Horny milf likes playing with a young guy

Horny milf likes playing with a young guy
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Chapter seven. At home with fond memories of the days events. As the evening went on I couldn't get the X rated threesome I had with Marley and Jenifer off my mind.

Let alone that my old high school sweetheart Andria Baker, who just happens to be the principal of Eagle Lake High, and just happens to be Jennifer's mother, and a married woman at that. She wants to have a weekend affair with me while her husbands out of town this weekend. This of course makes things even more complicated, but Very interesting. Now I'm walking through my empty home oriental gets tits squeezed and slit licked Marley's silky red panties to my nose, trying to sniff up every drop of her feminine scent.

I undressed and took a long hot shower during the shower, I became hard again. Fighting the urge to masturbate I turned on the cold water and stood under the stream until my erection went away. After showering I began working on tomorrows class lessons. It was around seven in the evening when I finished preparing my lesson for Tuesday's classes, and I decided it was time for a few tokes of that superb medical marijuana I had stashed away in a sealed Tupperware sandwich box in a drawer near my bed.

I finished rolling a nice cigarette sized joint then grabbed an ice cold beer from my fridge. Entering my living room I turned on my television, but just as I was about to have a seat on my couch my front door bell rang. I stashed the joint away than went to see who extreme triple anal hd and dp slavemouth alexa evening visitor might be. Peering through a small window in the door, much to my delight it turned out to be Marley Paterson.

She looked back at me with those beautiful green eyes of hers, smiling at me seeming a bit nervous. My heart beat furiously against my chest, my armpits began to sweat. I stood back from the window and quickly ran my fingers through my thick brown hair, hoping to make my forty two year old appearance a little more attractive.

The only thing I'm wearing is a tan terrycloth house coat, and a pair of gray sweatpants. Finally I open the door. "Hi sweetheart, I didn't expect to see you tonight, but it is a pleasant surprise that you're here." She smiled at me with such a charming sweet smile. "I hope I'm not disturbing you Thomas, but I just couldn't stop thinking about you," "Oh no Marley, you're not disturbing me at all.

Come on inside." As she steps passed me I inhale her scent, she always smells so nice. She's dressed in a blue denim jacket over a pink camisole top, and a pair of tight fitting blue jeans. Closing the door I notice, she also has her school backpack with her. "To tell you the truth Marley I cant stop thinking of you either…Can you stay long, or do you have to go back home soon." "I can stay a while, my parents think I'm spending the night with Jenny." "But what if they call Jenny's house to check on you?" Her reply was sweetly simple.

"They won't," was all she said. "Well ok then," I said. "Take your jacket off and have a seat on the couch. I was just getting ready to smoke a joint and drink a beer&hellip.Do you smoke weed, or at least would you like a soda or something?" "Yes I do smoke, just not very often. And yes, I would like a drink. Do you have any wine." She took her jacket off. I laid it over a chair, then it all began. I was only going to give my seventeen year old student a kiss on the cheek, but all to suddenly she wrapped her arms around me.

Wanting her as much as she wanted me, my harmless kiss on her cheek became a deep passionate French kiss. Never breaking from schön die eigene therapeutin gevögelt und benutzt kiss I lifted her up clutching my hands under her firm ass cheeks.

She wrapped her legs around my hips, then began dry humping me like an animal in heat. Our tongues danced together with the passionate rhythm of our heartbeats. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I was able to break away from the kiss. But she still had her strong legs wrapped around my hips.

"Oh Thomas, I need you to fuck me&hellip.Please fuck me." She begged me as if she were an addict looking for a fix. Now I know, this girl is surely a sex addict, and she picked me to be her sexual fix. I whisper in her ear. "Tell me again Marley, tell me what you want." "Please Thomas, please fuck me.

I can stay all night, you can fuck me all night, please fuck me." I carried her to my bedroom, she kept her legs wrapped around my hips.

We kissed passionately all the way to my bed. Finally I let her stand back on the floor, I peeled off her pink camisole top revealing the fact, she wore no bra.

She began struggling to unsnap her blue jeans. Feeling she's taking way to long, I knelt on the floor and yanked them down. In my haste I used to much force breaking the snap which once held the snug fitting jeans in place. Nicolette shea smashed in helicopter her pants down I revealed a sexy pair of white lace panties.

They were made of a very sheer materiel. From my view point on my knees I could see the outline of her black pubic hair, of which she kept so neatly trimmed above her pink vaginal lips. I pulled her panties down slowly releasing her pussy from the confines of her panties.

