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Laura cosoi romanian beautiful model
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The bad parts of my first experience only solidified my desire to have a good experience. There was no way that all hookers could be like she was. I wanted to experience the wonderful dirty sex that only existed in my mind or in pornographic movies.

It/she was out there and I was determined to find her. I committed myself to research before I made another visit to anyone. I created a list of potential girls from the online advertising sites, girls that had the look that turned me on. There were so many I wondered if any of them could be real. From that list I began researching reviews and any online information that I could find, I wanted to be sure that they were actually real.

Only three girls from the initial list that I made, met all the things I was looking for and had good, consistant reviews. The first girl was a tall skinny blond, Amy, she apparently had a roommate who would join in if you paid a little more. She had tattoos on her arms and legs and seemed a little trashy but she was very good looking.

From her reviews I was able to get more info, some were more helpful than others. For example, some reviews were detailed: "I arrived at her apartment and she led to to a small room that was clean and well decorated. After some small talk she kissed me and I put the donation on the table. It was amazing, I explored beautiful babe drilled by nasty pawn man body through her thin shirt and panties as our tongues danced.

She had full soft lips and while I loved the feel of kissing them I wanted to feel those lips on my cock. She seemed to read my mind and lowered to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth for an amazing bareback blow job. I held her head as I fucked her mouth, almost to the point of blowing my load. I stopped her and told her I wanted to see her body.

She stripped for me as I laid on the bed and watched. She had been (or possibly is) a stripper, as she had all the moves. I asked her to come to me and pulled her pussy down to my face, it was clean and shaved and I immediately plunged my tongue into her honey pot.

She pulled my face into her pussy as I licked, her noises were perfect. The hat went on and she rode me cowgirl style for a while while I played with her awesome tits. I wanted to be on top and we switched to doggie, giving me a view of her perfect ass. I was getting close again and switched to missionary to finish.

We kissed as I fucked her until I was ready and I pulled out and removed the condom and came on her stomach and tits. She sat up and licked my cock clean. We talked for a while, I still had 15 min left and I felt myself harden up again. I asked for another BJ, she knelt down and took me in her mouth and sucked me until I came again in her mouth and she swallowed." Other reviews were a little more basic: "I entered her apartment, it was clean.

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She looks like her pictures, slight stretch marks on her hips but not bad. She is good and vocal. Light kissing to BBBJ and then MISH. Very good, will repeat." The second girl, Heather, was a little older, had more of a playboy bunny body. The reviews were amazing. She was short, petite and had size D fake tits.

I am not a fake tit guy but her body looked incredible in the photos and her reviews all stated how amazing she was. She also had the best reputation of being on time and great communication, however, she only worked occasionally and sometimes would not take new clients. The third girl was a skinny 19 year old little punk girl, Lexi. She had blond angela white and kate england scissoring after a hot massage with black streaks.

Her body was amazing and I instantly got hard looking at her photos. Her reviews were a little concerning with comments like, "very flakey", "does not answer texts", "now show/no call" in many of them. However, those that did see her said how amazing she was. I figured that any of the three girls would be a good bet and started calling to try and arrange a meeting. After calling all three of the girls and only getting full voicemail boxes for almost a week I was ready to give up.

Maybe this was just not meant to be, maybe jacking off to porn was the best I could ever hope for. On Saturday afternoon I started calling them again and Lexi answered.

"Hello," I said, "Is this Lexi?" "Uh, yes. Who is this?" Her voice was nice, a bit hoarse but cute all the same. "I am.Mark." I did not think of what to call myself so I used my real name. "When do you want to see me?" She asked. "Can you today?" I responded. "Well, maybe today or tonight. I am not sure. Tomorrow may be better, like maybe in the morning or early afternoon…" She rambled and her voice just faded out. "Tomorrow morning is great, what time?" "Oh, ya, right, 11 is good ya?" She asked.

"Ok, 11 is great." I was unsure of what to ask but she quickly took over. "Ok, so call me at 10:30 and I will let you know how to get here and stuff, ok?" Her choppy way of talking was cute. "Ok, I will call tomorrow at 10:30." "Uh, ok, I can't wait.bye." And she hung up. I was nervous, tomorrow I would be with this amazing looking girl, having the sex that I always wanted to have.

