Sweet hot marvelous gorgeous teen homemade and hardcore

Sweet hot marvelous gorgeous teen homemade and hardcore
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Although all mention of other people?s existences never come up understand they are there ;) *WARNING* And as a reminder there is no sex yet? I?m sorry, just romance. (well actually a bit more of the drama than romance but whatever) Maybe by chapter 3 This is a short chapter, just leading up to a bigger chapter.

Now moving along don?t vote negatives unless you have good enough reason to do so.

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But if you do please romi rain sex old story sex stories on why you have done so. And without further ado I give you the next chapter of Angie and Sara?s adventure. Angie and Sara - Ch 2 The 2nd Kiss Sara and Angie were preparing for their day away at the beach with towels and a lunch. They didn?t expect to be getting back to their hotel until late.

They had both agreed on spending the whole day there at the beach. The coast was nice looking as Sara drive into the lot.

She still had a lot running through her mind but she thought she was prepared for anything that would pop up. After pulling into and easy spot, they grabbed all their stuff and made their way down to the beach. They found that there was a field of grass aside from the actual beach, with water and sand. And of course they saw steps that led to the beach itself, but they opted to the field given the opportunity to not get there stuff too sandy.

After settling in Angie ran off, Sara wasn't surprised by this; used to her strange disappearances and appearances.

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A few minutes passed and a couple guys walked by they waved at Sara, and she waved back. She watched as they worked there way over to the other side of the beach. Broken by the sound of Angie talking about how bad the line was plopped herself down on the towels. She was back with a couple of corndogs and a cup full of mustard. "Here you go" Angie said smiling.

"Thanks, I appreciate it.

Sara happily obliged, and dipped her corndog into the mustard and enjoyed. "Well what was the point of bringing lunch anyway?" Sara said chuckling. "Eh? beats me, guess we can have it later." Angie said licking some spilt mustard on her fingers. A few more minutes passed and Sara found herself watching her friend, she never realized how beautiful her friend really looked. She was pretty thin but that seemed to come naturally because of her lack of composure.

But on this bodily frame she came blessed with an awesome set of tits accompanied by a tight ass. Sara found that Angie?s tits didn't really sag, but she knew full well that they weren?t tiny either.

Strangely it seemed bloned teacher summer brielle classroom now that Sara was recognizing all of this? It didn?t take long for Angie to catch Sara peeking at her funny. "ha-ha enjoying the view?" "Yes, actually, I am." Sara replied.

Angie was taken aback by this, but then Sara added, "the water here is really serene." Angie, chuckled, a little she didn?t see that one coming. Sara on the other hand was glad she could get a little pressure off her through saying small legitimate lies like this.

Sara got up corndog in hand and said "Why don?t we walk?" "Sure I?d like that." Angie said. They took their time along the coastline finishing their corndogs as well as appreciating the cool water.

The sun was a little lower now but it was still high enough to give its warmth. Sara walked closer to the waters edge, feeling its smooth refreshing current running around her angles. Sara closed dirty spinner shaved pussy bang by a big cock eyes; glad to bask in this moment of bliss. Suddenly a strange warm feeling added to that bliss. It was a soft touch like a butterfly?s wing, save it was on her lips. Sara eyes fluttered open and say it was Angie?s lips upon hers.

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She saw how deeply into this Angie was eyes closed and all. Sara broke the kiss along with its passion.

"What the hell Angie!!?" Sara said Alarmed Angie?s first reaction was "I-I-I?m sorry," jumping at the sound of Sara yelling. "Well shit Angie?" Sara said panic in her voice, "people are watching?" "Why would the care? and why do you care?" Angie said ever so quietly. "I care because? because it?s my reputation on the line?" Sara said walking quickly away from Angie. Back at the field again, Sara threw her corndog stick at a trash can and missed, not really caring about it kept walking.

Angie picked it up and looked at her and Sara?s, and for some reason decided to keep them. Then she ran to catch up with her angry friend. Sara had grabbed her bag and was shaking her towel of any wind blown sand. She started on her way again and then saw Angie was trying to follow. "F**king A Angie don?t follow me!" Sara shouted at her, as she did this she found that deep down she knew what she was doing was not what she wanted but fear had grabbed her by the throat and had struck confusion into her gangbang 5 men blue hair girl, locking her heart of what she truly wanted.

"I-I," ~sniff~ "I?m sorry!" Angie broke down crying. Lips quivering "please don?t leave me?" Angie begged on her knees, corndog stick between her folded hands. With each breath she took her body convulsed, it was both beautiful and saddening. Sara forced her self to rip her eyes away. "Look Angie, I love you, as a friend and always as someone I can look too, but, please give some space for just right now." Sara said with most sincere voice she could emotionally conjure up. "Here?s my cell phone," she said tossing it on the grass.

"411 a cab or something? and um? Angie I?m sorry too? maybe in time I?ll see you differently." With this Sara readjusted her towel in her arm and made her way to the car parking lot. It was getting late and Angie was still crying lieing on her towel. She felt she had lost hope. "Um Angie?" A voice cam from somewhere. Angie gasped and said "Who?s there?

Please don?t hurt me!" Angie squeaked. CH3 is on it's way catch a sneak peek. "no-no-no, i won't hurt you, i promise," the voice said, it was soft, not a deep tone, it seemed stuck at a sort of gay sound.

"My names Phillip, i just wish to help you." "Can i see you?" Angie said standing up now.