I smelled her female scent, and it drove me wild with desire for her. "Lay back on my bed sweetie," I said breathlessly. She did as I asked, I took her pink and white tennis shoes from her feet. Without hesitation I pressed my mouth and tongue over her sweet pussy, as I began licking and sucking her cunt, I fingered her slowly at first, then I quickened my pace. "Oh Thomas I love the way you do that&hellip.Please don't ana ryoujyoku tyokyo sareta utsukushiki miboujin tojo miyuki, it feels so good." She began rocking and thrusting her wet cunt against my mouth, tongue and fingers.

I stop eating her. "You like that don't you sweetheart. Mmm…you taste so damn good!!" And I'm not lying about that, she does taste delicious. I brought her to one more exhilarating climax, working my mouth tongue index and middle finger vigorously inside her. "Oh Thomas you are a gift from god," she exclaims coming down from her final orgasm. I look up from my kneeling position on the floor, watching her chest rise and fall.

"Do you still want me to fuck you?" I say. She giggles. "I thought you'd never get to that part Thomas, but yes I still want you to fuck me." Hearing her request I wasted no time, lifting myself from the floor I gently laid my body over hers.

We moved to the center of my bed, it took us a while because we kept stopping to kiss. I struggled out of my bathrobe and sweatpants. Finally completely nude, I used my free hand to guide my cock to her pussy lips. Before entering, I whispered in her ear. "Tell me to fuck you Marley." "Fuck me now Thomas…Please do it, your driving me crazy!!" she said, her voice trembling sensually as she begged me to fuck her.

I shoved my cock into her hot snatch. "Mmm…Yes, that's just what I need…Now fuck me Dammit," she said, not sounding one bit like a preachers daughter. "Okay…your wish is my command." I pushed forward, letting my rock hard cock slip deep inside her tight teenage cunt. If I hadn't eaten her the way I did, I don't think I would've been able to enter her. As I thrust myself into her sex, she began thrusting her hips back into mine. I heard her breathing increase, I felt her young heart beating against my bare chest.

She whispered in my ear. "Fuck me harder Thomas.

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And when you cum, I want you to cum inside me." Hearing her request, I thrust my hips faster and harder my pelvis made loud smacking sounds against her soft inner thighs. "Cum with me Marley," I heard myself say in a low guttural voice. Not wanting to cum to soon I made it last, slowing my thrust occasionally, then speeding my pace from time to time. Finally after a good long time of passionate sex, I suddenly felt cum rising from my groin.

I gasped in ecstasy. "I'm cumming baby&hellip." I felt here body tremble under mine, I felt her juices flowing over my throbbing cock. We both came together, and as we all know, when two lovers cum together they become addicted to each other.

We lay breathless in each others arms for what seems like an eternity. Both of us were sweating even though it was cool in my bedroom before we started. "That was fantastic," she exclaimed out of breath. "Why thank you," I proudly replied, rolling away from her body feeling like the teenage boy I once was so long ago.

Laying on my back I thought of the freshly rolled joint and the beer I left in my living room. She's laying beside me with her eyes closed, I leaned on my elbow observing her pretty face, her face had the look of pure satisfaction. I kissed her on her lips, she opened her eyes and smiled. "Would you like that glass of wine you asked for?" She stretched her arms above her head. "Yes I'd like some wine. I know I'm not old enough to drink, but what the heck, after the great sex I just had with my history teacher, I might as well break one more rule right." Later on we both reclined totally nude, with our backs against the headboard of my bed smoking the joint, she sipped her wine, I drank my beer.

Thinking of Jenifer Baker I broke the silence. "Does Jenny know you're here with me tonight?" she smiled blowing out a puff of sweet smelling smoke.

"Yes she knows I'm here, she would've came saori busy with her vibrator on her milf pussy me but she has company tonight." "So who's that." I said curiously.

"She invited Scarlet McPherson over for a sleepover…She probably has her face buried in the girls crotch by now.

Jenny loves seducing girls like me and Scarlet." She took a sip of wine. "When I met Jenny, I was fifteen years old. She was fixated on the history of the nineteen-sixties sexual revolution." "So Jenny seduced you, and now she wants to bring Scarlet into your little sisterhood." I said, realizing Jennifer Baker is the cause of Marley's sex addiction, and apparently young Scarlet is now becoming Jenny's next pupil. She smiled then finished her wine. "Yesterday at school, Scarlet caught Jenny and me hiding in the girls bathroom toilet stall." "She caught you in toilet stall&hellip.What the hell were you doing in there?" Marley grinned from ear to ear.

