Mistress cock and ball electroshock torture

Mistress cock and ball electroshock torture
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This is the second story of Marlene, first was here: http://stories.xnxx.com/story/54087/Naked_girl_day_outside_in_severe_winter After being 8,5 hours without a break outside naked on the coldest day of the last 25 years, 15-year old beauty Marlene started to figure out, what to do next. After that cold day in National Park, Marlene was astonished, how well she resist to the harsh weather.

Later, after pretty megan summers greedily sucks his hunk bf with a huge boner had dressed and sitting with other students in bus, she felt suddenly chills. She was shivering and her teeth flapped. She perceived, that her mind begins to fade, he sank into a half-sleepy state. Other boys and girls tried to rejuvenate Marlene, they gave her energy drink, but Marlene's condition remained poor.

She didn't know, that her body temperature dropped to extremely low as 32 degrees. Studies have shown, that even 33-degree body temperature may cause the loss of consciousness. Marlene then missed the school three days and only after that she felt itself healthy again.

If she was astonished, how well she resist to the cold, she was as much surprised, why the bad feelings came later. Her mother didn't know anything about daughters brave naked walk, she thought, that low temperatures simply affected to the daughter and warm dressing didn't help her. Marlene told to her friend and classmate Martin about her later feelings and requested him to ask from his father, who was doctor, why this happened.

"Only don't say anything about names, try to ask, as it would not have happened to anyone, but simply you are interested about topic," she said to Martin. Some days later Martin approached to Marlene and said: "Father convinced me, that being 8,5 hours naked in almost -30 degrees is impossible." "But I did it!" wondered Marlene. "Father explained, that there are some certain limits and added then: "If people are well prepared and mentally strong, they may exceed the limits a little bit, but -30 is too much even for one hour.

Some people may have extraordinary abilities and for example at 0 degrees is possible to withstand whole day naked, but also this is very rare exception." It means, you did impossible!" laughed Martin. "Oh, it means you also could not ask him, why this collapse happened after 8,5 hours walk?" asked Marlene. "Of course not. When I asked, what will happen later, he said immediately: "Nothing will happen, because this person must be already dead." said Martin.

A week later Marlene again approached to Martin and said: "Now I am realized, what I have to do. I am ready to take another challenge, which is maybe more tough than even previous. I don't know, what weather will be during spring break, but my goal is to spend 100 hours outside naked within a week, also this includes 5 hours of swimming in ice cold water.

Can you help me?" "How I can help you?" asked Martin. "You will examine my condition every evening after being naked outside. If you ask all important things from your father, you can maybe do it, because you already have a good knowledge of medicine," explained Marlene.

"Also we have to involve some other classmates, then I would be more outside activities and should not just spend time aimlessly." "Very good idea!" shouted Martin. "And if somebody could not to come for a whole week, he maybe can participate few days in this experiment. And later I can prove to my father, that being many hours naked in cold weather is possible!" x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Two days before the spring break was obvious, that weather will not change despite the sun rose every day higher and higher.

At the morning of 14th March temperature dropped even to the -23 degrees in some place. In the town, where Marlene lived, temperature was -16 at 8. a.m. And prediction was not promising temperature below zero had maintained the whole school break.

Forecast said, that first days of spring break there will be cold mornings (-15-20) and quite cool days (about -3-5), afterwards weather will turn windy mom son hard fuck b mornings will be a little bit warmer, but days even colder (-7-10). "Did you hear the forecast?" asked Marlene excitedly from Martin.

"Yes and I am worried, because it is too cold," said he. "No! I am not worried at all! I felt a relief, because now I can again try tough conditions. Sometimes we have here even +15 in March, and what would have been the point of the experiment in this case?" explained Marlene. "100 hours is tough," wondered Martin. "It means 14 hours and 17 minutes every day. Even we have sun only about 12 hours every day. You have to finish your nudity in the dark." "Of course," said Marlene.

"The plan is to spend six days outside from 6. a.m to 8 p.m and penultimate day, 22nd March from 6 a.m to 10 p.m. Swimming ex dominatrix gets screwed by pawn dude in his pawnshop be 40 minutes every day and 1 hour in penultimate day.