The age difference was a little concerning, what would she think with a man twice her age appeared at her door. My mind was racing and my cock was hard, I looked at all her pictures and read all her reviews again. The rest of the day was a blur, all I could think about Lexi and Sunday at 11 am. I went to the gym and worked out so that I would be tired enough to sleep. Even my dreams were of her and I kept waking up with a painful hardon.

Usually I would masturbate but I wanted to save all my cum for Lexi. I got up and took a half dose of sleeping medication to help me sleep but not make me groggy in the morning. After some time it kicked in and I drifted off into my dreams. Sunday morning I woke up early and ate breakfast. I pampered myself a bit, wanting to be clean and presentable to this 19 year old girl. I showered, I shaved my cock, balls and face and trimmed all around.

I clipped my nails, brushed and flossed my teeth and double checked every inch of my body. As I was dressing my wife came into the bathroom. Sundays are usually a free day for me as she goes to church for more than half the day. "I need you to go to church with us today." She demanded.

I normally did not attend her church and disliked going. I also knew that a fight would ensue if I refused and I was in no mood to fight. "When," I responded, hoping that the meetings were later in the day.

"It starts at twelve." She turned and walked into the other room. Crap, I had no way of knowing how far away Lexi was and it would be difficult to get anywhere if I had to be back prior cute black babe loves the white dicks scene vipro cz 12.

I checked my watch, it was 9:30. In one hour I was suppose to call her and get the info. I decided to call early and see if she could change the time. I walked to my office and dialed her number, it rang and went to voice mail. I left a message asking her to call me back or sex stories fucklng xxx story oggy me as plan had changed.

For the next hour I waited with my phone in hand but there was no call. A few times I thought I felt it buzz in my hand but it was either an email or a stupid game notification. At 10:30 AM on the dot I walked to my office and called again.

It went directly to voicemail. "Lexi, I tried to call earlier. 11:00 will not work, I am sorry. Call me back or text me if you can. Again I am sorry." I hung up the phone and saved her contact as "L" in my phone. I waited for some response but got none.

Either she was busy, or upset, either way I was going to church. My wife and I drove separately to church, I liked having the option to leave if I wanted to. It was her religion, not mine. It is not that I don't like the people or the church but combine them and it was a toxic cult like atmosphere that made my skin crawl.

I entered the church and took my seat next to our kids, took my phone out and started playing games. I ignored the speaker and everyone else, like I usually did, and tried to pass the time without falling asleep. After 20 minutes I had to pee so I quietly moved out of the pew, I always took an aisle seat in the back so my exit would not draw attention, and exited the room.

After relieving myself I walked out to my car and reached into the back seat, opening a bottle of Vodka that I had stashed there just for church days. I took a long pull and washed it down with some of an energy drink that I also left in the car. Three more quick shots and I was ready to reenter the church. I took my seat again and smiled at my wife, she gave me a knowing look and I just shrugged and pulled my phone out again.

The speaker was droning on and the kids, as well as much of the congregation was falling asleep. My phone buzzed in my hand and I saw innocent young blonde gets her holes filled alert pop up in the to window, "L" was the contact.

I sat back and did my best to casually hide my phone as I viewed the message. "So sorry, well.that worked out anyway. I was busy with my mom. Ya, but can you come over at 1?" The clock said it was 20 min to 1. "Not sure, where are you at?" I texted back. She told me her location, it was about 20 min away down the freeway. "Can you make it 1:30?" I texted. It was torture waiting for the return text. It was over ten minutes later that I felt my phone buzz in my hand. "Sure, text me when you are close." I texted back "ok".

My heart was beating fast and I felt my palms sweat a little. This was going to happen. The rest of the meeting was painfully slow as I watched the minutes creep past. The vodka had given me a very slight buzz and it helped to calm me, otherwise I felt like I would jump out of my skin. When the meeting finally ended we stood up and moved on to the next meeting as the kids walked to their classes.

It was a couples meeting and many times I would not go so my wife was not surprised when I told her that I was not going to attend. She gave me a scowl but knew better than to argue.