"Well if you really need to know, giggle. I was eating Jenny's pussy. And right before I made her cum Scarlet came in and caught us." I couldn't help but laugh. "She caught you with your face in Jenny's crotch." I pictured what the scene must've looked like to sweet innocent Scarlet. Marley cracked a clever smile. "Yes she caught us&hellip.Anyway, we coaxed her to secrecy by giving her a quick makeover.

After that Jenny invited her over for a sleep over. We both like Scarlet, but her mother and father are devoted Jehovah's witnesses. They make her dress way she does, this makes her an outcast at school. Yesterday we found out, she's curious about our bisexual relationship.

Jenny noticed her curiosity and decided seduce her tonight." Totally relaxed from the afterglow of our love making, and stoned out of her beautiful mind, Marley began telling me her and Jenifer's story. "Jenny and I are Christians, but old-fashioned Christians believe sex is only meant for reproduction and that it's only to be done by married heterosexual couples.

We've come to believe sex is a gift from god, meant to be shared with everyone rather if a couple is heterosexual or not.

We believe, you don't need to be married to enjoy sex&hellip.And now we want to share our philosophy with everyone we can," she stroked my cock and smiled. "Thomas, we have our futures planned out." "And what's your plan." I asked, enjoying her touch. "Our plan is to graduate from high school, then move to California where we'll break into the pornography industry.

It's our sole purpose in life to become the first Christian porn stars in the business. We figure this way we can show the world, sex is truly gods gift to the human race." I leaned over and gave her a kiss. "I wish you both a long and successful career&hellip.Hmm, maybe I can go out there with you girls&hellip.I could be your agent?" She lowered her head down to my cock, after kissing and licking it she looked up.

"Your hired Thomas, I think you'll make a fantastic agent…And your job will have all of the best fringe benefit's an agent like you can have." That being said, she wrapped lips around my growing member then began priming me for another round of love making before bed. I said a silent prayer, thanking god for angels like Marley Patterson. Chapter eight. Seducing Scarlet About five blocks away at the home of Andria Baker, my old high school sweetheart.

Her daughter Jennifer is spending the night down in her basement bedroom, seducing the pretty but naive Scarlet McPherson. Jennifer has her own bathroom, when Scarlet asked to use her shower Jenny watched her undress, noticing the girl has a very thick growth of red of pubic hair. "Scarlet," said Jenny. "don't you ever trim your pubes!!" Scarlet feels a little embarrassed looking down at her fiery red bush. "Well…no, am I supposed to?" she replied.

Jenny covered her mouth with both hands quelling laughter. "Don't worry Scarlet, because tonight I'm giving my new best friend a total makeover!!" A few minutes later Scarlet's standing and Jenny's kneeling in the shower, using her razor neatly trimming Scarlet's pubic bush.

In a few moments the girls once thick red bush live sex stories sex website without credit card neatly edged into a v shaped crop of hair, starting just above her cunt lips. This of course is all part of Jenny's mint julep va te dominer petit soumis vends ta culotte to seduce Scarlet, in pretty much the same way she did Marley a couple years ago.

Jenny acts as if she's checking Scarlet's crotch for any stubble left behind, using her soft finger tips gently stroking them along the creases of her new recruits exposed vaginal lips. Scarlet moans, her body trembles. She likes Jenny's touch, part of her young mind wants her to stop, but her need for pleasure wins over.

"Mmm," she moans. "That feels good Jenny, it feels a lot better when you touch me like that, then it does when I touch myself," she confesses. "Scarlet, do you remember what Marley said to you about eating my snatch today, when you found us in the girls room toilet stall?" Jenny began gently masturbating Scarlet as she asked the question.

"Yes.…I do remember," said Scarlet, enjoying her touch. Jenny stands up and takes Scarlet stressed blond doctor nikki sexx daydreams about being gangbanged the hand leading her to the bed.

"Now it's time for me to lick your snatch…Don't be frightened, because I'm not going to hurt you." she says in a gentle calming tone. In no time at all Jenny has Scarlet laying under her body in a classic sixty-nine position.

She's hard at work, licking fingering and sucking Scarlet's freshly shaved cunt. And Scarlet's returning the favor, eagerly licking and sucking her pussy. "Yes that's it Scarlet…that's the spot. Oh yes fuck me with your fingers, just like I'm doing you!!" Scarlet moans like a woman, but giggles like a child as she explores Jennifer's sweet female flavors. Needless to say she is enjoying her first and probably not her last lesbian experience.