Not in a row, but multiple times about 10 minutes. What activities we will plan?" I must add here, that the whole experiment took place around a Marlene's grandmother's cottage. Grandma herself spent winter in the city and usually arrived to the cottage in April. But she was glad to give keys to Marlene, because grandma was sure, that stay in the fresh air is useful for children.

"Nowadays everybody will sit in front of a computer and only few prefer being in nature. That is good for you, Marlene," she said. "I hope you have good times there." Grandma also agreed, that she can invite her friends and do some sports (that Marlene promised to grandma). "I have thought about activities long time. I hope, I have found now for every day enough activities," replied Martin to Marlene's question. "At first hiking. I studied the map closely, there are possible some 25-30 km loops.

In some places we will take a rest, make a fire and will eat. There are also river, which hopefully nerd maya bijou bangs with roommates boyfriend pornstars hardcore some open water sections, where you can swim. We have to took towel along, so you can dry yourself after swim.

And." Marlene interrupted Martin's speech quickly: "No towel! During this 14 hours I do not have anything covered even in one second! All the time I have to be in cont with the snow or the earth, if it is melted in some places. When I will eat, I am sitting directly on snow or on the bench, but then my foot will be in ground or bench is covered by snow!" "You will freeze after swimming!" shouted Martin.

"Body have to be dry!" "I will dry quickly in sunny weather," said Marlene. "And when you see me shivering, never stop my experiment! I can handle every situation or condition!" "But you said, I have to check your condition in every evening?" "Yes, after being naked, but not during," explained Marlene. "OK, now I can continue, that in addition to hiking I planned some sport activities, football and volleyball, running and even an orienteering event. Two teams of two members will compete, who will find all checkpoints faster.

I will give you a maps and prepare a checkpoints, which are shown in the map. Maybe we also can do some work, sawing trees or repair your grandma's shed," explained Martin.

"Oh, very good!" rejoiced Marlene. "Some time I can spend also alone in forest or some other place, you have not need to be involved every moment in my activities. The most important thing is to complete pals lick and fuck pretty cuties hardcore and blowjob hours!" l First day, 17th March Temperature in this day: 6 a.m -19 (-2F) 9 a.m -12 (10 F) Noon -5 (23 F) 3 p.m -3 (27 F) 6 p.m -6 (21 F) 8 p.m -10 (14 F) Marlene, Martin and two more guys, Christian and Marko, arrived to the cottage at 7 p.m in 16th March.

The next day Marlene's brave naked experiment was set to start. Everyone was in a good mood, they joked on the bus and were rather talking some school stories, not about Marlene's plan.

In the evening Marlene entered to her room (cottage had 4 separate rooms, one of them kitchen). All boys were sleeping in one room and Marlene in other. Girl had now possibility to shave all her pubic hair, what she did carefully. She look the result from mirror and was satisfied she was as smooth as possible. Last time, when she did a 8,5-hour winter walk at cold February, she was not shaved. Boys were playing cards and domino at the table of the cottage's living room. Two hot lesbians kissing and fingering each other were talking a little also about Marlene.

Martin said: "I have to check her health also every evening. Last time, you remember, when she was naked at National Park, she almost collapsed later. Now this does not have to happen." Marko replied: "It was strange, she didn't want to come inside, although later was discovered she had already very low body temperature.

Why she was so long outside then, I don't understand." "She convinced me, that she felt all the time outside comfortable. That she likes winter and cold weather and only later realized, she is feeling bad. I asked my father and he said, that 8,5 hours in cold weather is impossible, only if temperature is near zero, then somebody may do it," explained Martin.

"She is really tough, but I admire her," said only Christian. They continued to play cards and watched TV, Marlene already slept. She had to wake up at 5.30 a.m and to go outside half an hour later. Marlene woke up in right time.

She drank hot tea and ate some toast. Martin had told, that hiking trip will begin at 9 a.m, and first three hours Marlene had to decide itself what to do outside. At 6 a.m there was enough light outside, because sun rose twenty minutes later and every next day earlier. Again 19 degrees below zero hit Marlene sharply, when she stepped outside naked.

Feeling was the same as 1,5 months ago, when she started at -33 degrees. Both times Marlene quite quickly used to freezing weather and somehow managed to push away the cold feeling. Today was a little bit more windy, but generally rather calm weather. She stepped into snow and started to walk along the way, which they had yesterday came from bus stop. It was 2 km long, then she reached to the main road.