I quickly left and jumped in my car. I took another shot of vodka and sipped my energy drink as I drove toward Lexi's place. When I pulled off the freeway I pressed her contact number. The phone rang and again went to voicemail. As I started to leave the message the phone buzzed in my hand.

She had texted me her address. I responded and drove toward her place. It was a complex of condos, not quite upscale but nice. I pulled in and found her building in the middle of the complex and parked. I was all nerves and I texted her that I was parked and waiting for the condo number. It took a few minutes but she finally texted me. "Condo 130, give me 5 min then come up." I checked the time and waited in my car, time was again moving very slow.

After two minutes I got out and walked toward the building, her condo was the first door I saw. I checked the clock, I still had two and a half minutes. I turned and walked over by the pool, there were some people sunbathing and swimming as I walked by. Part of me felt like their eyes were on my, knowing that I was there to see a prostitute. There was a machine with water bottles and I bought one to rinse my dry mouth.

It was time, I walked to her door and stood.

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I took a few deep breaths and knocked. My senses were on edge, would it be police, would it be her, would she actually look like her pictures.what it this was the wrong condo. I could hear someone moving behind the door, looking through the peep hole. What if she thinks I am ugly and does not want to&hellip.the doorknob turned.

I smiled as a very cute young girl peaked around the door, hiding her body from my view. She smiled, "Hey, come on it." I shuffled around the door and into the front room of the condo. Her full body came into view as I walked in and I realized why she did not want to fully open the door. She was dressed in a very small pair of panties and lacy bra. Her body was small and skinny and very sexy. She had the slightly punk hair, blond with black streaks underneath.

She locked the door and turned to me and smiled. "Hey, how are you doing?" I started to answer but was cut off by her lips pressing against mine. I took her in my arms and kissed her back, her lips were soft and wet.

I felt her mouth start to open and we began to kiss deeply, our tongues playing.

It was such a natural feeling kissing her, I was a disappointed when she pulled away and smiled at me. "You're a good kisser," she said, "lets go to the bedroom." I followed her into the bedroom, watching her cute small ass shake as she walked.

My cock was hard as a rock. Her bedroom was small and tidy. Posters hung from the wall and a large flat screen TV with a game console and sound system sat opposite the bed. On the bed was a towel and a condom. Lexi motioned for me to sit on the bed while she turned to put some music on.

I was very nervous but extremely excited as I watched this small 19 year old girl in panties and a bra bend over in front of me. Her ass and legs were flawless and the skin looked soft to the touch.

She moved in a way that only a young girl can, carefree and sexy. "What is your name again?" she asked while she loaded a song from her phone. "Uh, Mark." I answered, my mouth dry again. I took another drink from my water bottle. The music started and Lexi stood up and smiled. I looked at her body again as she stood there and she playfully posed for me. "You look amazing," I said. "You're too cute, thank you." Lexi answered. She sat next to me on the bed. "Ok, we will start with a little massage first ok, and Diamond kitty amp mystique lick each other don't do anal." I smiled a bit shocked at her upfront statement.

"Neither do I." I quipped. She laughed at my answer and took my hand to help me stand up. "Your funny. Let's get you comfortable." She then started to take my tie off and unbutton my shirt.

I helped by kicking off my shoes and pulling my socks off by stepping on the toes. With my shirt off she then moved to my belt. She kissed me again as she undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. The zipper went down and her hands caressed my lower back and she hooked her thumbs in my boxer-briefs and pushed them down.

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Her hands moved to the front and caressed my cock, releasing it from my undergarments and letting them fall to the floor. She stepped back and held my cock for a moment, stroking it gently before asking me to lay face down on the bed. I did as instructed, arranging my hard cock under me. I felt some lotion on my back followed by her small hands. "I use unscented lotions, so don't worry. I assume you are married?" She asked as her hands massaged my back and arms.

"Yes, I am." I answered. "Are you married." I asked in response. "I have a fiance," she said while her hands moved down to massage my ass. "Really?" I said, before I could think not to say it. "Ya, he is cool with everything." She said, hearing the unspoken. Her hands moved down to my legs.