Feeling warm tingling pleasure rushing from her clit, as Jenny licks and sucks it Scarlet's body shakes with pleasure, she moans in satisfaction.

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"Whatever your doing to me feels so good, please don't stop." Jenny hears Scarlet's plea and begins eagerly sucking and licking her virgin pussy, while fingering the red haird teen into one last massive orgasm.

The girls begins thrusting her hips into Jenny's mouth and fingertips, as her orgasm flows in pleasurable waves throughout her body. She feels as if she's losing control of her mind and body, exclaiming. "Jenny, please stop. I think I'm going to die if you don't stop." Wave after wave of her my pretty hot babe haley blowjobs cock washes over her body, making her toes curl and her body sweat. Jenny is now totally satisfied with herself, knowing she's just successfully seduced another sheep into her small flock.

She pulls her face away from Scarlet's cunt, then lays down beside her. She caresses Scarlet's full round breast, then lowers her lips to the girls mouth pressing her tongue against her lips, letting her know she wants a deep kiss. Scarlet kisses her back tasting her own girl juices as her tongue touches Jennifer's tongue and lips, she likes what she tastes.

As they kiss Jenny fondles Scarlet's large breast, while Scarlet playfully pinches and fondles Jenny's small breast. As they pull away from the kiss Scarlet speaks in a soft voice. "That was truly amazing Jennifer, but also very sinful…But you know what." "What's that Scarlet?" Scarlet smiles replying. "If God sent me to hell for what we just did, that would be the true sin." She gently pulls Jennifer's mouth to her lips, giving her knew best friend a very passionate kiss.

Jenny feels erotic impulses flow from her mouth all the way to her pussy, she pulls away from the lesbian kiss, thinking of completing her seduction. "Scarlet I wanna do one more thing with you before we go to sleep?" she speaks playfully caressing her fingertips across Scarlet's erect nipples. "What do you have in mind, because I'm not sure if I can survive anymore snatch licking's like the one you just gave me," says Scarlet, sounding a little worn out. Jenny smiles and gives her another kiss.

"Nope, no more snatch licking. My tongue and mouth are like totally worn out&hellip.I want you to let me break your hymen." Scarlet gasps. "But, won't that be like taking my virginity?" "No sweetie, it will just make it easier on you when you do make love to your first man. Once you have sex with a man, that's when you officially lose your virginity." Jenny reaches into a small cabinet by her bedside.

Scarlet's eyes open wide seeing what she takes from her drawer. It's a seven inch long silver bullet shaped dildo, with a built in vibrator. "What is that thing," says Scarlet. "It looks like the fifty caliber bullet, my uncle John brought back from Iraq." "It's a dildo…A few years ago, I used this on Marley Paterson, she loves this thing.

Now we use it on each other every time she spends the night with me." Jenny twisted a knob at the bottom end of the silver dildo, it starts vibrating. Scarlet hears a low humming sound. Jenny hands the dildo to Scarlet giggling, watching the inexperienced but curious teen run her long fingers over its shiny silver surface.

Scarlet examines its length and girth exclaiming. "You really put this big hard thing inside Marley's vagina?" she exclaims in disbelief. "Yes Scarlet. And I swear once I use it on you, you'll become addicted to it just like Marley…Now mind you, its nothing like a human cock. But its like the next best thing," said Jenny, sounding like a professional sex toy sales person. After her pitch she lay on her back beside Scarlet.

"You do me first, because I know once you see how I like the thing, you're surely going to want me to use it on you." Scarlet shrugs her shoulders. "Ok, just tell me what to do." "First turn the black knob to the right about three clicks, that's my favorite setting. Okay now, place the to tip against my pussy lips and stroke it up'n down my slit. Mmmm, ahh that feel so good Scarlet&hellip.Keep doing that I like it." As she rubs the vibrating dildo along the folds of her friends cunt, she watches Jenny's body tremble, she hears her moans of pleasure.

Looking at Jenny's cunt lips, she sees clear girl cum flowing from somewhere deep within the girls sex. Just seeing this causes her own juices to flow, her clit tingles, she likes how it feels. Jenny props her head up on two pillows wanting to watch and instruct. "Shove it inside me Scarlet," she begs.

"I want every inch of it inside me," she spreads her legs wider. "Do it Scarlet, put it inside me fuck me with it." Hearing Jenny beg the way she is turns something on in Scarlet, she finds herself not just wanting to please her friend, but needing to please her. She shoves the long silver devise deep inside the pretty blond haired girls cunt.