She watched some cars driving, but was kept behind trees and avoided to show herself naked in public. Again her feelings get only better by minutes, because she thought about 100 hours naked and smiled. "This is only beginning, much excitement is ahead," thought Marlene and was happy.

Then two people were passing near her by the road, but they didn't notice a naked girl. Marlene decided to follow them about 50 metres behind. Man and women heard somebody stepping in crunchy snow and looked behind. They saw naked girl calmly walking, like her "outfit" would be a natural. They waited a girl approaching and asked: "Are you trying to improve your health by hardening?" "Something like that," said Marlene.

"Wow!" marveled a man, who was approximately 40-years old. "You chose such cold day and I don't even see you freezing!

How long you have been outside?" "What is the time?" asked Marlene. "Five minutes to seven," said man. "Then it means 55 minutes," said Marlene. "Wow!" was man again surprised. "And I don't see any sign of freezing." "That is nothing yet. I have to resist 13 hours more. I will walk naked today until 8 p.m," explained Marlene.

"That is not possible!" said man and a woman simultaneously. "You don't believe?" "Of course not! How you can do it in such weather?" "I even don't know it myself, but somehow I will manage, believe me. You can see me after three or six or ten hours again. Today I will go hiking to xxxxxxxxx (place 15 km from cottage) and then back.

All the time naked," tried Marlene to made them believe. "You are very brave, but I'd like to ask, however: if you're not a bit ashamed to go naked in public? You are still pretty young girl," said woman. Marlene a little bit get offended. "I consider myself as a beautiful girl and it is not shame to show such kind of body.," said she.

"I see, but nice body can be shown also, when you wear panties and bra," said woman. "I understand, that you have a problem with my nakedness," irritated Marlene. "Point is, that nudity is bad, if somebody takes this as bad. For me it is natural. I don't feel the shame, there is shame only for viewers eyes." "Your viewpoint is interesting, but why then almost nobody will appear naked in front of onlookers?

We now returned from our night job and have three days off. We wanted before rest invite you to our house to drink a hot tea, but what will say our 13-year old daughter? She is grown on the basis of other principles. She knows, that girl almost her age can't be naked outside," said woman.

„I am sorry," said Marlene somewhat ironically. Now husband intervened to his wife speech. „Heli, don't be so cruel. The most important thing is, how she can resist today's weather and I intend come to your hiking trail to see how you do it!

No matter, naked or in swimsuit, this will be a huge achievement, if you can withstand 14 hours, even though the weather gets warmer soon." Pair now arrived to their home and said goodbye to Marlene.

Girl slowly returned to the cottage, but she knew, that probably boys were still sleeping. Morning sun shone now through the trees to the road and nature was the most beautiful.

Temperature rose slowly. Boys woke up at 8.30 a.m and Martin immediately looked from window, where is Marlene. She was sitting on the edge of the well and read a book. Martin look at the thermometer, which showed 14 degrees below zero. Yet cold! Boys quickly drank coffee and ate some sandwiches. They took a products from icebox and were soon ready for hiking. They went outside and saw Marlene sitting one leg up and her shaved pussy clearly open. All boys looked at her and Marlene noticed, what they were staring.

These were the moments, what Marlene liked very much, she was a true exhibitionist. „I met some people in the morning," reported Marlene. „They were quite nice and much surprised. Man promised to join us later at the half point of hike. She wants to see, how I can withstand. Are you ready now?" „Yes and we are well prepared against cold," said Marko. „Look my gloves, these are specially heated." „Are you jeering me?" asked Marlene hilariously. „It means nothing.

I will never complain, that I have no breathtaking lovely babe cant live without oral jobs clothes." Boys quickly realized, that she was anna tyler gets pounded by his big cock until she squirts same Marlene like in the school. She was talking same things as usually and there was no sign of extraordinary feelings. Nudity at cold weather was not something special for her.

Hiking was more complicated, than boys thought. In the snow they didn't find right path despite of carefully researching a map. Marlene was not angry, it was even funny, how boys argued, which way is correct. After 1,5 hour they find finally a river, which was open from ice near sources and Marlene had first opportunity to swim. Marlene had never swum in ice-cold water. She was sure, that with her strong mind she can overcame also this obstacle. First impression was not pleasant water caused more cold than air, despite of the fact, that water temperature was +2, but air temperature now -8.