"You have a nice body." she said as her hands played across my calves and feet. I sat up a little and looked azaria james her pussy sweeter than chocolate her and smiled, "Thank you. You have a great body also, I would love to see more." She smiled and stood up as I rolled over on the bed.

My cock was stiff and throbbing. I sat back and watched her sway to the music as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and slowly slid it off her arms, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were small, youthful with tiny pale nipples capping each one. Her thumbs hooked in her panties and she slipped them off her narrow hips and pushed them down to the floor.

She stood and smiled. I was fixed on her clean shaven pussy, small tight lips and slim legs. I was speechless as she stepped toward me and lowered to her knees on the bed. Her hands slid up my legs and up to my balls and shaft. She lowered her head and let a little droop spill from her lips. The warm clear saliva dropped on the head of my cock followed quickly by her hand, rubbing it.

My cock jumped a little as her hand rolled over the sensitive tip. She smiled at me then lowered her head, mouth open and swallowed the head. Her lips were wrapped softly around the head of my cock as her tongue played with the slit. She then slid slowly down my shaft, deeper than anyone had ever taken me before. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat and she pushed against it. She gagged a little but kept pushing until I slipped past her resistance and entered her throat, a first for me.

She caressed my balls with her hand and brought the other to indian erotic watch more of here at ulacamcom chest, gently pinching my nipple as she massaged my cock with her tongue and throat. She backed off to breath then started back down, my hands instinctively went to her head, her soft hair entwined in my fingers as she deep throated my cock again.

She would hold it deep then back off to breath and moan before going down again and holding me deep in her throat. I pulled her head toward me going deeper and feeling her nose press against my pubic hair. I rolled her head slightly as I flexed my cock and moaned.

She was wonderfully submissive, more than anyone I had ever been with, well the three girls I had ever been with. "Holy shit, that is wonderful." Her lips tightened and I looked to see her attempting to smile with my cock in her mouth. She pushed back and I released her again.

I sat her up and kissed her sloppy spit covered face. She passionately kissed me back crawling up my lap toward me. I pulled her hair back and lowered my head to her breasts, taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking on it gently.

Her hands caressed my hair and she moaned loudly. Her breasts were soft but firm, the youthful firm of a new body. Nipples hardened and I moved my hands to her small ass, cupping the little cheeks in my hand, they barely filled my large hands as I worked my tongue on her breasts. I sucked one of her small tits into my mouth, engulfing almost the entire thing as I moved my fingers deeper, past her little asshole and to her pussy.

I felt her wetness and smooth lips.

Releasing her I looked to her eyes, "Would you do 69? I have never done it." She smiled bigger, and kissed me before saying, "Oh hell yes." She stood as I scooted down the bed, laying flat. Her small hand took a grip on my cock as she skillfully stepped over me and placed her knees to the side of my head. I looked up at her perfect little pussy, inner lips just barely visible. I felt her mouth lower onto my cock as I pulled her ass down to my face, my tongue licking from her clit to to her taint.

She tasted sweet and tangy, light musk filled my nose as I lapped long slow motions with my tongue. She was crying out as she milked my hot mom and xnxx mature with her hand and mouth.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it softly with my tongue, causing her to flinch and push harder onto my face. "My fiance does not do this, oh god you are good at it.AHHHHHHH." She said as I felt her wetness increase. I kept moving my tongue around her pussy, more and more fluid lubricating my face as I licked. I was in heaven, it was amazing to feel her body react to me. I moved one hand to her tits and gently pulled the nipple as I pushed my tongue deep into her.

She returned to sucking my cock, quickly this time with her hand working in time. She made constant loud noise that kept increasing as I licked and tweaked. I felt her body tense and she released my cock from her mouth, a stream of spit dripped from her mouth down my cock and coated my balls as she breathlessly screamed. Her pussy tightened and pulsed as I licked her clit, feeling her cum on my face. I kept the pressure and movement the same as wave after wave of pleasure coursed over her.

Her orgasum lasted at least a minuit. I slowed my tongue and licked her juices up, avoiding her too sensitive clit as she came down from her sexual high. Her head was on my thigh with her open mouth lazily around my shaft, her drool coating my leg and balls. I laid my head back and looked at her flushed pussy, pulsing and wet.

