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Just so you people know I do NOT own Naruto, I wish I did. RnR "Normal speak" 'Thoughts' Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 And on to the story. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 3 Hinata woke up it was morning.

She stretched her arm out for Naruto but he wasn't there, then she remembered what he said. Naruto had already left for his mission. At this moment all Hinata could think of was what happened last night, she just couldn't believe what had happened, Naruto the one she loves had made love to her, that wasn't the only thing she couldn't believe but she also couldn't believe how good the sex was. God she wished he were here so he could take her again.

She was brought back from her thoughts by some small barks that's when she remembered Yuki. She got up and got dress then she went and feed Yuki. After Yuki finished she quickly left the apartment with Yuki, she needed to get back home and see how Naruto took care of that problem. When Hinata arrived at her home she tied Yuki to a post outside and entered, she went into the kitchen so she could get something to eat but when she got their Neji was already their.

Hinata got tense not knowing what to expect. "Hinata are you ok. . Last night when you came home you looked a little bit upset" "I. . I. . ." Hinata had no idea what he was talking about she never came home. What Hinata didn't know was that Naruto had made a clone of his transform in to her and he made it go to her house and went straight to her room and made people think that it was her. "Ahhhh I know what's wrong, you're upset because Naruto wasn't in your birthday party last night" "Ah right.

that's were I just came from" Hinata continued to move as she severed her self some cereal, but Neji continued to look at her, she turned around to look at him only to see him looking at her expecting her to say something.

"Well?" "Well what?" "What did he ebony webcam 5 (by king d amateurcammers com tube porn. .

he forgot your birthday and he probably didn't get you a gift, right?" "No. . he said that he has been having a lot in his mind lately so he lost track of what day it was he also had a mission today; he already left that's why I went to his apartment early, and he did get me a gift and it was the best one" she said as she thought about the sex they had. "Then where is it?" "Outside" she obviously couldn't tell him about the sex. They both went outside as they looked upon the puppy.

After a while Neji left to go meet up with his team. Hinata went about her day like any other day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7 weeks later Hinata was walking through the street with Yuki by her side, she wanted to get home and rest, in the last couple of days she had been feeling different. As she walked she saw her friends in a restaurant and decided to join them. "Hey Hinata" said Tenten when she saw her.

"Hey guys" said Hinata to the girls as she joined they. "Where's Yuki?" asked Ino. "She stayed outside" Said Hinata "Awwwwe I wanted to pet her" said Ino "I still can't believe Naruto got you such a good present" said Sakura.

"Well at least you know why he didn't go to your party" said Tenten. "What was in his mind?

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Did he tell you?" asked Ino. Hinata only nodded. "Well what did he say?" said sacra. "I can't tell you its personal" said Hinata. "Awww your no fun" said Ino.

Hinata being the shy girls that she was never told her friends that she and Naruto were now together. "Hey I heard shikamaru say that the guys were going to get together lets go see what their up to and bother them" said Ino.

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"Yeah" said Tenten. "I don't know I feel kind of tired" said Hinata. "Oh come on" said Sakura as they all got up and left as Tenten dragged Hinata along with them.

The girls were walking kind of slow because Hinata was kind of slowing them down. "Come on Hinata" said Ino. "I already told you I feel tired" said Hinata before she fell on her knees, but was caught by Tenten before she hit the ground. "Hinata. are you ok" said Tenten.

"What happened?" asked Sakura. "I don't know I think she just fainted" said Tenten. "Great this is your fault Ino you made her come, she said she was tired" said Sakura.

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"What I'm not the one who grabbed her and literally dragged her. right Tenten" said Ino blaming Tenten. "What should we do?" asked Tenten ignoring Ino's comment. "Ok here's what were going to do, Sakura and I will go find the guys, you. . Help Hinata, bye" said Ino as she ran of with Sakura. "Hey!! Wait.

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. You jerks, you could at least help me" said Tenten. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Do you think we should have left them" asked Sakura.

"Of course knowing Hinata she probably just fainted, she'll come about, beside don't you want to go spy on the guys" said Ino. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Dammit I wanted to go and spy on the guys.

." "Those jerks. . amorous and explicit some momsandteens and threesome.. What should I do?" said Tenten, she looked around and saw the hospital close by so she thought maybe she could just leave her their and go find Ino and Sakura and stick it to them for leaving her behind. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hinata was lying in a hospital bed.

"What happened to her" asked a nurse to Tenten. "Oh she just fainted, it happens a lot, although it really hasn't happened of lately" said Tenten. "Ok I'll check her up" said the nurse. "Ok umm I'll be back in half an hour, I have to go meet some other friends of mine" said Tenten. "Ok" said the nurse as Tenten left to find the others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 20 minutes later Hinata was starting to wake up; she looked around the room and saw she was in the hospital.

"Uhhh what happened" then she remembered, she had fainted, but where were her friends. "Those jerks they just left me in the hospital and left, I expected that from Ino and Sakura but not from Tenten. . I knew I should have gone home to rest" said Hinata, just then the nurse came in. "Oh I see you're awake" said the nurse.

"Uh yeah um can I leave?" said Hinata. "Uhh sure but your friend said she come back for you in thirty minutes it only been about twenty-four" said the nurse. "I guess I could rest till she comes back" said Hinata, she really didn't need to be told who had brought her, Tenten, she was like a big sister to her, she would always stick up for her, she would back her up, when the other made fun of her about her shyness and stuttering.

The nurse turned around to leave, "oh I almost forgot I haven't told you the news" she said. "What news?" asked Hinata? "Well I did a check up and well miss. ." "Hyuga" said Hinata. "Miss Hyuga congratulations. You're pregnant, your about a week away from being two months" said the nurse. "I'm. . pregnant" said Hinata. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hey continue to review each chapter I know you'll love the ones to come. REVIEW Anyone can review