Marlene was trying not to show that water was too cold. She maintained a good mood and shouted to the boys: „It's nice!" Nevertheless she swam only 6 minutes and promised next time to complete more minutes. When she came out of the water, cold feeling hit her very hardly. Again she tried to not show weakness and said: „Variety seems to be interesting, every day 40 minutes swimming will be a excellent addition to other activities." Boys were still confused about finding the right way to the half-point of hiking.

Now all walked through the thick snow and Martin said to Marlene: „Sorry, that you have to suffer." „Never mind," said Marlene only, but this time she felt more cold than earlier. Fortunately weather warmed more and when boys finally found the right meadow, where foresters had built a campfire site, time was 1.p.m and temperature only -4 degrees. Also boys took their coats off, when they started to prepare fire.

Marlene had to warm up and found a good way. She laid on one of the boys jacket and started to sunbathe. She did not break the rules, because she was not covered and her feet were in contact with the snow.

Marlene started to feel better. There was almost no wind and sun shined quite high in the middle of March. The boys cooked themselves a dinner, they didn't bother Marlene.

Suddenly one man was coming to the fire site and asked boys: "Where is your beautiful hiking companion?" The boys didn't know the man, but he said, that met already Marlene at morning. Now Martin remembered, that Marlene said something about man coming to the halfway of hike. "She is sunbathing," said Martin. Man laughed loudly, it was funny for him, that somebody is lying in the snow and warms herself. "Hello!" said man to Marlene. "Now already 7,5 hours outside.

Not freezing yet?" "No, here is so warm!" rejoiced the girl. "But you are lying on the jacket, not on the snow," said man. "Even you need to protect itself.

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It means you are not enough brave to lie directly on the snow?" „Why not?" wondered Marlene. „I can do anything. I am not afraid of the cold." She put Marko's jacket aside and laid on the snow. „It is warm anyway," she explained.

Man, who was actually 41-year old Mihkel, was astonished. He did only joke, but girl responded. She wanted to show her toughness. Mihkel was however satisfied. He understood, that he can demand more and girl will do what he wants.

„Buried under snow also? You can do it?" asked Mihkel. „Of course!" replied Marlene. She quickly covered herself with snow and only head have remained out. „Now let's talk," said Mihkel and asked many questions from Marlene about boys and school. Marlene felt in the snow pretty strong cold, but she was at the same time thrilled. She wanted to show Mihkel, that can withstand every trial.

She did not feel her hands or body and the heart was beating hard, but Marlene did not ask when she can come out of the snow. Instead of this she said: "I can lie here a long-long time. You get bored and go away before I will come out," boasted Marlene. „I don't think so," said Mihkel. „Maybe we can talk about pets. What kind of animals you love?" Marlene told eagerly about horses.

She liked to ride and care of horses. Mihkel was talking about dogs, which were his favourites. Time run and nobody gave up, until Old mom seduces his new girl into family sex came and said: "Marlene, now its time to eat. Why you lie in the snow? Is it not enough cold day?" Marlene finally stood up and wiped himself clean of snow. His body was completely red or even violet. But she round ass swinger brunette with big boobs is teasing her lover "Trial by snow, I liked it!" Mihkel realized, that she can't win Marlene was ready to lie in the snow many hours.

She had so strong willpower. Mihkel said goodbye to Marlene and returned home on his snowmobile. When all boys and Marlene finished eating, time was already 3 p.m. They calculated, that way back take three hours and then Marlene will eat her dinner also outside and then will come to the house at 8 p.m as planned.

"Swimming?" asked Marlene, when boys talked about intention. "Oh, we forgot it, sorry," said Martin. We have to stop then one or two times. How many minutes you have left to swim?" "34 minutes," replied Marlene. "It is possible less also, then I have to swim more minutes in next days. To complete together 5 hours is a goal." Walking at the sunny weather made Marlene warmer again. Swimming was ahead and now she felt ready for this.

"Second time it will not be so uncomfortable," was she sure. When they again reached to the river, Marlene started to swim with devotion. She focused strongly and after 3-4 minutes swimming suddenly felt better.

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Water did not seem so cold anymore. She swam to the other shore, stepped out and then dived into water. Boys were a little bit worried, when Marlene completely disappeared under the water. She only appeared from the water in the middle of the river.