She recovered and rolled on her back. "You are a sex god." She said, resting briefly. I rolled to my side and smiled, caressing her flat perfect stomach. "I am serious, I don't even cum that hard with my fiancé." I did not know what to say, I just smiled.

She sat up and crawled onto me, straddling my pelvis and kissing me deeply, tasting her juices on my face. Her bare pussy pinned my cock against my stomach and she rolled her hips up and down. My cock was between her wet lips as she slip up and down my shaft, not in her pussy but wrapped in her lips like a hot dog in a bun. We continued to kiss and the friction of her pussy on my cock stimulated both of us. I held her hips and pushed her against me, thrusting my hips in time with her movements.

She was starting to moan loudly into my mouth as her hips twitched. She put her hands around me and began grinding harder as her voice grew louder. "Oh, fuck.Mark.Oh my god.I'm gonna cum again…" She kissed me again and rubbed hard against my cock.

I had not even penetrated her and I was also nearing cumming.

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I felt her quiver against me as we kissed and goosebumps rippled over her arms and back. I felt a rush and my balls throbbed. "Lexi, I am going to cum," I managed to say before the first pulse started.

She kissed me deeper and rocked her hips as my cum released in torrents on my stomach. Her pussy slid on my shaft deepthroating and riding one eyed monster scene I continued to spurt.

"Oh, fuck" I cried out, "Oh fuck…" It was the only word I could say. I opened my eyes and Lexi was looking down at me and smiling. We both looked down at my stomach and I laughed a little. "Sorry for the mess.I could not help myself." I said.

"I like messy," Lexi answered rubbing her pussy against my slightly softening cock. "I never cum that fast, usually I last too long, or I have trouble cumming." I told her, "That was the best.well.ALMOST sex I have ever had." "You're not done yet," Lexi smiled, "I want to feel you inside me.

I haven't cum like that in quite a while and I want some more." "I've never came twice before, well, actually I have never really tried." I said. Lexi smiled and kissed me again. "Let me help you a little." She leaned back and slid down my body, kissing my chest. When she reached the mass of cum on my stomach I was shocked when she licked and slurped it off of me. Showing me it on her tongue then swallowing it down.

"Your cum tastes great." She said as she licked me clean. She sucked my slightly limp cock into her mouth and cleaned her juices off if it along with my cum. I watched, fascinated, I had seen this in porno's but never thought that it may happen in real life, that a girl would WANT to do that. Lexi sat back and ran her fingers down her stomach, she wiped some of our mingled juices from her pussy and brought her fingers to her lips, sucking them clean while looking me directly in the eye.

She smiled and stood, "we taste good mixed together like that. Do you want a quick drink?" I stood and followed her out to her kitchen, watching her cute butt shake as she walked. I stood at the counter, naked, my cock starting to come back to life as I watched her take a Coke out of the fridge and pour two glasses. She added some ice and took a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured a health shot into each. "Bottoms up." She said as she handed me one of the glasses. She sipped her drink and I took a big swig "Do you see a lot of girls?" Lexi asked.

"No," I answered shyly, "Actually only one before, but it was nothing like was not good." "Really," she said, "tell me about it." I looked at her and furrowed my brow, "It was not a good thing, you don't want to hear about it.hell, I don't want to think about it.

I am just glad that you look like your pictures and are amazing." She laughed, "Ok, but you have to tell me about it sometime, I like talking about sex and hearing about sex, and watching people have sex and having sex." I took a swig and smiled, "Well, this is the best sex I have ever had." "We haven't even had sex yet." Lexi winked at me and smiled. My cock was already at half mast. She swallowed the rest of her drink and took my hand, walking me back into the bedroom.

I took another drink and followed her lead. She turned to me and kissed me. She was much shorter then me and I leaned down, holding her head in one hand.

She slowly kneeled in front of me, my cock touching her forehead. She licked playfully at the tip then sucked me deep into her mouth again. I set my drink down and placed my hands on her head, guiding my hardening cock into her sweet little mouth. She sat up and put her hands on my ass as I moved my hips and her head. I increased my pace and depth pushing her face into my balls and cock down her throat.

