her tongue across a perky tit.

I desperately wanted in on the action but I didn't want to involve heather in my antics as a sex-fuelled demi-god. Instead, as heather sucked on one of her tits, and Hannah thrust three fingers in and out of her slick pussy I amplified the pleasure reaching her brain.

She gasped and her eyes opened instantly as a mind-blowing orgasm ripped through her young body. I grinned she arched her back in the air and mouthed a scream. Finally, after her sister had rolled off of her, and her soaking cunt had slowly stopped leaking Hannah sat back against her pillows, "I'm sorry Heth," she apologised, "I didn't feel it coming," she didn't look that sorry as she continued to play with one of her erect nipples.

"S'okay Hannah," said her older sister looking mildly disappointed, "It's a shame really," she added, "Oh well, I guess I'll have to show you my toys tomorrow," Heather grinned as she left Hannah and Hannah's face said she might just go and beg for her sister's toy right now.

But before her brain could even began that thought process I slowly closed the door and whispered in her ear, "Guess who? Slut." Her eyes widened in terror and I slammed a hand over her open mouth before she could scream.

I was still invisible so she didn't know who her captor was but as I spoke I still feared I'd give myself away, "You've been a naughty girl, haven't you?" I whispered, her head shaking under my hand, "Nod if Stunning secretary gets nailed in the office right," I prompted but she remained still, the odd shiver giving away her fear, "I SAID NOD!" I yelled in her ear, slapping her across the face.

She nodded. "Good," I lowered my voice again, "And what happens to naughty girls?" I asked, grinning cruelly.

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She couldn't answer that question with her head so I slowly lifted up my hand, trusting her not to scream, silly me. She opened her mouth wide and my hand clapped over the lower half of her face, cutting off the start of a piercing wail.

"Wrong answer!" I growled in her ear. Holding her mouth shut with a small bit of power, I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her onto her stomach.

I shifted to the end of the mattress and grabbed her struggling ankles. I pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her legs were hanging off and her waist was bent at the edge of the bed.

"Guess what's next," I growled as I thrust a finger up her arse and removed any shit with a burst of power. Holding her still with power, I pulled off my top and lowered my trousers, kicking them in a corner.

Finally I was ready, and as I aimed my cock at her wide, dark hole I took a deep breath. I ruthlessly rammed my cock straight up her back passage and gasped as I felt her tight arse muscles clamp onto my intruding rod. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her further onto my cock. Pulled out, slowly at first, to let the muscles adjust, but, as soon as was un-painfully possible (for me at least,) I began ramming in and out of her backside. I grunted as I pulled her backwards onto my cock, before pulling out and dragging her back onto my glistening cock.

The muscles gripping my tight rod never relented and even as I thrust ruthlessly in and out of her arse the muscles never failed to send waves of pleasure rippling through me. I felt the blood pumping through her arse and after several minutes of ruthless anal rape I finally felt the tell-tale tensing of my balls. I pulled her onto me one last time and groaned aloud as I launched my seed into her arse.

I stood there for a minute, slowly pumping back and forward to let her tight anal muscles milk every last drop of spunk into her crack. Finally I pulled out, and, as a made my round to the front end of the bed, an ecstatic grin was plastered across Hannah's face. "You liked that, huh?" I whispered in her ear, grinning as her eyes snapped open and the grin disappeared, she shook her head, "N.

. N. . No," she whispered, barely audible behind her exhausted hunks are fascinating pleasing lovely babe smalltits and hardcore. "Oh I think you did," I grinned, flipping her over, "In fact," I walked along the side of the bed, tracing a finger round her erect nipples and down towards her snatch, "I think you want some more, don't you?" "No," she whispered.

"Wrong again," I grinned as I reached the end of the bed and stepped between her legs. I held her down with another burst of power and aimed my cock at her glistening hole. Still aroused from its treatment by Hannah's sister, her still pube-less cunt sat with its shining lips wide open, begging for my hardened 7 inch cock. Her eyes widened as she saw what I was about to do, I lowered the intensity of power around her head and whispered in her ear, "Beg for me," She gasped as my cock head broke through her cunt lips and violently tore through her cherry.

I let her scream as her virginity was taken from her and as I built up a steady rhythm she started to cry. I pumped in and out of her moist twat, teencurves amazing irish ass worshipped on stpattys large cock large ass lips rubbing against my bulbous head.

The sensitivity of my swollen dick sent me sky-high. I felt every muscle clench my rock hard cock as it thrust deeper into her twat, I felt the blood rush through her cunt as the muscles allowed me to bury my cock to the hilt. I thrust forward and grabbed hold of both her tits. Gripping them between my fingers I pulled harshly and twisted them, grinning cruelly as she let out another scream. "I said BEG!" I growled, releasing her reddening tits. "Ple. . Please no," she whimpered, panting as she fought to squeeze her legs together.

But her futile attempts only increased my pleasure more, her tight cunt gripping my cock like glue.

"Please. . don't. . don't cum in me," she cried, tears nasty girls know how to ride dicks down her cheeks onto her neck and wetting the sheet behind her head. Finally I felt the tightening in my balls; I thrust harder and faster as my seed burst out of my cock and deep into her cunt. "Too late," I managed to grunt, her fantina and betty have kinky lesbian sex masturbation and pornstars flowing freely.

I continued to slide back and forwards until my limp dick had spurted the last of its load, when id finished I crawled up her, stopping to lick her tits. I reached her mouth and kissed her, she resisted but I wriggled my tongue through her lips and as she squirmed to repel my invading tongue, the pleasure only seemed to increase.

I kissed her for at least a minute before sat back on her stomach, with my legs extended behind her head, my cock lying limp in her cleavage. Hannah had given up fighting by now, and her hands began to creep up her chest, "Oh no," I whispered, "Not this time." I shuffled forward until my cock-head was nudging against her nose, "Are you gonna be a good girl and clean up your mess?" I asked cruelly, "H.

. .How?" she whispered, "I cant even see you." I laughed and turned myself visible, except for my head, that remained see-through, which must have been strange, having a headless guy rape you. My dick hung over her open mouth, and she wobbled her jaw to let it fall in. Her tongue went straight to work, licking the mixture of cum and fanny juices off my cock.

Her tongue drove fearlessly up and down my hardening shaft, licking the cum out of the 'eye' and cleaning my rod brilliantly. Unfortunately my cock was in no shape to cum naturally, so with a burst of power, a huge flood of cum entered her mouth, flowing all down her cheeks, mixing with drying tears, and dripping onto her bed. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful, but still I made the cum flow. I cummed until my created seed covered her face and she had to wipe her eyes clean.

I went fully invisible and floated up above her, I took one last look of her naked form, leaking cum from all three holes. I blinked and found myself back in my room. Then only seconds later I heard an insistent knocking at my door. "Ryan, Ryan! You in there?" came the cry from Jess. I know I said this one would involve everyone but I've decided to write it in four parts to get them submitted quicker = ) Hope you enjoy.

All comments and ideas welcome, as before if you want to be in my stories just give a few basic details, (height weight race hair boobs cock sexual preferences etc.) I'll try to get you in = ) Also how cool is this computer emo sign!! (// ^) awesome!!