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Steamy sexy waamateur ass fucking anal pounding
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Jade West laughed to herself as she thoughtyes my plan is coming together.

Now Kat there is no reason to act like this you made the bet accepted the consequences if you lost which you have. Yes I know what are you going to make me do this week.

Wellfirst come to my place tonight your spending the night. That night Kat showed up at Jades door with her overnight bag. Kat started talking to Jade nervously asking her what she had planned for her. You will see tomorrow morning and Jade went to sleep. The next morning Kat woke up with Jade laying out the clothes she wanted Kat to wear that day.

First Kat pulled on very short black skirtfollowed by a pair of knee high black leather bootsthen a silver leather belt and buckle. She picked up and slipped into the sheer white sleevelesscollarless short blouse that left her stomach bare and exposed a lot of her cleavage. Well Jade asked Kat what do you think. Didn't you forget something's Kat asked.

Like what Jade said smiling. Like panties and a bra Kat said blushing fiercely. Nope they were left out on purpose Kat said it makes your ensemble even more seductive (or slutty Jade thought to herself) and you hotter. Now come over here and lay down on the bed. When Kat had done this Jade brought out a bottle of some liquid and after opening it spread some on her hands and started applying the liquid to Kats body.

First she reached up under Kats skirt and smeared the liquid on Kats groin making sure to make sure she vigorously rubbed it into Kats pussy slipping two wet fingers into Kats cunt and rapidly thrust the liquid coated fingers in and out. She then reapplied the liquid to her hand and slid her hand under Kats blouse rubbing the liquid into familystrokes hot golddigging stepmom fucks stepson beautiful and cumshots of Kats nipples.

Kat soon started feelings of heat coming from her groin and breasts as her nipples puffed up and hardened and she felt her vaginal lips also puff up and get wet.

Okay your ready KatJade said get up were heading down to the park you volunteered to work the dog park and playground area today. Oh Jade not dressed like this. Yes like this Kat and they went out and got into Jades car driving down to the local park.

Okay Kat first go to the playground and help those kids do their acrobaticsbut Jade in this outfit those kids and watchers will see everything.

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Yes they willnow go do as I say. Dry humping brunette teen pov booty lingerie Kat went out to the playground and called the young boys and girls over to start the tumbling. The kids were between twelve and fifteen years old. Many of the boys seeing how Kat was dressed asked her to show them how the tumbling was supposed to be done. First Kat did a hand stand spreading her legs out parallel to the ground which exposed her pussy to all the watchers with her pussy lips spread wide.

At this point many of the watchers pulled out their phones and started to record her. Kat next slid her feet apart and started to do a split and seeing this one of the girls stepped behind Kat and knelt down placing a large candle so it would slide up into her pussy.

Holding it place one of the boys seeing this stepped up next to Kat and placing his hands on Kats shoulders viscously pushed her down onto the candle.

Kat screamed as the candle slammed up into her pussy piercing through her formally intact Hyman removing from her the nuisance of her virginity for good. Kat lay down on the ground curled into fetal position as the kids moved in to help her. Ms. Valentine we have to remove that foreign object from you so they moved her onto her back slowly shifting her clothes so she lay fully exposed to the world.

Kat whimpered as one of the smaller girls squatted between Kats legs told two the bigger boys to grab her ankles and pull her legs apartonce they were as far apart as possible the girl pushed her hand deep into Kats pussy and grasping the candle started pulling it out then pretending to lose it pushed it and her hand back in. Doing this repeatedly Kat whimpered continuously as the pain repeatedly hit her anew.

The feeling of an orgasm also built between her legs and as the girl basically masturbated her with her arm and candle the watches saw that her hand arm and candle were coated with Kats virginal blood. The orgasm finally hit Kat so intensely she blacked out. While she was out the watchers cleaned her up but left her on the ground of the playground exposed to the world. Jade smiling at what she had maneuvered Kat into doing knelt down and reapplied the liquid but this time brought out a small spray bottle and applied that spray to Kats pussy and anus and a quick spray to her lips and both nipples.

Jade chuckled evilly as she read the label as she put the bottle back into her pocket.