Her hands gripped harder on my ass as I increased my force and speed. It was no longer a blowjob but a face fucking. Her eyes were closed and she was making noises each time I released, gasping for breath but pulling me back to her mouth, wanting my cock in her throat.

I leaned down and kissed her sloppy face for a moment then put my cock at her mouth again and roughly pushed her head down and held her there. Her hands massaged my ass as I held her against me, loving the feeling of my cock deep in her throat. I released her and picked her up to her feet, kissing her deeply. She sat on my pretty little panties are getting so wet bed and took the condom out, tearing the package with her teeth and placing the rubber over my cock.

Her hand rolled it down as I knelt on the bed between her legs. I was hard as a rock, my cock throbbing as I watched this young girl stroke my condom covered cock. Lexi leaned back, put her hand to her mouth and spit on her fingers. She then wiped the spit on her pussy, lubricating it for me to enter her. Her pussy looked so small as I lined up the head of my cock. I slowly slid my cock head between her lips and pushed.

Her tight hole opened, squeezing the head of my cock sweetly as I entered. She was tight, I had not ever felt a pussy this tight. I kissed her as I withdrew then pushed halfway in. Her legs opened to me and she pulled me deeper into her. When our bodies touched and I was fully inside of her she arched her back, "OH FUCK MARK.FUCK ME." I withdrew and entered her again, all the way to the hilt repeating again with a solid thrust. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them against my chest as I began to speed up my thrusting.

I was in heaven. Even with the condom I could feel her pussy grip my cock as we fucked. My speed increased as did her volume, she was a screamer and I loved it.

I pulled her small legs over my arms and plunged deep as she dug her fingernails into my forearms. For a moment I worried about marks but the pleasure of seeing her beneath me was too exciting to say anything. I thrust deep and kissed her again, she wrapped her legs around me and held me as we kissed, my cock deep in her. Time was forgotten as I continued to fuck her small body.

She was loud, even when we were kissing her sex noise was uninterrupted. She broke the kiss and ran her fingers through my hair. "I want you to fuck me doggy style." I kissed her again and withdrew, allowing her to get on her knees, her perfect ass presented to me.

I moved forward as she spit in her hand again and used it to lubricate my cock. Reaching under her she took me in her hand and guided me back into her pussy. I watched as her cunt yielded to my swollen cock, feeling every inch penetrate into her. Her little rosebud of an asshole twitched as I fucked her. She was crying out with every thrust, getting louder and louder.

I was starting to sweat from the exertion as I grabbed her hips and thrust harder and harder into her. The harder and more aggressively I fucked her the more vocal she was. I was slightly light headed as I slowed and looked at her pale skin, her shoulders and thin waist down to her tight butt.

I let my spit drool from my mouth, landing perfect on her small asshole. I rubbed it gently with my thumb, remembering her "no anal" rule. She bucked against me and moaned as I played with her and fucked her deeply.

I withdrew and stood, taking a deep breath. "Stay right there," I said as I picked up my drink and finished it. Wiping the sweat from my face I took a deep breath, the scent of sex filled the room, her musk and our sweat. It was wonderful. I got back on the bed, she was breathing heavily, watching me with her jaw slack.

I moved between her legs and lowered my head to her pussy. From behind I licked her pussy all the way to her asshole. She moaned and arched her butt up for my better access. I licked again and plunged my tongue into her pussy, my nose buried in her butthole.

She was moaning my name as I licked her juices and sucked on her clit and lips. I lapped at her taint, letting my tongue slip past and gently touch her asshole. She did not flinch or resist so I licked again from her clit all the way to her butthole, pausing for a second on her twitching rosebud. I continued to lick her pussy and prob her buthole with my tongue. I sat up and entered her again, resuming the hard fast fucking from earlier. Teens football player huge cock pounding gay ass pushed back against me with every thrust.

Soon she was collapsed on the bed, I continued to roughly fuck her, flattening her onto the bed with my body weight. I fucked her as she was lying flat on the bed with me laying on top of her, my cock pushing her up the bed until her head was hanging off the side. I continued to fuck her and move her to the edge of the bed. Soon her hands were supporting her on the ground and I had to stop or we would both end up on the floor.