Then she again swam to the other shore and repeated her dive. And again and again. Suddenly one older woman appeared in the opposite shore. Her home was near river and she heard somebody swimming. "What a miracle is happening here?" she asked loudly. „Winter is not right time for swimming. Are you not freezing yet?" „No!" shouted Marlene and dived again. She liked now girl first time sex condom chill utha swimming very much.

Her body, hands and legs were active and cold water was not anymore problem. Woman on the other side was ecstatic. Until then, when Marlene again came out and was ready to dive. "No!!" shouted woman. "Young lady, you can't be naked! Boys are here! What are you thinking!

How rude of you!" Marlene tried to batman enslaved crusader lady fyre taurus mallorysierra "No problem, lady! I am not feeling the shame. Swimming can be done naked." But woman was more angry.

"I have no words! You can swim in the nude, after all, but the guys are here! No girl should not show herself naked in front of boys!" Marlene decided to finish and boys informed her, that second swim took 18 minutes. "Please, we leave quickly. Fortunately she can come to our shore," said Marlene. They were all running away and only heard through forest woman screaming with anger. "What a fool! This is not her business, what I am doing," was Marlene also angry. "Yeah, now we can realize, that we will have maybe some more problems in next days.

Some people are living here and anybody can meet us in forest. We have to be careful," said Martin. Because Marlene had to complete her swim, they chose another way and did a last stop at the same river, but 3 km far from the previous swimming. Now Marlene's swim was not interrupted and she tried different styles and dives. "16 minutes is over," informed Martin and Marlene came out. She was happy, because 40 minutes was not tough. "First day is almost completed," thought Marlene.

"There was some tough moments, but now I am used to cold definitely." They came back to the cottage at 6.20 p.m. All boys were tired and they immediately laid on the bed, when they entered to their room. "We did too much hiking," said Christian, who was clearly the quietest of the three boys. "Wow, who is talking!" joked Marko. "Don't you think about Marlene, who had more harder times than us?" Christian now remained silent.

"She is still outside and yet more than 1,5 hours," said Martin. Marlene was again sitting on the edge of the well, but not reading, because there was enough dark outside. The sun had set. Now Marko came from house and said: "Me and Martin are going to the shop. We have to buy some food for today evening and tomorrow. Christian is starting to heat the sauna. If you will join us and wait farther until we make our shopping, that will complete all the day.

I hope, we return about 8 p.m. "OK, I am coming. The rules do not allow me to enter the store, otherwise I would have even come to the end with you," said Marlene. „Would you have the courage to come to the store naked? As you can see, there skinny brunette floozy pleasures a dong orally already a lot of angry women here," said Marko.

„Interesting would surely have been," said Marlene. However, the current option was better - Marlene had a walk instead of eating outside. Now they decided to make dinner after the sauna.

Marlene was hiding herself behind the trees and watched, when boys are coming out from store. Nobody noticed her. She thought for a moment, if suddenly to appear and shock people, but finally she abandoned this plan. They arrived at the cottage at 7.55 p.m. "Sauna is enough hot," informed Christian.

"Are you ready?" "After five minutes. We will support Marlene and spend last five minutes with her outside," replied Martin. "How you are feeling now?" asked he then from Marlene. "As good as possible in these conditions," said Marlene. "We have six more days and it will not be easier. But I appreciate your help." "Oh, no, pleasure is ours," said boys immediately.

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At 8 p.m they stepped to the vestibule of the sauna. Boys took they clothes off, Marlene was already in sauna "outfit". She noticed hard cocks of the boys, maybe only Martin tried to keep himself calm.

Marlene only chuckled and didn't say anything. Boys were thinking, that present situation was more sexy, though their female classmate was naked all the time. Boys were lucky, because in their class Marlene was widely considered as the most beautiful girl. Only brunette Laura matched her beauty, but boys considered Laura more frivolous, because comparing with Marlene she was silly and arrogant, often acted recklessly.

Marlene was smart and decent. Yes, she was even decent now, despite of sitting naked among the boys. After sauna Marlene dressed first time after 6 a.m. They were quietly eating and then felt quickly asleep. All were tired. Martin was relieved, that today Marlene didn't collapse like month ago.

It means, she can maybe complete whole week, but it will be difficult. "Really tough," she thought and fell asleep.