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The label marked veterinarian preion for breeding purposes of female dogs. She quickly moved to help Kat up saying to her come on Kat your going to be late for your job at the dog park they are very short handed today. Getting Kat back onto her feet she heard Kat still whimpering as they moved towards the side of the park where the dogs were.

Jade do I have to I really don't feel up to anymore activities today. Yes you do you lost a bet and I made a commitment that you have to fulfill. Kat and Jade reached the dog park and saw about a dozen dogs of all sizes running around the park. Okay Kat get in there and do your job Jade told her. Jade moved back out oh the way. Kat moved into the park to the center of the pack of dogs. Talking quietly to them she tried to calm them down but her presence just seemed to excite them even more.

One of the larger dogs moved to her and shoved his nose under her skirt and into her still sore pussy. Sobbing the action almost dropped her to her knees as her pussy pulsed with pain. One of the kids that had followed her laughed and loudly stated oh boy here we go again and pulled out his phone chubby babe craves for a black dick start recording what was going to happen.

Kat started sobbing and yelled nono I cant can't anymore but it was already too late as a second dog as large as the first moved behind her and the first jumped up with its forelegs on her shoulders pushing her over the second dog where she landed on her hands and knees.

Two other smaller dogs moved in and started fighting over her clothes that had been sprayed. The pack of dogs quickly stripped Kat of all of her cloth ripping them to shredsnow naked and on her hand and knees Kat looked to Jade whispering help me Jade.

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I am Kat you wanted to be famousafter this everyone will know you and she brought up a high quality video camera onto her shoulder and started recording as the first dog mounted the now nude Kat slamming his dog cock deep into Kats pussy. Kat screamed as her already abused pussy was once again under assault. The dog started pumping his large cock into Kats pussy and as pain repeatedly speared out from her vagina Kat prayed to lose consciousness but she never did as one dog after another fucked either her cunt or anus.

Some of the watchers seeing that her body was weakening moved in to help her. They moved her over to a picnic table short bench draping her form over it so it would hold her body in place so the dogs could continue to fuck her.

Kat whimpered quietly repeating please stop no more some one stop them. Jade continued to record the show as Kats body started to experience pleasure from the dogs fucking her. Kat had her first massive orgasm hit herher body shaking violently as it tore through her.

Jade laughed as Kats orgasmic juices flowed down her thighs mixing with the blood and dog sperm. Kat whimpered as orgasm after orgasm rocked her petite body the her eyes flew wide open as she saw the monster of a dog approaching her. It was the size of a small pony it moved up behind her she sobbed as she felt its weight slide into place straddling her small form and screamed outnoas she felt the size of the boner about to enter her and hoped it would go into her pussy and not her anus.

The dog seemed to take pleasure in the time he was taking in entering her. Finally she felt him finish lining up his penis with her pussy. She screamed as he shoved his dog cock into her as with one thrust he entered her driving his engorged cock all of the way into her entering her womb and then she screamed again ammi ij ammi ji virl veboa his knot was pushed into her locking them together and she felt her stomach swell as he filled her with his doggy cum.

Slowly continuing to pump into and out of her by matters of inches for the next 45 minute until his knot finally shrank enough to finally release her. He howled as he walked away and she knew that he had just claimed hershe was his bitch now and no one else's.

The other dogs made way as he left the park and they all split up also leaving. Jade finally approached her supine form helping her up. Well Kat that is one for the books I think this makes you axel brauns squirting 101 episode 1 cytheria first Kat bitch in history.

Lets get you cleaned up and changed. Something tells me the clothes you will be wearing from now on will closely resemble what you started out dressed in tonight. Jade laughed as she helped Kat back to campusyes I think you will make an excellent bitch of a slut for that Alpha. I have plans for you Kathearing that Kat sobbed and whimpered why Jade why did you do this to me.

Why Katbecause you were so pure and innocent and now your not you're a dirty dog slut that is that dogs bitch. Not only that but before you dressed and never realized how much you were teasing the people around you.

Now you will know how provocatively you are dressed but still tease those around you because only you canine master and I can have you and only because I am also an alphaa female alpha. Looking into Jades eyes Kat felt her body quiver with fear as she saw her future and it looked to be full of painsexual assaultand large dog cocks. Thinking back Kat regretted her one action that had brought her to this point she just had to make that bet with Jade and lost it.