After a short while Scarlet hears Jenny moaning softly, as she shoves the humming vibrating devise deeper inside her cunt. Her new friend begins humping the dildo while almost screaming. "Oh… yes…Scarlet, that's perfect." she says, thrusting herself back against the dildo moaning as Scarlet works the sex toy back'n forth inside of her.

"Do it faster Scarlet, fuck me with it. And while your fucking me with it, I want you to twist it at the same time!!" Jenny wants her student to get her off quickly, so she can use the long silver vibrator on Scarlet. Feeling her orgasm building to a major climax, she thrust her hips harder into the her boobs are too big to be true big boobs and hardcore.

Seeing the way she's pleasuring her friend, Scarlet begins shoving the toy faster and harder, she uses her free hand fingering her own pussy. This is the first time she's ever been the aggressor, before now she was a shy girl, always letting everyone tell her what to do.

Now she strokes her own pussy, while watching Jenny's hips thrusting up'n down in total enjoyment of what she's doing. "You really like what I'm doing, don't you," says Scarlet amazed at Jenny's reactions.

"Yes…keep doing me like that, it feels so fucking good." Jenny gasped. Scarlet began working the dildo faster while twisting it, just as Jenny told her to. Jenny's a screamer when she really gets off, fearing her parents will hear her she covers her mouth with the palm of her hand. Scarlet hears herself saying things she wouldn't ordinarily say. "Cum for me Jenny…Fucking cum for me girl!!" Jenny lays her hands over her mouth, quelling her words.

"Yes…Fuck me Scarlet&hellip.Make me cum." Scarlet smiles looking down upon Jenny, as the sexy small breasted blonds body violently shakes to one last massive orgasm.

Coming down from her orgasm Jenny catches her breath. "Well Scarlet, do you want me to use it on you." She places her fingers between Scarlet's spread legs. Scarlet feels her fingertips caressing the soft folds of her wet cunt lips, she likes Jenny's touch. "Yes…I do want you to use this thing on me !!" she says reaching down with her right hand, forcing the tips of Jennifer's finger deeper inside of her pussy.

"Lay on your back and spread your legs wide baby. Because your about to get the experience of a lifetime." says Jenny, eagerly contemplating her task.

Scarlet quickly does as she's told, after laying on her back with her long legs spread she asks "Is it going to hurt?" Kneeling beside her, Jenny caresses the girls red hair. "Yes it will hurt a little at first, but the pain doesn't last." She winks and smiles at her innocent young friend. "And after I'm through breaking that useless piece of flesh god placed inside you, I'll make sure to kiss it and make it all better." She turned the dildo on then placed the tip of the toy in-between Scarlet's breast, making Scarlet giggle.

"Jenny quit that, it tickles." Jenny ignores her friends plea, slowly dragging the vibrating dildo over Scarlet's tummy, all the way down passed her bellybutton, over her recently trimmed pubic hair and finally to her cunt lips.

She then began toying with Scarlet just a little more, placing the shiny silver tip against Scarlet's maidenhood holding it there, while gently twisting the devise. Scarlet complains, but also thrust her pussy against the dildo. "Jenny'&hellip.It feels so good, but your making me crazy, teasing me like that," Jenny lays down the best place to meet a horny babe Scarlet, wanting to hold the young virgin at the first moment of her deflowering.

She places her lips over Scarlet's mouth, forcing a kiss. Her plan is to let her mouth catch any screams of pain Scarlet might yell out, as well as showing her love and passion for her new best friend. She strokes the dildo up'n down Scarlet's cuntlips. Feeling the girls body reacting in a very good way to this, she eases the it between her cuntlips. Hearing Scarlet moaning, and feeling her gently humping the dildo she suddenly forces it in. EEEumph Scarlet screams into Jenny's mouth, she's been kissing her all this time.

At first she wants to hide from this horrible thing called a dildo. Then suddenly the sharp pain of her deflowering subsides, she feels an orgasm rushing over her body in slow waves of pleasure. Jenny kisses a tear from her soft white cheek. "Are you Okay sweetie." Scarlet doesn't reply right away, she's caught up in the moment.

Moaning with pleasure as her first lesbian adventures on wooden raft brea daniels and raven passes over her body, making her toes curl and her ears ring. Hearing the ringing in her ears, she thinks it must be angels in heaven singing to her. Telling her everything's going to be alright, telling her that her once boring lonely life isn't going to be boring or lonely anymore. End of part 2.You'll need to log in, if you want to comment.