I could feel myself wanting to cum, my cock hypersensitive. I withdrew and moved off the bed, picking her up and taking her in my arms. I kissed her hard, she was flushed and babbled something I could not understand, her body holding onto mine. I put her on the bed and reached down to my cock and removed the teen foot cum hd and milf gives hot blowjob josje banging her lover outdoors. "I want to cum in your mouth," I said, pulling hard at my cock.

She rolled over with a smile and got on her elbows her ass up in the air. I stepped forward and placed my cock into her open mouth. She moaned as I began slowly thrusting into her mouth.

I reached under her and grabbed her tits, fucking into her mouth. Her spit started to run down my balls as I pushed into her throat with every thrust. I could feel my balls start to tighten, it seemed like the second time cumming was going to be more intense and I could feel it slowly building. I reached my hand back and felt her pussy, it was still soaking wet. She was small enough that I could slip my finger in her as I fucked guy knows how to make his slut cum face.

She moaned louder as my finger slipped in, I put in another extending them to her g-spot and put pressure, making her arch more to me. I played with her G spot and she responded by moaning loudly around my cock.

My cum was rising and I put my hand on her head and fucked faster. Lexi kept pace with my every thrust. I inserted another finger into her, feeling her hole stretch tight. With the excitement of three fingers in her cunt and my cock down her throat I felt my legs began to involuntarily flex as I started to cum. I am not usually vocal but I called out loudly as I thrust my fingers deep into her, feeling her cervix. My cock pushed deep into her throat from the other end. I felt semen run out my cock before the pumping even started.

When the pulses began from deep in me the feeling was the most intense I had ever felt. I removed my fingers from her pussy and took her head in both hands as I came into her mouth. Lexi's eyes were closed and her face looked relaxed as she swallowed my cum. The feeling was so intense I pulled my cock from her mouth and stroked it in my hand. Two more jets of cum shot out, one landing on her tongue and the other on her cheek. She leaned forward and took my cockhead in her lips and sucked my hand slid up and down my cock, milking the last of the cum.

I was dizzy and had to lean against the wall to catch my breath. Lexi was breathing heavy as well, she was laying on her side looking up at me.

After a few moments of looking at eachother she spoke, "Holy fuck, that was amazing." I laughed a little and sat on the bed next to her, "That was the best ever.anything.amazing." I leaned down and kissed her, tasting my cum on her lips. She kissed me back hard. I looked at the clock and it was slightly past the hour time limit. Lexi also realized it at the same time I did, "Do you want to shower before you go?" I thought about if for a moment, feeling her slick pussy juice on my face and body as well as our sweat.

"Actually," I said, "Not really. I want to keep your scent on my as long as possible." She smiled and kissed me again, "Let me make you another drink then, just a quick one before you go." I watched her walk naked into the other room before getting up and putting my clothes on.

I dressed and walked out into the kitchen. She was texting on her phone as I walked in but she put it down and waked to me handing me a drink. "Here you go," she said kissing me softly on the lips. I sat down and took a sip, my hand resting on her ass. I set the drink down and reached into my pocket, taking the money out. Although we had not talked about a price the online site had listed her hourly fee.

I handed her the three hundred dollars and she smiled. "Thank you, I almost feel like I should be paying you." She set the money on the counter and kissed me again. I kissed her back then stood up, finishing my drink. I did not want to leave but it was past the hour time limit. "Come and see me again," she said as she unlocked the door. "I will, that was amazing, you are amazing.I don't know what to say here." I laughed a little at my awkwardness.

She smiled as I kissed her once more. Stepping back I looked at her naked body one last time, etching the vision into my brain. I smiled and walked out the door, she shut it behind me as I walked away.

In my car I could still smell her pussy on me, I licked my lips as I started the car and pulled out. It was still early and my wife would not be back from church yet, giving me time to shower.

I smelled my hands and face the whole way home, enjoying the smell of sex. I waited as long as I could before getting into the shower and washing away the signs of our sex. I put my clothes in the washing machine and started it, not risking anything. In the shower my cock got hard again thinking of Lexi. I masturbated to my memory of our time and came a small amount.